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Please tell me what I can read! I’ve had children I’ve got a mess of a stomach etc stretch marks loads of problems… 4 children were the ex husbands he told me after I had kids he missed my body from before I had children (I don’t know where to start), cheated on me. Divorced [...]

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Past Possible Miscarriage (Anonymous)

My last “Normal” period was October 19, 2014 and I took a test around where I would approximately 4 weeks pregnant and it was negative but then my period was extremely late so I took a test and it was clearly positive then a week later I bleed for 2 days then my symptoms started [...]

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Age 25, 2 pregnancies, 1 birth. Baby is 5 months old. Hey mommas! I am new mom to a healthy, happy,and beautiful 5 month old baby girl. My pregnancy, delivery, and recovery were all very easy. In fact, my fiance and I did the deed 2 1/2 weeks after delivery and everything was great. I [...]

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Marriage Help? (Anonymous)

I came across this website today, and it has helped me so, so much. I am so grateful for all of the women who are unashamed to be themselves even though they are trapped in bodies they hate. I am 8 months pp, and I have the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen [...]

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Inverted Nipples? (Kelly)

Hello, i would like to know If some more pregnant has inverted nipples? I would like to know if they breastfeed?

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I read about all of the women who have gone from being in shape, looking great and feeling good to looking like a “mother.” I read about how you are now comfortable and accepting of your new “beautiful” self. I am not as strong as you are. I want to be where you are mentally [...]

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Is My Weight Loss on Track?? (Krissy)

Hi other moms! Well I guess the best way to start is always at the begginning… When I was 20 I got pregnant with my first child. My prepregnancy weight was 125 and was a barely even A cup… when i went in to have our daughter i was 206 pds. (I carried 4 weeks [...]

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Scared Mother 25 Weeks (Mini)

~Age: 19 ~Number of Pregnancies: 1st One This is my first pregnancy and I have always been a little bit self concious. I do everthing I can to make sure after birth I have my good body again far as jogging and applying lotion on my stomach. I kind of scared. All that matters is [...]

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Do I have Postpartum depression? (Autumn W)

Age- 30 Number of Pregnancies – 2 Number of Births- 2 Daughters- 8 years and 2 months I have always been told that if you have postpartum depression, you feel resentment towards your baby but I do not resent my baby in any way what-so-ever! I love and adore her but I hate myself! After [...]

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Do I look pregnant? (Anonymous)

Hi Im really confused at this point and just want some honest opinions. I believe in “intuition” so somebody go there if you will. :) Im a mother of 3..I had a tubal ligation in 1997 and I became pregnant again in 1999, it was ectopic and ended in surgery. I have not been worried [...]

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