Photo(set) of the Week – February 26, 2007

This is what it has come to

Originally uploaded by Torrie.

(Hey, I’m actually remembering that it’s Monday and that is supposed to mean photo of the week! Yay me!)

This photo is actually linked to an entire photoset that Torrie has created journaling the less favorable parts of her pregnancy. It’s creative, funny and real. Click and enjoy. And then keep checking back throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

Women are magic – Photo of the Week, February 12, 2007

Women are magic

Originally uploaded by Tampen.

This photo (or, rather, these photos) are striking. Shows the beauty of a woman’s body both with and without child. I also like it because this site has been accused or never showing the women who do “bounce back”. Which simply isn’t true.

In any case, the submission is beautiful. If you click on the photo, you can read what the photographer has written about it, and it’s pretty darn funny, in my opinion.


Photo of the Week – January 8, 2007

Tree of life

Originally uploaded by Katsoulis.

The stretchmarks here are amazing and intense. I like how they are shaped like a tree – the fetal side of a placenta also has a “tree of life” image on it, so this mama has got one inside and on the outside. I also love how lopsided her belly button is. It’s perfectly imperfect just like most mama bellies.

Photo of the Week 10/10/06

Overdue (41st week)
Originally uploaded by Kimbaleo.

I will be quite busy for awhile and there likely won’t be any new entries until late next week. I’ll try to update if I get the chance, but I wanted to drop the note to say I’ll be back and see you soon! Keep sending in your submissions – I have a few in my inbox but don’t have time to add one tonight so I’m sharing this photo instead (it’s been WEEKS since I’ve done a POTW anyway!). I love this mama’s pose. The crib in the background just waiting for a sweet babe to hold. The tiny patch of “tigger stripes” on the side of mama’s belly. The camera in the shot makes it seem intimate, as though we are let in on this secret moment between the mother and her own mirror. Thanks for sharing! Everyone else – see you soon! Peace.