Triplet Belly Update (Kathryn)

One of the most popular stories here at SOAM was Kathryn’s, in which she shared photos of her triplet belly at all stages. We have become friends on Facebook over the years and recently she posted this picture. With her permission I’m sharing it here along with some of the details she wrote about it. Love this, mama. Thank you for being a voice in our community. <3 kathrynfacebook

Because I was laughing at my side abs, I thought I’d share. Most, if not all, of you have seen the last belly pic from 3 months after the babies. This is 8 1/2 years later! I’ll eventually get my muscles repaired and the extra skin taken off, but I’m pleased for now.

The diastasis did not fix itself, despite doing the proper exercises, the wraps, etc…, but it usually doesn’t cause me much pain. Just really makes me look a couple months pregnant and prevents me from doing things like planks or crunches (not that I would willingly anyway…) The excess skin also, obviously, did not shrink. That is more annoying, mainly because I can get it caught in a zipper if I’m not paying attention. It gets really itchy when I’m hot and I’ve gotten a minor yeast infection in that skin before, but it’s not as bad as some women’s and I don’t have reoccuring or chronic skin issues due to the excess. Getting it fixed is really purely a vanity thing for me. It won’t change my daily life if I never do. I just always wear long non-sheer tanks or shirts because I don’t like it to be seen.

When/if I ever get it repaired, I will likely do breast implants at the same time, again for vanity. I had really big boobs before my 5th and they’re really not big, at all, now. Totally normal, of course, and it won’t bother me if I never do it. But I figure if they’re going to be cutting, might as well, lol. Just because of the super high cost of a non-covered diastasis repair and tummy tuck (around $8000, last I checked), it will be a long time yet. Probably another 10 years or so.

Also, the muscle separation and excess skin have added several inches to my waistline. Not a big deal, of course, just goes along with it. I’m at my triplet pre-pregnancy weight, but wearing 2-4 sizes bigger only because of my waist.

Whenever people go “I can’t believe you ever carried triplets! You’re so tiny!”, I always want to lift up my shirt and show them my belly, lol

Blessing In Disguise (Tiffany)

Age: 28
1 pregnancy, 3 births
The babies are currently 18 months.

My husband and I had been trying for a year when we decided to seek help. Several tests later I’m fertile and his hormones suggest a pituitary tumor. A MRI concluded that he indeed had the tumor. Luckily we caught it early enough to be able to shrink it with medication. So no brain surgery was needed, thank God! He then went through a testicular biopsy and also started his medication. I started my daily injections of Gonal. A few months later I did IUI. I knew something was up a few weeks later when I woke up at 5am hungry beyond belief! I got out of bed and ate 5 Arby sandwiches in one sitting. Very unlike me. At 4’8 and 100 lbs I’ve always been a very light eater. A few weeks later I went back to the fertility doctor and learned that we were pregnant with triplets. I was so excited!!! However my doctor suggested that we talk to a selective reduction doctor since I am very small. I already knew what I wanted. I was going to keep all three babies. God gave me those three for a reason. He believed in me and I was going to carry out what he wanted for me. But I humored my doctor and saw the selective reduction doctor. He told me I would never be able to carry triplets with only being 4’8. He also thought two were identical and that their chances of surviving were very small. He suggested that I “eliminate” those two and keep the third. I walked out of that office and never looked back.

I never once had any problems throughout my pregnancy. I was still walking around shopping till the day I delivered. And the only reason I had to deliver at 33 weeks was because my dog stole my chocolate off the coffee table. My husband and I had been watching a movie when I had to take another potty break… probably my 100th time that night. LOL. I had been eating chocolate and left the remaining on the table. When I came back it was gone and I immediately knew what happened. I became enraged!!! I waddled out to the backyard where my dog was eating My chocolate and I took it back. Never mess with a pregnant woman’s food. Especially when she’s carrying multiples. I went back inside and threw it away. Of course I wasn’t going to eat it. But I wasn’t about to let that dog take my food. That was for me and my babies. I never got to get another piece. My blood pressure went through the roof. I started having visual disturbances, headaches, and nausea. I tried to get it back down by relaxing but nothing helped. So into the hospital I went.

On January 2, 2009 at 8:23 AM Noah Jacob was born. Then at 8:24 Dakota Rose was born. And my little peanut, Elijah Blue was born at 8:25 AM. Noah and Dakota weighed 4 lbs and Elijah weighed 3.1. Everyone was extremely healthy and came home the next month. And by the way, they were all fraternal unlike what the selective doctor originally thought.

I had gained 100 lbs topping the scales at 200 lbs. Breast feeding really helped to drop the weight. I was left with saggy skin. I made a Youtube video of it before I got my tummy tuck.

My plastic surgery was done in February. I’ve been working out hard ever since I got the ok from the doctor. I doubt that I’ll ever fit back into my size “0” jeans. As of now I’m 105 lbs and wear a size “1”. My hips definitely feel bigger and ache when I go from sitting to standing. I still have a bit of carpal tunnel, but it only bothers me from time to time. My body has changed so much since the triplets. It’s definitely not what it use to be. And losing weight is even harder now. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Not only did I get three, healthy, beautiful, babies… But we also caught my husband’s pituitary tumor in time thanks to the infertility. He took his meds and it went away that same year. He just went for his annual MRI and everything came back clear. Even though it was rough in the beginning it really did end Happily Ever After. Things are perfect. We are truly beyond happy… and I thank God every day for the life he has blessed me with.

Triplet Mom + One – Update (Tabitha)

Original entry here.

23years old
Riley(g) Aiden(b) Chloe(g) age 2 1/2
Brennan 11months

This is an update, i had GGB triplets in 07 and then a singleton boy in 09. I was a mother to 4 before i turned 23. The stress my body underwent was amazing! I had a gap in my ab muscles big enough to feel my spine through, i also had a TON of sagging skin that i couldnt see my feet past. I eventually got to the point that i was so unhappy with myself that i would have done anything to get it all taken care of. I went to my doc to see about a tummy tuck not thinking it would happen. After about a month of physical therapy for my back because of the gap in my muscles and a few appointments in a plastic surgeon and eventually a hernia, my surgery got approved! Being that my husband is military its extremely hard to get a surgery like that approved without having problems directly involved with the pregnancies. My hernia was a blessing in disguise! On Dec 4th 2009 i got to go in for my tummy tuck. I was really nervous leaving my babies for something like this. I never leave them unless its just for a minute and thats normally only to head out for a break. So i was beside myself because i always seem to think of the worst possible outcome on things like this. The surgery went great! I dont think ive ever been so happy besides when my babies were born. I never thought i would look like a 23 year old again! I cant play with the kids better and longer now, im not so down and depressed because i hated the way i looked, i get dressed and actually put my face on and do my hair now, when before it was hard to just get out of a big t-shirt and sweats! I can happily say that i love my body! I still have a few left over stretch marks to remind me of the pregnancies which i love! The doctor did such a great job that my tummy looks natural, like its always been that way. My triplets are now 2 1/2 and my littlest is almost one, a lot has happened in the past couple of years but its all been amazing!

22 year old mother of 4 under the age of 2! (Tabitha)

I got pregnant with spontaneous triplets when i was 20. I had them two months early on july 1st 2007. At 21 i got pregnant again with my last baby and it was only one! He is now two months old and growing wonderfully! He had to be 3 weeks early because of my previous c-section. They had to cut a J incision to get my oldest triplets head out so i had a higher risk of rupturing my uterus if i had gone into labor with my newest child. When my husband and i got pregnant with Brennan i hadnt lost the weight or the skin from the triplets. Ive never been happy with my body until i got pregnant. I wish sometimes i could always look and feel that way i loved my body with a big baby bump even though i was so huge. now that we had our 4th child i had to get my tubes tied. We are in the military and I dont know if i could handle being pregnant again and tring to take care of 4 babies at the same time. With the last pregnancy i was alone my husband and just been deployed to iraq. Luckily he was able to come home before Brennans c-section. I am definately in love with my children and i cant imagine being without them. they make everyday different for me and super exciting. I had a lot of people tell me “god bless you” or “im sorry” when they see me out with my kids. I guess they have no idea how much fun it is to have multiples. Yes there are hard times the good always out weighs the bad. With my body i wish i could be like some of the younger girls who have one baby and go right back to the way they were before they had a baby, but of course having had 4 babies in 2 years the chances of that werent there. I look at myself and shrug but i know that i made wonderful babies and would never take it back. My husband loves every part of me and sometimes i wonder why but i know its because he appreciates what i did to have our children. I wish i could look like a normal 22 year old but then again what “normal” 22 year old has put their body through this? It makes me smile also sometimes when i see the tattoo on my belly and how messed up it is becuase then i remember how wonderful i felt while i was pregnant and how much im going to miss going through it again. But now i get to enjoy my babies and watch them grow and i can finally run around with them and not be out of breath. I could have never pictured my life like this but i guess thats the way god works everything is a surprise and he gave me the best surprise ever! The picture of my belly is 2 months PP from my last son. The names of my children are Riley Chloe and Aiden and our youngest is Brennan!

age: 22
2 pregnancies 2 months PP

Triplets age 2
Brennan 2 months
triplet pregnancy, second pregnancy, four children

Updated here.

Triplet Mom carries to full term for triplets 36 weeks and get 6″ of muscle separation (Triplet Mom)

I am a 22 year old mom of triplets (also non-IVF) I had been married only 2 months when we found out we were expecting. After two ultrasounds of one baby–triplets! I carried them to full term for triplets–36 weeks– and gained 80 lbs. I went from a size 6 to 230lbs on delivery day. After 3 months I was back in my size 6 jeans so I think a lot must have been swelling. Healthy babied did come with a heavy price tag on my body. My abdominals split 6″ apart leaving me at dangerous risk of a hernia. I had to have them sewn back together and got 5lbs of skin cut off as well. I hated my saggy skin every day especially being so young so surgery was not only medically the way to go for me but self esteem wise. Here is my pictures of pregnancy, post partum, surgery and post surgery. Enjoy! I’m baring it all for you. Hope this touches someone like all the other posts have touched me.





















Surgery Photos can be seen here and here.

22 year old mother of triplets (Kelley)

Hi, my name is Kelley and I had triplets at age 20. Yes, they were natural, and No, they do not run in my family. Anyway, that was a year and a half ago, I am now 22, and I struggle everyday to accept my body the way it is. I love my sons, but I’m not going to lie, I feel so unattractive sometimes…

Triplets and a C-Section…

Triplet Belly

This is a timeline of my belly from 7 weeks through 36 weeks, 3 months post partum, and my babies at 6 weeks old. I gave birth, at home, to my three beautiful babies at 37 weeks. Though this pregnancy changed by body forever, I loved every minute of it. Being a mom of triplets (and my great 2 1/2 year old) is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.