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Brigitte, a German magazine is banning all models and using women who represent a wider variety of body sizes and shapes! Dear, United States, please take note.

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The BMI Project

I came across this a long time ago and was recently reminded of it – today’s entry inspired me to finally get around to sharing it with you all. We all know the scale lies – that’s why “They” created the BMI, to have a more accurate way of assessing weight and size. And it [...]

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Beauty in a Magazine

Thank you, Glamour, for this! She is beautiful. Even more so that someone in corporate got a clue that THIS is what we want (need) to see. Despite the fact that it was such a small photo, I am glad it was printed at all. Next step: bigger photo. (It does make me want to [...]

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Unfortunate circumstances have forced Jill, the owner of The Unnecesarean, to change her url. It’s such a fantastic and important resource for women that I wanted to make sure to pass along the word. If you have it bookmarked or linked, please take a moment to make the correction. The new link is: https://www.theunnecesarean.com UPDATE: [...]

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Toddler Plastic Surgery?

I caught a glimpse of this video on some show last night (honestly I don’t even know which one – the husband was flipping channels and I made him stop so I could see this) and went straight to MomLogic.com to see the whole thing. It’s a commentary on plastic surgery and, perhaps, a plea [...]

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Just a Little Uterus Humor

One of the funniest blogs out there is CakeWrecks.com, run by Jen. In honor of a surgery she is having today, yesterday she devoted her entry to cakes which celebrate our most special fetus-carrier. Check it out, but don’t blame me if you spit your coffee all over your screen. Good luck today, Jen!

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A Story of “Pregorexia”

A big thanks to Kate who sent me this link this morning which led me to this article about a mom’s personal experience starving herself during her pregnancy. I have long thought that the focus on weight gain during pregnancy is too strong and even misguided. It is a good and important medical tool to [...]

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Female Anatomy

While I’m posting links about our personal bits, I wanted to share a link discussing basic anatomy. I’ve wanted to do this for some time now, because from time to time women posting here, either in submissions, or in comments, get the names of their body parts wrong. I feel like it is very common [...]

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Diversity of Vulvas

This past Sunday, I was reading PostSecret and came across a secret about a woman’s feelings of shame over her hanging labia. It struck me as very similar to the feelings I had before I started this website. In response to the postcard, someone contributed a link to a post all about the diversity of [...]

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When a Child Dies

I lived in a sweetly ignorant world before I opened this website – I never knew of a person who had lost a baby. Not here in the US! Not in this day and age of good medical care and awareness of baby safety! I knew it happened, but it was rare – so rare. [...]

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