Possible Issue with Submissions – Have you shared your story?

It’s come to my attention that some submissions are not getting through my email and I don’t know how often this is happening. Any time you submit a story, you should ALWAYS get an automatic response telling you that it was received. If you don’t get this, that means I haven’t gotten your email. And I post nearly every story I receive (only stories that are wildly inappropriate don’t get posted and I think I’ve had like two or three ever) so don’t assume that I’ve decided not to post yours. I firmly believe that every woman should be able to share her experience.

So I’m asking here, have you submitted your story and not hear back at all? Let me know here so I can try to sort this out if, in fact, it is a bigger issue.

The page with more info on participating in SOAM is here and to the right in the sidebar.

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