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Birth Story: a Review

Almost twelve years ago (WHAT.) I got pregnant with my first child. At the time I was familiar with the idea of home birth since a number of my childhood friends had been born at home (I didn’t live on a commune, I swear!), but I didn’t begin planning immediately for a home birth. It [...]

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Brene Brown has shared her 12 steps to letting go of perfectionism with BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty. As usual, the woman is full of wisdom. Steps three and 12, particularly, spoke to me. Number three, because it’s something I’ve done myself over the years with incredible results, and number 12 because it is something that [...]

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My first OYB post is up this morning at BlogHer – go read it and share it with the women and mothers in your life!

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Own Your Beauty

I’m so excited to be participating in this year-long initiative sponsored by BlogHer. Just launched yesterday, it features interviews and posts by Karen of Chookooloonks, Caitlin of Operation Beautiful and myself. Each month we’ll be discussing a different topic; this month’s is Authenticity. Go check it out, participate, and pass it on. I believe this [...]

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The Body Image Revolution Has Begun!

Sandy Kumskov of How To Love Your Body sent me an e-mail recently about a free teleseries online all about body image and everything that goes into it. It’s called The Body Image Revolution. Right now I am listening to Cyndi O’Meara talk about healthy foods from an anthropological perspective (not unlike Nourishing Traditions, from [...]

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A Beautiful Photography Series

Back in March, Amanda Dahlgren sent me this link to a photography project she’d done, called On Real Beauty. It perfectly reflects the intent of this website. It’s beautiful. In every possible sense of the word. Thank you, Amanda, for giving this to the world.

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Births on Lost – Via Unnecesarean

My friend Jill, who is completely awesome in every way, put together a retrospective of the births portrayed on the TV show Lost. (*sniff* NOW what will I do with the next six years of my life???) I shared this on Facebook the other day, but wanted to share it here, too, just in case [...]

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The Stripped Project

Gabrielle Loisel sent me a link to her blog awhile back and I was intrigued at the concept, but have not had a chance to look at it until tonight. It definitely lived up to its expectations! She has a similar intent as SOAM does – bringing reality into view for all to see – [...]

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

It’s a bit late for most of you by now, but I just came across this and wanted to share it anyway. This is a subject that comes up a lot here, and I wanted to share with all you mamas who’ve lost a child that I will be lighting a candle for you tonight [...]

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Featured in Parent Map

Not too long ago, I was interviewed by Tera Schreiber for an article on Parentmap.com. It was a pleasure to speak with her and the article is fantastic. Thanks, Tera! Read the article here.

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