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Uba5c Birth Story (Talana)

Hi you all. Here is my birth story… I want you to understand how I got to the decision of homebirth and the feelings I had prior to it. I might bore some of you so please be warned that it’s a long story. Also, if there’s any spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar then I […]

If I Love My Daughter, I Have to Love Myself (Hope)

My name is Hope, I’m 24 years old and I had my first child this July. I had a truly empowering and beautiful natural childbirth at a birth center, and my baby is absolutely gorgeous! For the first couple months after having her, I was very unhappy with my body. I thought that is was […]

What Pregnancy Has Done (Nicole)

Age: 22 Children: 1 Child, 7 months old Like most young ladies, I struggled with body image. It was the most severe when I was in middle school and my doctor made a comment about my weight being high. I was only 124 pounds, which was a healthy weight for my height. I ripped myself […]

Breastfeeding (Susi)

Number of pregnancies – 2 Number of children – 2 I am a mother. I have two beautiful kids, a 5-year-old boy and a 2 ½ -year-old girl. They are awesome—they make me laugh, cry, smile, get angry, and love more than I’ve ever imagined. When I was growing up, I always had irregular periods. […]

My Story (Korin)

Hi, My name is Korin. Im 24 years old. Mother of 3. I used to be tiny, athletic, and very in tuned with my weight before I had children. Before I got pregnant with my Birthdaughter, I was 5’5″, 130lbs, very muscular as I was in dance all through High School. I was 16 when […]

I Like Myself (Rosie)

I see a ton of ladies hating on their post-baby bodies, and some very genetically blessed ladies who are rockin’ it. I’m right here in the middle. I gained some weight, and I lost it. I started my pregnancy around 170 lbs. I struggled with hyperemesis in my first trimester and dropped to 145 lbs. […]

The Perfect Food, Not Quite the Perfect Packaging (Anonymous)

Age: 30 # of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 2 births Ages of children: 3 and 9 months When my first daughter was born she showed a clear preference for my right breast to nurse from. When she began biting ‘lefty’ terribly to the point of bleeding I decided to nurse her exclusively from my […]

My Story (Erin)

I am a 23 year old mother to 5 month old Claire. My journey began with the heartaching realization that at this young age, I have fertility problems. Fighting not only with doctors who would help diagnose and treat a young woman with PCOS (polycystic ovaries) but also fighting with myself, with my body- for […]

I Still Can’t Believe It (Lucia)

20 yrs old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 8 weeks pp My story is short, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend noticed before I did. I had a rather easy pregnancy, no nausea but lots of heartburn, I started swelling after week 31 and for some reason I had a […]

Bliss: 4 Children in 4 Years (Ami)

Age: 28 Pregnancies: 4 Births: 4 Kids: 7, 6, 5, 3 My husband and I were in the military when we met on a hot summer day during a training exercise and we were both filthy, exhausted, sunburned and peeling; it was love at first sight. I was 19, not quite 20, when I went […]

My Body Take 3 (Emma)

I don’t think I have much to say, I am 22 years old and have three gorgeous sons, Jacob age 5 years, Benjamin age 3 years and Arthur who is 8 days old Here I am with the youngest at 8 days post-partum. I felt incredibly empowered and attractive when I took these photos, and […]

Mom to 10 month old twins (Ariel)

I have been engaged to my fiance for 2 years when we moved out of the dorms and into our first apartment together, less than a month later I was pregnant, about a month later I found out ‘it’ was ‘them.’ I found out I was pregnant with twins at an abortion clinic. I wanted […]

Finally feel like a woman! (Erin)

I always felt like I wasn’t very feminine looking – my breasts were small, my body thin… I didn’t feel like a woman at all – until I had my children (2 daughters, now aged 3 and 16 months)… I actually wound up thinner, and with smaller breasts than before children, but I have now […]

The Doctor Said I Need a Breast Lift, WHY? (Anonymous)

Age: 27 Pregnancies: 3 Five months PP I consulted a cosmetic surgeon about having cosmetic surgery. I wanted breast implants to plump them back up a bit as they are a bit smaller than they were before baby number three, but was told that I needed a breast lift too. I don’t mind about implant […]

Lopsided Breasts and Hernia (Jay-Jay)

In the first pictures I was 31 years old and 10 months postpartum. My breasts are anyways uneven but they looked particularly funny after a one-sided breastfeeding. You can see my deformed bellybutton in the background. I didn’t know what the large lump under the skin an inch above my bellybutton was, but thanks to […]

Successful UBA5C (Stacy)

I am updating from my previous entry here… I am ecstatic to announce the arrival of our son. He arrived vaginally, at home, 10#5oz, 22 1/2 and perfectly healthy. I have had 5 previous csections and have yet to even process the immense healing that has come and will come from this. I love this […]


I and 24 and have had three children in the past 5 years. I fought with anorexia (although I was never diagnosed) when I was 17 and 18 before I got pregnant with my first child. I have always had a negative body image. I almost feel like if I’m not thin, people won’t appreciate […]

More Changes (Sarah)

Since I submitted my story and pictures all that time ago I have been pregnant another two times. The first of those was stillborn in the middle trimester and recovering some sense of my body not being broken is very hard! I’m now pregnant again (my 6th pregnancy) and not far off due. So much […]


There has recently been some discussion here on this site about breastfeeding beyond toddlerhood. I decided to go ahead and make it an entry of its own so that it does not overtake the actual submission. I want to be clear here that this post is merely to ask and answer questions about the subject […]

Mum to 3 boys and 1 girl (Anonymous)

Original entry here. I had my little girl 7 weeks ago today. She was born 1 day after her due date. I let the Dr. induce me after he said “she’s going to be big, over 8lbs” so he broke my water and put me on a pit drip and after 4hrs of labor our […]

Postpartum Beauty (Anonymous)

From the time I was 13 years old, and experienced my first stretch mark on my suddenly grown breasts, I have been ashamed of my body. I was a chubby teenager who would hide my body under large sweatshirts and jeans even in the dead of summer so that no one could see my rolls […]

11 Months Postpartum and Very Happy With My Body (Anonymous)

I had my first baby, a little girl, at 21 years old. I had a really great pregnancy, I gained about 35 pounds and didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly, I have a few now on my boobs, but they are white and don’t bother me very much. I loved being pregnant and […]

My Story (Anonymous)

I admit that I am at constant odds with my body. I have yet to learn to accept that body may always look this way. I was 150 when I became pregnant with my now 2 year old son. I had a very difficult pregnancy and ended up on bedrest for the last four months […]

What I was made to do: Create (Katie)

I have posted here before, but I have to admit I’m not nearly as confident as I was then. I’m trying to work on that, I’m ashamed to be ashamed. Since my son weaned from breastfeeding, my relationship with my body changed. My body feels alien to me, I have ignored it’s shape and feel […]

teen mom and wife (Anonymous)

Hello so somehow I discovered this site, Im not sure how but ive known of it for a few months now. I finally got the guts to post some pics of myself as I see women that look just like me. It isnt like im alone out there anymore after looking around on here. I […]

Two months postpartum, if I ignore it, will it go away? (Anonymous)

A friend referred me to this site when I told her, in shock, that I couldn’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothing. I guess I had assumed, having always been a rather thin girl, a model and a dancer, that I would somehow magically bounce back into pre-preggo shape right after birth, like the […]

Angelina Jolie

I have seen this stunningly peaceful photograph of Angelina all over the net recently, but had not gotten around to reading the article until a reader prompted me. I found this beautiful quote within, ‘I’m with a man who’s evolved enough to look at my body and see it as more beautiful, because of the […]

25 After 2 Kids (Anonymous)

I love this website. I felt like I was the only person in the world that had stretch marks! Seems like all my friends and family lucked out with pregnancy. I have stretch marks from the tops of my breasts all the way down to the backs of my knees. I’ve never been too self […]

007, A New Blog

The wonderful Maria who runs the 007 Breasts website has started a blog all about breasts: breastfeeding, shapes and sizes of breasts, surgery and anything else that women should be aware of. I’m adding it to my blogroll right now!

Two Kids Later (Anonymous)

When I came across this site, I couldn’t wait to share some photos of my post-baby-tummy! I ran straight to the bathroom at work and took a couple….the first 2, are what my tummy looks like now….My oldest is 3 1/2, and my youngest baby is 9 months old.


I had my baby before I could legally drive a car. Now, as a senior in high school, I’m supposed to be worrying about Homecoming and dates, but none of that is even close to as important to me as my daughter is. Before I found this site, the only references to post-baby bodies I […]

Body Image, Bulimia, and a Beautiful Baby Boy (Katie)

I struggled with my weight all my life. I struggled with a viscous eating disorder that ruled my every moment, and nearly killed me. I was 106 pounds, and had no menstrual cycle to speak of, fainting spells, seizures, ulcers, and heart problems. Eventually I got more confident, thanks to my (now) husband, and started […]

Perfection (Caurie)

Becoming a mother saved my life. Before I became pregnant with my first son my focus in life was my body. I had anorexia and exercise bulimia for years. In the pursuit of a “perfect” body my body was like an old woman’s. I had osteopenia, the enamel on my teeth was eroded, my heart […]


this is one of my proudest moments!


I’ve been meaning to submit to Shape of A Mother – what a fantastic project! I’ve done some writing about body image for mothers through my work as a henna artist and several people have recommended this project to me. I would be honored to participate. Three children – pregnant from April 2003 to June […]


My son is a miracle, and my body is a mess. It was so hard to see such a beautiful little creature nursing while resting on my “pillow” of a tummy. I was always thin and fit, but was put on restriction at 23 weeks pregnant. I had a hard pregnancy and my son was […]

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