3 1/2 Years Postpartum with Second Baby (Monique)

name: monique
Age:24, had first baby at 16 and second at 20
Children: 2 little girls 6 and 3 almost 3 and a half years post parterm

First off i found this site along time ago but didnt ever think i would get the guts to send anything. but i now love my body just the way it is.

I got pregnant at 16 with my first daughter who is now 6 and amazing i had her at 17 after a really short pregnancy she was born at 33 weeks and weighed only 5 lbs but looking at her now you would never guess the bean pole was ever a preemie. i was a size 3 when i got pregnant with her and after words shrunk to a zero from breast feeding i was fortunate with her to get only one stretch mark that wasn’t even noticeable. i got pregnant at 20 with my second daughter and had a horrible pregnancy plagued with kidney problems and other health problem i was in the icu for almost a month while pregnant and they thought they would have to deliver her at 26 weeks via c section but i wouldn’t allow that. i ballooned while pregnant with her gaining 75 lbs on my very little body i did carry her to term as a matter of fact two weeks later then term but i wasn’t so lucky on losing the weight that time i lost only like 30 lbs and my husband did nothing but criticize my weight and all the stretch marks i got. but 3 years late im done all the pregnancy weight and now im at what i weighed when i got pregnant with my first daughter. granet i lost all the weight because i was going through a divorce but i am now in a healthy relationship and my boyfriend loves my body extra skin and stretch marks and all he tells me i should be proud of them because i have two beautiful and healthy daughters and i am proud. i hope to have more kids someday and even if i get more stretch marks i will still love my body no matter what. thank you for this site it helped a lot in accepting me the way i am.

Thankful and Blessed but Still Trying to Accept (mummyoftwodarlings)

Ok, so I have been visiting this site for over a year now in the hope of it helping me accept and love my post baby body.

I am 30 years old, mother of 2 beautiful children. A daughter aged 3 and a son aged 16 months.

I married my first love in 2004 at around 147 lbs (I am 5ft 6.5). We decided pretty much straight after to start trying for a baby and after 6 months of hoping and praying every month, I finally got that positive result…..and then another…and so on until I’d worked my way through about 20 of the things and finally convinced myself that this was real and I was pregnant!

I had no problems until I reached 30 weeks. I was at work, about to lead a training day for about 20 teachers and I popped to the toilet first. That is when I noticed a few drops of blood. Panic stricken, I was rushed to the nearest hospital. To cut a long story short my darling daughter was delivered by emergency c section at 31 weeks exactly, as I was suffering a major placental abruption and she could have died if she stayed inside me any longer. She weighed 3lbs 7oz and stayed in Special Care Baby Unit for 6 weeks but is now thank God happy, healthy and very entertaining!

As I never got that big by 31 weeks my body pretty much went back to normal afterwards. A year later we decided to try for another, our last baby. I fell pregnant straight away but unfortunately miscarried at about 6 weeks. Fast forward another 6 weeks and I found myself staring at another positive test! Luckily the pregnancy went fairly smoothly and at 37 weeks my waters broke. I had to be induced though as nothing else was happening but despite that, I managed to deliver my son naturally. He has a few tummy problems after birth and stayed in hospital for a week in which time the problems righted themselves. After our daughter’s 6 week stay a week was bearable although I couldn’t wait to get him home!

During the last few weeks of my second pregnancy I developed a few stretch marks on my belly which to be honest I was gutted about. I religiously applied lotions and potions in the hope of avoiding them. I guess I was just that much bigger than first time around as I had carried my son for 6 weeks longer.

After the birth I weighed around 165 lbs, the most I had ever weighed. I lost the excess weight by about 5/6 months pp by joining a slimming group and going to the gym but then I gained about 14 lbs of that back over the next 10 months. I felt horrible about my stretched, saggy post baby belly and the excess weight wasn’t helping either so I rejoined the slimming group and restarted the exercise and here I am, 4 lbs away from my goal weight of 140 lbs and clothed I feel great but when I look at my belly I feel so disappointed.

I wouldn’t change having my children for any model’s body, and having to experience both my babies fight in hospital has made me so thankful for what I have. I am slowly learning to accept my new body and realise that the old one is gone for good. I am never going to look like my baby-less friends but I have something far more precious than their flab free, stretch mark free tummies!

The photos are:
29 weeks pregnant with #1 (2 weeks before she arrived)
36 weeks pregnant with #2 with stretchmarks (a few days before he arrived)
2 Today at 16 months pp with the baby belly I am still trying to accept

Mom to Twin Boys (Anonymous)

I’m so glad to have found this site. I have five month old beautiful twin boys. I had a very hard time with the pregnancy, and developed HELPP syndrome and delivered at 34 weeks, with a weight gain of 85 lbs! After suffering from post partum depression for the first three months, I finally sought the help I needed. I can’t tell you how much my life has changed. I feel under so much pressure from those around me to be back in my pre pregnancy clothes, but I’m still carrying 35 lbs.I am exercising and trying to eat right, which is really a part of who I was before pregnancy. It gives me great inspiration to hear others stories and struggles instead of focusing on the weight and stretch marks ect. Thanks!

My Miracle Baby (Anonymous)

I started college in the fall of 2007 where I met my wonderful fiance and my life was going really great. I started dating him in August of 2007 and became pregnant in September. I panicked and sought out to my roommates to figure out what to do. One of them suggested to take vitamin c every hour because it supposedly caused a woman to miscarry. I was so very desperate and so unprepared that I decided to do it. I ended up losing the baby and I never told anyone else besides those girls about that experience. I was devastated, but quickly got back to doing well in school and trying my best to abstain from sex. I was hurting so much inside that it made me physically ill thinking about what I had done. I didn’t understand why on earth I would do something like that to an innocent being. It proved to be one of the many challenges that semester. I ended up getting mono, and my boyfriend broke up with me which was more than I could handle. About two weeks later, we got back together and everything seemed fine. Our relationship had a pretty rocky start and by february 2008, I was pregnant again. I was thinking of the horrible decision I had made before and I promised myself not to ever do something like that again. I decided to keep my baby and my fiance stood by my side every step of the way. It was not easy, but I was determined to get through it. I had a huge support system from my family, my fiance, and my fiance’s family. I was 140lbs when I got pregnant and the day before I had my daughter I was 187. I had never weighed that much in my entire life. I missed being 140lbs because that was the time when I felt amazing about myself! I want that back so badly!

I was due November 14, 2008 with my daughter, but had her October 9th due to complications with toxemia. My b/p was 160/110 and the protein level of my urine reached 7,000 from 1,200 three days prior. I couldn’t believe it! I was 34weeks 6days when she was born. She weighed 4lbs 13ounces and was 18in long. She was in the NICU for 13 days before I got to bring her home. It was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I spent every day in the hospital with her and held her for as long as I could. I didn’t even get to see her until 2 days postpartum. I cried when I was discharged and I could not bring my little baby home with me.

I think back to my miscarriage and while I feel the deepest regret for what I had done, I can’t help but feel thankful too that if I had gone through with the first pregnancy, then I would not have my beautiful baby girl.

She is now a healthy 2 month old. She is the most amazing person in the world and I love her so much.

Funny story about her name…I LOVE Jon and Kate Plus 8, and I was so drugged up(heavy meds after a c-section lol!!) when the birth recorder came by to get her name that I named my daughter after 2 of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s kids…Madelyn Alexis Faith.

Well, Madelyn was picked out waaay before I saw the show so that is okay :)

I do not have any belly pictures on this computer, but I do have some pre-pregnancy pictures, hospital pictures, and some pictures of Madelyn!

12 Weeks After pregnancy #2 (Anonymous)

here is me 12 weeks after my second delivery. i was pregnant with boy/girl twins the first time and sadly we lost our beautiful baby girl 3 weeks after they were born (prematurely). i got pregnant again about 6 weeks after we brought our son home from the hospital. 12 weeks ago i gave birth to a beautiful,healthy full term baby girl. my body isn’t what it was (i was 115 lbs when i started and now i am down to 135) but who cares?! a healthy baby is all that matters…i learned that the hard way…

7 Days pp after 1lb 13 oz micro preemie @ 26 5/7 weeks (Ashley)

These are the pictures taken tonight, exactly one week after the birth of my first, Gunner Isaiah @ 26 weeks and 5 days. He was a micro-preemie and weighed 1 lb 13 oz and was 13.25 in. long. I had a normal pregnancy right up until I went into labor. I was thick before pregnancy and gained 10 lbs total. You can see in the pics that my navel piercing scar stretched a great deal. My unfinished tattoo on my ribs was not affected at all. Pumping so that I can eventually breastfeed has started to cause stretchmarks on my breasts, but other than that they look AMAZING! I am loving how big they are right now. :) The old stretchmarks I had on my hips and thighs had just started to extend, but it’s barely noticeable in the pictures. In a lot of ways I envy the moms who have stretchmarks to show. Since my son is in the NICU, the only physical indications that I even HAVE a baby are the hospital bracelets I refuse to take off. I would have rather had my whole lower body covered in stretch marks than have my son so early.