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My Body and the Lies (Anonymous)

number of pregnancies and births: 1 (boy) age:18 7 months post partum I gave birth to a handsome and precious baby boy. He was 7 lbs and 9 oz. Right now he is 7 months old and i now know how it feels to have my heart living outside of my body. Im with him [...]

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Welcoming Our Twins (Anonymous)

Age: 34 Pregnancies/births: 1/2 Age of children: 8 months I found out I was carrying twins when I had a scan at 6 weeks because of some pain and bleeding. Turns out it was my uterus stretching quickly because there were two of them in there! Even at that early stage they located two heartbeats, [...]

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Two Weeks Postpartum Baby # 2 (Anonymous)

My first child is 7 years old and I had the pupps rash and severe stretch marks that later faded. I had some lose skin but this baby has given me a hanging pouch. My son was born 9-22 and I carried him straight out front like a watermelon. I gained about 26 lbs and [...]

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Photo 1: PUPPS rash and stretch marks at 7 months pregnant Photo 2: 38 weeks pregnant. 1 week before my delivery Photo 3: 4 months PP boobs and stomach (front view) Photo 4: 4 months PP stomach (side view) Photo 5: Close up of stretch marks Photo 6: Close up of C-Section scar Photo 7: [...]

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How my life has changed (Anonymous)

Age: 27 Children: 1 I found this site about 3 years ago while having a hard time with my postpartum body. I had always been thin and weighed about 103 lbs before pregnancy. During my pregnancy I gained about 50 lbs and also developed gestational diabetes. At 33 weeks I developed a rash referred to [...]

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Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies/Births: 1 Almost 13 weeks postpartum Keywords: postpartum, pregnancy, 1st time mom, vaginal birth After trying for months to conceive unsuccessfully, my husband and I visited a new OB who prescribed clomid. I believed that I was not ovulating, however he thought everything was fine. I got pregnant on the first [...]

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My body is wrecked (Elizabeth)

Number of pregnancies & births: Four Ages of children: 9, 6, 3, and almost 5 months B&W photo taken four month post-partum after fourth child Beach photo taken 11 months post-partum after first child I guess you could say I was proud of my body after the birth of my first child. I bounced back [...]

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Diastatis Recti (Katie)

Hi Mums, I am 30 years old and mother to an 8-month daughter. Her name is Maja. I used to be a fitness maniac before pregnancy, which you can surely see in my photo ‘before’. I used to be on the skinny side, but during pregnancy I gained 50 lbs and I was huge. People [...]

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