Body-Positive Links

007 Breasts – A gallery of the diversity of breasts. Much like SOAM but focused specifically on boobs.
The BMI Project – BMI is a flawed method of calculating the health of an individual for many reasons. These pictures show what real people who fall into the different categories look like.
My Body Gallery
Everything You Don’t Know About Your Ladyparts – But Should!
Female Anatomy
Female Anatomy Diagrams
Fifty Nude Women – An incredibly powerful short film. I cannot recommend it enough!
The Great Wall of Vagina
Mid Drift Movement Film
The Scar Project – Photos of women post-mastectomy.
Take Back Postpartum

Ten Truths that will Help You Love Your Body Right Now – This list is so important you guys. Really. Read it. Print it out. Paste it all over your house.

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