My Body 8 Months PP, Second Child (K)

I have always been a healthy weight but still had to watch what I ate.I was pretty naive and assumed that my body would go back to normal straight after birth. I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my son (my first pregnancy)and the weight just piled on. I gained 20kg by the time I gave birth to him at 41 weeks, I was also covered in stretch marks After having him I managed to get back to my pre pregnancy weight by 6 months post partum but I still had the jelly belly. When he was 11 months old I fell pregnant again. This time I was determined to eat healthily and avoid too much weight gain. I put on 8kg with this pregnancy and had lost all that by 6 weeks pp. Today 8 months later I am actually 7kg lighter than what I was prior to falling pregnant with my first, but I am in no way happy with my body I look at my belly now and I am disgusted. It looks like elephant skin. I am no longer interested in being intimate with my husband because I feel so unattractive. He thinks I am beautiful of course and tells me everyday but I can’t help comparing myself to others who have had kids and bounced back straight away

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Young Mom! (Anonymous)

Hi! This is my story: I got pregnant when I was 17 and 99 pounds, 5 days before having the baby I was 132 pounds and I was only 38 weeks, imagine at week 40!! My son is 2 years and 8 months old. Now my weight is about 103 pounds. I hate my stretch marks! I don’t like wearing a bikini. I have them on my breasts and my butt. I have saggy breasts and belly. I’m only 20! Sometimes I feel sad about it… My hubby doesn’t care! He thinks I’m beautiful, he loves my body… Good for him! I wish I had more confidence to show my body… I don’t like it. It’s so nice to see that I’m not alone! A lot of women are going through this!

New Mommy and Three Months Postpartum (Pam)

So i am a first time mother of a beautiful baby boy named Christian, and I’ve always struggled with body issues. My name is Pam and i am 3 1/2 months PP. Growing up i always had weight issues but once i was diagnosed at the age of 14 with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis and heart palpitations i began taking medicine and the weight dropped off. Before getting pregnant i weighed 110 lbs and thought that i had areas to improve on, but really i didn’t. During my pregnancy i gained 60 lbs but really didn’t notice it until after i gave birth and looked at the pictures of me. I guess its something to do with the belly that makes you feel good in your own body. But after giving birth to a healthy 6.6 lb baby boy i found that i wasn’t that skinny girl anymore and i had terrible stretch marks ALL over my belly. It defintely hasn’t improved my self esteem issues but the way i see it i’d rather have stretch marks and be able to get that flat stomach back than not have stretch marks and have a floppy apron. So far in the past 3 months pp i have lost 33 lbs and and still going strong in the weight loss dept. I contribute the first 20 lbs to having postpartum baby blues. Unfortunately i didn’t take pictures of my belly right after birth, but i do have them so far at 3 months pp, and glad to say that if you do exercise it can get better. I know i have a ways to go (28 lbs left) but it can get better. As for the stretch marks, they are starting to fade but i see them as an accomplishment of my miracle that i was given. I will try to keep up with the pics of the weight loss. But by no means do i think i have the upper hand on anyone who’s had a baby and has to deal with the belly and stretch marks. I respect those who are willing to sacrifice the perfect body for a miracle.

2 Babies, 23 Months Apart (Anonymous)

I’m 28.. I have two daughters who are my life. One is just about to turn 3, and my baby just turned one. I gained and lost 30 lbs with my first, and 40 with my second.. I was thrilled when I found your site, it shows pictures of real women.. It makes me realize how unrealistic the the pressures that I put upon myself are..however I can’t stop myself from wishing my strechmarks, and belly were gone. I admire those of u who are able to see the beauty in such, and want to teach the same to my girls. So here is submission to this cause. Thanx.

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…amazing… (Anonymous)

My Amazing Body

My body is certainly not the same as it was one year ago but in the last year it has done such an amazing thing. My body stretched to accommodate and make a 7lb 11oz baby. It fed him, kept him safe and warm, and grew his perfect healthy little body for me. After it was done with all of that it has made him the perfect food that he thrives and grows on now. How can I not love my body after all it has done? It added a few stretch marks, a little fat, some pounds that just won’t go away, and just a tad bit of extra skin. I love it anyway. Before becoming pregnant I was very unhappy with my body. I got stretch marks at puberty all over my butt and hip. My breasts were large and useless. I wore my first bikini after becoming underweight after an illness. This was the only time I loved my body. I only loved my body when it was unnaturally thin. I am now 30lbs larger and love my body again for all it has done. My body is simply amazing. My first picture is my 6wks pregnant belly, my before picture. My second picture is my 36wks pregnant belly and my third picture is my 4 months post pregnancy belly. The last picture is me, my son at 2 months old, and one of our cats.

3 Weeks Postpartum, First Pregnancy (Anonymous)

Hi i am 16 and my son is 3 week old. When i found out i was pregnant i weighed 118, at the end of my pregnancy i was 170, Now i am back down to 140. I am almost happy with the way my belly looks, it looks a lot better than i thought it was going to. My belly size is almost back to the size it was before. But i still have loose skin when i sit down, and when i wear tight jeans my hips look pretty big. The other thing i am still working on is my stretch marks. I got them very bad. Also even tho my belly is almost back to the size it used to be, i am now in size 9 as i was in size 5 before pregnancy. Even tho i am a teen mom please don’t judge me. I know there are some girls who don’t know who the babys father is, or they don’t support their child at all. Well i am NOT one of those teens at all. I have been with the same guy 3 years. I took very good care of my self during my pregnancy, and now i have a healthy beautiful baby boy. I got lucky and i have a lot of help from my parents and my boyfriends parents. Every one is really supportive of us. I wouldn’t change anything for the world!!


I had my baby before I could legally drive a car. Now, as a senior in high school, I’m supposed to be worrying about Homecoming and dates, but none of that is even close to as important to me as my daughter is. Before I found this site, the only references to post-baby bodies I could find were “Look at Christina Aguilera’s Svelt After Pregnancy Body” and the like. It is so empowering to see normal women’s beautiful vessels after the birth of their children. Thank you so much.