Twin Mom (Anonymous)

25 years old
First and only pregnancy
Fraternal twin boys born at 38 weeks via csection 5 lbs 1 oz and 5 lbs 12 oz

I wanted to share my “story”. I am just a real mom. I didn’t let myself go when I got pregnant and I tried to do “all the right things” for the most part. I am not a clean eater or extreme athlete. I highly respect the women who are dedicated enough to live that lifestyle and I hope someday I can be that dedicated! If I had been then I probably would look better postpartum twins than I do. Oh well, can’t change it now! :) For the most part I think genetics, in my case, did just get the best of me. I look almost identical to my mom after her kiddos. I see photos of women who had twins and look perfect with not a stretch mark or pinch of extra skin and it can be quite discouraging that that is not what I look like. I just want to share with other “moms to be” my “story” and how things turned out for me.

Pre-pregnancy weight 118 lbs. 5’6″ size 34D boobs. Active. Runner. Always had a pretty good body even when I didn’t work out or “try”. In the before pictures I was in the best shape of my life. I had done 3 months of the program “Brazil Butt Lift” and ran 4-5 miles 4-5 days a week.

I continued to run for the first few months of my pregnancy. I watched what I ate most of the time, but if I wanted to eat something I ate it. I gained 43 lbs when I walked back for my csection. I drank a lot of water!! I used cocoa butter and bio-oil religiously. It did not prevent my stretch marks. They look almost identical to my mothers.

I have diastasis recti. I went to physical therapy for it and it helped dramatically but I still struggle with it. It has not completely closed and at this point I don’t believe it will. I wish I was able to work out more than I have been able to. It is very hard for me to find the time, but that is not excuse. Of course I was upset with some aspects of my postpartum body, but overall I don’t think that I look too bad. My husband tells me all the time that he is more attracted to me than ever. I believe him because he wants me more now than ever. :) I frequently have people tell me that I look Amazing for having twins and they envy me. Of course, they don’t see me naked. I look pretty good in clothing! Ha! :) I am most happy that I didn’t develop an obvious tummy in clothing and my boobs are still there. (although not the same, slightly smaller and saggy) Again, my husband still loves them. He does say they are more “squishy” now than before, when they were firm.

I breastfed my twins until they were a year old. I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans and that at 3 months postpartum but everything wasn’t back to “normal” until around 9 months pp. When I neared the point to wean the boys I was starting to waist away and only weighed about 117 lbs. After I had them weaned I gained back some weight and now I am sitting around 125 lbs. Not too far from my pre-pregnancy weight of 118 lbs. I wear all my old clothes. My csection scar is amazingly tiny and barely there. Looks much better than my stretch marks. The stretch marks didn’t really start until around 30 weeks.

In the white bikini- Pre-pregnancy 118 lbs 5’6″
In the pink dress- 1 1/2 years postpartum 125 lbs
In the black bra and blue yoga pants- 1 1/2 years postpartum 125 lbs
In the underwear and black sports bra- 16 months postpartum
In the blue tank top side view- 9 months postpartum
Walking back for my csection in the blue striped shirt (38 weeks twin baby bump)
With my little babies- going home at 5 days postpartum

6 thoughts on “Twin Mom (Anonymous)

  • Monday, December 15, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Cool, honest post! I think you look great!

  • Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Holy cow…you look stunning! I know you have some stretch marks and very minimal loose skin…but you look great!!!! You are one of the girls that bounced back, in my opinion. Congrats on your babies, and on breast feeding twins for a year! I am 15 months pp with #3 and I STILL have 20 pounds to lose :( You look beautiful :)

  • Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    I think the you look abolutley amazing! your body did an amazing thing by carrying and nurturing your babies! I hate the way that society holds people to a certain standard! you are beautiful and your stretchmarks are seriously not that bad at all. Your Beautiful Mama!

  • Thursday, January 1, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks sweet ladies!!! I also hate the pressure society has put on pregnant and postpartum ladies.. and women in general. I see so much beauty every day and it by no means meets societies version of it. You encouraged me with your comments! Just keeping it real.. ;)

  • Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 6:44 am

    What a stunning belly you had! I love it! You look fantastic and I find your post baby belly beautiful too, yes, including the stretchmarks and wrinkles.

  • Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 1:08 am

    Hey you look really great in my opinion.
    I’m not a mom yet, not even pregnant. Yes you look very toned and very slim in that white bikini, but I also like you shape post-pregnancy. You have loose skin and stretchmarks yet, but an overall toned yet feminine body :)

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