This year The Shape of a Mother will turn TEN YEARS OLD. I can’t believe it, you guys. A decade of this community. A decade of women all over the world coming together to find change within themselves and to create change in the world. And look at the difference! Ten years ago SOAM was the only site like this – now these types of projects are becoming relatively common. We bare our secrets together and discover that we aren’t as alone as we thought we were.

This year, to celebrate this important milestone, I wanted to bring our community closer together and so I’ve created this photo project we can do together all year long. Each week there will be a new theme (see below) and your job is to take that theme and apply it however best suits you. Upload the photos to your favorite social media site with the hashtags below and any others you can think of, and I might share the photo here or on one of SOAM’s social media accounts. One of the things I’ve learned through the years is that a photo project can be an extremely powerful vehicle for my emotional growth. So take these themes and try to use them to learn new ways of finding beauty in yourself and in your life. I can’t wait to see where this year takes us!


How do I join in?
~Super simple – just take a photo and post it on social media with the hastags #soamweeklyphoto and #shapeofamother. I do my best to hunt through the web to find the images tagged and share them with our community. Most often I check Instagram, but also Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you have a private account but want to play along, just send me your pic via PM at any of the above sites or email at theshapeofamother@gmail.com.

How do I find your accounts on these sites?
~There are links to where you can find me on the net at the bottom of the page as well as here.

Do the photos HAVE to be selfies?
~Not at all! Use these themes to examine how you feel about various aspects of you and your life, but the photos can be of anything that gets your message across. Feel free to use your creativity! Videos and other artwork would be a fun way to participate, too!

Do I have to be nude?
~Never! At SOAM you participate only to your comfort level. In fact, some of these social media outlets don’t allow nudes, anyway. No pressure either way.

Happy almost-ten-years, you guys!





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