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I Feel Okay With It (Anonymous)

Age: 24 Pregnancies: 2 (currently pregnant with #2) Births: 1 Age of Children: 2 1/2 years I am 24 and currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second child. I started my first pregnancy overweight by about 20lbs. My first pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster of cervical shortening at 21wks, preterm labor at 23 1/2 […]

My Rainbow Baby and VBA2C! (Shannon)

Most recent post here. # of pregnancies and births: 4/3 How far pp: 7 years, 4.5 years, 2.5 weeks Age: 27 As you all know (since I post here frequently!), I lost my 3rd pregnancy. I have had quite the bumpy road as far as my babies go. Connor passed away 5 years and 5 […]

Wrecked (Anonymous)

Hello I have enjoyed and found support in reading many of these entries for quite some time and finally felt like I should share my story. I have two beautiful children, a son who is now 5 and a 17 month old baby girl. With my first pregnancy it was quite a shock. I was […]

Special Needs (Susi)

Previous post here. When I was pregnant with my son, the worst thing that happened was I had an a-hole for a doctor. When I was pregnant with my daughter, it was a totally different experience. Almost from the moment I found out I was pregnant, there were problems. At our first ultrasound, everything seemed […]

My Battle With Guilt (Anonymous)

I met my boyfriend in high school, freshman year. We were officially a couple a little over three years ago. I think we may have used a condom for the first couple months and gradually I started to let him not wear one, being stupid, young, and in love. Well miraculously, it took me years […]

3rd Pregnancy Ending in Miscarriage (Shannon)

My last post. Age: 26 Number of pregnancies: 2 carried to term, 1 miscarriage at 7 weeks PP: 6 years, 3.5 years, miscarriage yesterday at 7 weeks Image: about 5 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby that I just lost I have posted here many times before. This was my third pregnancy, and I was so […]

My insecurity about my body turns me into The Hulk (Katrina)

Age: 25 Pregnancies: 2 Births: 2; 1 Ceasarean/ 1 VBAC 2 daughters; almost 3 years old and 9 months 9 months PP Hi Everyone! I’m new to SOAM. I only discovered the site 2 days ago, and I was already hooked. Reading all of your stories has been an inspiration and a newfound comfort for […]

Pregnancies shouldn’t be this difficult. (Shelby)

Are you ready for this? Okay, so I was a Virgin until I met the father of my children, I was 18, he was 21.. We wore condoms religiously until it broke one time and after i didnt get pregnant we really didnt worry. So, a year goes by and we just thought maybe one […]

Mom of 3 (Amanda W)

I am a Mom of three wonderful children. 2 girls and a boy. i was 20 years old when i conceived my first, and she was born weighing in at 9lbs, 20.5 inches. i grew several cup sizes, and gained about 40 pounds, which i havent lost yet. shes 10 now. my middle child is […]

“I don’t care what I have as long as it’s healthy.” (Shannon)

Previous posts: Missing my baby boy and expecting my second. 5 Weeks PP Second Baby 2.5 Months Postpartum, Second Cesarean in 2.5 Years 6 Months PP Update 15 Months PP Update I Need Some Help Age: 25 Pregnancies & Births: 2 pregnancies and 2 cesareans How far pp: Connor would be 5.5 and Liam is […]

Tanner’s Mommy (Chelsi)

Age- 20 Number of pregnancies and births- 1 Age of of your children- 2years I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant. I was so terrified, I didnt know what to do. My boyfriend, tanners dad… Was there for me threw everything and still is. When i was 3 months pregnant I told […]

My Story (Anonymous)

23yrs old –postpartum 8 months. Angel Jae born to heaven, mum of girl and boy, step mum of girl and boy. I found myself thinking back as I watched my sick child in deep slumber in the early hours of this morning. I couldn’t remember the life I had before one, then three, then four […]

I was supposed to be happy… (Anonymous)

~Age: 23 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 3 Pregnancies, 2 births ~Children: Two sons, 3.5 and 10 Weeks My oldest son is three and a half years old. I got pregnant and married right off the bat at 18, and he was born when I was 19. He was an 8 Pound 10 oz miracle, […]

27 Weeks Pregnant With My Fourth Baby, My First Son (Apryl)

With my first pregnancy in 1996 I was 20 years old and have hardly a handful of photos to remind myself of that first beautiful 9 months of my life when I was becoming a mother. With my second and third daughters I took more pictures, I had a digital camera by then and taking […]

The Thoughts that Plague (Elizabeth Ashby)

age 22 2 pregnancies and children aged 3 1/2 and 10mnths I had split up with my boyfriend 2 weeks before I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first daughter. Before the pregnancy I had never been over 50kg in my life (I am 5ft 1in). I smoked 50cigarrettes a day, smoked […]

I Need Some Help (Shannon)

Previous entries here: Missing My Baby Boy 5 Weeks PP 2.5 Months PP 6 Months PP 15 Month PP I have posted on here 4 times already…and my last post was just a 1.5 months ago…but I need some help from you fellow Mamas…I feel so horrible about my body. I want to love it […]

So Many Scars (Audrey)

I’m finally healing on the inside as well as out. I am 18.5 months postpartum. My daughter Shannon was born via cesarean after 46 hours of labor and it was quite the blow for me. She also had an unknown birth defect (omphalocele) that required surgery the day after her birth. I didn’t hold my […]

I CAN Love Me, Finally (E)

This is a story about love,loss,,discovery and my young body’s journey through motherhood. I guess you can say my journey to motherhood has not been the easiest, but I wouldnt trade the expeirences I’ve had at my young age for anything. I found out I was pregnant with my first child a week before my […]

6 Months PP Update (Shannon)

Previous entries: First Second Third Age: 23 Children: 2 children Births: 2 cesareans PP: 3.5 years pp, and 10 months pp I am now 10 months pp (these pictures are from 6 months pp, but my body hasn’t changed much since these). I got up to 177 with Liam (I am 5’2”),and I am now […]

Mom shocked by diagnosis (Penelope)

Age 30 Hello Well my name is Penelope and I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. My oldest daughter is 7 with a normal pregnancy and birth my second daughter is 3 with a normal 40 week pregnancy and birth. But after She had not passed the meconium and the doctors noticed her belly […]

Feeling better about my body (George)

Age: 26 3 pregnancies, 1st was a extremely preamture vaginal birth, 2nd was a catastrophic c-section, 3rd one I lost. My first girl should’ve been 9 years old now, she died almost 6 weeks old. My second girl is soon 6 years old, and I just lost my third child in the first trimester 3 […]

2.5 Months PP, Second Cesarean in 2.5 Years (Shannon)

Previous posts here and here. age:22 Pregnancies:2 pregnancies and 2 births I wrote that I would eventually post some pictures of my PP body, so I am! I am now 3 months PP…the pictures are 2.5 months PP though! The part where my stomach hangs from my cesarean really bugs me…but it has gotten better! […]

5 Weeks PP 2nd Baby (Shannon)

Original entry here. i had liam april 10 via cesarean at 11:53, 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 in. he is very healthy, although i am still so scared to lose him. it has been a very emotional month…the 1 year anniversary since connor passed was may 1st. i miss him so much, he would have […]

19 years old struggling to accept my new body. (Meg)

I found out I was pregnant at 18. I was actually thrilled, even though the father and I had only been together for a short three months. I had a wonderful beginning to my pregnancy. I loved watching my belly grow, and eating whatever I felt like. (I always did anyways.) I was 120 lbs […]

Missing my baby boy, and expecting my second (Shannon)

Before I ever had children I was 5’2″ and 105-110 lbs. I got pregnant with my first (Connor) when I was 19. I got stretchmarks everywhere possible! We had no idea that Connor was going to be born with any issues. He was born emergency c-section at 37 weeks. Right when he came out the […]

SMA: We Can Do This! (Submitted Anonymously)

I came across this postcard on post secret As a Mother, it made me cry. I would not ever pretend to understand the pain that must come with being told your child will not make it past 2. I cannot pretend to understand the strength it must take to get through the day.. But I […]


My son is a miracle, and my body is a mess. It was so hard to see such a beautiful little creature nursing while resting on my “pillow” of a tummy. I was always thin and fit, but was put on restriction at 23 weeks pregnant. I had a hard pregnancy and my son was […]

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