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2 pregnancies 2 c-sections 3 kids 2 1/2 yr old girl 4 1/2 month B/G twins My age: 30 I am 30 years old. I had my first daughter at age 27. She was 8 1/2 lbs, born by c-section due to my hips being narrow and the risk of her getting stuck. I chose [...]

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Bulimic and Breastfeeding (Linda)

First off I want to say that I am overjoyed that I found this website, it has already helped me to start the healing process. Secondly, please forgive me as I have a lot to say and this post may be all over the place, hopefully at the end I can tie it all together. [...]

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My Body After Twins (Anonymous)

Everyone told me when I was pregnant that I would never be able to wear a bikini again because being pregnant with twins destroys your stomach. I want to tell you that that is not always the case. People also said that if your mom has stretch marks you will too. My Mom has stretch [...]

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This was my first pregnancy and I was 19. I had complication after complication. First I ended up in the hospital at 8 weeks because they thought I was miscarrying, only to find out I had been blessed with not one baby, but two! Now before 19, I was a runner and in shape. I [...]

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My Amazing Weird Body (Anonymous)

Hi! Your website is so wonderful- thank you for encouraging moms to appreciate and accept the bodies God gave them and their amazing ability to give birth to His precious children! I am the proud mommy to four beautiful boys! I’m posting today becasue I’ve not yet seen anyone on the site that has my [...]

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Momma of Twin Girls (Danica)

First off I’d like to state that the first picture posted is of me at 37 weeks & 2 days pregnant… it is also the day right before I gave birth to my twins so it gives you a nice glimpse as to how large my belly was. The second picture is of myself 7 [...]

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My Twin Skin (Anonymous)

I’m trying to come to terms with my twin skin. Before I got pregnant I was a little over my prefered weight at about 125 lbs. I gained almost 70 lbs during the pregancy, but most of it was swelling and of course two babies weight a lot too. After my boys were born I [...]

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Twice Blessed (mommy2twincesses)

After suffering the heart breaking loss of a miscarriage, my husband and I were beyond elated to find that shortly after we were expecting twins. From that amazing discovery at just 7 weeks, I slathered myself religiously with any and every tummy/stretch mark cream I could get my hands on. By the time I was [...]

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Really Very Bad Timing (Ann)

1 pregnancy, 2 children 14 months postpartum, twins My twin boys were perfect timing. Our fertility doctor had just finished telling us we would never conceive naturally. I had just told him that through the grace of God I believed that we would. 3 weeks later some routine tests came back to tell me I [...]

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Age: 35 6 pregnancies that included 5 live births, including full term twins. Would be 15.5 yrs old (Passed away sadly), 14 year old, 5 year old, and ten month old twin girls. 10 months postpartum In the pregnancy pic I’m almost 33 wks with twins. (I grew MUCH MORE by 37 wks. when I [...]

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