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Below are some links to PDF flyers I’ve made about some body positivity and feminism-related subjects. Feel free to use and/or distribute them yourself, just please do not alter them. If you own a business and are using these for your clients, consider a small donation (Paypal, Venmo) to help support SOAM.

A Timeline of Fashionable Bodies
Informational Flyer

The Fallacy of the BMI
Informational Flyer

Hymen Facts!
Informational Flyer // Facebook Post // Instagram Post

Orgasm Facts!
Informational Flyer // Facebook Post // Instagram Post

Facts About Stretch Marks!
Informational Flyer

Future Topics:
Stop Saying It’s About My Health
Clitoris Facts
History of Marriage
The Patriarchy is Bad for Men, Too
What is Intersex?
What is Intersectionality?
Why Feminism Must Be Intersectional
Reproductive Justice
All About Recovery From Childbirth
Having The Talk (cooperative project with Holly Sunshine)
Non-Western Beauty Standards
STD’s and Stigma
Sexual Violence
How to Be an Ally
Healing From Trauma
and more!