I have a 6 month old son, first pregnancy.

My issue is this- I am over 200lbs. I had gained some weight before I got pregnant (met my now husband and became comfortable with him,slacked off and ate things I usually didn’t). Got pregnant, was so sick the entire time, I ate what I could. I did not eat alot at all, I felt like there was no room, and I got filled up so easily, but I did eat, and I craved protein 95% of the time. By the time all was said and done, I was about 250 lbs. NEVER been this heavy. Ever.

I am having trouble getting motivated to lose the weight. I am just so tired after work. I get up with him in the middle of the night also to take care of my son. My husband works alot, is very supportive, but I know he does not want a fat wife, and I don’t want to be one, I need to be healthy for my son. I do not feel sexy at all. Honestly, I don’t know how he has sex with me now. I was an exercise junkie before, worked out everyday. I don’t see the point if I get in even one day. I don’t eat too badly, but I eat what is in the house. Don’t even want to cook. I sound like a real lazy person- I do work full-time. Went back six weeks after having an emergency c-section.

I feel wound up all the time. If I don’t get things prepared for the next day when I get home, I will have even less time the next morning. I fall asleep before 8pm too. I know this sounds like complete crap, but I cannot fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, don’t recognize the person I see in the mirror. Yes, I am so grateful my son is healthy and happy. I just want to go back to where I was, I can handle the stretch marks, I really didn’t get that many of them. What I did end up with is a huge belly- see pic.

I just wish someone could say some words that will jolt me into movement. I can’t be the only person to feel this way?

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  • Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 8:08 am

    I completely understand what you are saying. With my last pregancy (twins) I got up to 281 UGH. I was disgusted. But they were both healthy and that was all that matters right? You’d like to think so. For the first year I did nothing but care for them and my 3 year old. I was exhausted and didn’t have the motivation or energy to fix myself. After the first year I went on weight watchers and lost 100 pounds. I was thrilled. But then we moved and I quit breastfeeding them when they hit two. I sunk into depression and gained back 50. They are now 4. After a health scare with my husband we both joined weight watchers again. We’ve been on it for almost a month and I’m down 8 lbs. you can do it! You have inside you to be motivated. It just takes one step at a time.

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 10:23 am

    I know what it’s like to want to be comfortable in your own skin…and I too am not comfortable with my left-over belly from having twins 4 months ago.
    What I can tell you is that you skin looks beautiful and your belly is in much better shape than a lot of women’s (mine too). I think that you will lose it over time. If you had the motivation and habits once before, you will restore them. It’s just hard when the priorities shift. It’s hard being a new mom. Love to you.

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 11:10 am

    You working mothers amaze me! Being a mom in itself IS a full time job, you are working two. Your baby is still pretty young yet, as they get older they can start to entertain themselves for short periods giving you a little bit of you time. Could it be you have just gotten out of the habit of exercise? After a week or two of diligence it could come back to you. Or, you could take your baby and husband even out for a walk everynight. Good exercise, AND time together :)

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Try going on walks after u come home from.work and you eat put baby in stroller and go for walk what work for me is visualizing what excercising and eating right will make my body to look like .also if you have a cellphone and cant afford weight watchers or.other programs there is a free app called noom and you can track how much calories u comsumed and gow much u should comsume and wgen you excercise it talks to you and tells you how much calories you have burned.Good luck i know its hard but u control your own life dont let this keep u from becomin the You that you desire to eat and drink lots of water

  • Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 12:54 am

    is there anything your husband can do to help you prepare for the next day? any chores he can take off your hands? is there anything in your schedule that can be left for later?

    i ask my husband to get the baby if she cries so i can exercise an hour 2-3x’s a week. i’ve told him how frustrated i am with my body (2 months post baby, 2nd child) and he’s 100% on board with helping me find the time to exercise. i think he likes that i want to take care of myself, i think most husbands do. and in the context of helping me get in shape, he doesn’t mind doing dishes and putting laundry away, lol.

    you can do it, you already look great. it’s not hopeless, what little you can do today matters and will add up. if you don’t eat right or squeeze in a workout today, every day is a new day with a clean slate to try again.

    you deserve to rest and destress, and food will numb you, but will never take the stress away. and in this case, not caring what you put in your mouth sounds like it’s adding stress to your life, not easing it.

    hang in there!

  • Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 12:56 am

    6 months after the birth of your son is still very early! It is normal that you are tired, it is normal that you do not feel like doing the chores at home and it is normal that you are still overweight. All those things will get better just with some more time!
    I am not saying it is easy, but I felt the same after my first child. My second daughter is 5 months old. This time, I am still overweight, I still felt very lazy during the first 4 months after her birth, but I now accept it. I know it will get better after a few extra months and I do not feel as anguished about all that.
    Moreover, it is harder after a first child because you have to get organised and everything seems so hard! But for the second, you have a little routine, you have connections and you know! So you do not feel so lost and unsure about everything. I also felt it was easier to do some sport again, when after my first daughter I did not manage to at all. I breastfed her during 17 months and it took me more that a year to lose all the extra weight without even exercising. I still had a big belly from not exercising, but I am ready to do what it necessary to get rid if it this time! Lol

    And change your priorities: spend some time with your husband and kid, they will not be upset if your house is not tidy as it used to!

    Good luck and do not be too hard on yourself! All you are going thru is normal! ;D

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    You sound a lot like I did/do. With my second, I found myself wound (as you put it) a lot, but lacked any and all motivation to do what I needed to do. I did what needed to be done to get through the day, and that was about it. Eventually figured out it was PPD of some sort.(Mine actually turned into a lot more but most women stop with PPD). PPD does not always show itself as mama crying constantly. Lack of ambition, frustration, etc are big signs. I’m not pushing anything on anyone, but it sounds familiar. It is another avenue to explore, and it could be the answer. Good luck!!

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