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Breech Baby

Young Mum of 2 (Anonymous)

Age 24 Children aged 2 & 4 Both c-section I met my husband at 19, yes I was young but the way I see it is that way I get to spend even more of my life with him, I’m lucky. I fell pregnant within 5 months of being together and we were extremely happy. [...]

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I was 125 lbs.at 5’9″ pre pregnancy. I am 29 and this is my first child delivered via c-section. I was extremely sick for the first five months of pregnancy. After that i rapidly gained weight. I had severe edema and my doctor wanted me to take off work the last four weeks but with [...]

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Learning to Be Kind to Myself (Rebekah)

My age: 29 2 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage, 1 birth 10 months postpartum First I want to say thank you to all the brave women who have posted their stories and photos here. You have helped me to heal. I also want to say to any women out there who are struggling right now: Your thoughts [...]

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I have been meaning to take pictures and post on here for quite a while now, but with so much going on, i just haven’t found the inner strength or time. When i was 20 weeks pregnant with our first child we had our first ultrasound and they found that i didn’t have any amniotic [...]

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One Year Ago Today (Zahra)

We found out we were pregnant with Rory 6 weeks after having a miscarriage. I know we were so blessed for it to happen so quickly. I was so excited to be pregnant and really focused on enjoying the pregnancy despite our concerns that we would lose another baby. I have always had to work [...]

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Rocking the Boat (Anonymous)

Rocking the boat (Anonymous) My son is now 20 months old (I’m 27) and is the most AWESOME gift life has ever given me, aside from my husband, yet I am still having a hard time overcoming a tough bout of post-partum depression. Before the birth of my son, I was a super-fit triathlete, vivacious [...]

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