C-Section (Mandi)

This is a pic of my c/s two days after. I had my son Bobby on January 23rd 2007, our 4th and final child. I am breastfeeding (first time!), and LOVE every aspect of my body, all 240 lbs of it! I was about 165 before our first son, and the smallest I ever was, was 130. I HATED my body then. Go figure.

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  • Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 9:17 am

    I weigh 226 pounds and when I got married 13 years ago I was around 130 pounds. I, too, have 4 kids and unlike you I HATE my body. I am disgusted by what I see in the mirror every day. How do you come to the place in your heart where you accept the body you have? I don’t know how to even like what my body looks like now.

    Seeing all of the moms on here is great. Not everyone, even the thin ones, look perfect after kids. But everyone looks awesome compared to my body. I don’t think I’ll ever come to accept what I look like.

  • Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    MANDI- That is my submission. (I’ve got to add that my nickname is also Mandi) I didnt always love my post baby(or babies) body. After my first C/S, I went from about 165 to 250, and was shocked it wasn’t all baby! I was 19 when I got pg with the 1st, and was left with a very not 19 year old stomach flap. I had 2 VBACS in the next 3 years after that, and was still ashamed that at 23 years old, I felt like my body was hideous, and aged at least 20 years.I really loathe that we women are so competitive with each other. I never realized that the way I now looked was not only acceptable, but NORMAL. It’s not right that most of us hide ourselves, ashamed of this “dark secret”, that we look like WOMEN, war torn, and battle scarred. During my recent pregnancy, I came across some wonderful women on a Big Beautiful and Pregnant board on BabyCenter.com. They were sharing pics of themselves pre and postnatal, some women much larger than myself. And I realized, that I was sitting there thinking not one of them looked bad. And they all look like me. Like you. Like your mother,sister,aunt,neighbor,best friend. But, without the push up bra to hide the breasts that were used to sustain a life, and the Spanx to suck in the thighs and tummy that were grown out of the bearing life. I cannot help but love my body for this, my body has created an entire family. And thats worth more than the perkiest boobs and flattest tummy, anyday.

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