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Hello, friends! I’ve been pretty devastatingly disabled for the last two and a half years, as many of you know. It’s been particularly difficult to recover because of the particular hellscape that is medical and mental health care in the United States. I’ve only recently been able to access a doctor who recognizes my ADHD [...]

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A Timeline of Fashionable Bodies

This one began as a project in my Women’s Studies 102 class that I took as part of my WS minor a few years ago. We had to create a zine on a feminist topic and my group did body image (of course lol). I wound up creating this idea of a timeline showing how [...]

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Postpartum Poem (Molly)

My name is Molly Lynch. I am 27 years old, I have a 4 month old son, and I have post partum depression. It hit me like a wave and I couldn’t believe how many women struggle with this, and dont speak their truth. I have written a poem to my son Theodore about my [...]

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Part-Time Mermaid (Lauren Thomas)

Photographer: @loveonpaperphotography Self Portrait Lauren Thomas Mom/40/no editing/part-time mermaid, full time mom of 4 kids FB/Instagram: @loveonpaperphotography

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Postpartum (Iceece)

Age when I gave birth 21 This was my only pregnancy & I had to have a csection. My son is 11 months old now I went into labor on my own at 330am and was going in for a no epidural natural birth. Things quickly changed and I got the epidural only for the [...]

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My First Birth (Anonymous)

~Your Age: 25 now (23 when my son was born) ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 years This is long so please bare with me August 2016 I was told I had a higher chance of not being able to have kids because [...]

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Body After Six Babies (Anonymous)

These are 10 to 12 days pp after number 6. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes! After six babies:

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C-Section Mama, Married 6years to my BFF I was 23 when I got pregnant. Being a very short and active young adult, I’ve always been a wild one at heart. My favorite joy is dancing. I love to just turn the music on and have fun! That was me before pregnancy. Now I’m 24. I’ve [...]

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These Lines (Anonymous)

The marks from my firstborn holding my newest addition close. Sun soaking body positivity. These lines don’t JUST tell the story of OUR journey together. Now, they hold the future of what WE will become within them.

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This post is a little different, but still so very relevant. It’s not about motherhood specifically, but about the social requirement to look a certain way in order to advance. And while a stay at home mother may not face these same sort of dilemmas because she may not face the same sort of promotions [...]

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