Will I ever be confidant again?? (Anonymous)

Hi im 21yrs old. well let me tell you a little bit about my story, me and my husband got married 3yrs ago i was studying and he was working as a truck driver after 2yrs on the pill we decide that we wanted to have a baby i was about to graduate so i stop the pill on 5/2007 and where trying with no luck i got so depress that i drop off from school, i after 7months finally decide to go to a gynecologist, she gave me a calendar and told me to follow my ovulation dates and gave me 3 months to try that. It worked i got pregnant the month after we were so exited. My pregnancy was great i didn’t gain any weight and my baby girl was in perfect condition then the eight month came along i started having more appetite gaining 2 to 3 pounds a week it was horrible my body started stretching everywhere. At 37 I start to have hight blood pressure and i was going to the hospital everyday my due date was November 27 but i wanted to have her the 11th on my bday but the 16th came along i started having contractions at 1am i was 38 weeks, my water brake at 9am i was dropping so slowly that i spend the hole day with contractions i didn’t wanted to have an epidural so i felt everything i got the 9cm at 5:15pm and thats when i started pushing FINALLY!!! while i was pushing i felt my skin stretching and burning my baby girl was born at 5:53pm so i had her pretty fast. She tear me and i got 5 stitches but i was all better in 4 days. Now my daughter is a month and i LOVE her so much shes my life, but i see my body and i feel horrible i cry everyday when i see my self in the mirror even my face is fat, and its not only the skin or the stretch marks its the back damage that i got from my breast and belly. will my body get better or will it stay like this. I’m waiting on my gynecologist to give me the permission to exercise. I’m happy to see that im not alone in this. my husband says that he doesn’t care but i think that if let myself be like this and i don’t do anything he will find someone that looks better but i mainly do it for me i want to feel happy with my body like i used to. I’m attaching a picture of how i used to be,my 7 months, 38 weeks and one month pp.

3 thoughts on “Will I ever be confidant again?? (Anonymous)

  • Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 6:10 am

    Wheres the pp pic?

    I think your a beautiful women, just give it time, i had my son two years ago and still have alot of work before i feel like my old self!

  • Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 11:16 am

    you are incredibley beautiful

  • Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    You are beautiful, I am loving your eyebrows!!!
    I hope you’re able to post more pics..
    Keep your head up, you are beautiful!!

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