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SOAM Weekly Photo

Week 10: Imperfection

(Before I go on, take a second to go and join our mailing list for a chance to WIN FREE THINGS! Also, you know, so you can stay on top of all the awesome stuff happening here at SOAM this year.) (And one more thing – go check out this announcement for details on the [...]

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Week 7: Strength

Today my son – my littlest baby, who is about to be eleven – got home from a school camp trip. It was a huge thing for him, because I think this type of thing always is, and because he has some mild special needs so this was a big dose of independence for him. [...]

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Week 6: Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t my holiday. No real reason, it never really has been. That said, I’ve loved seeing all the love in the photos this week. Puppy love, the love of a new nursing mama, siblings, families, cuddle puddles – it’s all here this week. Thanks for joining in guys! This week’s theme is strength. [...]

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I Love: Not Being Depressed

For this week’s #soamweeklyphoto theme of #love my first thought, naturally, was of my children. But I wasn’t sure how to encompass all of that emotion and experience of these two small people who have so utterly changed me and capture it all in one meaningful photo. I considered a screencap of me face-timing with [...]

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Week 5: Silhouette

A silhouette is our shadow, but with substance, with ourselves not removed. We can look at our outlines only, at those parts of ourselves which touch the reality that surrounds us. To photograph our silhouette is to focus on the lightness beyond which highlights our own darkness. This might sound like a big downer, but [...]

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SOAM Weekly Photo: Favorite Body Part

What a beautiful week this was! I don’t think I can say it any better than the women who participated did so without further ado… From @claritybeam It’s hard to pick a favorite. I love my body. It’s done so many amazing things, like birth two big babies away from any hospitals or doctors, like [...]

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Week 2: Scars

Wow. Such a beautifully powerful week. I love watching people grow and learn to love who they are and the skin they are in. I was going to write a post for this, but then I remembered that years ago I’d already summed up everything I wanted to say today when I was writing for [...]

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I feel like selfies get a bad rap these days. When I was in college (the first time) and taking photography classes, I discovered Cindy Sherman and her whole thing was selfies, although not known by that name. It was her job to take selfies. Frida Kahlo is also widely respected for her selfies. And, [...]

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