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Perfection (Anonymous)

When He Smiles The world is such a cruel and unforgiving place Images of flawlessness strewn through every aspect of life The norm has an unobtainable and impossible face, Making me wonder if I’ll ever measure up Then I look into the beautiful eyes of the angel on my hip I remember what life is [...]

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When he smiles (Anonymous)

I want to lie and say that I am comfortable with my body. I want to say that I don’t give it a second thought. The truth though… The truth is that I think about it often. I can be honest and say I think about it less now than I ever have. This website [...]

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I am an 18 year old mommy of a beautiful baby girl. I got pregnant when I was 17 and weighed about 140 pounds. I didn’t really gain any weight until right at the end and gained a total of 35 pounds. I always thought that it would be easy for me to get back [...]

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Mother’s Mark

This was posted over at our group at Flickr and I wanted to share it here. If anyone has any answers to her question at the end, you can either e-mail her or post comments here or at Flickr. I’m sure many women would benefit from these answers and I will compile them all into [...]

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