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Triplet Belly Update (Kathryn)

One of the most popular stories here at SOAM was Kathryn’s, in which she shared photos of her triplet belly at all stages. We have become friends on Facebook over the years and recently she posted this picture. With her permission I’m sharing it here along with some of the details she wrote about it. […]

It all seems so petty (Kim)

Previous post here. I had c-sections with my first two births (please see my previous posts). I wasn’t thrilled with the birth experiences, but I had living babies because of them. My 3rd child was born via successful vba2c. It was amazing to hold her right after she was born. My body was stretched a […]

The Camera Adds 15 Pounds (Colleen)

Previous post here. My age: 30 I have two children, aged 5 years, and 22 months. “The camera adds 15 pounds, you know.” “What a stupid thing to say,” I always thought. “You look exactly the same in a picture as you do in person. So do I. It must just be something insecure people […]

New Fit Momma (Victorian)

Previous post here. This is my second submission, unlike my first time I’m finally comfortable in my skin. I am not going to lie there are still problem areas that I am working on, but all in all I am happy. My son is the best little bugger I could ask for. I’m doing this […]

Another Update (Anonymous)

Age:24 # of pregnancies: 5/ 4births Age of children: 7yrs, 5yr, 3yrs, 6 1/2mos How far post-partum: 6 1/2mos Previous post here. I am now 6 1/2 months post-partum from my daughter and I have been feeling pretty great :). I left my kids father back in June and it was honestly one of the […]

Update (Adria)

Number of pregnancies:1 Number of births:1 21 years old Previous post here. I’ve posted here before. I was disgusted with my breasts and body. I did not think I could be fixed. My family and friends I told me to wait at least one year post partum before I started to judge myself too harshly. […]

Working out and trying to love myself again. (Anonymous)

age: 19 children: 2 1/2 year old. Previous post here. I’ve been trying to take each day one day at a time.. I am now parentless. my dad passed away when I was 11, my mom last april. both to lung& brain cancer. Ive had lots of drama and had to put my sons father […]

Getting Happier With Time (Apryl)

Age : 33 5 pregnancies, 3 births, children’s ages : 14, 10, 3 This is my 3rd submission to SOAM. First post here. Second here. I’ve been working more on not only improving my body and physical health, but trying to improve my mental well being as well. For the most part, it has gone […]

8 Years Later (Autumn)

Previous post here. My name is Autumn. I’ve posted here a few times but figured I’d show the progression of my belly a good while after having my son. I am about to turn 26, my son is about to turn 8. I’d like to say I’m 100% happy with my body, 100% of the […]

Almost Six Years Later (Rianon)

Age: 24 Number of children: 2 Daughter: 5 1/2 and my son is 21 months Previous post here. I posted my first entry 3 1/2 years ago after I discovered this amazing site. Reading it again now, I realize how different my views have changed about pregnancy, childbirth, and what it means to be beautiful […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I have a incredible update to my story. My son I gave up for adoption well his dad and I got married. We got reunited with our son on our wedding day. He and his family was at our wedding. His adoptive parents are amazing my son is now 22 and I […]

I Feel Like They Can’t Be Fixed (Adria)

20 (age) Pregnancies (1) 8 months post partum by cesarean. When i first became pregnant, during my first trimester i lost 20 pounds. Than the rest of my pregnancy i only gained 10 pounds. After i delivered i then lost 25 more. This is what alot of people would call “bouncing back” and yes in […]

Embrace Your Body! (Mrs. Roussell)

Age: 23 Number of Children: 1 6 months Pp Previous post here. My First Post was at 4 week pp and I felt horrible about my body..I was constantly comparing my body to other mothers but I now realize every woman Is different and as we get older our bodies change. It’s up to me […]

New Body, New Outlook – Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. When I got my first stretch mark during pregnancy I would pour over this site trying to piece together an image of what I might look like after birth. And then, after I had my daughter I did the same thing, but in hopes of seeing updates and people’s bodies improving over […]

Having a Cesarean Section (Anonymous)

Previous post here. When I was six months pregnant, I stepped out of the shower one day and caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror. Looking at my bulbous belly, I realized then and there that the only way my daughter – I already knew the baby was female – could be born […]

Weaning My Daughter (Anonymous)

December 11 2010 marked an important date in my life: it was the day I stopped breastfeeding my two-year-old daughter Gabriella Michelle. I hadn’t deliberately planned to wean her on that very day. But I was unexpectedly put on an anti-seizure medication that the doctors told me was incompatible with breastfeeding. So I stopped nursing […]

Hating My Body Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. So its been almost 2 years and I STILL hate my body. Especially my breasts. I know your body is supposed to change after kids, I get that your tummy gets loose and you breasts droop a little. What I did NOT expect was my breasts to have crater size stretch marks, […]

Update – Mother of 3 (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Thank u all for your beautiful words of support been working my huge ass off and lost sum weight but the more i lose the small my boobs get and im concerned that with 3 kids coming out of me my vagina doesnt look as it should i cant help but think […]

Update to my Post (Anonymous)

Previous post here. The last time I updated my story I was single and 13 months postpartum with my 3rd child, I had also just started to accept my body. Well a year and a half later things have changed drastically; about three months after my update was posted I reconciled with my childrens father […]

Update: Help!!! Bikini worthy or not? 13 Months PP Still with worried about tummy. (Jamie)

Age: 22 Number of Pregnancies/ Births: 1 Previous post here. This is my second post to this website. I am now 13 Months PP. I hate to admit it but I am feeling worse than ever!!! I am up and down as far as staying optimistic about my body, I will go two maybe three […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I wanted to post an update. In my previous entry, I was 3 weeks pp, and now I am 6 months pp. I still visit this site daily and find encouragement and inspiration in all of the stories written and shared. Every one on here is beautiful and each experience unique; that […]

Mother of 3 Kids (Anonymous)

I am 28 and cant lose the baby fat and i am very self conscious about my body could use sum support thank u all Updated here.

Update – Pregnant by choice, body fears reappear. (Anonymous)

Age 25 Pregnancies 2 One 5 year old and currently 18 weeks pregnant Previous post here. I was in top shape at 133 and toned and decided I wanted another baby. We are having another boy. And at 17 weeks I feel fat, and ugly… I fear that I will become depressed as I did […]

Healing and Hopeful (Kerry)

22 years old 2 pregnancies 2 births 3 years 11 months, and 13 months PP Most recent post here. I’ve posted a few entries in the past, here is one, the last one was almost 2 years ago. Reading back on my posts I read the things I was trying to convince myself to believe, […]

Never felt more like a woman. (Jordan)

23 years old 3 pregnancies/2 births 14 months pp Previous post here. As mothers, our bodies may not look like they used to, but that’s OK. My body gave me my children and for that, I will be eternally grateful. It is a beautiful thing. Sure, Alot of woman may see their stretch marks, and […]

Update (Kathleen)

Previous post here. 14 months ago, I wrote a submission following the birth of my second son. Well, my baby boy just recently celebrated his first birthday, and it got me thinking about the memoir I wrote so many months ago. When I posted my story, I was, like many mothers, exhausted, adjusting to life […]

Update on My Diastasis Recti (Mrs. Roussell)

Age :23 Weeks PP: 9! Previous post here. When I last posted I was 4 weeks pp and very insecure about my stomach. I haven’t lost any weight yet (still 140) but I’m ok with that being I’ve never had a big butt and being that I’m African American I’ve always been made fun of […]

A Do-Over (Megan)

Previous post here. Age: I’m 25 Number of Pregnancies & Births: 2 Pregnancies & Two births (3.5 yrs & 3 weeks old) I was terrified to have another baby after my first. For all kinds of reasons: I didn’t want to get more stretchmarks (more! how would that even be possible?! I felt covered already.), […]

I have a not-so-depressed tummy now. (Claire)

2 pregnancy boys aged 4 and 2years 6 months. Previous post here. After alot of hard work ive lost a further 10lbs and currently weight 128lbs i wish i was 100% happy with the way i looked but i would still love to loose another 14lbs and tone up more before summer. All mums know […]

Missing You Always and Forever (Anonymous)

2 pregnancies/ 2 boys 28 years old Original post here. Dear Mom, I miss you everyday. I miss your beautiful smile, your laugh and being able to talk to you about anything. Christmas this year just wasn’t the same without you. Last year was the first year without you and it was very emotional and […]

Second Pregnancy, Trying to Avoid the Mistakes – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. My age: 25 Number of pregnancies and births: 3 pregnancies, 1 birth I have a 2 year old son and I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. Technically this is my third pregnancy since the second one ended after 9 weeks in a miscarriage, but I refer to it as my second pregnancy […]

My Stretch Mark Journey (Toni)

Age: 25 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy/ 1 birth The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 5 months pp Original post here. Last time I posted I was 32 weeks pregnant and I was just starting to get my first stretch marks. I honestly cried hysterically when I found […]

First Time Mommy (Mrs. Roussell)

Age: 23 Number of Children:1 4wks Pp Im so glad I found this website!! I was 124lb 5″1 before I got pregnant..I loved my body and so did my husband which why I got pregnant lol…I was 160lbs and gave birth at 39wks.. Only one of my friends (age 23) has kids (2 girls) and […]

A Mother’s Body (Anonymous)

Previous post here. 21 year old mother of a 1 year old boy It’s funny what a few months can do to you. I wrote a second entry about my body and the sadness and disappointed that I felt at the fact that I did not lose the weight like everyone had assured me I […]

Two Months PP With #2 (Anonymous)

Number of children/births- 2 Age-23 Prepreg weight- 116 Postpreg weight- 129 Previous post here. I wasnt in a good place after my second post. I was struggling with my body after my husbands infidelity. Soon after that post I got pregnant with my second child, a girl. I was excited, but thought Oh Boy, here […]

Over Two Years Later and Another Baby – Update (Anonymous)

Original post here. It has been over two years since my first submission/story was posted on this wonderful site. My amazing son will soon turn five years old and he is still more than I could have ever hoped and wished for. My husband is still active duty in the Marine Corps and we endured […]

My body eight months after my little miracle. (Jamie)

Age: 22 Number of Pregnancies/ Births: 1 I just turned 22, and have a beautiful 8 1/2 month baby girl. My pre pregnancy weight was 166lbs, I did great through the first 7 months of pregnancy only gaining 10lbs, then all of a sudden I was gaining a pound a day getting up to 214lbs!! […]

Gaining Acceptance and a Little Appreciation (Anonymous)

Number of pregnancies/births: 2/2 Currently 3 weeks pp: weighing 166 pounds Weight before pregnancy #2: 155 pounds Weight on delivery day (40 weeks prego) 194 pounds Height: 5’10” After my first pregnancy I realized soon into my pp days that I was “cursed” with this saggy, wrinkly skin and horrendous stretch marks. I was convinced […]

Update – Teen Learning to Love Her Body (Faith)

Your Age: 18 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 Story: It has been three years. I posted my story 3 whole years ago, and I can’t believe time has flown by so fast. Here is my original post. What has changed? So much. […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Today I am writing to show the progress i have made physically. But emotionally SO MUCH MORE, i CONFIDENTLY wear a two piece everywhere now, i EMBRACE every bit of the accomplishment my body went through. I have baby fever VERY badly and am wanting to try for baby number two! after […]

I wouldn’t trade my baby boy for the world, but I would trade my postpartum body… (Victorian)

I love being a mommy but what I don’t love is the muffin top, stretch marks and saggy skin that I am left with. I went in for an induction on the 6th of August at 5pm I was in labor till 930 on the 7th when I had only dialated 2 centimeters and they […]

Update – Proud Mother of Four (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I just would like to share my current pics!! i am now 6 mths into my weight loss and though its been a long and slow process its process!!! As my posting stated at the time I weighed 169, I am now 154. I have lost a total of 38lbs so far […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. age: 23 pregnancies:2 births: 2 age of children: 2 and 3 It has been a little over a year since I have posted on TSOAM and it had been one heck of a year. After I posted my first entry and reading some inspiring stories on here, I have decided that I […]

1 Year PP & Positive Body Image (Emily)

Previous post here. 25yrs old 2 births 33 months and 12 months; 12 months pp I am 12 months postpartum this month. I posted about 4 months ago here. I have always had body image issues and had an eating disorder as a teen. When I meet my husband at age 21 I had a […]

Afraid of Second Pregnancy (Anonymous)

First: I am very grateful for this site, it has helped me so much to accept my body. Second: I’m not a native English speaker, I’m trying my best but don’t be surprised if you find some mistakes. Age: 25 Pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 18 months pp, 7 weeks pregnant I was 22 when I […]

32 weeks pregnant and stretchies have started… (Toni)

Age – 24 Currently 32 weeks pregnant with #1 When I first discovered I was pregnant I became increasingly curious about predicting what my body would be like during and after pregnancy, and so I started to stalk this site. Although I wasn’t overweight when I fell pregnant, I have always been very self-conscious in […]

Something Occurs to Me (Anonymous)

4 pregnancies 1 miscarriage and 3 births. Ages of children: 4 years, 15 months, 2 weeks old. Having posted on here about 4 years ago after the birth of my daughter (Michaela Marks) I thought I’d revisit the site to hopefully encourage others. I now have 3 children in total (see above), and, at the […]

Still Struggling, but Starting to Accept It (Autumn)

Age:21 almost 22 Previous Post here. Pregancies: 2, Births: 2 Boys. Hi My name Autumn and This is my Second Post, Its been Alil over 2 years since I last posted. Theres alot to update on My last post was in October 2010, I was 8 months pp with my first son, A month later […]

155 (Colleen)

Previous submission here. My age: 28 I have had one birth so far, and am 22 weeks pregnant with my second. My daughter is 2 years and 9 months old. I was 155 pounds when I posted my first entry, 3 weeks after my daughter was born. I was optimistic about losing 15 pounds. I […]

Update (Dalena)

Previous post here. In my first post I had given myself a goal weight of 140lbs-145lbs to be reached within a year… Its been a year and I haven’t made it. I stopped dieting however I still ate fairly healthy. And I wasn’t working out as much as I should have been. I’ve increased my […]

Proud Mother of Four (Anonymous)

Growing up I was always the “skinny pretty” girl and was this without having to try. I ate what I wanted and never exercised a day in my life! Although I was involved in extra curricular activities, none of those were sports! I became pregnant at 17 and had my first son at 18. He […]

Unlovely: Round Three (Mir)

Previous post here. Age: 29 Pregnancies: 3 Births: 2 Children: 4-years-old & 1-year-old I last posted here in August 2009. A lot has happened–that’s how it tends to go in life. I lost a lot of weight but the saggy/baggy tummy I had never went away no matter how more fit and thin I got. […]

7 Month Update (Shantel)

7 months post 1 pregnancy age 24. So I made a post about 3 months ago it can be found here. It has been tough but I am finally beginning to have hope for my body. My skin is still sagging badly but the abs are coming back together and my tummy is flattening out […]

Update (Dee)

Original post here. Age: 18 # of Pregnancies/Births: 1 Age of Child: 17 months It’s been 1 year since my first post and I’m now 17 months postpartum. My body hasn’t changed drastically in that time, but there has been some progress. My once pink stretch marks on my stomach, butt, and hips are now […]

Second Baby, 9 Pounds 13 Ounces – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. I am now 4 months postpartum, after my second child. I was 1 week overdue when I had him and I knew he would be a big boy. I had terrible pelvic symphysis pain with him. I couldn’t roll over in bed and by the time I was 40 weeks along, I […]

Learning to Accept My Body (Emily)

I was 21 when I became pregnant with my first son. It took us almost a year to conceive him and I had developed worries that I might be infertile. When we found out we were pregnant I was so relived and a overjoyed we would be able to have children. I had a beautiful […]

Taking One Day at a Time (Anonymous)

Previous post here. AGE:23 POSTPARTUM: 24MONTHS PREGNANCIES: 1 Taking one day at a time. This has been the only way I have been able to move forward after giving birth to my daughter, who was stillborn, 24 months ago. Since I last submitted to SOAM things have changed. After issues with my husband and a […]

“I don’t care what I have as long as it’s healthy.” (Shannon)

Previous posts: Missing my baby boy and expecting my second. 5 Weeks PP Second Baby 2.5 Months Postpartum, Second Cesarean in 2.5 Years 6 Months PP Update 15 Months PP Update I Need Some Help Age: 25 Pregnancies & Births: 2 pregnancies and 2 cesareans How far pp: Connor would be 5.5 and Liam is […]

15 Months to Find That Love (Amanda)

This is an update submission, my original post is here. I feel as though those words cannot be the last thing I say on the matter of my motherly shape. It took me a year to come around to myself and the image if what I ‘should’ look like, to realize, I look how exactly […]

A New Appreciation (Anonymous)

Age: 21, Pregnancies: 2, Births: 1 11 weeks postpartum I’ve tried writing this entry almost ten times. Some stating how much I admire my body now, some stating how much I hate it. Instead, I’m just going to be honest. I’d love to tell you that I adore my body despite it’s changes, but that […]

8 months pregnant with second daughter. (Proudmama)

Previous posts here, here and here. Age: 32 Number of pregnancies: Second pregnancy, 33 weeks along at time of writing this. First child is 27 months. The last time I updated, I had just found out I was pregnant with baby #2. Now I am thrilled to say that I’m 33 weeks along with my […]

Hello Again, Friends (Anonymous)

Previous post here. This is my new entry I made a previous entry approximately a year ago describing my issues with body image and trying to love my body. Am I there yet? I wish I could say that I am but it is a long process. I have had my struggles and to be […]

My Body is Alive and Ever-Changing (Tessa)

Tessa – 21 years old, mother to a 2 year old, and expecting another little boy in April 2012! This is my third entry. Two previous entries, here and here. My last entry I had decided to do something about my unhappiness with my body. I was 16 months post partum and I realized it […]

Searching For My Old Self (Kathleen)

I am 30 years old and the proud mother of two sons – a 21 month old and 9 week old. My first son was delivered via c-section and my second was a successful vbac. I am very fond of this website and enjoy reading the many courageous and often inspiring stories. I was forced […]

22 With 3, Starting to Slowly Accept and Change my Body (Anonymous)

Previous post here. When I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd, my kids father left me and I in turn fell into a depression for pretty much the rest of my pregnancy. By the end of my pregnancy I had only gained 13lbs, and when my daughter was born at 39wks, she only […]

Hating My Body (Shantel)

age 23 1 pregnancy 3.5 post partum. I have always loved my body for the most part, I’ve always been attractive and confident. It is very difficult to see myself the way I look after I had my son because this isn’t the me that I see when I think about myself. I honestly think […]

Miscarriage after giving my son up for adoption 20 years ago. (Anonymous)

I am a 37 year old mother I have a son whom I gave up for adoption at the age of 16 giving him a better life. Struggling with the thought of if I did the right thing all those years fighting suicide and many heartaches including cancer I managed to happily become pregnant last […]

5 Years Later (Dolly)

It has been 5 years since the worst day of my life. I lost my daughter . My children at home ( then 3 and 4) were never the same. Since that day I had 2 miscarriages. When I found out I was pregnant again my youngest , Jacob (then 7) would ask every day, […]

Update (Elivert)

Original post here. PP: 9 MONTHS AGE: 21 After my first post I have had many changes in my life, I have a beautiful baby I love and a wonderful husband that every day brings more smiles and joy in my life and supports me unconditionally with my new body and outlook on life , […]

Growth (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Age: 32 Number of pregnancies and births: Three pregnancies. Two births. Number of Children: Two children. Ages 4.5 and 1.5 All photos have been taken 16 months after the birth of my second child. I feel compelled to post here again because of how the site has grown. Because of how I […]

Moving On (Anonymous)

Previous post here. 1 Vaginal Birth 1 Pregnancy 20 months PP Age 22 After my first post, I wasn’t going to post again until after having a second child, to see where I was and how I felt about my body after having 2 children. But I feel like I need to share what has […]

Sad Moments (Anon)

Previous post here. Hello SOAM I nvr thought id be writing soi soon, but I’ve been having some real sad moments the past few weeks, where I’ve come real close to giving up hope, with thoughts of me never regaining the confidence I once had. I’m 2 months post partum and felt better when I […]

Getting There Finally! (Heidi)

Previous post here. 19 years old 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 9.5 months PP When I first wrote back in May, I was really in a rough spot with my weight and self-esteem issues. I still don’t feel I’m at my “ideal” weight, but I do feel a lot better about myself. My Stats as of […]

14 Months Postpartum After Second Birth (R)

Previous post here. Name: R. Age: 29 Number of births and pregnancies: 2 pregnancies, 2 births (both natural, vaginal) Postpartum: 14 months since the youngest’s birth I had my first child 2 1/2 years ago. I had laproscopic gall bladder removal surgery at 6 weeks postpartum. At 11 months postpartum, I got pregnant with my […]

Update – Uterine Prolapse (Tosha)

Previous post here. 23 years old 2 pregnancies 2 births (boys 2 &4) 2 years postpartum I have finally learned to accept my body as it is. It has brought 2 healthy happy little boys into my life & I wouldn’t trade them for the best body in the world. I’m tired of wasting my […]

Update (Amber)

Previous post here. My third child is now 18 months old and is finally weaned and my breasts have shrunk down to their new size from here on out. Before my pregnancies, my weight was 155 lbs, after my 2nd child weaned my weight was 135 lbs, after the 3rd child weaned, my weight is […]

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful (Sia)

Most recent post here. age: 18 months pp: 15 months (WOW time sure does fly!) weight: 96 pounds Hello again lovely ladies! This is my last update on SOAM, again I would like to say how much this website has helped me through my struggles with my pp body! All of you woman are amazing […]

Sad But Not Giving Up Hope (Anon)

I’m writing to you all the from Jamaica. I’m 23 years old and 3 weeks 1 day postpartum. Maybe its too early for me to submit my story since I’ve not yet healed properly, but I just wna share my story. Also, I must say that I read the stories of other strong beautiful mothers […]

How can I love my new body? (Anonymous)

~Age:17 ~Number of pregnancies and births:1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 monnths PP I got pregnant at 16 with a beautiful baby boy. hes my world.. before getting pregnant I weighed 115 pounds and I am 5″6. wasnt fat looking just normal size. After i had my son […]

They Say it Takes Nine Months (Anonymous)

Previous posts start here. 23 years old one pregnancy, one birth (an adorable son) I’m now 9 months postpartum. I have a few dresses: size 6, size 8, size 9. I have several jeans: size 8, size 9, size 10, size 13. I have shirts: S, M, L. I am between an A cup and […]

Update, 15 Year Old Mother (Terressa)

Previous entry here. This is an update from my first submission here on SOAM. When I first typed this I had this whole long story about what I’ve been through the past year, but I realized it would be a VERY long story. So here’s a summary of my first year of motherhood (although it’s […]

3 Months After 3rd Child (Kristin)

Previous entries here, here and here. I have posted here after i had my first child and again after my second. I have since then had another baby. I am going to be 24 in a few months, My first is my son who is 3.5 years old now, My daughter is 2 years old […]

Follow Up, A Year After Childbirth (Ann)

Previous post here. When I read over my previous submission from a year ago, my stomach clenches and my chest feels tight. I sounded so sad and hopeless, like pregnancy was an entry into a beauty contest that I had already lost. I have almost zero pictures of me and my baby when she was […]

Hating My Body (Anonymous)

2 Births 6 weeks Postpartum Hey everyone. First of all let me just say I LOVE this website. It helps to see everyone else is struggling with their body image and acceptance just like I am. I have had 2 awesome kids. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and now a 6 week […]

(Un)expected Miracle (Proudmama)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 31 Number of pregnancy and birth: 1 Age of child/months postpartum: 20 months I’ve been meaning to post an update for a while. I realized the other day that the reason I hadn’t was because I was waiting for a miracle. I kept waiting for that day where I […]

I Got My Second Miracle (Michelle)

Original entry here. Age: 26 Number of pregnancies: 5 Number of births: 2 Ages of children: 3.5 years, 2 months Right around 9 months ago I posted my story… I was 6 weeks pregnant and scared as hell of losing another baby. I am happy to report that our second beautiful princess was born may […]

Bearing It (Christina Plant)

My last entry was about where my heart is and how our physical flaws should not prevent us from celebrating who we are on the inside. I showed photos of myself from a couple of different races and my shorts fit so that the stretched hanging skin was not visible. When I wrote that entry, […]

Summer Lovin’ (Kayla)

Previous posts here and here. My daughter will be 3 months old on the 4th of July. That is coming way too fast for me. I really thought 6 weeks after birth I would be back to pre-pregnancy…Seems like every girl I know bounces right back. I lost 35 pounds in the hospital after I […]

I Feel Hideous (Anonymous)

age: 22 pregnancies:2 births: 2 age of children: 2 and 1 (on june 29th) I’ve been reading stories here on TSOAM for awhile now. And I have finally gotten the courage to write the self-image struggle I am going through right now. I was raised by a materialistic mother where looks, glamour, and fashion were […]

Gaining More Confidence (Apryl)

Previous entry here. Pregnancies – 4 or 5 Births – 3 18 months post-partum Even in my original post, I tried to make myself sound a lot more confident than I really am. But I am gaining a lot more. As of right now, I am about 90 pounds lighter than I was prior to […]

Closure and Acceptance (Melissa)

Previous post here. Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Number of Births: 1 PP: 8 months today I have been keeping up with the readings here, and honestly I do not know what I would have done without this website. Reading your stories, seeing real pictures, have been an eye opener, and an equalizer in […]

Goodbye beautiful body, hello beautiful daughter. (Elivert)

I have 21 years old. For a long time my body had taken care of no gain, of stretch marks,always look my beautiful belly. Until I met my lovely husband, who has supported me and always wanted, we wanted very much a baby in our lives. Until a year ago gave us the news of […]

SOAM Changed Me (Corinne)

Age 33 3 Children; 12 years old, 20 months old and 8 days old. 3 Pregnancies, 8 days PP Previous posts here and here. I still remember the sick feeling I felt when I saw that my post had appeared on SOAM. I very nearly emailed Bonnie straight away to ask her to take it […]

I Finally Feel Sexy Again (Babs)

Original entries here, here, here and here. This was my fourth pregnancy and birth, and both were extremely difficult. I suffered with moderate hyperemesis gravaridum throughout (, lost a significant amount of weight, muscle and nutrients and was on the edge of hospitalization and IV feeds throughout (even with extensive medicating). I also suffer with […]

Disappointed (Anonymous)

Original post here. children: 5 yrs, 2 yrs Today I was looking at soam and noticed the NYC newspaper had done a column on Soam I read it and continued on to read the comments. I cried, I come to this sight when I am feeling low and need to see and hear people I […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. im 24 in july – my amazing son will be 4. I have posted 2 times previous to this… i still have my days where i get down on myself, but overall i know im beautiful as well as my shape of a mother I started using trilastin stretch mark […]

Happy… This is Who I Am (Bryana)

Previous posts here, here, and here. I’ve written on here many times before. Each time a progress report or a pep talk. Each time has been therapeutic and refreshing; taking a few minutes to reflect solely on myself and my feelings of myself. It’s not often we take time to acknowledge ourselves as women, not […]

For Chanel (Dalena)

~ Age: 25 ~ 1 pregnancy 1 birth ~ 5 weeks postpartum I stopped taking my birth control pills at the end of May 2010. I found out I was pregnant on July 17th, 2010. I would say my pregnancy was normal. There weren’t any complications. I gained a total of 45lbs. I was 185lbs […]

I Found My Beautiful (Jessa)

Previous post here. Age: 23 Number of pregnancies and births: 2, 2 Age of children: 3 (next month) and 10 months I know my previous post had that confident vibe, but most days the confidence and acceptance of my body just isn’t there. The other day I was very discouraged about my shape. It had […]

The Shape of Our Hearts (Christina Plant)

age: 35 pregnancies 3 births 3 childrens ages: 14, 12, 9 (all boys!) (this makes me nine plus years postpartum) There is a fire in all of us. Sometimes I only have enough to keep the pilot light on. Sometimes I’m a torch. A bonfire. Sometimes, I am a wildfire- unruly and all-consuming. I’ve been […]

We create beauty. We are beauty. (Kayla)

Original entry here. I put a post on here not too long ago. I have come so far the passed few weeks that I thought I would go ahead and post again. I have been thinking a lot about my body and the bodies of women on this site and I am wondering…how in the […]

My New Self (Dee)

~Age: 17 ~Number of Pregnancies and Births: 1 ~Age of Child/Postpartum: Almost 6 months I tried to make this short, but failed miserably. I saw this website when looking for something to help with my stretch marks. I think this site is absolutely wonderful and I am very excited to post. If you’re a mom […]

Underneath it All (Heidi)

19 years old 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 3 1/2 months PP In March of 2010, I met the man who would give me our beautiful son. I was the epitome of the typical (stereotyped) 18 year old, I stopped going to school to party all night and sleep all day. All I cared for was […]

The Story of Who I Am (Corinne)

Age 33 2 children, my first is 12 years old and my second is 18 months old. This is my 3rd pregnancy, currently 36 weeks pregnant I posted my photos and story at 24 weeks and since then my confidence has soared. Sharing on here has helped so much. I simply adore my pregnant body, […]

After But Before (Colleen)

My previous submissions are here: (oh no I’m becoming a serial poster!) One Year After a Cesarean Ode to my Scar Coming to Grips With a Cesarean My age: 27 One pregnancy, one birth My daughter is 21 months old. I have to apologize; I like to take a few days to tweak my entries […]

Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now (Kayla)

Number of pregnancies and births: 1 3 weeks pp- 2 weeks pp in photos. I am 21 years old and had a baby 3 weeks ago today. I have always had issues with my body. I was anorexic in middle school and part of high school. Now looking back…I can’t figure out why! How crazy […]

Starting to Love My Body Again – Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. So have been working very hard for the past month and am now actually 5 lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight!!!! Feeling wonderful and loving the way i look!!! Age: 25 Number of pregnancies/births: 2 pregnancies, 2 births About 20 months postpartum Pic 1&2: about 20 weeks postpartum pic 3&4: about 20 […]

Pouch Tummy and Tons of Stretch Marks (Melissa)

Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Births 1 PP: 6 months So I stumbled across this website by chance looking up different support groups for weight loss and cesarean sections. I have been reading the stories and have found them so compelling and inspiring that I thought I might share mine. I did not really […]

Beautifully Destroyed (Sia)

Previous entries here and here. age 17 months pp 9 The other day I ran into a girl who I went to school with. She is a little younger than me and has always been kind of rude. She was telling me how she saw pictures of me before I had my daughter and how […]

Appendix Removal Update (Fiona)

Original entry here. I had my appendix removed when I was fairly far on in pregnancy, and it was a fairly traumatic experience. I have enclosed some photos of how my scar is looking now, and also a little update on me. Some negatives which have come from my experience – 1. Only one big […]

My New Tattoos (Anonymous)

Age: 31 2 pregnancies/2 c-sections 20 months and 2 months When I made my first submission I was in a great place and had finally accepted my new body. I was pregnant a month later (the first time we had unprotected sex) and enjoyed my second pregnancy just as much as the first – there’s […]

Update (Lucia)

Previous entries here and here. I read this site as often as I can now, I have a very active 9 month old and I try to be out with him as much as posible, and i´ve been meanin to share something with you all. When I was little I remember asking my mom if […]

Miracles Happen (SCS)

Previous post here. age 30 number of pregnancies 4 and births 2 age of children 3 ½ and 5 weeks how far pp 5 weeks First I wanna apologize for the long post, I wanted to say a lot. As everyone says, I love this site. I think I’ve read every entry on it. I […]

Chemically, Artificially Me (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if I were less of me and more like you would I be alright? would you love me more if I looked like the models in the magazine? boney flesh, bared on glossy paper, beautiful? layers of colours, a madeup mask.. hides you.. redefining your idenity wrapped up in […]

6 Months Postpartum and Still Healing (Jillyn)

I am posting my postpartum pictures here of my body after my second pregnancy. My previous post is here. This pregnancy came a bit unexpected for my husband and I. After the birth and death of our first daughter we planned to wait a year before TTC again. But just 6 months postpartum we found […]

Starting to Love My Body Again (Anonymous)

I am 25 years old and have two beautiful little boys. I hated my body after my first child and finally got the weight off when he was about 1 1/2 yrs, only to find out the week that i reached my goal weight that i was pregnant with my second. I was so happy […]

Did you know? (Jill)

Previous posts here, here and here. My baby is 20 months old. My body is 20 months postpartum. We had a natural birth. We breastfed for 13 months. I’m 23. ……………………………………………………………………………………… I didn’t know you could “give it 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, etc” and still not be where you want to be. I […]

8 Months PP (Renee)

Previous post here. Age 24 ~1 baby boy, 8 months old Pre pregnancy 135lbs, @ Pregnancy 192lbs, After birth 162lbs, 8months PP 150-154lbs. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone for all there comments and support. It has been about 5 months since I have posted last. I still am not […]

Hard Work Pays Off (Georgia)

Previous entries here, here and here. Hello there ladies. I wanted to share my update. I have a few others on here. Although I said I wasnt going to have another post until 1 year postpartum, I thought it was time. I am 10 months PP. Total I have lost 50 pounds. I work out […]

Finding beauty in every imperfection (Jordan)

21 years old 2 pregnancies, 1 birth 13 months pp I want to start off by saying this site is amazing, I love reading all of the posts on here. However, i don’t like seeing that it is such a struggle for some women to love the bodies that their children gave them. I know […]

Blessed and Tortured – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. I am re posting new pictures, i got alot of compliments on the previous ones, thank you. But i felt they didnt portray the way i see my body acuratly. 4 year old son current weight 136. Updated here.

The Shape that Love Built (Amanda)

Age: 23 Number of births: 2, soon to be 3 Ages of children: 5 years old, 18 months old, and yet to be born It started with a comment on a photo I posted on facebook. For the record, I am not nude in the picture, nor am I anywhere NEAR naked. I simply have […]

6 Babies, 5 C-Sections, 4 Daughters, 3 TOL’s, 2 Son’s, 1 Love (Stacy)

Previous entries here, here and here. My last posting this past summer was very freeing for me. I loved the photos, and for the first time really saw beauty in my imperfect body. I feel strong, and continue to grow in inner and outer strength. These photos were taken at our local hot springs & […]

11 Weeks Postpartum (Anonymous)

Previous entries here, here and here. 23 years old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 11wks postpartum and -30lbs I decided it was time to finally write my postpartum update. I ended up carrying to 41 weeks and giving birth completely naturally on November 28, 2010. And before anyone congratulates me on that, I did not want […]

15 Year Old Mother (Anonymous)

I just wanted to start off by saying that I have a lot of respect for all of the women who have posted on here. All of you have made me realize that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my new motherly body, even if I’m the only 15 year old I know who has a […]

5 Weeks PP, Almost There – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Ahhh where can I begin? Its been 16 weeks since I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world. I feel very happy about the place I’m at. So far since my last update I lost more weight and I’m back into my pre pregnancy jeans once again. My tummy is completely […]

Finally In Love with My Body (Corinne)

33 years old 2 previous pregnancies, 2 children aged 12 and 15 months Currently 25 weeks pregnant I got married at 20 and had my first baby 10 months after we married. I went from a UK size 10 to about a 16 during my first pregnancy and got what I thought were the most […]

Here We Go Again (Anonymous)

Previous submission here. My age: 31 Number of Pregnancies: 2 Children: 21 months and 1 month 4 weeks post partum I was surprised to find myself covered in stretch marks at the end of my eighth month of pregnancy. My previous submission shows an almost blemish free belly. Yet I am not upset about them, […]

Without my belly, I wouldn’t have hers. (Anonymous)

age-17 7 months pp I posted on this site about two months ago. I have lost a little more weight since then, but all together I am feeling great. I was 93 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter. 156 when I gave birth. I am now down to 128 […]

Uterine Prolapse (Tosha)

2 pregnancies 2 births 13 months PP I am a 22 year old wife and mother to a great husband and 2 wonderful little boys. I have never been extremely happy w/ my body even though I’ve always been on the small side it makes me sick to look @ old pics b/f kids when […]

Update (Kat)

Original entry here. I switched up my workout (flirty girl and carmen electra got too easy) so now I’m doing hip hop abs. Once I’m done with the 4 week plan for that, I’m going to start p90x. I have started doing modeling jobs(I have a model mayhem account now! under the user girl08er). I […]

I Need Some Help (Shannon)

Previous entries here: Missing My Baby Boy 5 Weeks PP 2.5 Months PP 6 Months PP 15 Month PP I have posted on here 4 times already…and my last post was just a 1.5 months ago…but I need some help from you fellow Mamas…I feel so horrible about my body. I want to love it […]

16 Months Postpartum (Tessa)

Previous entry here. It is over 6 months later, and since my previous entry I’ve only been able to lose 10 lbs. My husband has had surgeries, I picked up a second job and am working 45 or so hours, 6 days a week. I cannot afford a gym membership, and wouldn’t have the time […]

My Fiancee Loves My Womanly Body – Update (Anonymous)

Original post here. It has been almost 4 weeks. I am doing much better about tracking my foods and being realistic on what I want vs what I need. It is difficult but empowering when I say no to eating at 10 pm with my fiancé. He has been very supportive though and says he […]

Breast Envy (Kerry)

1 pregnancy/birth 20 months pp Age 20 34b to 42 D to 34b So I posted at 1 year postpartum and was pretty sure I would not post again until I was pregnant or pp with my second child, (we are going to start trying in the fall!) but I’ve been having some insecurities with […]

Almost 3 years pp update (Natalia)

Previous entry here. Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, one birth This is just a quick update from a previous post. I can’t stop visiting this site. It has opened my eyes just as much as my son has. I’m now almost 3 years post partum. I actually gained a little weight […]

One Year and 60 Pounds Down (Jess)

Original entry here. 20 Years Old 1 Year PP Pre Pregnancy 124 End Of Pregnancy 194 Currnetly 135 This has been the fastest year of my life… I’ll be honest… I thought i would be in better shape by now… Some days I think I’m looking pretty good and with a little toning maybe even […]

Fourth Baby, Mixed Feelings (Elizabeth)

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my forth child, I never thought I would have a forth child. I met a man a year ago who I really fell for after being alone for 2 and a half years after a bad relationship.I was even going to marry him last September. A few weeks after […]

Blessed and Tortured (Anonymous)

Im 23 years old. I have a 3 year old son. I was 165 before pregnancy. 135 now. I am blessed with an amazingly handsome 3 year old son and an equally amazing husband who I struggle with myself everyday. and hate that my stomach looks like a road map. Since finding this website, i’ve […]

Two More Photos and an Apology (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Just wanted to add these pics which better show the saggies and stretchmarks. All the pics except the pregnancy one were taken at about 6 months pp from my second child, the two most recent taken when I was lying down. I feel like I have offended people and I want people […]

My Fiancee Loves My Womanly Body (Anonymous)

Some days I feel like a beautiful Greek statue. I am 5’2″ and 190 lbs. I am afraid to lose wt bc I like being soft but I need to get down to 145 for my health and confidence. I am the mother of Irish twins and they are 10 mos apart. I got stretch […]

Update Baby #2 (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. Since my last entry I have had another baby! My little girl was born 4 days early so that was exciting for us and she weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. With my first pregnancy I gained 55 pounds and found it took alot of hard work to get my body […]

Why can’t I see myself through his eyes? (Anonymous)

age:17 number of pregnancies and births: 1 postpartum: 5 months I honestly have no idea where to even begin this post. I was always the “skinny girl” growing up. I got alot comments on my weight, and they were not always postitive ones, but I loved my body and who I was. I started dating […]

5 Weeks Postpartum and I No Longer Believe in Genetic Destiny (Kat)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies/births: 2 pregnancies/1 birth Age of baby/how far postpartum: 5 weeks I was born short and fat, and stayed that way for my entire childhood and teen years. I started middle school at 4’10” and 160lbs. Both of my parents, as well as most of my family in general, are overweight, […]

The Evolution of a Body (Anonymous)

~Age: 26 ~Weight & Height: 5’2″-ish and 120-ish pounds (I hover) ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 years Previous submissions: 5 months postpartum, 1 year postpartum, 2 years postpartum I thought it was important to update my story for a number of reasons. […]

The Guilt of Hating a Body That Birthed an Angel (Amanda)

It has only been three and a half weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I should be applauding myself and my body for being able to create such a perfect angel, and yet I am not. Instead I find myself hating the mirror because the mirror shows what I look like now. […]

I have all the battle scars of carrying a child for 9 months, yet I am a childless mother. (Anonymous)

Age: 22 7 1/2 months postpartum 1 pregnancy I found out i was pregnant on Aug. 5th 2009. I was 20 years old and my husband and I couldnt be anymore excited. Most of my life i had mange to stay skinny even though it was very much a struggle for me. Im 5′ 1″ […]

Will I Ever Be Happy? (Renee)

Original entry here. 25 17 1/2 weeks postpartum 1 pregnancy, 1 birth I am now almost 18 weeks postpartum, and have 7lbs of the 65lbs I gained left to lose. It seem I am stuck. But, I look absolutely nothing like I used to and it makes so depressed. No matter what I’m doing, it […]

Looking at My Future With Fear (Anonymous)

My age: 31 Number of pregnancies: 2 Age of my child: 18 months 31 weeks with second pregnancy I had made it to the ripe age of 28 without giving the though of having children the time of day. Then my husband broached the subject after his younger brother celebrated the arrival of his second […]

Accepting My Body After Baby (Sarah)

`Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum are you: 11 months post partum I last posted on here when I was 6months PP. Since my last post, I gained 1.5kg (3.3pounds)… then managed to lose 9kg (19.84pounds) (I lost 6kg )13.2pounds) in […]

Shape of a Loss (Nicole)

First entry here. In a parallel universe, I am just weeks away from the birth of my second child. I am more confident about the impending labour than the first time around, but a bit nervous too. I am even more nervous about managing life with two kids under two! I am unpacking, washing and […]

Closing in on D-Day (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 23 Pregnancies/births: currently pregnant with first Hello again. This is gonna be a long one… I’ve been checking this site nearly every day since I first found out I was pregnant. I thought it was great, especially since I had so many fears and hangups about what I would […]

Update – I Had My Baby! (Anonymous)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 3 pregnancies, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 1/2 weeks postpartum My previous entry is here – Since then, I’ve had my baby! The day that I turned 36 weeks my water broke. It was about 6 am. We had […]

Your First Home (Proudmama)

Previous entry here. I didn’t intend on updating so soon, but something happened that I wanted to share. First of all I come here regularly because I feel like I’m a part of something when I read your stories. Some of your stories I relate to more than others, some stories make me want to […]

Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. A little over a year ago I wrote on this site because I was upset with my body one year after giving birth to my amazing son. Things did get better, I got into a swimsuit and started working out, but never had the time between school and motherhood to get to […]

Final Update (Jeanne)

Previous entries here and here. My daughter is now 18 months and I never thought I would feel the way I do about my body as I do now. I love my body now more than before I had a child. I love the way my hips have widened…I just feel more feminine and like […]

Hoping for a Miracle (Michelle)

Age: 25 Pregnancies: 5 (3 miscarriages, 1 a set of twins) Births: 1 Age of children: almost three, 6 weeks pregnant Growing up I was never sure if I wanted children. I was not sure if I had the patience. I met my husband my freshman year of college. We dated for about 7 months […]

At the end of it all (Nicole)

Previous entry here. ~Age: 30 ~Number of pregnancies and births: pregnancy #3/Birth #2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 16 months and currently 36 weeks My first was born shortly afer my first submission. She was suppose to be our last, our only-but there were other plans in motion. At […]

Update (Bryana)

For Cairo Sofia Age: 23 # of Pregnancies: 3 # of Births: 2 How Far Postpartum: 15 Months Today, September 23, 2010 Previous entries: 2 Babies Later Update Second Update Love Yourself, Mama Thank you, Babies Today I am officially 15 months postpartum. I cannot believe it has been over a year since my beautiful […]

PCOS and Me (Brittany)

Previous entry here. age: 21 Well this is the second time I have posted on here. I have not tried to get pregnant or anything yet. I am trying to work on myself first, to give my babies the best place to grow. I was so inspired by all the comments I received that i […]

Update (Babs)

Previous entries here, here and here. When my first son died, shortly after birth, I found too late that the only prints I’d been given from the hospital staff were barely worth calling prints… they didn’t even try to unfold his fingers before taking them, and even inked his knuckles rather than take the extra […]

Update: 7 Weeks Postpartum, 7 Pounds to Go (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Well I am now 7 months postpartum and have managed to get ride of the last 7 pounds. I am now realizing that I am lucky to have lost all of my pregnancy weight so quickly and to have gotten most of my old body back. Breastfeeding has certainly taken a toll […]

In Better Shape – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Age :31 1 pregnancy/1birth a Baby girl,, 4 mo pp I posted on here for the first time a month ago,, grateful for this site,, but a mite obsessed with getting back into shape as quickly as possible. And even though im still not where i want to be physically,, the condition […]

Mother of 6: Story and Photos UPDATE (Stacy)

Previous entries here and here. ~Age: 29 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 6 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 11, 7, 5, 4, 2, 18 months I have come along way in my acceptance of myself as a vibrant, powerful human with a purpose. I have discovered that purpose is […]

Take 3: Getting There (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. 1 Pregancy & 1 birth 9 months postpartum I’ve purposely left it till today to do this post; I’m exactly 9 months post-partum. Don’t they all tell you, it takes you 9 months to put it on and 9 months to lose it??!!! Well I’ve lost it all, in fact […]

New Found Respect for My Body (Proudmama)

Age: 31 Number of pregnancies and birth: 1 Age of my child: 10 months old Cesarean birth Almost 10 months ago I finally realized my biggest dream: to be a mom. Most kids grow up wanting to be rock stars or doctors, I wanted to be a mother. From the moment I met my husband […]

Can I Get a Do-Over? (Megan)

One pregnancy, one baby, 13 months old. I’m currently 22, 13 months postpartum. If I could go back and do my pregnancy over, KNOWING WHAT I KNOW NOW, I’d do so much differently: * I’d keep working out daily, just like I had been doing up until the moment I peed on the stick. * […]

My struggle, the stretch marks are totally worth it (Anonymous)

I have an incompetent cervix. This means that my cervix opens way too soon, resulting in a miscarriage or stillbirth. My first pregnancy I lost at 9 weeks when the baby was discovered to have passed away. My second pregnancy I lost at 4 months, when my water broke and I was dilating. The baby […]

Learning to Love It (Anonymous)

Age-21 Pregnancies and Births- 1 Months PP- 5 months postpartum I have ALWAYS wanted to have kids. So when I married my husband, I knew someday they would follow. We figured 4 or 5 years, so I was on birth control. 4 months after we got married, I felt pregnant, took a HPT and all […]

Update (Anonymous)

Your Age: 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births:1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 boy, 2 years and 2 months. ? Hello again shape of a mother! Its been 19 months since my last entry. You can find it here. I’ve meant to do some updates here and there […]

Second Update (Anonymous)

age: 25 pregnancies: 1 births: 1 age of child: 2 1/2 Previous entries here and here. My daughter will be three in December, which I cannot believe lol. I am finally almost back to my pre-baby weight. I now weight 168 (158) before baby. I am so happy to getting close to my old self. […]

I Still Can’t Believe It (Lucia)

20 yrs old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 8 weeks pp My story is short, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend noticed before I did. I had a rather easy pregnancy, no nausea but lots of heartburn, I started swelling after week 31 and for some reason I had a […]

A Few Years On, Another Long Post (Jo)

~Age: 40 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies and 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Age 4 and 2 (almost 2 years post-partum) It has taken me a while to come up with the courage to post this, but it marks the beginning of the new me […]

First Time Mom at 31 (Anonymous)

I have NEVER found myself attractive. I always thought,, once i accept the fact that I’m an unattractive person,,I would feel much better about myself and not worry about it so much. For some reason though, I got a decent amount of attention from boys,, I was the funny girl, but was too shy to […]

One Year After a Cesarean–Update (Colleen)

Previous posts here and here. ~Age: 26 ~Number of pregnancies and births:one pregnancy, one birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 year post-partum When I did my first post at 3 weeks postpartum, I figured I’d wait to do another when my daughter was a year old and I […]

Written on my heart (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. ~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 year old and 4 months old Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has a changed body from pregnancy. I thought that because I was young when I had […]

Finally, Confidence! (Autumn)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: He’s 4, will be 5 years on September 22nd I’ve posted here numerous times, my previous entries: Autumn Stretch Marked Legs Happy With My Body Breasts, Acceptance This update is to show how my body has […]

Another Update (Dolly)

Previous posts here and here. After a few years we have decided to try again. In April 2010 (6 weeks) I found out that I was pregnant again. The same day I went in to get my IUD removed I started to miscarry, I again became pregnant June 2010 (again at 6 weeks)and miscarried again […]

Update! Slowly learning to love my new body! (Anonymous)

I had posted 10 months ago about how much I hated my body and how much I envied all of the thin girls I see day in and day out. I am proud to say (although I have not lost a single pound) I am now slowly learning to love my body and be proud […]

A Healthier Lifestyle (Georgia)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 25 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 Weeks PP – 13 I thought I would give another update on how things are going. Im 13 weeks post partum. Loving every minute of being a mommy. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight, plus 8 pounds more. I have been doing, […]

Only 9 days postpartum, but discouraged… (Renee)

I gained 65 pounds with my son. It’s not that I was overeating; quite the opposite was true. I started uncontrollably gaining weight (sometimes 7-9 lbs a week) and finally the doctor caught on. I had pre-eclampsia. Needless to say, all that extra water stretch my skin out something bad. On July 12, I gave […]

22 Weeks, Second Post (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age: 22 First Pregnancy My last post was at 16 weeks. I’ve been reading the other stories on here and decided to post again. For those who read my last post, I’ve been battling an eating disorder since I was 10; my issue with weight gain has followed me throughout this pregnancy. […]

No Longer Hiding (vsmama)

Age: 27 Previous entries here and here. 1 pregnancy; 1 birth 3 years 1.5 months postpartum I made it a goal to feel sexier when my son reached 3 years of age and I wore a dress! A short dress at that! lol Everyone commented on how beautiful I looked and oddly, for awhile there […]

15 Months PP Update (Shannon)

Previous entries: Missing my baby boy and expecting my second. 5 Weeks PP Second Baby 2.5 Months PP – Second Cesarean in 2.5 Years 6 Months PP Update Age: 24 Pregnancies: 2 Births: 2 via cesarean PP: 4 years in September and 15 months So, I am now 15 months pp with Liam. Wow, this […]

Trying to come to terms with my new body. (Vi’s Mama)

I had my daughter when i was sixteen. Before my pregnancy i was a mere 95 Ibs. I wore a size 32 B. I didn’t appreciate my body at all. During my pregnancy i used lotion, vitamin E oil, Shea Butter…I bought pretty much every “stretch mark” cream available, but none of it seemed to […]

From Girl to Woman (Anonymous)

28 ten months post body i posted just only today also talking about my belli and my job . i wanted to share this amazing transformation with you mummas i am absoluty amazed at how the body grows and changes , i mean really the pic speak for them selfs !!!!! i am learning to […]

Australian Ex-Professional Dancer Battles with Post Baby Body (Anonymous)

28 one child ten months post body 65-kg before pregnancy 95 peak pregnancy 75-kg to date, i use to dance professionally in burlesque and cabaret-bars , having my whole job revolve around my body and my own sense of sexuality i was always great shape , having to keep toned by having a active and […]

Almost There! (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Hi again everyone, at the time of my first submission I was about 146 lbs and just hating life altogether. I am now 130 lbs and a bit happier but still have a long way to go. I am still having trouble facing myself in the mirror and it sometimes prevents me […]

Thank You, Babies (Bryana)

These are my previous posts: 2 Babies Later Update Second Update Love Youself, Mama, Then Love Everything Else Age: 22 # of Pregnancies: 3 # of Births: 2 -Rayden 8lbs 4oz 21 inches Dec 12, 2005 -Cairo Sofia 8lbs 7oz 21 inches June 23, 2009 How far PP: 12 Months This is technically my 4th […]

The P90X Experiment (Mary)

Original post here. Website: When I wrote “Mirror, Mirror on the wall….Who’s the Most Damaged Mother of them All?” last year I thought that was the end of my journey in accepting my body…little did I know it was just the beginning! I submitted my article to SOAM in February and it was posted […]

Round 2: Here we go again! (Ashley)

Previous entries here and here. ~Age: 28 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 1 birth (currently 15 weeks pregnant) ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: My daughter is 26 months. So here we go again. I’m 15 weeks pregnant with baby number 2! I’m a little worried about weight […]

Still Working At It – Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age 21 1 child, 10 months postpartum It feels like forever since I posted my last entry here, even though it has only been nine months! I must admit that I’m not feeling nearly as confident now as I did at a month postpartum, I guess because the adrenaline of giving birth […]

Belly Flop (Jill)

Previous entries here and here. Back for round three! I figured I’d submit one each postpartum “trimester.” Well, my little man will be one way too soon, this has been the fastest year of my life. We’re planning a birthday party, gearing up for summer, and enjoying every minute of it. Here are my most […]

A Stomach Like a Deflated Balloon (Sarah)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 6 months post partum Up until 4years ago I had never had body issues. I’d always been slim and fit, but after one termitated pregnancy at 19 I had implanon inserted as a […]

A letter to my body 1 yr PP (Emily)

Age: 23 1 pregnancy, son is 12 months old, 1 yr PP Dear body, Thank you for all that you have given me and others. I am sorry for what I used to think of you, I was wrong you are beautiful. I promise to never be ashamed of my body anymore. I promise to […]

Skinny, But Strong… My Way (Skye)

So, here I am again, this is my second post, my first is here. Now that I’m 13 months post partum I feel the need to share with you all something that has been amazing for my body… I didn’t say too much about my body in my first most so I will give you […]


~Your Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 weeks pp I am a 22 year old mother of 2 girls. The oldest is turning 2 in June and the younger is 3 weeks old. My body changed a lot with both pregnancies. […]

Hard Work 14 Months PP (Elissa)

Original entries here and here. 24 years old 1 Child-14 months old C-Section Gained-61 Pounds Weight before pregnancy-137 Weight at the end of pregnancy-198 Weight 14 months PP-139 Clothing size before pregnancy Pants size 9 Shirts-Medium Bra size 36 C…Sometimes D After pregnancy Pants size 3 and 5’s Shirts medium Bra size 36 D… I […]

5 weeks post-partum after second child (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. For the first time in my life I feel no need or desire to malign or discredit my body, or to qualify it with any explanation for why it is the way it is. I am five weeks post-partum with my second child. He was 11 lbs, which was quite […]

Grateful for My Blessings (Tsi K.)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 34 Age of children: 4yr old little girl and 8 month old little boy Hello beautiful women, This is my third entry on this site. My most recent was about two years ago after the birth of my daughter via c-section, and I’ve since had another baby so I […]

Loving My Mommy Body (Georgia)

Original entry here. So here is my update, I am 12 days postpartum. I had my son on his due date which was really great! He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches long. I had a few hours of tough back labor then had the epidural. Best experience of my life. So […]

Take 2 – Still haven’t accepted my new body! (Anonymous)

I originally posted here when I was 6 weeks post-partum! I’m now 21 weeks postpartum and my feelings are still pretty simillar! I have better days than others, very rarely, but they do occur! I just can’t accept that this is the body that I have to live with for the rest of my life! […]

Update (vsmama)

Original entry here. Hi! I have a goal to feel my sexiest before my son reaches three! And he does in a little over three weeks but I’m already in such a positive state of mind. I’m very confident and excited for my continuing progress. I have such a supportive partner who is putting all […]

It looks like a frowny face (Kerry)

Previous submissions here and here. Age: 19 First pregnancy/birth: 1 year pp Thats what my 5 year old nephew says about my belly button. It bothered me immensely the first time he said it, then the more I thought of it a little chuckle escaped.. how many people can say it looks like their button […]

My Mommy Body – Update (Anonymous)

This is an update to my March 2007 post. I am 25 years old. I got pregnant with my daughter just 2 months after my previous post. My little girl is now 2, and my son is 3. I lost all of the weight from her. I am just 10lbs heavier than before we conceived […]

My Body After Baby (Tessa)

I became pregnant and the age of 19 years old. Before I was pregnant, I was quite thin. I always had body image insecurities either way. Looking back at those photos, I find myself asking how I could have ever been displeased with my body pre-pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant, I was […]

7 weeks postpartum…7 pounds to go (Anonymous)

23 years old, first birth and first pregnancy baby is now 7 weeks old When I first found out I was pregnant I never thought of the impact a pregnancy could have on my body. I just could not imagine that I would have stretch marks and spider veins at my age…my mom has those […]

My Story With Lily – Update (Marissa)

Original entry here. I have lost 76 pounds, 10 more to go. im right now a 140 lbs, but the new pics are when i was a 144 lbs. I have finally started my period and the weight is coming off quickly. Plus, i eat right and jog. so its been helping alot. i hope […]

Living For So Much (Natalia)

Age: 20 Pregnancies/births: 3 pregnancies/ 1 birth Number of children: 1 son, Ronin, age 2 I found out I was pregnant when I was 17, which truly caught me by suprise. I know I wasn’t on birth control, but we used a condom every time. Could it be possible I was the 1% that the […]

My 4th belly!! (Iraiosc)

Hi again!! I wrote here twice before, you can see here and here. I need to explain my feelings about what i’ve just did. I’ve finally repaired my hernia and diastasis only 20 days ago!! Family are contradicted, they wanted of course I get well quikly (sorry my mistakes please ) but I know they […]

38 Weeks Pregnant, Not Sure What to Expect (Georgia)

24 years old, First pregnancy I have been coming to this site for a few weeks now, and everyones stories have been very encouraging. When I got pregnant, I was 5’5” and 158 pounds. I am currently at 180 pounds. So only gained 22 pounds. But I have always really like my body, especially my […]

It Has Taken Time (Anonymous)

This is such a wonderful place for mothers to come! I recently stumbled upon this place while I was searching on facebook for different groups, and I am so so glad I did! I have honestly always had body issues… I don’t know if it was learned from my mother, or from the society we […]

I Wonder (Anonymous)

~Number of pregnancies and births: 1/1 I’ve been reading your stories for the last 6 or 7 months and am just like a whole bunch of you – in a shirt I look great. With my shirt off, the extra elephant gathers at the bottom of my tummy were making me feel horrible about myself. […]

Update (Kayla)

Previous entries here, here and here. 21 years old 1 pregnancy, 1 birth son is 16 months old current weight: 165lbs I am now 16 months pp as of yesterday (March 22, 2010). I have GAINED weight in the past month or so and it is so frustrating. I have to say, alot of it […]

Worth Every Pound and Every Mark (Apryl)

First of all, I would like to applaud this site. It is wonderful to see you celebrating the real beauty n a mother instead of criticizing the perceived flaws that so many of us think we have because we don’t match the air-brushed photos of the celebrity moms that have a personal trainer, personal chef, […]

The aftermath of sexual violence + the beginning of healing, part 2 (Anonymous)

About a year ago, six weeks after giving birth to my son, I posted my first entry. It’s been a tough and fun year and yet again my body has changed a lot. I am still breastfeeding and that has helped me lose all my pregnancy weight, without any effort on my part. That was […]

Update (Jeanne)

Original entry here. Since my initial submission I feel like I’ve been able to focus on the important thing- finished college, got a job, spend my time with my daughter and have dated here and there. I’ve accepted my body and while I don’t love it- I like it for it’s flaws and have been […]

10.5 months postpartum:how body change after each child (Kristin)

Number of Pregnancy/children: 3 pregnancy’s , 2 children(one ended in miscarriage) How many months postpartum: 10.5months (as of March 16) First entry. Second entry. Third entry. I wrote here other times telling you all my story and how i was not happy about my body after 2 children but how much my beautiful children are […]

Update 3 years PP..Bio Oil made a difference! (Anonymous)

Age: 26 Age of child :3 years old This is an update from my previous submission. I haven’t really changed my eating habits, I eat as best I can and I still cant motivate myself to exercise on a regular basis..actually I gained some weight since the last entry. When the entry was written I […]

2 1/2 Years Later- Anonymous

Age: 21 A couple months after I turned 18 I found out I was pregnant. Since my boyfriend lived in California and I was so young, I was very nervous. Having my daughter changed my entire life around. I become responsible, mature and learned how to put my daughter’s needs in front of my own. […]

Second Update (Bryana)

Original entries here and here. Children: #1) Rayden Wolfgang: Dec 12, 2005 #2) Cairo Sofia: June 23, 2009 Age: 22 I guess this submission isn’t really about me. I have posted twice before because I think this website is nothing short of amazing. It has inspired me to love my body, it’s “flaws” and all. […]

You’re really lovely, underneath it all (Amber)

Being an only child, the first things I was told by my mother when I told her I was first pregnant were the horror stories of how her pregnancy was so horrible and that is why she only had one. When I developed stretch marks, she blamed me for not using enough lotion because she […]

Needing Guidance- Finally reaching out (Anonymous)

It will be a year next week that my son was born. I have kept these feelings inside for far too long. A year that I have been living in this body that I now call my own. My belly button still looks the same, saggy and loose. I still have “love” handles and flub […]

Update (Anonymous)

Age: 25 Number of Pregnancies and births: 1 Age of child: 2 Hello, I absolutely love this site and have been a fan of it for years! I am doing this as a update post, here is my older post from last July. I really don’t look that different. I have tried everything this past […]

My Story with Lily (Marissa)

my age is 17 and my name is Marissa one pregnancy, one birth my daughter, Lily, is 7 months Hi, my name is Marissa and i am 7 months pp with my first child, Lily. I am a teen mother and the past year has been a life changing experience! I met her dad during […]

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….who’s the most damaged mother of them all? (Mary)

“Look at those ugly stretch marks!” the mirror sneers as I hurriedly change my clothes. No matter how hard I try, my eyes always seem to wander to my disappointing reflection staring back at me, “You’re disfigured and they’ll never go away you know. Never.” Tears pool in my eyes as I try to shut […]

6 Months PP Update (Shannon)

Previous entries: First Second Third Age: 23 Children: 2 children Births: 2 cesareans PP: 3.5 years pp, and 10 months pp I am now 10 months pp (these pictures are from 6 months pp, but my body hasn’t changed much since these). I got up to 177 with Liam (I am 5’2”),and I am now […]

Hating my new body, but loving my daughter. Teen mom. (Lindsey)

Age- 17 First pregnancy and first birth to my daughter. Cesarean (couldn’t dialate past a 6) Hey everyone, my name is Lindsey. First off I want to say I love this website, and everyone on it who shared their stories… I had to debate if I wanted to post my story on here because I […]

Mum of three babies after 2 pregnancies -Twins (Natasha)

I had my first daughter at 19. I had a healthy, uneventful pregnancy and a beautiful natural birth. I carried small, and my body returned to normal very soon after Anna was born. At the time I thought it was so different, and struggled for a short time to come to terms with those changes. […]

Triplet Mom + One – Update (Tabitha)

Original entry here. 23years old 2pregnancies Riley(g) Aiden(b) Chloe(g) age 2 1/2 Brennan 11months This is an update, i had GGB triplets in 07 and then a singleton boy in 09. I was a mother to 4 before i turned 23. The stress my body underwent was amazing! I had a gap in my ab […]

An Update to my Story (Jen)

27 3 pregnancies, soon to be 3 births (all c-sections) 5, 3 and due in 4 weeks I originally posted this in December of 2006. To recap, we were in a serious car accident when I was 24 weeks pregnant with our second child, and it left me with pelvic injuries, and depression. I read […]

My Submission (Jeanne)

I had an unplanned pregnancy at 21. I was scared, I was doing it alone without my daughter’s father in the picture. Throughout my pregnancy I was afraid of what changes might happen to my body. I used to love my body and now I am still learning to accept the changes. I hit my […]

Update (Anonymous)

Age: 22 How many kids: 2 babies one age 8 months and one 3 years old Hello to all the beautiful mommies . I first would like to say that i love this site and it has helped get through some rough times about my body image. it has shown me that there’s many women […]

8.5 Postpartum, Update (Kristin)

Age:22 years old Number of children: two, age 2 years old and 8.5 months old how far postpartum:8.5 months Hey, My name is Kristin, i have posted on here 2 other times, once when i had my first child, then again after i had my second child. I decided that i would do an update […]

Update (Jill)

Original entry here. i’m now almost 6 months pp and i feel i have to update my last entry. since whining all about my unhappiness over my new mom-bod i have continued to work hard (even through the holidays!) and am happy to report my progress. i just ran my first 5k, am back into […]

Almost 2 ½ years later and still unhappy (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at the age of eighteen and gave birth by nineteen, I am now twenty one. My beautiful baby girl is two and three months old. I love my baby girl but I hate my body. I’ve always had problems with my weight, one minute I would be overweight and the next I […]

2 Weeks PP – Update (Berni)

I originally posted around 3 months after the birth of my son, again at 6 and a half months pp, and 38 weeks into this pregnancy. My daughter was born 10 days late on the 22nd December 2010. I had actually gone into hospital that day to book an elective C section, due to being […]

From Hot to Not – Update (Anonymous)

Your Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 Original entry here. I posted a few months ago when I was 11 weeks PP. My son is now 7 months (32 weeks PP). I still look the same which is incredibly depressing, I did drop from 150 to 145 but I’m kind of stuck there. […]

Learning to accept my new body and hopefully one day love! (Anonymous)

- 22 years old – 1st pregnancy – 4 weeks postpartum Firstly I would like to say that I think this website is absolutely fantastic! During and following my pregnancy, this site has made me realise that I’m not the only person struggling to come to terms with my new body and anyone who posts […]

My right to choose (Lucia)

age 19 1st pregnancy, 15 weeks along I´m pro-choice, I´ve always been, I think a woman has the right to decide when on whether to become a mother, I think a woman should have some saying over what goes on in her body and her life and that should start with having access to sexual […]

Worth it – Update (Regina)

Previous entries here and here. I have posted here several times now. This website keeps me going. Reminds me that there is nothing wrong with my body. There is something wrong with other’s expectations of me. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am 21 and I have carried 2 babies 8 days overdue each. […]

Update (Bryana)

This is my other post. The last time I posted, I was only 2 ½ months post partum. I had already lost all of my pregnancy weight, and was happy about that. Since my last post, I have continued to lose weight. I weigh less now than I did when I was 11 years old. […]

Ode To My Scar (Colleen)

I posted when I was 3 weeks postpartum about my feelings following a cesarean, and I wasn’t planning on posting again until I’d made some progress on my body, but I have had some thoughts that I would like to share (especially considering I’ve read several dissatisfied Cesarean mommy posts lately). As much as I […]

3 Months Postpartum – 2nd Pregnancy (Rachel)

Original entries here and here. Since I already have belly pics from both my first and second pregnancy on this site, these are all postpartum. As always, I welcome emails at I’d also like to give a special thanks to Bonnie for blessing us with this site. ~Age: 29 ~Number of pregnancies and births: […]

I did it! 9 Months PP Minus 60 Pounds! (Elissa)

Anonymous Age of pregnancy: 22 Age now: 24 Previous entry here. I just posted at 8 Months PP I had 5 pounds to go. Well, I made my goal 9 months pp! For all you ladies with those annoying women in your life that tell you what you need to do to lose your weight […]

Update: 3 Years, 3 Surgeries and 3 Kids Later (Val)

Original entry here. My kids are now almost 3 and the twins are 19 months old! We have moved to a new town and I struggle with continuing to lose weight. I am now at 182 lbs, but part of it has been gaining muscle! I do 30-40 mins of Tae Bo 4-5 times a […]

Update – 18months PP 38 weeks pregnant (Berni)

Age – 20 I originally posted around 3 months after the birth of my son, and again when I was 6 and a half month postpartum. Around the time of my last post I’m ashamed to admit I became very depressed about my body and started to make myself sick, thankfully I realised how stupid […]

My Dream Came True (SCS)

Age: 29 Number of pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 Childs age: 2yrs First I want to say I love this site. I just wish this site had more true plus size women. So I am posting my pics. I have always wanted children but was told I would probably have trouble getting pregnant due to an […]

Update (Sierra)

Original entries here and here. I have posted on here twice & will probably only post again once more after this, but I do love visiting this site quite often. I love seeing how many brave, wonderful, & extremely beautiful mothers are out there!! Please ladies always keep your head held high and know you […]

There is Hope, I am Proof (Jessica)

Original entries here and here. This is my 3rd post. I am currently pregnant with #2 (25 weeks) I want to show you that there is hope and I am proof. I am including some previous pictures and some current pictures of my stretchmarks, because so many people tell you “they will fade”, “give it […]

Update (Victoria)

That was my first post 6months ago. I am now 20 and 28months Postpartum. I was in such I hate my body mood when I first posted now I’m much better. The past weekend I brought my first swimmers that are full piece but with bits missing and I actually feel so confindent wearing it […]

Laproscopic surgery, 6 weeks postpartum (R.)

I am 27 years old. I had a baby girl at full term. At 6 weeks postpartum, I had laproscopic surgery to remove my gall bladder after several gallstone attacks. This is what I looked like 5 days after surgery. Updated here.

Worked hard while pregnant to stay fit, postpartum still stinks! (Jill)

after almost a year of trying to get pregnant my husband and i were thrilled to see those two lines. it was so fun to finally be on my way to becoming a mother! i was excited to buy maternity clothes and thought the weight gain and changes wouldn’t be bad. i quickly figured out […]

An Update (Dolly)

A while ago I sent this submission. I want to thank you for allowing me to share, and for all the comments. This site was just what I needed… At that time I wanted nothing more than to talk- but t was so awkward. People seem to avoid talking to me about Chelsea. I now […]

Stuck at 156 (Kayla)

Previous entries here and here. I am 11 months pp tomorrow and cant see any changes since my last update! I have been running 4-5 times a week and trying to get to the gym on a regular basis and just cant get past my weight – 156lbs. Running after a crazy 11 month old […]

8 Months PP and love my new body! (Elissa)

My story starts off with trying for 3 years to have a child with my husband and when I finally gave up I had concieved, YAY! I started my weight at 5’6″ 136 pounds. I was a 36-C and had a beautiful body… I had morning sickness until I was 7 months pregnant, EVERY SINGLE […]

Baby got bigger, I got smaller -update from previous entry (Anonymous)

Facts: 3 pregnancies, 2 children, 1 cesarean. 2 1/2 years postpartum. Age 27. Story: I first posted to The Shape of a Mother in an entry in April 2008 entitled “Never Been More Proud“. I wanted to update because I talked about in that entry how proud I was of my body for the 2 […]

Engaged, Lost and Saggy… (Autumn)

Hi My name is autumn I am 19 and a mom of a 8 month old son, I also among those of you is a teen mom, I found out I was 2 months Pregnant on my 18th birthday and Had my son a couple months shy of my 19th birthday, I am engaged to […]

Missing my darling daughter, 15.5 weeks postpartum (Jillyn)

I have been meaning to take pictures and post on here for quite a while now, but with so much going on, i just haven’t found the inner strength or time. When i was 20 weeks pregnant with our first child we had our first ultrasound and they found that i didn’t have any amniotic […]

2 Babies Later (Bryana)

When I was 17 I found out I was pregnant for the first time. My boyfriend and I were without a doubt scared beyond belief but also very excited about the new adventure we were about to take on. I found out I was pregnant April 2005. I was still in high school, but graduated […]

Don’t know what to think…… (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant in March 2007 and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter November 2008. I am now almost 10 month PP and I still don’t know what to think of my body. Some days are good and I think I look great and others I just want to cover every […]

Finally Learning to Love Me (Anonymous)

I am 20 years old and gave birth to my beautiful daughter on August 9th, 2009. I loved being pregnant but was so afraid of how I would feel about my postpartum body…in the past I have suffered from body image issues and bulimia which I was slowly recovering from when I discovered that I […]

11 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

Original entry here. 11 months postpartum 2 sons, a 5 year old and a one year old Just wanted to update after my pregnancy weight loss. It’s been close to a year since my wonderful son was born and he is just amazing. When I first posted, I was literally crying every day over my […]

Finally Brave Enough to Face an Unwanted Reality (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age: 26 Pregnancy and births: 1 Age of children: 3 years I’ve been avoiding writing this letter. I think it’s because writing it means I will have to face a reality I don’t want. For almost three years I have been telling myself “it’s got to get better – maybe just another […]

Update (Anonymous)

Hi, I’ve posted 2 or 3 times before here, my last post being in March. It’s now August and my baby will be 1 year old in just a few weeks! Here’s a link to my previous submissions: New Mommy Worried Six Weeks Postpartum Making Progress More Progress! I’ve been through a lot since my […]

Destination : Self Acceptance (Tee)

Age: 26 2 pregnancies 2 children ages 10 and 18 months I’ve posted here before under “Almost a year later“. Its now a little over a year and a half since the birth of my youngest. And I gotta say I am still striving to love the body that has become me. Despite my best […]

Coming to grips with a cesarean (Colleen)

I found this website before I ever even got pregnant, and I have checked back on an almost daily basis ever since, to read new posts. I think the concept is fantastic, and have been waiting for months until I could do my own post. Now, at three weeks postpartum, I think I’ve waited long […]

Update – 3 Months After Delivering a Baby Boy (Anonymous)

I sent an entry in April and just wanted to send a little update. Since my last entry I have been working out about 3 times a week and trying to eat healthy. My boy is growing so much and amazes me everyday! He is now 8 months old and just learned how to pull […]

Finally Confident in a Bikini….After Two Kids! (Anonymous)

This is my third submission to SOAM. My first was 2.5 years after my first son was born by Cesarean. My second was 1 month after my successful home VBAC. Now my VBAC baby is about to turn 1 year old and my journey with this body continues. I haven’t worn a bikini since before […]

What 6 Months of Weight Training Can Do! (Ashley)

You can read my full story in my 1st entry, but to sum things up: I was always pretty fit and a healthy weight but gained 60lbs during my pregnancy. Three months after giving birth I suffered from severe ankle injuries which left me pretty much unable to walk for 6 months. While I lost […]

Update (Roxy)

Previous entry here. hey ive posted my story when I was 1month pp and my selfesteem was very low because my pregnancy left me in a pretty bad shape, but Ive worked my self up. Ive been doing a lot of exercise, running, walking etc,and I have noticed that I have improved alot. My stretch […]

Breasts, Acceptance (Autumn)

My name is Autumn, I’m 21 (22 in September), and almost 4 years postpartum. I’ve posted here 3 or 4 times before, mainly with updates. This time I wanted to share my postpartum breasts (my belly is included, too!). (Previous entries here, here and here.) I’ve always been extremely insecure about my breasts, when I […]

Michaela Marks (Anonymous)

I’ve been visiting this site on and off over the past year. I happened upon it one day when I was trying to see if there was anyone else out there who was struggling with body changes, due to pregnancy, on the web. How much more perfect can you get than this site?! This site […]

16 Months Update (Anonymous)

16 Months Update Age: 27 Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of children: 1, 16 months old See my first post, from 4 weeks pp, here. And my second post, from 8 months pp, here. And now here we are, 16 months pp. Whoa. Where did that time go? I had a tiny newborn and now […]

2.5 Months PP, Second Cesarean in 2.5 Years (Shannon)

Previous posts here and here. age:22 Pregnancies:2 pregnancies and 2 births I wrote that I would eventually post some pictures of my PP body, so I am! I am now 3 months PP…the pictures are 2.5 months PP though! The part where my stomach hangs from my cesarean really bugs me…but it has gotten better! […]

Time Machines Don’t Exist, Unfortunately (Mir)

I posted a belly photo of myself in February along with my thoughts and totally forgot to go look at it again until last night. I want to post another couple of photos now, six months on showing my belly again. What has changed in six months? The most dramatic/helpful change is that I went […]

That’s Why You’re Beautiful (Traci)

Previous entry here. The first time I posted here was 2 years ago. That’s quite scary! Our little ones grow up so fast. I have been viewing this site for three or maybe more years now and I am blown away by the many women who post and say they dislike their body or that […]

I’m not so sure I hate my body anymore (Nicole)

~Your Age: 26 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Currently 15 1/2 weeks PP (photos taken at 13 weeks PP) I have struggled with my body image ever since I was a child. I remember, when I was in primary school, […]

Update Post (Kayla)

My first post was called “I wish I could love my body“. Well its been 3 months since my last post and Ive been trying to find the time to fit in workouts. When my son was 6 weeks old I ended up in hospital with gall bladder stones. I had between 20-30 attacks over […]

2nd Baby, 8 Wks Postpartum (Kristin)

Previous entry here. Hello my name is Kristin, and i am 21 years old. I got married when i was 19, and my hubby was 23 in nov.2006. We got pregnant in March 2007 n lost the baby, which was very hard. We got pregnant again by the end of April. I started out at […]

Update: 22, Surviving Newborn Twins and a 2yo (Sierra)

I recently posted on here when i was 2 weeks postpartum with twins. I am now 5 weeks postpartum and wanted to share with everyone the update. My girls are doing fabulous. They are both breast feeding like champs and since birth have each gained 2lbs!! My 2 yr old is doing so great with […]

Teen Learning to Love Her Body (Faith)

I was 14 years old and dateing this 16 year old guy. we were going out for about 2 months, and he invited me over to his house while his parents where away. i was kinda sketchy about it, but i trusted him, so i decited to go to his house. while we where in […]

New Found Respect (Skye)

25 years old First pregnancy I never knew how strong I could be until I became pregnant.. it is a journey unlike any other! I started off so nieve and unsure of myself as a woman, I slowly started to listen to my body and follow my gut instincts.. I had all these pre-conditioned beliefs […]

24 Year Old Mother of a Miracle – Update (Carolyne)

Original post here. Pictures to add of 2 months postpartum and my baby girl, Olyve, at 2 months.

10 Months Update VCC (Angelica)

My age:22 # of pregnancy: 1 months pp: 10 Hi i already posted pictures of my new figure when i was 2 months and 4 months pp and the title is VCC. I want to share this new pictures with you because this journey isn’t easy, it takes time to adjust and to accept this […]

22, Surviving a 2yr Old and Newborn Twins! (Sierra)

Age: 22 Number of pregnancies: 2, 3 children Age: 2 yrs old, and 2 week old twins (2 weeks postpartum) I had my first child, my son at age 20, he was 7lbs 11oz born vaginally and perfect in every way! i got thru the entire pregnancy no stretchmarks or anything lost all the baby […]

2 Years Postpartum and Still Can’t Come to Terms (Anonymous)

Number of Pregnancies: 2 and 1 live birth Children :1 child, almost 2 1/2 years post partum Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this website that allows me not to feel so alone and to understand that I am not the only woman struggling to cope with the changes brought after […]

My Second Entry – Still Trying to Accept Me (Angele)

Original entry here. ~Your Age: 28.. almost 29. ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: My children are almost 8 and almost 4; 3 and a half years PP. Hello to all you wonderful ladies, I have written in here before and wanted to update. […]

24 Year Old Mother of a Miracle – One Months PP (Carolyne)

My whole life I have worked out and been active in sports. I played softball in college and after graduating I continued my 5 day a week work outs. Due to a heart condition and severe high blood pressure, I was told I would never be able to have children. Because of the stress the […]

Postpartum 21 and 25 years later – 3rd post (Anonymous)

Original entries here and here. I have posted recent photos of me twice before, but now I have a beautiful drawing a friend did, from the only photo I have of me pregnant, almost 26 years ago, 2 days before my son was born. I am going to display this in my lounge – my […]

5 Weeks PP 2nd Baby (Shannon)

Original entry here. i had liam april 10 via cesarean at 11:53, 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 in. he is very healthy, although i am still so scared to lose him. it has been a very emotional month…the 1 year anniversary since connor passed was may 1st. i miss him so much, he would have […]

From Hot to Not (Anonymous)

I’m a 20 year old single mother to a beautiful baby boy and I HATE my new body. Before I got pregnant I was 5’8 138lbs and wore a size 4. I gained 55lbs while I was pregnant and I did nothing but sit and eat. All I did was eat and I regret more […]

Update (Kerry)

Original entry here. age: 18 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 1 month PP I posted about a month ago. I was expecting my child on the 9th of April… Well he came! April 7th, at 10:50pm weighing 8lbs 4oz and measured 21.5″ long! We planned a home water birth. We barely had time to make the […]

There are Lips Where my Belly Button Should Be (Nicole)

As I come towards the end of my pregnancy it surprises me that life is so fragile. I have seen my body grow from fat to another human being. However what takes my breath away is the loss of my bellybutton. It has not gone to being flat or popped out instead it sits in […]

22 year old mother of 4 under the age of 2! (Tabitha)

I got pregnant with spontaneous triplets when i was 20. I had them two months early on july 1st 2007. At 21 i got pregnant again with my last baby and it was only one! He is now two months old and growing wonderfully! He had to be 3 weeks early because of my previous […]

18 Months Postpartum, Update (Anonymous)

I submitted here when my daughter was 12 months old. I’d like to say that I’ve reached my weight loss goal over the last six months, but the truth is that the scale has barely budged a pound. I’ve been running three times a week, though, and have started to really enjoy it. I’m noticing […]

2nd Pregnancy and still loving it – 21 weeks preggo (Rachel)

Previous entry can be seen here. Here I am at 21 weeks with our second child. I would be happy to keep you guys posted on this pregnancy with progression pic submissions from this point out but I just don’t want to steal space from others. I’d like to invite all to shoot me an […]

Still Trying to Cope (Victoria)

Im 19 and im still coming to terms that my body changed. I gave birth 21months ago and I thought my body would go back to normal like when my mother gave birth to me but no that didn’t happen. I wasn’t skinny before but a normal weight for my body I just thought that […]

I Wish I Could Love My Body (Kayla)

I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. Ive never been the thinnest girl walking around, but I didn’t realize how nice my body was, until after I became pregnant. I had an easy pregnancy for the most part. I traveled a […]

No Longer Ashamed (Kerry)

I am 18 years old and due in 6 days. Before I got pregnant I had the typical, enviable teenage body. I was thin, not a stretch mark to my name, and had abs to die for. I love being pregnant and feeling my little one move inside me, I feel so blessed that I […]

Update after 3 Months of Pilates (Tamara)

Previous entries here and here. Hi! Its me again…im sure you have seen my previous posts and i promised i would keep up to date with the results of pilates and running to at least “try” and get my belly back to what it once was…anyhow the first two pics you can really see the […]

Update (K)

Previous entry here. Just wanted to give everyone an update on my progress after posting a previous story on the site I have noticed a change in my body and my confidence is beginning to grow. I will never wear a bikini again but the skin has tightened and my tummy is flatter I have […]

Successful UBA5C (Stacy)

I am updating from my previous entry here… I am ecstatic to announce the arrival of our son. He arrived vaginally, at home, 10#5oz, 22 1/2 and perfectly healthy. I have had 5 previous csections and have yet to even process the immense healing that has come and will come from this. I love this […]


I don’t have any pictures to share this time….but instead, complaints. I have posted here twice before. Once at 4 months PP here and once at 7 months PP here. By the time I was about 10 months PP I was back to normal and completely happy with my body again. Once I started working […]

He is Here! (Mary)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 22 Births: 2, vaginal deliveries Kids: 2 year old girl, 2 week old boy Hi, this is my third posting and I love this website! Since my last posting my son arrived. The birth was amazing, 10 hours, with my husband, mom, and sister present. He was 7lbs 3oz […]

I Want to See it as Beautiful (Anonymous)

Prior to pregnancy I suffered an eating disorder that led me to live with an unhealthy weight of around 105 and lower. I am 5’5. Just prior to pregnancy I had gained enough to get my period back and sure enough, here I am today. I knew that I had to gain a “normal persons […]

3 months after delivering a baby boy (Anonymous)

Hey everyone! I have been coming to this site for a long time. I started reading all the stories and looking at all the pictures probably a year before I even got pregnant. I am 24 years old and delivered a healthy baby boy on December 20th, 2008. My pregnancy and labour all went so […]

The aftermath of sexual violence + the beginning of healing (Anonymous)

As a young teen, just as my body – to my great excitement – was starting to change, I was gang raped. The excitement of becoming a woman was taken away from me and the relationship I had with my body turned from love to pure hatred. They say that the body is a temple […]

Update (Iraiosc)

Original entry here. Hi again, of course i still reading all post of all valiant woman who has new bodies like me. All you made me stronger and leave my depression. Actually i feel so pretty dressed because i lost more or less all volume. My son will celebrate 1 year the 2nd april!! Of […]

More Changes (Sarah)

Since I submitted my story and pictures all that time ago I have been pregnant another two times. The first of those was stillborn in the middle trimester and recovering some sense of my body not being broken is very hard! I’m now pregnant again (my 6th pregnancy) and not far off due. So much […]

The Best Site Ever! (Kym)

Previous entries here and here. This Is going to be the third time posting on The shape of a mother. My name is Kym and I am mother to a beautiful 21 month old baby girl! I started my journey into motherhood, a very insecure 18 year old teen. I have been insecure since i […]

What my body can do! (Anonymous)

I am 3 months pp with baby number 3, and I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE pregnancy and birth, and feel so empowered to have accomplished 3 wonderful natural births, the last two at home in my bedroom. I have some deep stretch marks on my belly, but they are sacred and special to me, […]

More Progress!

Here’s another of my previous entries. It’s been quite a long time since I posted on here, I’ve been working very hard, working out almost every day and eating right. It’s been a slow process but I am now 5 1/2 months postpartum and the difference from my first few entries is VERY noticeable! I’m […]

Update at 7 Months PP (Jessica)

I’m writing to update my previous post at a few weeks postpartum back in August/September 2008. I am now 7 months postpartum and (very) slowly coming to terms with my “new” body. The lines are fading in color, but the texture, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to! My husband assures me that I […]

I’ve got “Twin Skin” and I’m Proud of it! (Kasondra)

Previous entry here. I posted back in July when I was blessed with the exciting news that I would be having twins. I had been bleeding and had to go in for an emergency ultrasound. We found out at that time that we were gonna be in for a wild ride. Surprisingly I only gained […]

Missing my baby boy, and expecting my second (Shannon)

Before I ever had children I was 5’2″ and 105-110 lbs. I got pregnant with my first (Connor) when I was 19. I got stretchmarks everywhere possible! We had no idea that Connor was going to be born with any issues. He was born emergency c-section at 37 weeks. Right when he came out the […]

Mum to 3 boys and 1 girl (Anonymous)

Original entry here. I had my little girl 7 weeks ago today. She was born 1 day after her due date. I let the Dr. induce me after he said “she’s going to be big, over 8lbs” so he broke my water and put me on a pit drip and after 4hrs of labor our […]

Almost There (Mary)

Original entry here. I am so excited to finally meet my second baby in a few weeks, I just cant stand it! I have my first submission on here and I know its only been a few weeks but I have new pictures! Over the last few months I have been measuring small so my […]

10 Weeks Postpartum (Anonymous)

I posted here at 8 weeks postpardum and added post baby pics, but the only pic that was added was my pregnant one.So heres my post baby body after gaining 65 lbs, and losing 20….Still at 195 and now 11 weeks postpardum. My goal is to get down to 150, my pre-pregnancy weight. This new […]

3 Years, 3 Surgeries, and 3 Kids Later (Anonymous)

When I met my husband I was a 117lb senior in highschool. We got married December after we graduated (I was 18). 4 months into our marriage I found out I was pregnant. My first pregnancy was text book until I hit 37 weeks and Toxemia set in and I ballooned. I was 135lbs when […]

Trying to Accept My Body Really Hard (Roxy)

will i ever look better??? thats all I keep asking myself im 21yrs old and i had my first baby girl on Nov 16 2008. I got married at 18 and we decide to try having a baby in 08 and in March I finally saw the two pink lines we were soooo exited I […]

PS – Postpartum 21 & 25 Years Later (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. The wonderful comments from all the young mums have really boosted me. I felt good about my body after my babies were born. But hit my later years and now I hate what I see nude in the mirror. I don’t have stretch marks, nor cellulite, so I am lucky, but all […]

Update 14 Months PP (Tamara)

Ok, so i am posted on here way back in august i believe under 19 and insecure (tamara) anyhow..after the new year i finally said my resolution would be to get on a healthy diet and fitness program…my problem was mainly a lot of loose skin on my tummy….as for stretch marks well they cover […]

Happy With My Body (Autumn)

I’ve posted here twice before, first post is here. It’s been 3 years and some months since I had my son, I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m somewhere between 155-160 lbs, I ended my pregnancy at 241 lbs. After he was born, I definitely had issues with my body, that over the years have diminished […]

Where is the time machine? (Anonymous)

I’m 26-years-old. My son was born about two weeks before my 25th birthday. My pregnancy was not planned and I spent the entire pregnancy trying to come to grips with being a mother (which I haven’t quite done yet). My birth was a 43-hour-long, unmedicated journey aided by my mother and husband and a hospital […]

Working With What I’ve Got (Anonymous)

okay, i’m a 3rd time participant here on SOAM. here is my last submission i don’t know about you, but i am tired of hearing about how some moms don’t jiggle when they run down the street, “motivational” exercise tips & being told that i’m a failure if i don’t make time to work out […]

First Pregnancy 8 Weeks Postpartum (Anonymous)

I am 22 years old, and This pregnancy was unplanned and very unexpected. Me and my now husband were together for about 6 months, when I found out that I was pregnant even after using the morning after pill, when the condom broke. At the time I did not feel ready to become a mother, […]

Life Changes, Get Used to it! (Mary)

… I tell myself that everyday! I met my husband while we were overseas in the Army in 2005, we were married in April 2006, and 9 months and 10 days later we had our daughter, she is amazing! We are going to be welcoming our son in March and cant wait! I love being […]

Postpartum – 21 and 25 Years Later (Anonymous)

My babies are now 21 and 25, weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs and 8lb 3ozs. I so wish we had professional nude photos done then, but we would never have thought of it. Pregnancy is such a beautiful state that it should be recorded. I have one nude profile photo of me 2 days before […]

What 6 Months of Breastfeeding Can Do! (Anonymous)

After gaining 60lbs during my pregnancy and crossing a very scary number (I got to 204lbs) I gave birth (via unplanned Cesarean :() to a healthy 8lb 12oz baby girl! Despite c-section I planned on getting back into shape right away, as a former college ice hockey player I had been in pretty good shape […]

Almost a Year Later (Tee)

Almost a year later after baby no. 2 and I still have yet to lose another 12 lbs before I am back to my old self. Motherhood can really take a toll on some peoples bodies, like myself and some escape with the faintest trace that they ever even carried a baby in their bellies. […]

11 Months Postpartum, After 5 Kids! (Anonymous)

i have post here before i just want to share my 11 months pospartum pict i dont like my body and my huge thighs!

In Love With Myself (Anonymous)

I posted here nine months ago thinking that I would return loathing my post pregnancy body. Superficially thinking that “recovering” from my pregnancy would be important. On April 30th ten days late I birthed a 7lb .5oz baby girl gently into my own arms. Not only was I blessed with a healthy child but I […]

Surrogate Belly – After Two of My Own (Anonymous)

My first contribution was taken six months ago, before the latest preggo belly. This is me at 32 weeks and counting. I don’t look like a hollywood preggo, and I didn’t edit anything out. This is real, this is me, and it is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

7 months pp. A crazy new life. (Anonymous)

I was surprised to find that my story was a lot more common than I thought. I first found out I was pregnant as a senior in high school. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) reacted differently than most young men would have in his situation. He told me that whatever I chose to […]

3 Years Later and Still This?? (Angele)

Hi everyone, I am 28 years old. I had my first daughter when I was 20. I was 130lbs pre-baby and I gained 38 lbs in 38 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy. I lost most of that weight and was back into a size 7. I became pregnant with my second daughter at the […]

Appendix Removal During Pregnancy (Fiona)

Im sending this to you, because when i went through it i had very little resources on the web to draw on, and at the time i found it quite emotionally taxing and hard, and felt quite alone… When i was 26 weeks pregnant i had some upper right quadrant abdominal pain, and i thought […]

First Baby VCC 4 Months Postpartum (Angelica)

hi! this is me after 4 months of having my beautiful baby i already posted pictures of me when i was 1 month pp do you think that i look better now or the same?? i really appreciate your comments!! thanks!!! Updated here.

Update (Berni)

Original entry here. My son is now 6 and a half months old and feel worse the ever about my body. I love my son so much and feel so guilty for hating my body as it carried him for for 40+11 weeks. My body created a beautiful 10 lb 10oz baby boy but I […]

Update! 8 Months Post-Partum (Anonymous)

View my original entry here. When my son was born 5 weeks early, with severe IUGR and weighing only 3lbs, I was angry. It was all my body’s fault. I learned not long after submitting my original entry that my heart was struggling with the pregnancy and I had developed pregnancy induced hypertension. My placenta […]

Making Progress (Anonymous)

Here’s my previous entry with a link to my previous previous entry, ha ha! Slowly, VERY slowly I’m noticing changes in myself. My stretch marks are finally fading and my belly is actually lifting as terrified as I was that it wouldn’t. I’ve been working out and trying to eat as healthy as possible. So […]

Fraternal Twins (Anonymous)

At 8w 3d I found out I was having twins. Something no one can ever be prepared for. Two of everything! Two cribs, two bikes, two high chairs, two carseats, two hugs, two kisses, twice the work, twice the fun! I had my fraternal twin boys at 37 weeks via c-section and they’ve been the […]

Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. I thought I’d leave a update… My baby is now 16 months, and my princess is 3. I’m still struggling with my body image, but I did that before I got pregnant the first time… I think this is a fantastic site. I feel beautiful, stronge, and at home here. thanx.

2 Beautiful Boys and an “Apron” (Anonymous)

I was always skinny. 111 pounds before the birth of my first son, and proceeded to gain 55 pounds. I ended up with stretch marks from literally my breasts to a few inches past my knees. After I lost the weight, my breasts were just loose skin, nothing else. My stomach looked pretty wrinkly, but […]

2 Baby Girls by 20 (Regina)

Previous entry here. My name is Regina. I became pregnant with my first daughter when I was 16 years old. I planned on giving her up for adoption for the first 5 months of the pregnancy but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Her father and I were married when I […]

I Am Beautiful (Anonymous)

These photos were taken a couple of weeks before my daughter turned two. Actually, as I write this, she will be two years old in less than 24 hours. She is a total blessing, so bright and inquisitive. And I see that being a mother to a little girl who will someday be a woman […]

Learning to Love My Body After 5 C-Sections, Pregnant With #6 – Hopeful VBAC (Stacy)

With my first daughter, conceived at 17, I was not fuller aware of the changes that would take place. I was young, ignorant to nutrition and was raised with horrible eating and activity habits. I gained almost 80 pounds and ended my long labor in a csection. My first daughter is an absolute joy, and […]

My Body 8 Months PP, Second Child (K)

I have always been a healthy weight but still had to watch what I ate.I was pretty naive and assumed that my body would go back to normal straight after birth. I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my son (my first pregnancy)and the weight just piled on. I […]

6 weeks postpartum (Anonymous)

I posted an entry about a month ago right after my C-Section and I was terrified that my belly was just going to be a saggy mess forever but it really has improved. Not by much but here is the progress. Updated here.

Update (Anonymous)

I am 140 lbs! yay I went from over 200 all the way down to 118..and i sagged..and didn’t liek it.. and now I’m finally fitting where my body should be not even worrying about scails or I LUV some curve….I would take more .. So I’ve gained 20 lbs by eating lots healthy..eating […]

Twins – The Aftermath – Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Hi, I wrote my thoughts and feeling back in May 2008 in my original posting “Twins- The Aftermath”. Almost 6 months later, I have tried to loose weight. I Finally compared the pictures and I can see a difference in which makes me PROUD! i have never been proud of my weightloss. […]

Mum to 3 boys and a girl on the way (Anonymous)

I’ve been a mum since I was 19. I’m only 5’4″ and I’ve never been thin, always struggled with my weight and body image. With my 1st pregnancy I gained over 45lbs. 19 months later I had my 2nd son at home after gaining over 55lbs. I went from a size 10 before babies to […]

When he smiles (Anonymous)

I want to lie and say that I am comfortable with my body. I want to say that I don’t give it a second thought. The truth though… The truth is that I think about it often. I can be honest and say I think about it less now than I ever have. This website […]

12 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

Well, my daughter is going to be a year next week, so this feels like a good time to celebrate what an amazing year of changes it has been. It’s been the most profound year of my life, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Having said that, it hasn’t been an […]

New mommy worried about her new body (Anonymous)

I’m a new Mommy, I gave birth by cesarean section a little over a week ago and up until now my biggest worry was if my stretch marks would fade but now I’m noticing that my skin is VERY saggy. I am only 20 years old and my tummy looks just as awful as my […]

All you can be happy with your bellies! (iraiosc)

6 months ago i had a baby 4’360kg… cessarean of course… before he arrive i have a normal and thin body… with nice skin… the pregnancy was great, all people said that i have a nice and rounded belly… then tima passed and my son don’t wanted get out… he grow and grow… till arrive […]

One Month Postpartum with Number Two (Anonymous)

My previous entry is here.

Emotional Teen Mom Part 2 (Erin)

Original entry here. Well since my last post a lot of things have changed *except my stretch marks.They don’t bother me as bad I don’t really care to be in a bikini and being a size 4 instead of 2 doesn’t bother me that bad either. I have a new meaning in life. I have […]

eighteen months postpartum with baby #2 and 100 pounds lighter (Anonymous)

My entire life I have hated my body. And because of that hatred, I had no desire to take care of myself. I gained weight, lots of weight, and teetered on the edge of 300lbs. Then in my quest to become a surrogate mother, I started reading about beautiful women who hate their bodies because […]

Update: 11 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

hi all i posted before here. just thought i would do you an update. I’m still breastfeeding, im still padded and probably will continue to be until i stop breastfeeding. I am however at peace with myself.I will get back to be being in shape again, but until then i have a wonderful husband that […]

16 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

This is my body now…16 months after my beautiful child was born. I weight 211 at the time of her delivery and was 170 by 1 months post partum. At 6 months post partum I was still at 170lbs. At that time I decided enough was enough. It took me several months but now Im […]

My Body Before and After HBAC (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I had my first child via C-section after a long traumatic labor when I was 21. I was told that my pelvis was misshapen, very small, and that I wouldn’t be able to birth a baby bigger than 6 lbs. Four years later, I birthed my second child into my own hands […]

19 and insecure (Tamara)

my name is tamara….im 19 years old. i have a nine month old son…he is beyond the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me….seeing how i have no family…hes def the only guarantee in my life and hes my world….through all this before i had him i prlly had a playboy body lol […]

3 Months After 10lb 10oz Baby (Berni)

I’m 18,I live in London England with boyfriend of 2.5 years. I recently had my first baby, a boy I named Caden. I had a traumatic labour, I had an emergeny c section, after my baby became distressed. He had opened his bowels whilst still in the womb and swallowed the poo. He didn’t breath […]

Twins (Kasondra)

Original entry here. i first found this site right after i gave birth to my son 2 years ago. i of course was a little skeptical about putting photos of my once toned now scarred body on the internet for the world to see. after looking at the site more and seeing the confidence it […]

2 Babies, 23 Months Apart (Anonymous)

I’m 28.. I have two daughters who are my life. One is just about to turn 3, and my baby just turned one. I gained and lost 30 lbs with my first, and 40 with my second.. I was thrilled when I found your site, it shows pictures of real women.. It makes me realize […]

2 Months PP (May)

Hi everyone, I had posted here before and I just thought I would update. I got a lot of comments on my first post saying to not worry so much about my weight and I definitely took that into consideration. I think stressing about things make them worse often times. I am now two months […]

Calm Acceptance, Compassionate Understanding and Unconditional Love (Natasha)

Initially after giving birth to our precious daughter, I was so overjoyed, that my body was not even a consideration for days – I simply didn’t care what I looked like. However after a few weeks I started to feel like me again; my tunnel vision widened so that Anna stopped being the one and […]

Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Adjusting to a new body is tough. Being able to look in the mirror every day and actually LIKE what you see is tough. But making, growing, and giving birth to another human being… your CHILD… is incredible. Since my last entry, I haven’t lost any more weight. I seem to have […]

emotional teen mom (Erin)

My name is Erin im 17 years old and have a beautiful baby girl jade star she is four months old i have had many problems though out my life to start growing up my parents were drug addicts they arent anymore but it was a hard time in my life my grandma passed away […]

24 weeks pregnant with second baby (Anonymous)

I am 24 years old and I am already a mother of a 2 year old boy. This is my second pregnancy. These pictures are from week 24 of my second pregnancy. I am a pretty small girl. I became huge with my first but I gained an average weight of 30 lbs. I was […]

Twins – the Aftermath (Anonymous)

A bit over 11 months ago I had my twins! I got pregnant the first time I tried. I had a b/g twins on May 17, 2007. Almost a year later and still trying to loose the weight. My body deformed. I am only 24. Young and didn’t know my body will turn this ugly. […]

4 weeks pp – angry at my body (Anonymous)

Four weeks ago I delivered my son prematurely by c-section. The fear, stress, and worry were undescribable. Jack was born at 35 weeks weighing only 3lbs. He spent 17 days in the NICU and had surgery to repair bilateral inguinal hernias, then came home with us. I am furious with my body for causing problems […]

4 days pp (May)

I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and turned 20 before I had him. I am engaged to the most amazing person I’ve ever known, and although the pregnancy was unplanned he was thrilled with the news; because after five years of trying to win my heart, he not only finally had […]

1st Pregnancy and I loved it (Rachel)

I am a long time visitor but have yet to get the guts up to contribute. First let me say I loved being pregnant and I can’t stop bothering my husband about getting started with the second. While I am generally happy about my body post partum, I do complain about random stretch marks on […]

Tiny Dancer (Anonymous)

I spent years learning to dance and perform. Ballet, jazz and modern dance as a child and as I got older training alongside some of the best known circus performance artists at a specialized gym. I always wanted to be a model but at barely 5’1 I found work but not in the fashion industry. […]

Never been more proud (Anonymous)

I have always had self-esteem issues. But now after having had two babies, ironically I am more proud of my body now than I have ever been. Not because of the way it looks on the outside (my babies definitely left their mark!) but because it has nurtured and given life to my two beautiful […]

My Everything (Kristin)

Hello, my name is Kristin and i am 20 years old. I got mrried to my husband at 19, he is 24. We got pregnant a few months after getting married , we were soo happy but i lost our first baby at 8 weeks. It was the hardest thing ever. We got pregnant again […]

My Love, My Life, My Inspiration (Tsi K.)

I have posted previously (here), but did not have the courage to show my face, lol!I decided to go ahead and take the plunge today, after witnessing so many other women doing the same. Childbirth, and indeed motherhood are such beautiful and overwhelming miracles, and oftentimes, I find myself gazing at my little girl and […]

Our Rainbow Baby is Coming! (Danielle)

I’ve participated in the Shape of a Mother twice.I just wanted to share my joy of anticipating another baby to grow and nurture. My previous submissions were here and here. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. Owen is scheduled to arrive March 3, 2008. We are very excited and anxious for his […]

16 months later and still not happy with my body (Kasondra)

christmas 2005 i gave my husband news that would change both of our lives forever. we were going to have a baby. ever since i can remember i have wanted to be a mother and couldnt have been more excited to know that i finally would be. since i gain weight easily in my belly […]

The Changing Shape of a Mother (Sarah)

These pictures chart some of my journey – the physical side of it at least. I was pregnant at 19 and this first picture is me looking very young! I had hyperemesis through my entire pregnancy and didn’t gain any weight until afterwards, but by that picture (36 weeks) I was only *feeling* sick. The […]

9 weeks post partum shape (Anonymous)

Im 27 and i have two wonderful sons, one six years, the newest 9 weeks.I decided to post my pictures, dispite crying at how horrendous i look.I honestly hate the way i husband tells me he finds me sexy and loves me, but how he can find that sexy is beyond me.I have always […]

3 1/2 months post partum (Anon.)

Updated here.

Loving my body again! (Traci)

I fell pregnant at the age of 19 which, in the UK, isn’t very young! I was very tiny in my pregnancy until the last two months I just BALLOONED! I looked like a beached whale. My whole body was swollen, my feet grew and extra size and my hands are still puffy now, 15 […]

This is me before and after my baby (Anonymous)

Hey everybody. I would like to say that i love this site, i go on it atleast once a day. I got pregnant at the age of 18 and delivered my 8 pound and 2 oz baby boy Dec 17 2006. Before i got pregnant i weighed 105 and i gained 35 pounds during my […]

Learning to love my body (Kym)

i just had my first child at 18 a month ago and I’m still trying to accept my body. My stomach looks like a tiger attacked it with its claws out. My fiance tells me I’m sexy and he’s still very turned on by me but i just look in the mirror and feel disgusting. […]

18 Months post, not even close to pre-pregnancy (Regina)

I became pregnant with my daughter a month before my 17th birthday. I had always struggled with my weight and when i was 15 completely starved myself for 3 months. i love 50 pounds. and kept it all off. I was a size 9-11 and weighed 158 pounds when i got pregnant. By the time […]

Post-partum belly after 16 months (Tsi K.)

I haven’t seen too many African-American women post on this site so I decided to add my own voice. I have struggled with my fair share of eating disorders and body image issues, but now that I have a young daughter, I am acutely aware of how I view myself, and of the messages I […]

10 Years Later (Anonymous)

I gave birth to my first and only child ten years ago- a son named Zachary. He’s awesome. He plays the violin and pokemon and likes Science, but hates hurricanes and tornados, and plays music really loud and runs around the house to it. I love him more than sunshine, moonlight, good coffee, snow days, […]

stretchmarked legs (Autumn)

i posted here in july of last year, here’s the link to that post: the first picture is of the stretchmarks i got on the back of my legs during my pregnancy. i had a hard time getting photos of them(cause of my posistion haha) but i did get one shot. both of my […]

Stillborn after 2 healthy children… (Danielle)

I had previously participated on Shape of a Mother in July of 2006. Please see the link here. I really needed to share my recent pregnancy loss. After posting those pictures on SOAM, my husband and I found out in August that we were expecting again! We were so excited to be expanding our family. […]

3rd baby-stillborn 40 weeks (Anonymous)

Our beautiful baby girl was sill born Jan.26, 2007. We had no idea that she would not be coming home with us that day. We were scheduled for a c-section (my 2nd one) she was breech just like her brother before her. My 1st baby was textbook and a vaginal delivery. She was moving around […]

My mommy body (Anonymous)

Here I am 4months pp. I love this site. I actually stripped myself & my son down & ran into the bedroom to take pics to add. I didn’t gain a pound until 6months. Then I gained 40. I had too much fluid around my son, adding to my stretched belly & a very short […]

Baby #3, Post #3 (Babs)

First Entry Second Entry The last submissions I put in were about not having any stretch marks, and a c-section recovery but baby #3 came 3 weeks overdue (and by UBAC) and weighed over 9lbs; he left his footprints when I reached about 40weeks and my fundal height crept past 43cm (it went to over […]

I, Mother (Anonymous)

My son came to us after years of suspecting I may be unble to conceive. I had tried to conceive before, always to my disapointment when my period came, month after month. It was sad, but I came to accept my infertility. I figured if I wasn’t meant to bear children, then why tamper with […]


This is my body 2.5 years after I gave birth to my first (and so far only) child. Although pregnancy was kind to me and I lost all my “baby weight” shortly after giving birth, nevertheless, my body is not the same. Breasts that were once perky and full are now limp and floppy from […]


This site is an incredible inspiration! I love checking here every day, and seeing other women’s stories, and I thought that I’d share mine. My husband and I were married in September of 2002. We decided to start trying for a baby in January of 2003, and in June, I got my BFP. I was […]


13 weeks approx. (pregnesia kicking in, can’t remember poop) YAY round. Thanks, Red, for sharing an update! (Her original entry can be found here.)


Firstly I want to say thank you for this web site. I feel less alone and perhaps I am finding a newfound appreciation for my body. This is a long story. In 2002 I got married. I had a fairy-tale wedding. It was everything I dreamed of and more. One month after my wedding I […]


Hi, my name is Autumn. I’m almost 19 years old, I had my son a week after I turned 18. During my pregnancy I ended up getting preeclampsia, which resulted in me gaining excessive weight. I started my pregnancy at 164lbs and ended it at 241lbs. Most of this weight was gained at the end […]

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