SOAM Weekly Photo: Favorite Body Part

What a beautiful week this was! I don’t think I can say it any better than the women who participated did so without further ado…

From @claritybeam
It’s hard to pick a favorite. I love my body. It’s done so many amazing things, like birth two big babies away from any hospitals or doctors, like stop making cancer cells for malignant melanomas and polyps in my colon, like walk me so many places I’ve wanted to go, and run me away from a few places I should never have been. My body has witnessed miracles, made art, created life (those last two are redundant), and given of itself to this Earth and Her people in wise and foolish ways, both. I’ve loved it all.

From @SandyCoronilla
My #favoritebodypart (plural) are my legs. They’re strong. They’ve supported every great and silly thing I’ve done in life. From birthing my babies, carrying the weight of my whole world really, to allowing me freedom through running and walking. I love them. They never, ever let me down. And they even look good in a dress

From @feminartistry
I’ve been dreading this week’s theme, to be honest. I don’t really have a favorite body part anymore but that’s not something that bothers me as much as the feeling that I *should* have one. I’ve had other people compliment parts of my body (both appropriately and otherwise) but there’s not really a body part I dress for or try to accentuate. However…I’ve always loved my eyes and my smile — crooked tooth and all — no matter how much my weight has fluctuated. People tell me I can’t hide what I’m feeling because my face always expresses it in some way. Professionally I know that’s something to work on, but, it works for me tremendously as an artist, an empath and a mom.

From @eroomylime
My favorite part of my body is my hands. I’ve always loved the way they look and feel. It’s the part of my body I see the most. I’ve had arthritis for two years now and know my hands will not always be able to do for me and will not always be so pretty, and that makes me grateful for my body as a whole and all that it’s does and has done for me. My hands also show all the bumps and scrapes that come along with caring for three young children, such a hands on job.

From @sumrtime328
Ok so this one has been hard for me! Not because I don’t like my body parts, but because I couldn’t decide! My hair? My hands? My tattoos? My freckles? Ultimately, I decided on my eyes, laugh lines and all. I love my hazel eye color, I love being able to see the world around me, and I love that, as I age, there’s evidence of a life well lived.

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