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African American

Sad But Not Giving Up Hope (Anon)

I’m writing to you all the from Jamaica. I’m 23 years old and 3 weeks 1 day postpartum. Maybe its too early for me to submit my story since I’ve not yet healed properly, but I just wna share my story. Also, I must say that I read the stories of other strong beautiful mothers [...]

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Obsessed with this jelly belly (B.J.)

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 9.At one point in time I even became anorexic. I’ve always been one to exercise and diet to stay in shape. In high school I had a really nice body, and for once I was kind of proud of it. But at the age of 16 I [...]

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After I had my son in 1999 I felt ruined. I had never witnessed a postpartum stomach that looked like mine and being that I was only 21 years old, I was sure that I was beyond repair unless I had a tummy tuck. And then I had twins and my sense of “ruined” hit [...]

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I found out I was pregnant with my first child when I was 19 years old. I was extremely excited but of course I was scared about what was to come. I was actually anxious to start to show…that didn’t happen until I was 6 months. Then I exploded like a hot air balloon. In [...]

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Beautiful Blessings (Leah)

I am 23 years old and expecting my third baby. My children are 1 and 8 months apart ,I have two girls and I’m praying for a little boy. My first pregnancy was a natural birth that lasted 5 hrs. and my second pregnancy was an emergancy c-section. I love my doctor I have the [...]

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Accepting Change (Anonymous)

Age: 26 Number of pregnancies 3, Number of births: 2 Kids ages: 10 and 4 months 4 months postpartum I was 16 when I had my daughter. Before I had gotten pregnant I was 116 lbs. Quickly after I gave birth, I returned to 116 lbs. I got a few stretch marks and dealt with [...]

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Already Shaped Like a Mother (Anonymous)

First off let me say that my story is quite unusual. I’m 22 and I have never been pregnant, and I don’t plan on trying any time soon. However, I’ve always had body issues, and for some strange reason I found this site and got hooked. Many of you women are complaining about your saggy [...]

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Trying to Deal With This New Body (Nicole)

I have known my childs father for as long as i can remember it seems. Ive never been a person that loved kids. I was the one in the family people knew not to call me because of how i was with children. I was 20 when i found out i was pregnant so i [...]

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I am 33 years old, these pictures are taken 5 years post-partum. I’ve had 2 pregnancies (first one at 13), and given birth once. My body has changed. My butt has flattned, my waist windned. Due to a number of reasons, my weight has fluctuated greatly. From 170 at pre-pregnacny, to 163 one month post [...]

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She Changed My Life (Anonymous)

28 years old/ 1 pregnancy/1 birth/12 months postpartum First off, I would like to say that I appreciate this site and the support that it offers to mothers. I have been visiting it ever since I was about 7 months pregnant, and it has been cathartic to me and my struggle with my body. Here [...]

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