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Let’s not “Just Be Friends”

A quick hello to my readers, and a thank you for being so patient with me as my family struggles through the worst year of our lives. I am working on slowly getting back to work here at SOAM. Joe Biden has been elected the new president of the United States! I hadn’t realized exactly [...]

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Well ffs I’m still not back after all.

My ex-husband, the father of my two children, died suddenly on Monday morning. As I’m already so depleted, I cannot balance both this website and supporting my babies at this time. I will be back as soon as I can. Thank you all so much for always being supportive and understanding. Love you all, my [...]

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I’m officially back, Readers! I apologize for not having a whole beautifully written statement on the events that have transpired here in the US and across the globe this week. I have long stood with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and I have been sharing everything I can on SOAM’s space on Facebook, so check that out [...]

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Taking a Break- be back soon!

Hello, friends! As you know, I struggle with a few disabilities and illnesses. Even before this stupid pandemic, my life was already a major struggle. Right now I can only do a very few things each day and I have some personal chores that need my attention urgently. So I’m going to spend the next [...]

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It’s official- I’m back!

Ugh. Life is messy. There’s this idea that we are supposed to grow up, get a degree and a career, find a husband, make some babies, and live happily ever after. I did it wrong. No- differently. I dropped out of college, married as an escape from an abusive childhood, had beautiful babies, grew up [...]

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A Sad Announcement

As many of you know, these last few years have been a challenge for my family. As a single mom of two kids with special needs, I have been worn thin for a long time. Managing health care in the US, particularly for those who are low-income such as myself, and especially managing mental health [...]

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A Brand New Profession

Hello from the other side of my first official tabling event! THANK YOU to those of you who donated to help get me here! Hello to all my new readers from BabyFest! It was a fun day, connecting with other local birth workers. Everyone who stopped by the table was supportive of the concept and [...]

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What’s New at SOAM?

Hello, dear readers! I’ve been hard at work here updating the website and working towards growing SOAM into something new and bigger. For one thing, check out the new logo that is (FINALLY) up and running. Brenda is an incredible graphic designer, a pleasure to work with, and someone I’m proud to know. Throw some [...]

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A primer on Fat Phobia

A few years ago when I was enrolling my oldest child in middle school, I had to drop off some forms at the school nurse and I saw this poster. It made my blood boil because the very first thing listed for harmful effects due to overeating and overweight was “Psychological problems.” I want to [...]

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Mothers/Parents and Mental Health

This is a really important article from NPR that I shared on our Facebook page a few days ago. It talks about postpartum psychosis, which is when a new mother has a break from reality. This illness is rare, but not as uncommon as you would think, because most women are too afraid to talk [...]

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