Internet Slowdown Day


You may notice loading symbols all over the internet today. Even (especially?) internet giants like Netflix, Etsy, or Kickstarter, along with smaller websites (like this one!) are participating in a movement to protect the internet as we know it. Here’s an article with a good list of FAQ’s about the Net Neutrality situation. It’s really, really important that we keep the internet free. I know it’s opened new worlds to me and changed the way I think, parent, relate to people, and act in the world. The internet made the world smaller, and information more available.

The internet made SOAM what it is, you are here because the internet is the way it is, and you are hopefully gaining something important from being here. God willing SOAM stays safe and available no matter what happens, but please, please, please take a stand today with me and do something about Net Neutrality.

What can you do? Click here: It makes it SO EASY. Signing your name takes less than one minute and then they will even connect you to your local lawmakers and tell you what to say to them. And then pass the link on to everyone you know. Please.

I always say that SOAM wouldn’t be anything without you. And today you have the chance to make a difference in the whole internet.

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