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Stretch Marks and All (limiwa)

Age: 27 Pregnancies: 3 (miscarried 2nd pregnancy at 10 weeks) Births: 2 Children: boy 8 years, girl 3 years I just found this site a few weeks ago, and have found such comfort in the stories and pictures I have read and seen so far. Every woman has a story to tell, each as important [...]

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age: 35 pregnancies 3 births 3 childrens ages: 14, 12, 9 (all boys!) (this makes me nine plus years postpartum) There is a fire in all of us. Sometimes I only have enough to keep the pilot light on. Sometimes I’m a torch. A bonfire. Sometimes, I am a wildfire- unruly and all-consuming. I’ve been [...]

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Michaela Marks (Anonymous)

I’ve been visiting this site on and off over the past year. I happened upon it one day when I was trying to see if there was anyone else out there who was struggling with body changes, due to pregnancy, on the web. How much more perfect can you get than this site?! This site [...]

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Signs of a Mother (Danielle)

Yesterday I cried as I looked down at my saggy, stretch-mark belly. It complimented my fat hips and newly formed “mom-butt”. My boobs were unshapely under the bras that don’t quite fit and my once cute panties have seen better days. My skinny jeans sit in the bottom of a box along with the tank [...]

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Where is the time machine? (Anonymous)

I’m 26-years-old. My son was born about two weeks before my 25th birthday. My pregnancy was not planned and I spent the entire pregnancy trying to come to grips with being a mother (which I haven’t quite done yet). My birth was a 43-hour-long, unmedicated journey aided by my mother and husband and a hospital [...]

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I’m a 20 year old single mum. I’ve been trying to give myself the courage to put photos of myself on here as I’ve been really depressed about my body. I’m working on my body slowly and trying to build up my confidence. My daughter was born on 4th of July 2008. Im nearly 7 [...]

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I’ve procrastinated writing this for a long time now. I found this website when I was pregnant with my son. He’s turning 2 years old now and I think it’s time to settle things with myself. Let me first say thank you for hosting such an amazing website. Now, I have a long history of [...]

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Update! 8 Months Post-Partum (Anonymous)

View my original entry here. When my son was born 5 weeks early, with severe IUGR and weighing only 3lbs, I was angry. It was all my body’s fault. I learned not long after submitting my original entry that my heart was struggling with the pregnancy and I had developed pregnancy induced hypertension. My placenta [...]

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After My First Pregnancy (Anonymous)

The 20th of March 2008 i became the mother of a beautiful son. I had an emergency cesarean. When i came home and took a look in the mirror i was shocked.. I hoped it would go away.. But it didn’t change much.. Now 8 months later I’m trying to accept the new me. It’s [...]

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20 Year Old Mommy (Anonymous)

I am a 20 y/o SAHM of 2 boys and an air force wife. I got pregnant when my husband (boyfriend at the time obviously) were both 16. Our son was born 10/27/05 when we were 17. We got married in June 2007 and started TTC baby #2 in November. After 1 month of TTC, [...]

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