SOAM in the media this week – and an apology for the technical difficulties.

I already mentioned here a little over a week ago that SOAM appeared in the Daily Mail recently. If that wasn’t exciting enough, it was then picked up by numerous other sources (listed below). Unfortunately too much interwebz luv can crash a website and I’ve had quite the journey this past week into technical-land (which every cell in my body fears) and had to figure out how to handle that. We tried a couple of things, but it’s taken us until today to get it totally solved. But! It’s solved! (Which means it’s probably time to contact Oprah.) If you are still having trouble seeing the site it’s because *some technical words here* and should resolve soon (also I think you can clear out your cache or something).

Thanks to everyone who made this last week amazing. Websites writing articles or posts, people submitting entries or sharing their thoughts here, and those who read and passed the link on. I never imagined this would become as big as it has when I started it all those years ago and it will never get old to me to see it changing things worldwide. Because of you I have hope that we will really make a change in how bodies are viewed. You are beautiful in all your shapes and sizes.

I also need to thank Reliable Webs for helping me navigate the entire process. They’ve been my web host since 2006 and have always been amazing. If you need hosting, I recommend them.

Is This What Being a Mom Really Looks Like? – Yahoo Shine
The Daily Shot (in which an actress who was IN OFFICE SPACE talks about SOAM. Dude.) – also Yahoo Shine
The Real Shape of a Mother – AOL UK’s Parentdish
SOAM: Attention Getter – Huffington Post Canada
SOAM: What Real Women Look Like After Having a Baby – Babyology

One thought on “SOAM in the media this week – and an apology for the technical difficulties.

  • Monday, April 30, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    I’m so glad the technical issues have been resolved, mostly, and that you made it through to the other side! Go, you!

    Also, in the HuffPo Canada story, I love the photo of you in the slideshow with all your bracelets and rings. :-)

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