Feminist Friday 4.15


I have just become an influencer over at Mogul (onmogul.com) which is an up and coming new website for women worldwide. I’m super excited about this opportunity because I love Mogul’s mission and the content I am seeing there so far seems to be really great quality. I love this short piece by Kelly Osbourne, and this post by Saundra Pelletier embodies so much of what I want SOAM’s influence on the world to be. So go check it out, sign up, and follow me. Can’t wait to help make the world a little better!

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Some links worth your while:
~This is an absolutely heartbreaking story about a home abortion in the days before it was legal.
~This is… a… thing… that happened? Guys try having periods.
~Five feminist documentaries to watch now on Netflix – anyone want to do a watch together and discuss?
~I’m not really 100% sure what’s going on here on Nintendo’s end of the story, but I think we can all agree that Gamer Gate is just the worst.

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