Featured Photo – C-section scar

20060129 – C-section scar

Originally uploaded by sadalit.

Sadalit, the subject and creator of this photo sent me a link to it and also to this one.

Not only is the photograph beautifully composed, but it strikes me as nothing short of amazing how miraculous the human body is. The skin has smoothly sealed the place where her child first entered this world, leaving a road path to show where, but quite subtle in the grand event of birth. Just a little line.

Of course to a woman who has a cesarean scar, it surely feels like a lot more than a little line.

Thank you, Sadalit.

Featured Photo – This Way Up.

295. This Way Up.

Originally uploaded by Carcharzel.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a photo, mainly because I’ve come across so few which allow me to blog them. But I’d like to get back to that when possible and this one struck me as the prefect opportunity. I love that she pointed out that her belly button looks like an up arrow since having her daughter. I would never have noticed such a thing, but it seems symbolic somehow.