Internet Slowdown Day


You may notice loading symbols all over the internet today. Even (especially?) internet giants like Netflix, Etsy, or Kickstarter, along with smaller websites (like this one!) are participating in a movement to protect the internet as we know it. Here’s an article with a good list of FAQ’s about the Net Neutrality situation. It’s really, really important that we keep the internet free. I know it’s opened new worlds to me and changed the way I think, parent, relate to people, and act in the world. The internet made the world smaller, and information more available.

The internet made SOAM what it is, you are here because the internet is the way it is, and you are hopefully gaining something important from being here. God willing SOAM stays safe and available no matter what happens, but please, please, please take a stand today with me and do something about Net Neutrality.

What can you do? Click here: It makes it SO EASY. Signing your name takes less than one minute and then they will even connect you to your local lawmakers and tell you what to say to them. And then pass the link on to everyone you know. Please.

I always say that SOAM wouldn’t be anything without you. And today you have the chance to make a difference in the whole internet.

Giveaway Winners Announced!

There were 29 separate entries in this giveaway and I drew winners according to comment order via

The two winners of 50 Nude Women DVDs are Sara and Annie.

The winner of the MargLenn Naturals gift set is Amy.


Congrats, guys! I’ll shoot you guys emails asking for your mailing addresses in just a moment.

Thanks for entering, everyone! And more than that, thanks for making SOAM what it is. You guys are awesome.

SOAM Birthday Giveaway!

SOAM is eight years old! Celebratory giveaway at #theshapeofamother #SOAMbirthday8

It’s that time of year again! The earth has circled the sun eight times since I started SOAM one day while my little children were napping. Now my children are all big and almost teenagery and SOAM is a worldwide website with more than 100,000 visitors every month. Since SOAM started all those years ago I’ve seen countless other places spring up both celebrating a mom’s body and bodies for women and men who aren’t moms. But there’s no place quite like this one. (And PLEASE don’t think I am knocking the other sources which are similar to SOAM – I am not! They are beautiful and powerful and I love them!) The photos here are not professionally staged or lit, they are not created to be shown in an art show, nor are the subjects chosen by me. The photos here are completely candid and very real, showing every stage of the childbearing process, and showing bodies of all shapes and sizes. But I think the real gem here is the community. Here mamas come to talk about how they are feeling – both the positive and the negative feelings – and they are guaranteed a safe place to receive support from women like them, from women who’ve been there, and from women who see things from a different perspective. It’s truly the ideal type of community for women. We come together to support each other. And that is just as beautiful as each of these mamas here.

SOAM would be nothing at all without your participation. When you send in a story, when you share the website link, when you leave comments for fellow mamas, even when you do nothing but read the stories you are powering this movement that is helping to change the world. I could not be more excited to share this experience with you all. As a thank you I’m going to hold a giveaway!

~There will be three winners
~The prizes will be my last two copies of Fifty Nude Women (one of the best videos I have ever seen and vitally important for every woman), and a gift set from MargLenn Naturals (because pampering your gorgeous mama body is also vitally important). These prizes will be randomly given to the three winners.
~Enter by leaving a comment below!
~Rules: You must be 18 years old to participate. You MUST leave a comment with a valid email address to participate (email addresses are not visible to anyone but me). Three separate winners will be chosen. The contest will close on July 26th and winners will be announced within one week.

(Yes, I’ve simplified this contest. There wasn’t a lot of participation and you know what? I get it. It’s hot. Who wants to do *stuff*? Now all you have to do is leave a comment to enter! And then go help yourself to a lovely afternoon at the pool.)

WAHMs Advertise Here!

Pretty much ever since SOAM began I wanted to create a space to help as many WAHMs (or WOHMs!) reach as many customers as possible. Other small businesses, too, but, because SOAM is about motherhood, I feel especially endeared to mom-run-businesses. It’s only taken me six and a half years to finally get around to setting this up, but here we are.

If you look to the right, I’ve added a link to a page with information about buying ad space here. Your ad will go in that same sidebar in a new section just above the TIAW graphic. I will be taking ads for the rest of January (discounted!) beginning immediately and through the next few days. I will also be taking ads for February.

You can contact me about advertising at

I’ll be on the Today Show! I need you!

The Today Show is planning to air a story on SOAM this Friday morning. They want to interview some moms who have participated by posting their story here on SOAM. Here are the details – they want recent submissions. I think within the last few months. They want moms who still have young babies, under sixish months old. They would prefer for the moms to be here in the San Diego area, but are open to considering other places in the country that are near to large cities (San Fransico, LA, Chicago, etc) which would make it easier to get a crew out to you. This is set to air Friday so they are hoping to interview you either today (Wednesday) or tomorrow. If you are available and meet these requirements, please shoot me an email at

Woohoo! Thanks! Pass it on!

The Body Image Revolution Has Begun!

Sandy Kumskov of How To Love Your Body sent me an e-mail recently about a free teleseries online all about body image and everything that goes into it. It’s called The Body Image Revolution. Right now I am listening to Cyndi O’Meara talk about healthy foods from an anthropological perspective (not unlike Nourishing Traditions, from what I am hearing) and it’s fabulous. Rather the opposite of the current idea of a healthy diet, she advocates against low-fat and low-calorie diets, and urges us to eat as human bodies have evolved to eat. This happens to be quite similar to my personal philosophy and it’s worked well for my family.

If the rest of the calls (about the very many aspects of body image, not just about dietary philosophies) are half as excellent as this one was, they will change your perspective and, hopefully, your life. The calls began last week, but continue towards the end of the month. And it’s FREE! I urge you to go check it out, sign up for it, and listen. And if you do, let me know what you think. Pass it on!

The Body Image Revolution

And the Winners are….

Winners of SOAM's Birthday Giveaway!

Marissa C and Allison!

I realize there are simpler ways to determine a winner, but I’m running on exhausted today and for a number of reasons that seem too much effort to explain, it turns out the more tedious method also happens to be the one requiring the least brainpower. My son – the one who is pictured as a baby sitting on my hip four years ago today, the one who IS FIVE YEARS OLD NOW and just keeps growing up – he pulled these two names out of a brown paper bag. Marissa & Allison, I’m off to e-mail you now to ask for your mailing addresses so I can send out your prize this week! Congratulations!

And thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and took the pledge. To have so many people promise to start being kind to themselves is absolutely the best birthday present SOAM could ask for. Thank you ALL for making this website everything it is! Here’s to a fabulous fifth year!!