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Old News

A Birthday! And a Giveaway!

In honor of SOAM’s upcoming fourth birthday, I am hosting a DVD giveaway! I happen to have a couple copies of 50 Nude Women which the producer, Margot, is refusing to let me pay for because she is clearly completely awesome. I first became aware of this short film through one of SOAM’s readers several [...]

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Your Body, Part 2

Now that you’ve shared what you would change about your body, I want to know what you LIKE about your body. What parts do you find most beautiful and why? UPDATE: Closing comments now. Thanks for sharing!

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Your Body

You’ve found your Fairy Godmother and she wants to know how you would change your body if you could. Would it be your belly? Something unrelated to childbirth – like your nose? Would you change nothing? Share your wishes in the comments below. UPDATE: I am closing comments to the entry now. Thank you for [...]

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Technical Problems

My stinkin’ router died. Or something. Feel free to curse it from afar. It deserves it. Until I can take it out in a field and go all Office Space all over it, posts here will be dependant on if and when I can find free wireless in a child friendly space. I can do [...]

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New Article – Need Your Help!

Matador Life — a blog about thriving in life between travel — wants to include your photos in a photo essay on Mother’s Bodies. In this essay, we seek to focus on the normal process and body changes associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. Send your photos or questions to Leigh Shulman @ leigh@matadornetwork.com

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Moms in Orange County, California!

I have been corresponding with a reporter from the OC Register – she’d like to get in contact with some moms in the area so, if you are willing, can you please contact her? Her info is below: My name is Courtney Perkes and I’m a reporter at the Orange County Register. I’m interested in [...]

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Giving Thanks

Here in the US we are gearing up for our biggest harvest feast. While traditional images of pilgrims and cornucopias permeate decorations everywhere I go, I would like to take this a bit deeper this year and encourage myself – and you – to look at the so-called flaws in my body and consider them [...]

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

We have had many a submission from a military wife, and a few in the service as well. Thank you, to those who serve our country, to the wives and families who sacrifice so much for us – thank you all for all you do!

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Twitter – Should I Open an Account?

People have told me that I should have a Twitter account for SOAM and I have considered it, but I am unsure how much, exactly, I would have to say. What do you think? Would you follow? What would you like to see tweets about?

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Site Maintenance – Done!

The site will be down this Saturday (June 6) for scheduled maintenance. Just FYI. :) Update – The site is back up and running. If you notice any bugs, please let me know at bonnie@theshapeofamother.com. Thanks!

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