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My First Birth (Anonymous)

~Your Age: 25 now (23 when my son was born) ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 years This is long so please bare with me August 2016 I was told I had a higher chance of not being able to have kids because [...]

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In 2008, at 20 years old, I gave birth to my oldest, Eddie, and I became a mom via emergency c-section. After 38 hours of labor my firstborn got stuck while I was pushing, we were rushed into emergency surgery and he made his entrance five days after his due date at 4:03 am, 7 [...]

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Breastfeeding (Susi)

Number of pregnancies – 2 Number of children – 2 I am a mother. I have two beautiful kids, a 5-year-old boy and a 2 ½ -year-old girl. They are awesome—they make me laugh, cry, smile, get angry, and love more than I’ve ever imagined. When I was growing up, I always had irregular periods. [...]

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I am 22 years old, 23 in October of this year. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, and nothing could have prepared me for pregnancy. It has been an amazing, emotional, and at times miserable journey. When I found out that I was pregnant is was somewhat expected, but at the same time a pretty [...]

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Age:25 Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of births: 1 Age of children: 2 years old I love being a woman. I love being a mother. I love being a wife. I don’t love my body. I love me, but I feel like my inner self is cursed with this failed promise of what my body [...]

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Stretch Marks Are Beautiful! (Ashley)

Age: 22 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 age of child: 5 months, 5 months PP I met my husband while working at a restaurant in my hometown. I was 16 and his parents owned the restaurant. His name is Samuel and he is 7 years my senior, needless to say, everyone doubted our relationship. However, we [...]

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Age-26 1 pregnancy, 1 birth, Zoey, age 16 months. Photos: 1- 15 weeks pregnant, 2. 40 weeks pregnant, 3. Kanga!! (16 months after birth) After being told I would never have a child (due to PCOS) I did the impossible; I conceived naturally and quite by surprise. Now, my bright and beautiful 16-month-old daughter lives [...]

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I came across your site after seeing it in the DM, I don’t feel easier, (yet) but am glad I am not alone. I have never been a size 8, always a 12/14, after my daughter was born a size 14 was most comfortable. I grew up with a women who made food and weight [...]

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A New Appreciation (Anonymous)

Age: 21, Pregnancies: 2, Births: 1 11 weeks postpartum I’ve tried writing this entry almost ten times. Some stating how much I admire my body now, some stating how much I hate it. Instead, I’m just going to be honest. I’d love to tell you that I adore my body despite it’s changes, but that [...]

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PCOS and Me (Brittany)

Previous entry here. age: 21 Well this is the second time I have posted on here. I have not tried to get pregnant or anything yet. I am trying to work on myself first, to give my babies the best place to grow. I was so inspired by all the comments I received that i [...]

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