10.5 months postpartum:how body change after each child (Kristin)

Number of Pregnancy/children: 3 pregnancy’s , 2 children(one ended in miscarriage)
How many months postpartum: 10.5months (as of March 16)

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I wrote here other times telling you all my story and how i was not happy about my body after 2 children but how much my beautiful children are worth every mark. Well i am 22 years old, will be 23 later this year and my hubby is 26 now, and will be 27 this year as well. We have one boy(about 26 months) and girl(10.5 months). Well a few days ago, our condom broke and now i am really worried, i love my children and we do plan on having another child in the future but i am really worried about my body after a third child. I know my child would be worth it if i was pregnant and i don’t believe in abortion. But as much i i do want another child(prefer in the future) i am still worried about the aftermath of my body, when i had my son, my body changed completely, after i had my daughter it went back to looking what it did after my son, it didn’t get any worst. I am not to happy about my body but i still have good days thinking i look good for having 2 kids, and my husband loves my body especially my boobs but what if after our third child my boobs change, or my stomach. I am also worried because if i was to get pregnant that meant my body only had a 10.5 month rest before getting pregnant again, my body only had about 6 months rest before i got pregnant with my second, so i am scared that my body will change so much cause i didnt give it much time to heal for all pregnancy’s, you know? you think what i am saying is right or does it not matter? I know my child would be worth it but i am still scared. Does your body change after you have each child? how much? Mine didn’t change after 2nd child so does that mean it wont after my 3rd child? or will it a lot? I am asking this, but really it dont matter cause i plan on having a 3rd child in the future anyways, i am just paranoid as how i will change after a 3rd child. I love my husband and kids so much and i do look forward to getting pregnant(i love being pregnant)and having another child, and i wish i could just shut this thought out of my head, i hate it, i do. Anyway thanks for reading, i truly do appreciate it. Trust me i am having a 3rd child god willing regardless but thought i would get some input. Oh and i am 113 pounds now.Thanks

First 2 pics are of me now(10.5 postpartum)
Other 2 pics ,me now with top on

5 thoughts on “10.5 months postpartum:how body change after each child (Kristin)

  • Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Don’t trip. You look great! I am pregnant with my third child too (my kids are 4 and 2.5) and so far my body has changed the least and I have put on the least weight out of all of my pregnancies. I am almost 30 weeks and not one new stretchmark or anything. The 2 kids you have will keep you so active and as long as you eat right you will be fine! plus you’ll have less wieght to lose after. Don’t be scared, and I hope God has blessed you with a new baby :). Keep us posted!

  • Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Dont be afraid of getting pregnant again. If u happen to get pregnant this time it was meant to be. In life we have no control, but only God. Yes your body will change but it’s suppose to. God knew what he was doing when he created women. I have 4 beautiful girls. I had my 1st daughter frm my 1st marriage @ 18 yrs old. Before I got pregnant w/ her I had an ectopic pregnancy, so in the process they ended up taking part of my right fallopian tube. I now only have my left fallopian tube & it still amazes me that I was still able to have 3 more children frm my marriage now. It was meant for each of my girls to be here. My girls are 15, 6, 4, & soon to be 2 yrs old. I gained the most weight frm my 4 yr old. (8lbs 2oz.) Since we are done having children I dedicated myself to

  • Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Continued frm 1st comment…..

    A LOT of hardwork in the gym & living a healthy lifestyle. I am back to my old size now before I ever got pregnant. Yes there are parts of my body that will never be the same & stretch marks but when I look @ my girls all that other stuff doesn’t matter. Take care, God Bless:)

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Aw you sound so much like me!! I worry about the same things..i have only had one baby but i really want another one. I do worry that my body will change alot but I think you just have to make sure you eat really healthy ( good for baby in you too) and drink alot of water and try to walk with yur babies everyday. Good luck I hope you ( and me) can appritiate ourselves one day :)

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Hi, you look great for two children. I have 4 and everytime i got pregnant my initial thoughts were “omg what ismy body goin to look like after”..after the 2nd child my hubby let me worry becuase within a year and half i would always bounce back..right no i’m 10months pp and 10 lbs away from my previous weight. you’ll be fine.

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