Searching For My Old Self (Kathleen)

I am 30 years old and the proud mother of two sons – a 21 month old and 9 week old. My first son was delivered via c-section and my second was a successful vbac.

I am very fond of this website and enjoy reading the many courageous and often inspiring stories.

I was forced to deliver via emergency c-section with my first son due to fetal distress. This was heart breaking for me, as I had so badly wanted to experience a natural delivery. I did however quickly come to terms with my dissapointment when I got to hold my sweet little boy for the first time. It may not have been a picture perfect delivery, but he was here, and healthy.

I wasn’t crazy about my new body after my first son, but learned to embrace it one day at a time. The section scar never bothered me. In fact, it was a reminder of the miracles of modern medicine and how the procedure saved my baby.

Fast forward to the present, and I am now 9 weeks post partum with my second beautiful son. I was so very fortunate to experience a successful vbac. I finally had a natural delivery and it was everything I had hoped it would be. My son did however arrive quickly and forcefully, and I sustained a second degree tear and a uterine prolapse. Needless to say, things are no longer the same down there.

My Dr stated that kegels will help a bit but I could consider surgical repair once we are through having children. I feel so disfigured, and it is truly affecting my ability to be intimate with my husband. He is wonderful, tender and supportive, but I have such a huge hang up about it, that I can’t allow myself to enjoy being intimate. This is only compounded by the fact that the sensation is decreased and I don’t like looking at my stretched out body.

I am trying so hard to overcome my hang ups. I have always considered myself to be a strong confident woman….but she seems to be hiding and I don’t know where to find her.

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Update – Uterine Prolapse (Tosha)

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23 years old 2 pregnancies 2 births (boys 2 &4) 2 years postpartum

I have finally learned to accept my body as it is. It has brought 2 healthy happy little boys into my life & I wouldn’t trade them for the best body in the world. I’m tired of wasting my life worrying about how my body looks. My husband loves me & tells me I’m sexy everyday. Some days are better than others but if I ever get the money I’m going to get a tummy tuck & some boobs!! I am 5’7 currently 123 & range from size 1 to 5. Once again thanks to Bonnie & all you wonderful ladies who share your stories & photos!

Uterine Prolapse (Tosha)

2 pregnancies 2 births
13 months PP

I am a 22 year old wife and mother to a great husband and 2 wonderful little boys. I have never been extremely happy w/ my body even though I’ve always been on the small side it makes me sick to look @ old pics b/f kids when I thought I was so fat. I found out I was pregnant w/ my 1st son when I was 18 and I threw up every day all day for the 1st 4 months but after that it was a breeze. I had to be induced at 40 weeks b/c I couldn’t go into labor on my own on August 16 2010 I had my 1st boy Isaac he was 7 pounds 13 oz. and very handsome lol When he was 2 my husband & I decided we were ready for another baby & on December 15 2009 we welcomed our 2nd boy Wyatt he was 8 pounds 6 oz. the pregnancy was much better this time so I was prepared for round 2 lol but it didn’t quite go as planned. Once again I had to be induced at 40 weeks b/c I didn’t go into labor on my own & everything went fine until it was time to push… I gave birth to my beautiful son and then came the afterbirth & then came my uterus- yes my uterus I instantly knew something was wrong & asked the dr. what happened & he told me my uterus came out! I was freaking out the nurse was making calls & asked if I could @ least hold my baby b/f they took me to surgery they let me touch & glance @ him then told my hubby to take him to the nursery. The dr. wrapped up my uterus & we headed to surgery. The last thing I remember is them putting me on the table ( I passed out from blood loss) I had to have 4 units of blood & I was so weak I couldn’t even sit up. I am so thankful for my dr. for being trained on what to do in this rare situation. Anyway sorry this is such a long post thank you for taking the time to read my story. I still have a way to go to fully love myself & appreciate my body but I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything! I have recently started Insanity so I hope I will get some great results & post some amazing after photos! Once again thanks for reading my story and thank you Bonnie for creating this site :)

The 1st 4 pics are of me now 13 months pp & the last one is a pic of my handsome boys :)

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