depressed about how my body will change (Jess)

I am 18 years old.And 39 weeks pregnant now. Engaged to the most amazing guy i’ve ever known. And we are having a little boy, Dakota. I was 123 lbs and 5’8 b4 i found out i was pregnant. Now at 39 weeks, i am 180 lbs. I have stretch marks on my belly, thighs and butt. I feel so gross. Wondering what my belly will look like after my son is born. What will happen to all that stretched skin…where will it go. Though i do like the big boobs. hehe. And i am truly excited about being a mommy. I know all the sleepless nights and dirty diaper will be totaly worth it. And i know the first time i see my son, it will melt my heart. I am preparing myself for the pospartum body though. I am a very insecure person as it it…now i have fat and flabby belly to worry about. But i guess, like many other others out there. I will learn to love my body again. So wish me luck, he’s due any day now!

3 thoughts on “depressed about how my body will change (Jess)

  • Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    You look great! Take it from me that you should stop concentrating on your body. It has changed already and it will continue to… Start concentrating on your beautiful growing belly. It is GORGEOUS! I hope you have a safe delivery!
    Do you plan on breastfeeding? It helps you lose weight fast. Today I feel like singing the praises of breastfeeding lol. I’ve been nursing for 16 months now. No period yet. Wee! :D
    Anyhow, please update us with pics when you deliver.

  • Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Ditto Milk Mama! ;) And you’re young enough that you probably won’t have a lot of post-baby problems with your body.

  • Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    You should fret a little less, because you look awesome for being where you’re at! I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant. 115 LBS AND 5’7”. At time of labor I was 174lbs. Turns out my son was a lot bigger than I thought, coming in at 9lbs. 5oz.

    You don’t seem to have any stretch marks, or if you do they’re practically invisible. So thank your lucky stars on that! I’m jealous. You’ll most likely ‘bounce back’ fairly quickly. Especially if you breast feed.

    Keep well and enjoy the best change you can embrace!

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