Holding My Son Makes it All Go Away (Erika)

Number of pregnancies-1.

I found out two years ago that I had PCOS. I was also told that I had a very low chance of having kids, since both of my ovaries were so covered in cysts. I was then with an abusive boyfriend and was almost relieved to hear that news..I finally got out of that relationship and met a wonderful guy. We fell in love instantly and I consumed my self with him. I got pregnant only a few months into the relationship after moving thousands of miles away from my family with my then fiancee(now husband) for his work transfer..My pregnancy was great..I only gained weight in my belly and was 8 months with no stretch marks..Then my 9th month came and so did the marks! I felt horrible at the time..I had no mom or friends around to help boost my self-esteem. I relyed on my man, which helped but didn’t help completely. I was two weeks over due and went to the hospital to be induced..I was in labour for 36 hours which ended with a c-section due to my son not applying enough pressure to elp my fully dilate.(even with all the medical help possible!!) The first few days home I was so consumed with pain and being a new mother I didnt take the time to look at myself in the mirror. About a week and half after the birth I looked for the first time and broke down in tears..I was shocked at my stretch marks and scar it was so surreal. Now I my son is a little over a month old..and I feel a little better everyday..but nothing tops the feeling I get when I hold him and gaze into those baby blues..Knowing my body created somthing so wonderful, breathtaking and perfect makes my imperfections turn into perfections. Then tonight I found this site..and it has helped so much..I really hope enough people read it and realize what the media shows is an image/version that “we” created..not “god”. It’s not the truth..there for it is not “true-beauty” and we need to stress this more so our kids can have the self-esteem they deserve!!

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  • Monday, December 20, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Very well put. You sound like a beautiful and wonderful mother! Congratulations on your new little miracle :)

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