Q. Does the photo have to be nude?
A. Absolutely not! I mention “nude” somewhere merely because most likely the photos we’ll show here are of parts that are generally hidden, but this site is here for you and so you send me whatever you want to show.

Q. Do I have to show my face?
A. Nope! Show whatever you are comfortable with! You may show your face if you choose to, but it won’t make a difference it you cut it out.

Q. What if my body did “snap right back”? Can I still send pictures in?
A. Absolutely! This website is for all women, everywhere, and that includes those sans stripes or loose skin. No airbrushing allowed, though! ;)

Q. How are we protected here at SOAM?
A. I have done as much as I can to keep this a safe haven. I screen every comment individually to make sure it is supportive and relevant (and not spam!). At our other spots on the web (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc), I do my best to keep up with the activity and membership (where applicable) to make sure things are staying safe for us. It’s not perfect – and it IS still the internet – but I do take several steps to make our little spot on the web cozy and secure for all of us here.

Q. Do you post every entry?
A. Generally, yes. I think there has been only one entry I turned down for a reason I can’t remember and one photo I omitted because it seemed too inappropriate for the site. I am not a fan of censorship, and for the most part I will post any relevant and legitimate entry sent to me. This is a place for YOUR voice, not my version of it. :)

Q. Do you post every comment?
A. No. This is where things become much less black and white and where I allow myself to censor some things. The things I don’t allow are both obvious (like insults, or outright supportive comments) and more ambiguous (like debates on hot topics). I try very hard to imagine how I would feel if I were the person who submitted the entry, or even a person in a similar circumstance, and then I allow or disallow the comment based on that. I am human. Sometimes I make mistakes in this area. Sometimes I may seem inconsistent. But I do my best to allow as much through without compromising the safety of the women who post here.

Q. Do you edit the entries?
A. No. I post them as they are sent to me. Even if I had time to fix grammar, there are many instances in which I may not know exactly what was meant and I would not begin to guess at another’s thoughts. Occasionally, I will see a simple and obvious typo and will fix it, but for the most part, entries should be proofread before you hit submit.

Q. I submitted my pictures a few days ago, why haven’t I seen them posted yet?
A. I generally have a backlog of a few weeks to get through – I find this keeps entries posted on a more consistent basis. So be patient and I will post it as soon as I get to it in the queue – promise!

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