24 year old mother of three 5 years postpartum I wish i was wiser and did not scratch those itchy stretchmarks being that i was only a child myself, my first pregnancy choices as far as my tummy goes. weren’t the best I Have had all birth’s delivered by c section. I Have forfitted my youthful figure with childbearing. I excercise, when i have time but have are hard time with bellyfat. Recently got my tattoo hoping id feel sexier, but really want a tummy tuck.

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  • Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Our children will never really know all we did, or gave up to have them. Just wait till they get older. Enjoy them, they bring so much love and joy when they are little, so many trials as they age and (since I have not gotten there yet) I am HOPING much more love and joy once they have families of their own and extend your family. You are beautiful and very strong. There’s a reason men don’t have children! Do what you need to, to be comfortable with your body, but so many things are more important that the superficial. Have confidence in yourself, people see you most times, for who you see yourself to be. We are our own worst critics! I have 2 children, both by c-section and 10 years apart! We all have our trials to get through best we can. Take it day by day and take heart that you are not alone!

  • Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 10:10 am

    I just turned 25. My son just turned 6 also and my daughter will be 4 soon. My kids make me feel so beautiful I know I am so precious to them and my hunny he is my #1strength and fan. Inner beauty is important of your inner self. That shines more than being fake looking and all that plastic surgery. Most guys I know like good wholesome women tgat they can have families with. The barbie look alike is just a fantasy. We are beauty we are thier baby mamas!!!

    I love your tatoo. I have a family vine on my left wrist. With my husbands name with our wedding date and our kids names and bdays. I want to add o n to it but have not yet. I think I might sleeve my left arm only. I think your tat is awesome!!!! Best wishes and you have an awesome body!!

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