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The difference between two and one- having a singleton after twins! (Lindsay)

My first pregnancy, with twins, was scary. At 18 weeks, doctors suspected the possibility of TTTS (Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome). I was put on a strict bed rest, and was only able to leave the house for twice-weekly ultrasounds. Long story short, Baby A’s diastolic blood flow ended up reversing at 31 weeks which resulted in […]

Terrible self image, despite healing well. 1st baby. (Anonymous)

1 child, 5 months PP I am 23 and gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl 5 months ago. I love her more than life itself but have struggled with the effect on my body- softer stomach and saggier boobs I was lucky to only get very small stretchmarks underneath my belly button and they […]

Single Mom, FML (Anonymous)

22y/o FTM of 5month old Well I just need to vent, get it out before I go completely off the deep end. I lay here next to my son and in some ways I want to die. I want to scream and hit and throw things and I want to finally break down and give […]

Young but no longer youthful. (Brianna)

Pregnancies: 1 ( 7 months pp) Height: 5’3 Weight: 134 I had just turned 18 and graduated high school in 2013 when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified to give birth because it was one of my biggest fears in life ( yay I did it! Lol) but nothing scared me more […]

I was a body builder. (Anonymous)

Where to start. Well, 18 months ago I found out I was pregnant, and two short months later I found out I was carrying fraternal twin girls. I grew them for 8 months and two weeks, and when they were born they became a bigger part of my life then I could have ever imagined. […]

Twin Mom (Anonymous)

25 years old First and only pregnancy Fraternal twin boys born at 38 weeks via csection 5 lbs 1 oz and 5 lbs 12 oz I wanted to share my “story”. I am just a real mom. I didn’t let myself go when I got pregnant and I tried to do “all the right things” […]

Fascinated by the Changes (Anonymous)

Age: 39 years old First child. I am fascinated by the changes to my body (especially my boobs) that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are making. I took these photos as a record for myself but also to share with a young friend of mine who told me ” Oh, you can exercise and get your […]

Overdue, induced and finally sectioned! 25 days postpartum! (Anonymous)

When I found out i was pregnant I was both excited and terrified I had just started a new healthy lifestyle, was down three kg and was feeling fantastic. I have always had body issues and the though of pregnancy weight gain and body changes scared the hell out of me. My pregnancy was not […]

Getting There (Anonymous)

I am a 26 y/o mother of one beautiful girl. I have always been small, but have been self confident of my belly as it had a little flab to it. When I got pregnant, I was 105lbs. I delivered my baby at 37 weeks and 147 lbs. I got stretch marks on my breasts, […]

Pregnancy Loss (Anonymous)

It happened around two years ago and it was my first and only pregnancy. During this time I was finally living together with just my boyfriend (now Fiancé!) for a few months after moving from one share house to another. Once we received the keys we were ecstatic! Finally living our first own home. We […]

Feeling Better About My Breasts (Sha)

Hello my name is Sha. I am a 23 year old, 5’6, 132 pound mama with one, perfect, healthy child. I had an “normal” vaginal delivery (helped along with a little Pitocin) with no complications or baby drama. My little girl was a healthy 7.12 lbs, 20 inches long! She was so beautiful (and still […]


Hi there, I’m a long time follower of this site and I do hope my submission is accepted. I’ve struggled so much with myself after (and during) pregnancy, but I’ve finally got the guts up to give this a shot. I’m 26 years old, living in Australia. I get a lot of grief from others […]

One Year Later (Deanna)

~Age: 31 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 year My whole life I have been thin. I’m 5’5 and I was always around 110 pounds. During my pregnancy I did my best to eat healthy, however I ate a lot and ended up […]

“Is she pregnant? …Or just fat?” (Anonymous)

Back in my younger years I had always been pretty chubby, it wasn’t until about 3 or 4 years ago that I lost all the weight, stopped smoking and make it to around 140 lbs. I was not perfect looking by any means, but I did look somewhat fit and healthy overall. I am now […]

Goodbye Forever, Bikini (Becky)

Age: 24 Children: 1 Child’s age: 1 month I have never been skinny. I’ve never wanted to be. I liked my size 8, athletic build with curves in all of the right places. I liked my boobs. I liked my body. Period. When I got pregnant, my husband and I were so excited. Yes, the […]

My Story (Anonymous)

31 years old 1 Pregnancy/c-section Almost 3 year old. Born 10pound 4ounces I always thought my tummy was the way it was cause my little boy was so big and I was the only one with it, and the only weight I out on during pregnancy was all baby. I’ve often said to my husband […]

Win Some, Lose Some (Nicole)

Nobody ever told me what to expect after pregnancy…it really isn’t a topic that is discussed socially or in the media. In fact, if it were even commonly heard of, I have a feeling a lot of young women would do everything in their power to keep their ‘bikini bodies’ in tact. I found out […]

Letting Go of Judgement (Anonymous)

My daughter turned one a few weeks ago. I went back to the submission I made to this site when she was just two weeks old. It brought back a lot of happy emotions to recall my little newborn and how she came into this world, but it also conjured up a lot of negative […]

Is There Any Hope For Me? (Anonymous)

Age : 24 Number of pregnancies : 1 Child’s age : 3 months old I am a first time mom. I do not know anything about pregnancy as I am far away from my family. I was depressed the whole time and I felt so lonely. From 120 pounds I went to a whooping 193 […]

Depressed, Disabled New Mommy (Anonymous)

im 20 years old and its my first baby. ive really never talked to anyone about this is im always scared to. but i dont like how my belly looks. i thank God everyday for my little girl. but i gained about 100lbs with IsaBella. its very ard for me to lose weight because i […]

I Love Being a Mum! (Alice)

30, one pregnancy and birth via Cesarean I love my post-partum body. I basically look the same, with slightly bigger boobs and softer-rounder belly, with extra belly skin that I did not have before. My body is the constant reminder of the precious life I created, and for that, I am eternally thankful. I used […]

Frumpy and Angry! (Anonymous)

Im 22 and have a 3 year old daughter… she wasn’t at all planned.. but my ex wasn’t a very nice person either, I do not regret her she I my world! See this relationship was horrible I was like a possession not a equal human being, I was treat like dirt hit and often […]

First Time Mum (Anonymous)

Im a 24 year old first time Mum to a beautiful 3 month old baby boy but Im struggling to come to terms with my new Mummy body!!! I have had one pregnancy and all went well, with a healthy baby born 2 days before due date. I lost about 20 pounds in the first […]

This is Me (Anonymous)

Age: 25 Number of pregnancies/births: 1 Child’s age: 5 I’ve been debating a submission to SOAM for a long time. What vulnerability! I’m no longer a new mother, but the message of this site is very deeply important to me. I got pregnant at 19- our heads in the clouds, neither of us having anything […]

One Month After Weaning My Toddler (Anonymous)

30 years old Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of children: 1 2.5 years post partum I admire all the women on this site and I have read many of your stories over the past year. I recently stopped breast feeding (very proud to have breastfed for more than 2 years). And now my breasts have […]

Journey To Loving Myself (Anonymous)

What beautiful, brave women you all are for opening up and bearing your hearts, minds and bodies here on this site! I have been reading stories on here to learn and prepare for some of the physical and emotional changes I may experience after I’ve given birth since I have no previous experience to draw […]

New Fit Momma (Victorian)

Previous post here. This is my second submission, unlike my first time I’m finally comfortable in my skin. I am not going to lie there are still problem areas that I am working on, but all in all I am happy. My son is the best little bugger I could ask for. I’m doing this […]

Beauty in a Mum Tum: Overcoming Fear (Jen)

Age: 29 years old Current and pre-pregnancy weight: 138 lbs. Total weight gained during pregnancy: 27 lbs. Children: 1 child, 11 weeks old. I had always feared pregnancy for two reasons: I would not be in control of my body and I might end up with dreaded stretch marks top to bottom. These fears seemed […]

It hurts to look at myself, but not at my son. (Steph)

I was 22 when I had my first and only child. I had a pretty textbook pregnancy besides measuring weeks ahead. Before pregnancy I was at my heaviest – 104kg. I had no hope that I would ever fall pregnant but it happened. My beautiful 10lb son Maximus was born by emergency Cesarean on the […]

Welcoming Our Twins (Anonymous)

Age: 34 Pregnancies/births: 1/2 Age of children: 8 months I found out I was carrying twins when I had a scan at 6 weeks because of some pain and bleeding. Turns out it was my uterus stretching quickly because there were two of them in there! Even at that early stage they located two heartbeats, […]

New Mommy (Avery’s Mom)

I had a beautiful little girl three weeks ago, she is the light of mine and my husbands lives. We tried for almost a year to get pregnant before we did and when it happened it was the best feeling in the world, when I had her we fell so madly in love with her […]

17 Days Post-Cesarean (Anonymous)

Second pregnancy, one m/c at 16 weeks, one birth by cesarean 17 days ago, age 27, yes to media use, please post from anonymous and do not include email address. Today I am 17 days post c section and feeling good physically. I have the sweetest, most adorable baby and couldn’t be happier as a […]

Struggling With My Stomach! (Amy)

I’ve just found this site after searching for many online like it, I must say it has opened my eyes to see just how many other women have issues about their post birth bodies. I am 18 years old, I had my son at 17 years old via emergency c section. I weighed 8st 9lb […]

1 Year Post and Feeling Low. Belly Won’t Go! (Anonymous)

My age- 22 Number of pregnancies- 1 Hi I was always very skinny before getting pregnant with my son, I had him nearly a year ago now very quick labour an hour and a half after bleeding a lot and needing to be induced he was born as beautiful as i imagined and weighed 6pound […]


Number of pregnancies 3 births 1 age 25 So it’s been almost 2 years since I last posted on here. My son is 2 years old and a few months. Im sure no one will remember me from back then so I will just start from the beginning! I had my son at 23 c […]

Feeling Guilty (Ori)

Age: 22 Pregnancies/births:1/1 Other categories: Postpartum, Belly, Belly, Breasts or Body Art, First Pregnancy, PPD Having been at the hospital a few times the week that I gave birth, when we went in around 11:30 pm concerned about bleeding they took their time. Apparently, I was dilating, causing blood. They sent me home a centimetre […]

If I Love My Daughter, I Have to Love Myself (Hope)

My name is Hope, I’m 24 years old and I had my first child this July. I had a truly empowering and beautiful natural childbirth at a birth center, and my baby is absolutely gorgeous! For the first couple months after having her, I was very unhappy with my body. I thought that is was […]

The Body I’ve Always Wanted to Change

Age:20 Numbers of Births/Pregnancies: 1 I am currently 2 months and 8 days postpartum. I was a tiny girl in high school and even then I always felt fat like I needed to lose weight, and the only time I felt pretty was when I wasn’t eating at all and exercising excessively. Then I got […]

My Body Struggle (Anonymous)

I met my now husband in 6th grade, and we’ve been “on and off” since. We have been together with no break ups for 5 years now, married for two of those years. I know my husband loves me and is attracted to me but I NEVER feel good enough. He had cheated on me […]

3 months pp from cesarean, do I have diastatis recti? (Anonymous)

~Age: 36 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 months I had elective cesarean section 3 months ago because my baby boy was breech. The cesarean wasn’t a great experience as I lost a lot of blood (2 litres) and was put on iron […]

I Want to Be Me Again (Desiree)

my name is desiree im 22 a mother of one amazing boy who is 14 months before baby I was 125 pounds which is curvy for my height a tiny 5 ft tall at full term I was 172 a year later im still bouncing between 140 and 145. my husband is the kindest most […]

Talk me out of plastic surgery. (Anonymous)

Age- 25 Number of Children-1, aged 3 I have a son that I love more than life itself. I always had body issues, despite being petite. I fluctuated between 100-110 lbs all through out high school. I was very self conscious of my boobs. The right one was (and still is) smaller than the left […]

4 Weeks After Second C-Section (Heather)

4 weeks after second c-section Hi ladies. I’m 26 years old and this is my second baby. My first was at 19. Both have been c-sections. I started pregnancy 1 at 145 pounds (athlete). I was a size 4/6. I finished that pregnancy at 185, size 16. I got some stretch marks in that pregnancy. […]

My Story (Anonymous)

I am 34 years old and gave birth to my first child in June of this year. Before falling pregnant I had always suffered from poor body image at times although I had got really fit and was running and weight lifting. I guess I was as happy with my body at that stage, more […]

25 And I Hate My Body (Anonymous)

I have been feeling so depressed. I’m 25 and I hate my body. I’ve had one child. She just turned 4. I just thought after 4 years I would look better and I don’t. I have exercised and watched what I eat and I’m down to 139 lbs but I don’t look it. All of […]

Update (Adria)

Number of pregnancies:1 Number of births:1 21 years old Previous post here. I’ve posted here before. I was disgusted with my breasts and body. I did not think I could be fixed. My family and friends I told me to wait at least one year post partum before I started to judge myself too harshly. […]

Working out and trying to love myself again. (Anonymous)

age: 19 children: 2 1/2 year old. Previous post here. I’ve been trying to take each day one day at a time.. I am now parentless. my dad passed away when I was 11, my mom last april. both to lung& brain cancer. Ive had lots of drama and had to put my sons father […]

A Work in Progress (Anonymous)

I am a 24 year old first time mum. I went into this knowing of most of the complications that can happen when you give story goes like this: I really was interested in doing this the natural way, no drugs etc. But when I became two weeks overdue my doctor became concerned but […]

Perspective (Anonymous)

There are days when I love my body! There are moments when I love my body. There are times when I have to remind myself I should be happy that I have two functioning arms, legs, and a relatively healthy body + mind. Alas I guess we can all have our good + bad days, […]

Metamorphosis In More Ways Than One (Anonymous)

I was five days overdue with my first child. My husband and i chose not to find out if it was a boy or a girl because we loved the idea of the surprise. However, i felt very strongly ever since i knew i was pregnant that i was having a boy. I was five […]

First Pregnancy (Anonymous)

Anonymous Age 21 Number of Pregnancies 1 Number Of Births 1 Age of Child 4 months When I become pregnant with my daughter it was a total surprise. Luckily I had an easy pregnancy, only got sick a few times and worked up until I was 38 weeks. When I found out that I was […]

Struggling to Accept My New Body (Anonymous)

I am a 23 year old mother who got pregnant unexpectedly. I was 120 before pregnancy and gained 75 pounds. My baby was 9 pounds 5 ounces and my body will never be the same. I have diastasis recti, and my boobs are uneven and sagging. Although I’ve lost all the pregnancy weight (nursing), my […]

From Loving My Body to Loathing It (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at 17. It was unplanned and unexpected. I was scared, but a little excited too. My boyfriend was supportive and so were his family. I loved being pregnant.. I so enjoyed watching my belly grow each month. For the first time in my life, I felt womanly and sexy. Pre-pregnancy I was […]

Inverted Nipples (Anonymous)

Age: 26 ys pregnancy 31 week Hi, this e’my first pregnancy and my breast nipples hey were always Inverted. We know that many women leave to breastfeed their babies by reason of not having breast nipples! I was always ashamed by tua inverted nipples I hate them I feel ashamed and so ugly. There is […]

Toned After Twins (Lindsay)

I am a 27 year old mom of beautiful twin girls! my pregnancy was a very difficult one- spending the majority of it on bed rest and in the hospital. My girls were born too early and spent 2 months in the NICU. Once they arrived home, I could never find the time or energy […]

My Story (Marie)

Hi, I’m Marie. I have a 5 year old daughter. I’m a single mom since my husband left me, and I’ve been single and celibate for 5 years now. I would love to remarry and have a companion, a lover, and a father-figure for my daughter. But I am so insecure and ashamed of my […]

I Feel Like They Can’t Be Fixed (Adria)

20 (age) Pregnancies (1) 8 months post partum by cesarean. When i first became pregnant, during my first trimester i lost 20 pounds. Than the rest of my pregnancy i only gained 10 pounds. After i delivered i then lost 25 more. This is what alot of people would call “bouncing back” and yes in […]

What Pregnancy Has Done (Nicole)

Age: 22 Children: 1 Child, 7 months old Like most young ladies, I struggled with body image. It was the most severe when I was in middle school and my doctor made a comment about my weight being high. I was only 124 pounds, which was a healthy weight for my height. I ripped myself […]

Marriage Help? (Anonymous)

I came across this website today, and it has helped me so, so much. I am so grateful for all of the women who are unashamed to be themselves even though they are trapped in bodies they hate. I am 8 months pp, and I have the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen […]

Embrace Your Body! (Mrs. Roussell)

Age: 23 Number of Children: 1 6 months Pp Previous post here. My First Post was at 4 week pp and I felt horrible about my body..I was constantly comparing my body to other mothers but I now realize every woman Is different and as we get older our bodies change. It’s up to me […]

Still Look 5 Months Pregnant After C-Section (Anonymous)

I gave birth to my beautiful twin boy/girl via c section in January this year (2013). When I was pregnant I didn’t give much thought to what I would look like afterwards. I put on 2 1/2 stone whilst pregnant and all my weight was on my stomach, it was huge as you can imagine […]

Hyperpigmentation (1st Time Mother)

This is my first pregnancy and I wasn’t aware of how much your body would change when you become pregnant. I was expecting a lot of stretchmarks and was terrified of both those and extra skin. Come to find out my biggest challenge is hyperpigmentation. During my second trimester I started noticing freckles on my […]

New Body, New Outlook – Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. When I got my first stretch mark during pregnancy I would pour over this site trying to piece together an image of what I might look like after birth. And then, after I had my daughter I did the same thing, but in hopes of seeing updates and people’s bodies improving over […]

My Story (Brittany)

My name is Brittany and I am 7 months postpartum after the vaginal delivery of my first (and likely, only) child, a beautiful baby girl named Freyja. I’m nearly 23 years old and although I’m young, my pregnancy unplanned, I feel that I came into my situation informed and prepared to do what I need […]

Trying to Feel Positive (Megan)

Age:24 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 7 weeks postpartum I am so thankful this site exists . The body shaming and unrealistic expectations put on appearance in our culture needs to end. All the same, I sometimes find it difficult to accept my new body. All my life I loved my figure. I was thin with […]

Made Me Even Stronger (Amanda)

Age: 23 Number of pregnancies: 1 pregnancy/birth Age of child: 18 days I got pregnant in London during the Olympics last summer. It wasn’t planned, but we were both pretty excited when I came out of the bathroom six weeks later with two positive pregnancy tests. I was very fortunate to not experience the continual […]

Proof of My Child (Lil Rosh)

Age: 29 No. of pregnancies:1 Age of child: 6 weeks. 6 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my labor was nothing like I expected it to be, it lasted 36 hours after 32 hours with no pain meds i finally gave in and had an epidural but it took 3 attempts […]

Having a Cesarean Section (Anonymous)

Previous post here. When I was six months pregnant, I stepped out of the shower one day and caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror. Looking at my bulbous belly, I realized then and there that the only way my daughter – I already knew the baby was female – could be born […]

Weaning My Daughter (Anonymous)

December 11 2010 marked an important date in my life: it was the day I stopped breastfeeding my two-year-old daughter Gabriella Michelle. I hadn’t deliberately planned to wean her on that very day. But I was unexpectedly put on an anti-seizure medication that the doctors told me was incompatible with breastfeeding. So I stopped nursing […]

Stretch Marks Ruining Confidence (Lacie)

my name is lacie, age 19. so i had my BEAUTIFUL baby girl on the 8th of April! she was 8 lbs 6 oz. she is our everything! i should feel great about everything in my life, i have a super amazing husband and the best baby in the world, but every time i look […]

My Beautiful Scars (Taylor)

My name is Taylor. I am 21 years old and currently pregnant with my first child. From the day I found out I was pregnant I used lotions and creams to prevent any marks from appearing on my body. I got my first stretch mark at 20 weeks. It was all downhill from there. Everyone […]

From 104-124 (Anonymous)

I am 22 years old, just had my first baby 3 months ago. I went from being very skinny my whole life, to having some volume added to my body. I don’t mind the extra weight, but I do mind my belly (look like im 3 months pregnant again), and my breasts (they used to […]

Ambivalent Body Image – Struggling (Alanna)

Age: 24 1 pregnancy & 1 child 3 year old child I want to start this off by saying that I have been following SOAM for a couple years now and never felt confident enough to submit my photos. I was in a very unhealthy relationship for 9 yrs with the father of my child. […]

Does it Make Me a Failure? (Jamie)

Age:19 Pregnancies and births: 1 10 weeks postpartum I became pregnant when I was 18. I was told by doctors when I was younger that it would be difficult for me to conceive, and of I were to conceive, it would be a high risk pregnancy. I was so happy to find out i was […]

First Pregnancy and Postpartum Body Changes (Jamie)

I was one of those women who “knew” the moment they were pregnant.. I was more than ecstatic. It sounds crazy, but I think I felt the moment the baby implanted. I used a pregnancy test that day, waited the 5 or so minutes, saw one line and threw it in a drawer. When I […]

Life After Loss (Rea)

~Age: 18 ~Number of pregnancies: 2 ~number of births:1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: my son is 27 months My name is Rea. I was 15 when I got pregnant with my son. I was sitting at about a size 3-5 and 120 pounds. I wasn’t looking out for […]

My body before, during, and after. (Lindsie)

I found out I was pregnant when I was 18 and wore a size 12-14 in jeans. My whole pregnancy was easy no morning sickness, no stretch marks. Nothing. Until the last month then my stretch marks came.I had my little boy all 8lbs 2oz and 22 1/2 in of him naturally. The day after […]

Emotional C-Section Scars (Anonymous)

1 Pregnancy:1 Child My story begins nearly 5 years ago as my daughter will be 4 in august. I got pregnant when I was only 18. Although my now husband and I were only together about 6 months (together in person only about 1.5 months since he was in bootcamp). Long story short we have […]

A Happy Ending! (Anonymous)

Age:24 Pregnancies: 1 Births:1 1 year postpartum My little girl just turned one a week ago. She is so beautiful, funny and smart. I can’t believe she is mine! When I first got pregnant I had come to terms with the fact that my body would be ruined, based on family history. I would have […]

A Child Having a Child (Anonymous)

A child having a child Age: 22 Number of pregnancies:1 Age of child:4 When I was a little girl,I used to love playing with my baby dolls. I would plan out my life by playing house everyday with my dolls. Perfect house,perfect job, and a perfect family. All I wanted was a perfect life like […]

My Story (Katyy)

It was January 2012 and I was ready, this was my year. New boyfriend who i absolutely adored, 18 this year! finally finishing year 12,the ball, leavers and a holiday to Bali, what more could go wrong…? I was defiantly in love with Scott the first time we meet he managed to crash a car […]

Upset With My Postpartum Body 10 Months In (Sara)

I had my first child 10 months ago at the age of 21. Before I had him I just started getting into the best shape of my life (the healthy way) I started off at 165 and had gotten down to 158 and 1 week after getting down to 158 I found out I was […]

Seeing the Beauty in My Body (Joanna)

Your Age: 22 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 months I got pregnant when I was 21 years old. Not a teen mother, but still young enough to get the occasional stare. My pregnancy was perfect as far as the doctors said, however, […]

Sharing the Beautiful and the Ugly (Freckles)

Hi, I am the owner of Freckles Fairy Chest and just uploaded these photos today. It seems to be a wonderful hit and I have been so grateful for the wonderful feedback on my story. I often model my creations and decided that it was best to leave my body the way it is for […]

Update: Help!!! Bikini worthy or not? 13 Months PP Still with worried about tummy. (Jamie)

Age: 22 Number of Pregnancies/ Births: 1 Previous post here. This is my second post to this website. I am now 13 Months PP. I hate to admit it but I am feeling worse than ever!!! I am up and down as far as staying optimistic about my body, I will go two maybe three […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I wanted to post an update. In my previous entry, I was 3 weeks pp, and now I am 6 months pp. I still visit this site daily and find encouragement and inspiration in all of the stories written and shared. Every one on here is beautiful and each experience unique; that […]

From a good-looking girl to a zebra mom. (Anonymous)

Hello ladies! First of all, my first language in not English so if I write something wrong please forgive me I am 22 years old, got pregnant when I was 21. All in my life I was slim and good looking (thats what others said) 50kg, 162cm with long dark hair. By the time I […]

Trapped in Someone Else’s Body (Anonymous)

Age: 24 I just had my first (and last) child on September. I had a scheduled c-section. He was 10lbs and 2oz when he was born. I am only 5’1” and before I got pregnant I was only 95lbs. The day I went into the hospital I was 149lbs!!!! Mostly, water and one giant baby, […]

Update on My Diastasis Recti (Mrs. Roussell)

Age :23 Weeks PP: 9! Previous post here. When I last posted I was 4 weeks pp and very insecure about my stomach. I haven’t lost any weight yet (still 140) but I’m ok with that being I’ve never had a big butt and being that I’m African American I’ve always been made fun of […]

My Battle With Guilt (Anonymous)

I met my boyfriend in high school, freshman year. We were officially a couple a little over three years ago. I think we may have used a condom for the first couple months and gradually I started to let him not wear one, being stupid, young, and in love. Well miraculously, it took me years […]

Still not quite where I want to be (Kris)

Age: 28 Years postpreg: 2.5 # of children: 1 At the age of 24, i was single, in college, and living alone in a new town. I was enjoying the single life since it was the first time in my adult life that i had been single for a significant period of time. In fact, […]

Every experience has its first. (Desiree Lynnette)

I am 22 years old, 23 in October of this year. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, and nothing could have prepared me for pregnancy. It has been an amazing, emotional, and at times miserable journey. When I found out that I was pregnant is was somewhat expected, but at the same time a pretty […]

Nowhere Else to Turn (Anonymous)

I had only been dating my boyfriend for 3 months when we found out I was pregnant. I was on depo for 5 years, took antibiotics, then freaked because I forgot about the effect that antibiotics have on BC, so I took Plan B. Still got pregnant. I never wanted children. I had no desire […]

33 Years Old, Nine Months PP, Life After C-Section (Anonymous)

Some of my wisest mom friends shared with me that it’s best to NOT have a birth plan…I shouldve listened to that little feeling tugging on my gut! Ah well…se la vi!! I was initially soo upset (combined with hormones post partum!!) about having a cestion…I had my heart set on a vbirth with no […]

Still on my way to accepting myself. (Melanie)

Age: 28 2 pregnancies, 1 birth my son is 16 month old When I met the father of my child I was 26 and we both knew instantly that THIS IS IT! We were what we’re always looking for and one month after we became a couple I became pregnant. It was no accident, but […]

My Story (Anonymous)

The birth of my son (first child)is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love him more that I thought possible to love someone. However, my postpartum body… Not so much. I was 22 years old when I got pregnant and I gave birth at 23 years old. I gained […]

My Stretch Mark Journey (Toni)

Age: 25 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy/ 1 birth The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 5 months pp Original post here. Last time I posted I was 32 weeks pregnant and I was just starting to get my first stretch marks. I honestly cried hysterically when I found […]

First Time Mommy (Mrs. Roussell)

Age: 23 Number of Children:1 4wks Pp Im so glad I found this website!! I was 124lb 5″1 before I got pregnant..I loved my body and so did my husband which why I got pregnant lol…I was 160lbs and gave birth at 39wks.. Only one of my friends (age 23) has kids (2 girls) and […]

Feeling Happy With My Post-Baby Bod (Hannah)

22 years old, one pregnancy and one birth via emergency c section. 6 week old baby boy This is just a short story of my birth as the pictures I want women to see then to show how a real 22 year old average body is and no one is perfect so just enjoy your […]

Mommy Belly (Brittany)

I had my son on November 4th 2009. I love him to death but I am so depressed over what has happened to my stomach. I was underweight when I got pregnant. At 19 and 5’5 I was 119. For Atleast the last year I have been stuck at 127-133. I just can’t seem to […]

Hi, my name is Bump and for nine months it’s all about me! (Alinka)

~Age: 29 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 months Hi, my name is Bump and for 9 months it’s all about me! I am a mystery (well not for your gynecologist, but still). I am where the miracle of life starts (really that […]

So Depressed About My Postpartum Body (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at 20 years old/ After a string of terrible luck i began working at a bikini bar. I hated every second of it. Hated the way people acted and hated getting judged all day, and treated like a piece of meat. I felt like at the time, i had no choice, the […]

A Mother’s Body (Anonymous)

Previous post here. 21 year old mother of a 1 year old boy It’s funny what a few months can do to you. I wrote a second entry about my body and the sadness and disappointed that I felt at the fact that I did not lose the weight like everyone had assured me I […]

First Pregnancy by Cesarean (Tsvetelina)

Hi there. My name is Tsvetelina fit the 23 from Bulgaria. My English is not very good, but I hope you understand what I write. 4 months ago I gave birth to baby girl – Anna. 3.200 kg, 50 cm Pregnancy passed me slightly, the first two months my slightly sick , after 7 months […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel (Anonymous)

Age: 19 Number of Pregnancies: 1 11 months PP I got pregnant when I was 18 years old, wasn’t planned but welcoming my son into the world was the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. Pre-pregnancy I weighed 150, and I am 5’10. I ate alot of junk food when I was […]

I think my body is holding a grudge against me (bcortez)

Age:25 Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of births: 1 Age of children: 2 years old I love being a woman. I love being a mother. I love being a wife. I don’t love my body. I love me, but I feel like my inner self is cursed with this failed promise of what my body […]

I heard, but never imagined it would be like this. (Anonymous)

Age: 27 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancies and 1 births The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 months postpratum First of all, I´m not from english speaking country, so my english isn’t very good, nevertheless I try to write my story and i hope it will be readable. […]

Recovered/ing Anorexic and 36 Weeks Pregnant (May)

I am currently 24 years old and 36 weeks pregnant. I have struggled with self image my whole life, first started making myself sick after eating at age nine and advancing to anorexia around 14 years of age. I have been on the way to eating normally since I was 19 and in my own […]

I’m still alive, but we lost our precious daughter. (Maureen)

Age: 32 Pregnancy/birth: 1 Children: 1 angelgirl in heaven, passed away 3 days after birth Title: I’m still alive, but we lost our precious daughter Name: Maureen, Proud mama of Chloë* Country: The Netherlands On Monday evening the 25th of July 2011 I was brought to the hospital by Ambulance, because of serious belly ache. […]

My body eight months after my little miracle. (Jamie)

Age: 22 Number of Pregnancies/ Births: 1 I just turned 22, and have a beautiful 8 1/2 month baby girl. My pre pregnancy weight was 166lbs, I did great through the first 7 months of pregnancy only gaining 10lbs, then all of a sudden I was gaining a pound a day getting up to 214lbs!! […]

Trying to Love Me (Katy)

24 years old 9months pregnant with my first baby Pictures first 3 are of me 5 weeks away from my due date last one is the day I found out I was pregnant (4weeks along) Like some of the other stories i’ve read on here, I’ve never thought that I was beautiful. Looking back on […]

First Pregnancy (Hannah)

I was googling images of pregnancy and how the body changes because I am so horrified at how my body has changed, everything has got stretch marks and gone fat I’ve gained like 3 + stone and I can’t even look down because my belly depresses me so much even though my son inside I […]

34 Weeks Pregnant (Dallas)

34 Weeks Pregnancy The name you want posted with your entry: Dallas ~Your story or thoughts if you want to include something: I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am expecting a little princess. My pregnancy was a total surprise. The baby’s father and I had separated in late March of […]

I HAte My Belly (Anonymous)

I had my daughter almost a year ago, I have tried to do everything I can to get rid of the stretch marks and the flab HELP. anyone know any exercise, and i’ve used bio-oil it seems to do the trick. before i got pregnant i weighed 97.9 and then after i was at 158, […]

Love/Hate Relationship With My Body (Anonymous)

I was 18 when I got pregnant so being that young and still kind of dealing with the insecurities I had then didn’t help what was going to come along with pregnancy. I hadn’t started really gaining weight till about 5/6 months then I shot up in weight. My pre-pregnancy weight started at 150/155 I […]

Hope is Not Lost (Laura)

Age: 22 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 5 months PP I discovered this site while I was pregnant. I was desperate, searching for answers of what my body would look like after baby. Now, 5 months after delivering a beautiful baby girl, I […]

My Dear Belly (M.B.)

My name is M.B., I am 30 years old and live in germany. I’ve got one daughter. She is nine years old now and in all those years I never found a way to accept the shape of my belly. I am doing a lot of sports, which makes me skinner and more strength through […]

Wanting to Love Something That Is Beautiful (Taylor)

I have never been skinny, my whole life i have watched my mom who has 3 children share clothes with my younger sister when i could never do that. To this day they still do that but now it hurts me more… i am 18 i am 2 months postpartum 25 pounds too heavy and […]

Extremely Self-Consious About My 2 Month PP Body (Hollie)

My name is Hollie, I’m 21 years old, and I gave birth to my beautiful, wonderful son Triston 2 months ago. I gave birth vaginally, and slightly underestimated how much it would hurt, haha. I knew that my postpartum body wouldn’t be like my prepregnancy body by any means, but i didn’t expect the stretch […]

28 Weeks Pregnant (Anonymous)

I am currently 24 years old and am pregnant with my first baby. A baby boy My husband and I have been together going on 4 years and have been married for a year, in May of 2012. We had our actual wedding/celebration on March 24th, 2012. On April 20th, 2012, my husband and I […]


I’m 20 years old and pregnant with my first child. I’m 36 weeks pregnant. Before I got pregnant I’ve always been tiny 5’2 and 110 lbs. I loved my body and loved being skinny. Now I’ve already gained about 50 lbs and still gaining. About two days ago I noticed stretch marks and I haven’t […]

Update – Teen Learning to Love Her Body (Faith)

Your Age: 18 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 Story: It has been three years. I posted my story 3 whole years ago, and I can’t believe time has flown by so fast. Here is my original post. What has changed? So much. […]

Stomach 2 Years PP (Anonymous)

Age: 31 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children: 2 years old I regret all the time I spent self-loathing after having my baby. I hated the dark line down my stomach that took over a year to fade away and the stretch marks I got. I also looked like I […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Today I am writing to show the progress i have made physically. But emotionally SO MUCH MORE, i CONFIDENTLY wear a two piece everywhere now, i EMBRACE every bit of the accomplishment my body went through. I have baby fever VERY badly and am wanting to try for baby number two! after […]

Body Image Issues (Anonymous)

I am really struggling with body image issues. I am 3 months postpartum, with my first child, and really struggling with my self image. The pregnancy was unplanned, but my husband and I were overjoyed. I am 21 years old and feel as though I no longer have a “good” body. I feel sad, because […]

I wouldn’t trade my baby boy for the world, but I would trade my postpartum body… (Victorian)

I love being a mommy but what I don’t love is the muffin top, stretch marks and saggy skin that I am left with. I went in for an induction on the 6th of August at 5pm I was in labor till 930 on the 7th when I had only dialated 2 centimeters and they […]

I don’t feel pretty anymore. (Amanda)

Age – 21 Pregnancies – 1 Births – Due Dec. 4th, 2012 Hi, I am 25 weeks pregnant. I was 209 pounds before my pregnancy and have gained 21 pounds so far. My BMI indicates that I was MORBIDLY obese before my pregnancy, but that is far from true. I think BMI’s are a joke, […]

Struggling to Accept My Body and Find Time to Work Out (Megan)

Age: 28 Baby: 14 weeks, baby girl Rain Lily First pregnancy and birth First off I would like to say I am truly blessed to have my beautiful Baby Girl. I have never loved anything or anyone so much. She puts a smile on my face everyday, and I couldn`t imagine my life without her. […]

Still Trying to Get Used to My Mommy Figure (Anonymous)

20 yrs old 1 pregnancy 1 child a beautiful baby girl 1 yr pp my name is april… I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant and had my daughter at 19…let me jst say that before I got pregnant I was 5′ 1 and weighed 125lbs… size 5 in pants XS shirts […]

New Body, New Outlook (Anonymous)

I’m not being vain when I say that for the majority of my life I relied on my looks. Friends and boyfriends would always comment about how physically attractive I was and it didn’t take long before all I associated with being liked and accepted was being pretty & staying in shape. I prided myself […]

Will I ever find peace with myself? (Megan O)

Age:22 1 pregnancy 1 daughter 14 months old I have always had weight acceptance issues or what have you, but I have always been a very active person and was fit as an adolescent. I grew up in a family where being overweight was normal but for some reason I had issues accepting even the […]

Becoming a Young Mummy (Anonymous)

Becoming a young Mummy. Annonymous. age: 16 number of children: 1 age of child; 6 weeks old. first of all i was soo happy when i found this site. it gave me light that im not the only girl with a body like i have. im thankful and i walk around with my head held […]

Positively surprised with my postpartum body. (Nancy)

Before I got pregnant I’ve seen many pictures of post partum bellies and I was worried that after my pregnancy my own belly will be ugly and pouchy and the skin strechmarked and saggy, but just a few days after delivery my body surprised me – I never expected I’ll look good, but now I’m […]

Only a Little Bit Happy (Cassie Leigh Macleod)

The truth is i am only just a little bit happy. I laid in bed (baby 11weeks and 5 days old) finishing off an embroidery piece my own mother started when i was born but then left half done and now i am hell bent on finishing for some reason although i don’t know why […]

Finally gaining acceptance for my “mummy body!” (Sonja)

Age: 20 Numer of pregnancies: 1 Number of children: 1 nearly 13 months postpartum This website is awesome – finally somewhere I can share my feelings & get some understanding support! Ever since falling pregnant & having my son I’ve felt extremely isolated about my new “mummy body” & felt as if no-one understood me […]

Stretch Marks Are Beautiful! (Ashley)

Age: 22 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 age of child: 5 months, 5 months PP I met my husband while working at a restaurant in my hometown. I was 16 and his parents owned the restaurant. His name is Samuel and he is 7 years my senior, needless to say, everyone doubted our relationship. However, we […]

Wishing For Once In My Life I Could Have That Flat Belly Everyone Else Has! (Kylee)

Age: 22 Number of Pregnancies and Births: One Pregnancy and Birth My Son’s Age: Almost 20 Months Pre- Preg Weight : 150Lbs Weight Post Partum : 165Lbs Hello fellow Mommas! I am new to SOAM as of, well.. now. And Im so happy that I have found a place that I can come to and […]

Please help me with my belly! (Anonymous)

Please tell me that my stomach will go down??!!! I am 10 weeks postpartum. This was my first pregnancy, and 2 weeks after giving birth I weighed 6 pounds less then before I got pregnant. I have since lost another 5 pounds. I ended up having a c-section after 18 + hours of labor. Perhaps […]

Love Being a Mom, Dislike the Body (Brittney)

Age:20 1 son, age 15 months. My name is Brittney, I am 20 years old and have a son who is 15 months old. I found out I was pregnant about a month after I graduated high school and about a week after that, my boyfriend and I moved about four hours away from my […]

Will you choose to love yourself? (Jan)

Age: 26 1 pregnancy, 1 child- a daughter, 19 months. I have posted here before, when my own baby girl (now 19 months) was just eight months old. I was overwhelmed by the encouraging and uplifting comments on my story. Healed by the words of other mothers I didn’t even know. Almost every day I […]

1 Year PP & Positive Body Image (Emily)

Previous post here. 25yrs old 2 births 33 months and 12 months; 12 months pp I am 12 months postpartum this month. I posted about 4 months ago here. I have always had body image issues and had an eating disorder as a teen. When I meet my husband at age 21 I had a […]

Stretch Marks for Life! (Anonymous)

I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant. It was definitely the scariest but also the happiest moment of my life. I had an easy pregnancy for the most part. Aside from a little sciatica and heart burn, I was loving life. I couldn’t wait to be a mom, and I found myself […]

Ashamed and Insecure (Anonymous)

25 years old one child, three months postpartum In my early teens I suffered from purging anorexia. I’ve never been content with my body and looks since one summer my dad pointed out my growing belly when I was 12. I got the help I needed, but never got rid of that little voice that […]

My Favorite Hip Huggers, RIP (Clara)

I am 23 years old, and I had my son, Andy, a month before my 19th birthday. Before I had Andy, I was a consistent size 8-10, but had finallyyyy gotten down to a size 6 after some hard work and pure accident. I was extremely happy with how I looked, my stomach looked great! […]

Only my partner could love this… before, during and after. (Terri)

20 years of age 1 pregnancy, 1 birth to a beautiful baby girl Baby’s aged 7 weeks. Whilst I was pregnant I always thought that after the baby was born I could just do a couple of sit ups and i’d get my body back the way it was before. I was applying baby oil […]

Never Beautiful Enough (Savannah)

Age:19/ 4.5 months postpartum Pregnancies: 1 birth/ 1 miscarriage It must have been prom night that my son was concieved. Even though my boyfriend and I did not go to prom (in order to save money for a trip to Jamaica) we did look forward to the after parties. The alcohol mixed with the graham […]

Saggy skin, stretch marks, and a baby boy! (Ashley E)

(age) 19 years old (# of pregnancies & births) 2 pregancies and 1 birth (post-partum) 5 Weeks I am 5 foot 2 inches tall. Before pregnancy I weighed 114 pounds. I gained 37 pounds, making me 153 pounds by the end of pregnancy. I had a scheduled c-section due to my son being breech. Two […]

Underneath My Clothes (Anonymous)

I was a 5’3″, 115 pound 23 year old with an hourglass figure when I got pregnant with my son. My teeny tiny (22 inches!) waist and flat tummy were my pride. I diligently slathered all kinds of creams all over my belly from the day I got a positive test. I ate a diet […]

Afraid of Second Pregnancy (Anonymous)

First: I am very grateful for this site, it has helped me so much to accept my body. Second: I’m not a native English speaker, I’m trying my best but don’t be surprised if you find some mistakes. Age: 25 Pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 18 months pp, 7 weeks pregnant I was 22 when I […]

Struggling in My Skin (Anonymous)

I have always been on the chubby side with a belly before pregnancy. I am a first time new mommy and I would not trade it for the world. I love my son Caiden with all of my heart and cant believe he is mine. He makes me happy and so proud. Giving birth was […]

Coming to terms with the new me! (Krystal)

Tomorrow is the 36th week of my pregnancy. It seems like overnight my body has changed – some changes are beautiful others are a little harder to accept. I’ve waited 29 years to have a baby. In fact, I never thought I would get the chance to be pregnant or carry a baby but somehow, […]

Motherly Beauty (Rachel)

21 1 daughter (18m) and trying for another I am a 21 year old mother of an 18 month old baby girl. I came upon this site while searching what to expect of your body after having a second child, as my husband and I are trying for our second. Before becoming pregnant I had […]

Depressed About My Stretch Marks (Anonymous)

I am 26 years old my daughter is 10 months old. I have never been confident about the way I look. As an overweight preteen I would spend hours looking at Seventeen and YM magazines. I think this is where my poor body image started because I did not look like the girls in those […]

Young Mother of One (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at 19, after being with my Husband for 2 months (this was before we got married). I was very depressed my first tri because I wasn’t ready to have a child, especially with someone I hardly knew. I came around in my second tri, after feeling a fetus move inside of you […]

2 Months PP belly. Hate it, but will learn to love it. (Anonymous)

I was 16 when I got pregnant had my sweet little 8 pounds and 7 ounce baby boy after 40 long weeks of pregnancy at age 17! Im 5 foot 7 inches and 147 before i got pregnant at the end of my pregnancy i was a whooping 193!! I now weigh 172. And i […]

32 weeks pregnant and stretchies have started… (Toni)

Age – 24 Currently 32 weeks pregnant with #1 When I first discovered I was pregnant I became increasingly curious about predicting what my body would be like during and after pregnancy, and so I started to stalk this site. Although I wasn’t overweight when I fell pregnant, I have always been very self-conscious in […]

Can’t accept the huge change to my body. (Anonymous)

I’m 21 years old and my beautiful son is 8 months old. He’s my first. Before I got pregnant I weighed 118-120 lbs. and now I weigh 140 lbs. When I was pregnant the last time i weighed myself was about a week before I gave birth and I was 154 lbs. and about a […]

Building self-esteem after husband’s affairs (Joelle)

Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies and Births: 2 pregnancies, 1 birth, 1 baby in heaven Age of child and how far post-partum: Isabella 6 months and four days old. I am 6 months and four days post- partum I found this site from a woman who posted this site on the Birth Without Fear facebook […]

7 Months PP & HATING Myself! (Sarah)

Age: 21 7 months PP 1 pregnancy Pre-pregnancy weight: 150 Current weight: About 190 Let me start off by saying that I’ve never liked my body! Before I got pregnant I weighed 150 lbs. About a year before I was pregnant I weighed around 180 and after working as housekeeping I lost 30 lbs. When […]

Unhappy and Envious (Danielle)

23 yrs old. 1 pregnancy/birth. Daughter is now 18 months old As the second summer after the birth of my daughter approaches, I once again find my self looking at bikini’s and wishing I was able to wear one. Before pregnancy I was 120 lbs and felt wonderful about myself when wearing a bikini. The […]

Diastasis Recti – I Still Look Pregnant! (Anonymous)

I am 20 years old have a 8 month old, I am 3 months pregnant and have been pregnant 3 times including now. When I was pregnant with my 8 month old son my tummy was huge I am only 4″11 and before I got pregnant only weighed 130. My tummy grew so quickly and […]

Will I Ever Be Sexy Again? (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Number Of Births: 1 I married the love of my life in May of 2011, and we conceived our baby boy on our honeymoon. At that time I weighed 145 lbs at 5′ 4″. I’d never been a skinny girl, but pretty athletic and active. Over the nine months I carried my baby, […]

Pregnant when told I never would be. (Paula)

my names Paula and im from essex in the untied kingdom, I am 16 weeks pregnant and my daughter is 26 weeks old, my starting weight was eight stone 3 lbs and in my first pregnancy i gained three stone, through a mixture of things. I had My daughter by c-section due to having severe […]

The Beauty Within the “Ugly” (Ashley)

I have never been happy with my body. I have always been chubby but my stomach never hanged over my pants or sagged…now it does. I am only 5’1 and gave birth to a beautiful 9lbs 12oz baby girl! All natural too! It was the most beautiful experience of my life. I love my baby […]

I will break the cycle. (KMG)

Age: 32 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 20 month old I remember being a little girl of nine or ten, after my brother was born, and looking at my mother observing herself in the mirror. She had saggy breasts, a lot of stretchmarks, and a vertical c-section scar. She hated all three, blaming me for her […]

Uphill Battle (Jade)

-Age- 18 -Pregnancy’s- 1 and -Birth’s- 1 -Children Age- almost 2yrs I was only 15 when i concieved my little boy, zander. I had him June 1st of 2010 at 12.51pm. he weighed 8lb 14 oz and 21 1/2inches long. I have had a hard time dealing with the way i look. i know it […]

My Struggle (Anonymous)

20 years old. 1 pregnancy, 1 birth. I have struggled with my weight for years. My sister was always the tiny/petite one and I was always the chunky tomboy. At 15, my manager at American Eagle introduced me to adderall..I could take it and work hard all day without eating anything. I was losing weight […]

I’ve Earned my Tiger Stripes (Tara)

When i first discovered I was pregnant I searched everywhere for post baby bodies, terrified of what I was going to look like after. I didn’t find anything then but recently came across your site and loved it! Hopefully by sharing my story and images I can ease the fear of other soon to be […]

Update (Dalena)

Previous post here. In my first post I had given myself a goal weight of 140lbs-145lbs to be reached within a year… Its been a year and I haven’t made it. I stopped dieting however I still ate fairly healthy. And I wasn’t working out as much as I should have been. I’ve increased my […]

The Before, During, and After of My Belly (Anonymous)

age 28 number pregnancies: 1 pregnant 25 weeks with next I have always been pretty active and fit, I was 26 when I got pregnant with my son, it was unexpected and my husband and I had only been together for 6 months at the time. I tried and tried to avoid the stretch marks […]

Still not the same, but trying to feel OK. (Jessica L)

Going through my pregnancy and having my daughter was an experience I will never forget. Not only was I extremely happy I was also concerned the whole time. I did most of it on my own. My husband left for Afghanistan when I was six months pregnant in Oct. and just got back last week. […]

Struggling to accept my new body. (Anonymous)

Age-21 # of pregnancies & births- 1 9 months post-partum It’s been 9 months since I had my beautiful little girl & while I love her with all my heart I can’t seem to accept my new body. I was 120 pounds before I got pregnant with a perfectly flat stomach. I had gestational diabetes […]

Am I Really the “National Average?” (Misty)

Am I really the “National Average?” Height: 5’8” Weight: 205lb I just found out that the new U.S. National Average for women’s sizes is 14-16 (up from 10-12). That puts me right in the national average at a size 14 jeans/dress. But, what does that really mean? At almost fifteen months postpartum I feel like […]

There is hope to loving your postpartum body. (Amanda)

My name is Amanda. I’m 24 years old, married for 5 years, and a mother of a beautiful 2 year old little boy. I have been very self conscious since probably the first 4 months during pregnancy. I gained a tremendous amount of weight. I am 5’4 – 5’5.and went from 135 to 193! I […]

The Road Map of California (Miss Jones)

I got pregnant young; I guess not as young as some mothers I know, but 18 is still a child in my mind. I was ready though. I had been forced to grow up quickly because of home-life circumstances. When I got pregnant I was a nice 120 pounds. I had a nice taught and […]


I have a 6 month old son, first pregnancy. My issue is this- I am over 200lbs. I had gained some weight before I got pregnant (met my now husband and became comfortable with him,slacked off and ate things I usually didn’t). Got pregnant, was so sick the entire time, I ate what I could. […]

Struggling With My Body Image (Anonymous)

I was 125 5’9″ pre pregnancy. I am 29 and this is my first child delivered via c-section. I was extremely sick for the first five months of pregnancy. After that i rapidly gained weight. I had severe edema and my doctor wanted me to take off work the last four weeks but with […]

Postpartum Depression or Hypothyroidism? (Anonymous)

~Age: 32 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 18 months Hi, It’s been 18 months since I gave birth. It was a wonderful experience. I was surrounded by family, love, and affection after I came home with my dear daughter. My husband was supportive […]

Discomfort is an Understatement (Anonymous)

~Age:22, Pregnancies: 1 (this is my first) I’m not sure I’ve ever totally been comfortable with my body. I’m 5’1″, and am nearing 195lbs right now. I’m also 37 weeks and 3 days into my pregnancy. Before I got pregnant, I wasn’t the thinnest of girls, weighing in at around 145lbs. This is still heavier […]

Everyone Tells Me I Look Fine… NOT (Christina)

Age:23 Pregnancies/Births: 1 pregnancy 1 birth Childs Age: 14 months Ok so I was 196lbs in March of 2010. I went on weight watchers and got down to 160lbs. June 8th,2010 I stopped weight watchers and my doctor said I had gotten pregnant that first week of June. So long story short, nine months later, […]

Ashamed and Unsatisfied (Kristen)

age 20, one pregnancy, one birth, little girl, 7 months postpartum I carried a 100% healthy little girl a little over seven months ago. She was born 1 day after her due date, September 15, 2011. She weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces. I have never been the skinniest girl, nor will I ever be. I’m […]

I closed my kanga in the oven door (Britne)

Age-26 1 pregnancy, 1 birth, Zoey, age 16 months. Photos: 1- 15 weeks pregnant, 2. 40 weeks pregnant, 3. Kanga!! (16 months after birth) After being told I would never have a child (due to PCOS) I did the impossible; I conceived naturally and quite by surprise. Now, my bright and beautiful 16-month-old daughter lives […]

Mother of One (Anonymous)

Age 21; Pregnancies 1; Births 1. I had to have my son by c-section after 16 1/2 hours of labor and never dialating past 1 cm. I was 18 when I become pregnant with my son and 19 when I had him. He is about a year and a half now and he is my […]

Learning Acceptance (Anonymous)

Pregnancies/Children: 1 7 weeks Postpartum Growing up I had self esteem issues and I struggled with an eating disorder up until I found out I was pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant everything changed, I knew I needed to care for myself for my child. My mother didn’t do a very good job […]

I Want My Body Back (Anonymous)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1/1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 5.5 month old ds/5.5 months pp As long as I can remember, I have struggled with body image issues. All throughout my school years, I was always the big/fat/chunky/chubby/amazon woman or what have you. I was […]

No bikini for me… (MotherOfOne)

This site is so wonderful! A big thanks to the creator.. These stories have made me feel a lot better about my situation.. Knowing I’m not alone. These photos are 11 months postpartum. I got pregnant with my first, a beautiful baby boy, at age 21. Being young, I assumed my body would bounce right […]

The Stranger in the Mirror (Miserable)

Before my first pregnancy in 2008 I was relatively slim: 9 stone 7 lbs ( 133 pounds in American money!) although I don’t think I carried it well as I’m short: 5′ 3″, and I’ve always had a big bottom and wide hips, but even so I was in fairly good shape. I was a […]

I am a woman reclaiming my body. (Anonymous)

Aged 33. 1 beautiful six year old boy. 1 plus size single mum. What a fantastic website, have just taken a look and I love that women are taking the chance to say ‘hello, this is what real women look like’ and having their joy and pain witnessed. Some women come through pregnancy and childbirth […]

Does Your Boob Hang Low? (Amanda)

I had my beautiful baby boy in October 2010, ventouse delivery on his due date! I became absolutely massive as my pregnancy progressed with swelling in every part of my body. I think I was 52 inches around the waist the last time I measured my stomach when pregnant. I gained around 30 kg’s with […]

18, Overweight, and Pregnant (Trish)

I have always been over weight for as long as i can remember, at 18 i met my fiance and he was 33! he was so fun and it was risky and fun to be with an older guy and i knew my family would hate it. but 4months in i found out i was […]

This is Me (Leanne)

23 years old, 1 pregnancy 1 birth, daughter aged 4 I fell pregnant a month after my 18th birthday. It wasn’t planned and came as a total shock, but once the initial shock was over, I was happy. I prepared myself mentally for everything that was to come; except the changes to my body. I […]

7 Months Pregnant and Scared (Anonymous)

I came across your site after seeing it in the DM, I don’t feel easier, (yet) but am glad I am not alone. I have never been a size 8, always a 12/14, after my daughter was born a size 14 was most comfortable. I grew up with a women who made food and weight […]

Loving My Mommy Body (Raven)

My name is Raven, I am 20 years old and I have one son that is now 18 months old. I had him via cesarean section. I had a lot happen to me after I had my son. I had just assumed since having a baby was one of the happiest and greatest things that […]

I’m Not Perfect, But That’s OK With Me (Kate)

I am 25 years old. I have a beautiful 19 month old son. I LOVE this page and visit often. I have always had problems with my body, as I am sure most women do, but I have never hated my body. I have always been curvy and thicker than most girls. I am 5’9″ […]

7 Month Update (Shantel)

7 months post 1 pregnancy age 24. So I made a post about 3 months ago it can be found here. It has been tough but I am finally beginning to have hope for my body. My skin is still sagging badly but the abs are coming back together and my tummy is flattening out […]

5 Months PP and struggling with PPD and body image (MB)

Age: 25 Number of births: 1 Months PP: 5 I am 25 years old and a stay at home mom and wife. I had Hyperemesis during the entirety of my pregnancy and only gained 5 lbs, but seeing as I was already “obese” at 196 lbs when I found out I was expecting my OB […]

My husband loves my body, why can’t I? (Anonymous)

Age-24 Pregnancies/Births-1 Today I am 17 weeks postpartum. Just a little background- I had always had self image problems. I remember puking in middle school until high school were during my junior year I met my now husband.He immediately was putting “meat” on my frail 80lb body. I am 5’2”. So I was really starved […]

Uncomfortable In My Skin (Amber)

Age: 21, Pregnancies: 1, Births: 1, Children: 1 girl, age 3. I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, half way through my senior year of High School. I had my daughter one month after my 18th birthday. I conceived my daughter the very first time I had slept with my new boyfriend. […]

A Never-Ending Struggle (Anonymous)

Age: 20 Number of Births: 1 Child: 7 Months Old i’ve posted before, but not on a topic as specific as this. so, no pictures this time– just a story that i’m hoping some other women can relate to. not exactly the happiest, but i’ve found that people find comfort in relating with others, regardless. […]

Update (Dee)

Original post here. Age: 18 # of Pregnancies/Births: 1 Age of Child: 17 months It’s been 1 year since my first post and I’m now 17 months postpartum. My body hasn’t changed drastically in that time, but there has been some progress. My once pink stretch marks on my stomach, butt, and hips are now […]

Face of a Single Prayer (Allyshia)

age: 17. Pregnancies: 2 // births: 1 and 1 on the way! Age of children: 13 months and 9 weeks pregnant I was 15, struggling through anorexia and I was 78 lbs. I was 4’10” and still am at the moment! I was about 87 lbs at the time I conceived my daughter and my […]

Great Pregnancy – Nice Body (Rada Bond)

~Age: 29 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 preganancy – 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: my son is 1 year and 4 month old today My name is Rada, I am from Moldova and I am 29 years old. My baby boy – Karim – is 1year […]

Scared to Look Down (Ana)

age: 24 1 pregnancy mother of 4 yr old princess natural birth you would think that 4 yrs would make it easier to accept the changes in your body.. but its definitely not, for me atleast. i was never the “skinny” girl, and that always bothered me.. and after giving birth the list got longer. […]

35 Weeks Pregnant (Anonymous)

This pregnancy took me by surprise. I wasn’t seeing anyone seriously and when I found out and told the father, whom I’d been seeing casually for about six months, he acted so shamefully that I knew I wouldn’t have his support in the long run. I was right, a couple months of no contact later, […]

Struggling With the Changes (Anonymous)

I found this website in a moment of weakness I was having with myself over issues with my body and I decided that since reading everyone’s stories and seeing their pictures that I couldn’t resist posting my own photos/story to maybe help someone else. I am 20 and actually planned a pregnancy (with my boyfriend […]

Taking One Day at a Time (Anonymous)

Previous post here. AGE:23 POSTPARTUM: 24MONTHS PREGNANCIES: 1 Taking one day at a time. This has been the only way I have been able to move forward after giving birth to my daughter, who was stillborn, 24 months ago. Since I last submitted to SOAM things have changed. After issues with my husband and a […]

Young and Feeling Hopeless (Amelia)

Hi there, first off I would like to start by saying that when I found this website I was so happy to be able to relate to other real woman who feel the same way that I do. A lot of stories on here have helped me to begin to accept my new body, but […]

Feeling Myself Again, Even Though I’m So Different (Amanda C)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 9 and a half months daughter Sadie… My name is Amanda I am 24 and have had one pregnancy where I gave birth to my daughter May 17 2011. She is almost 10 remember being about […]

Inverted Nipples? (Kelly)

Hello, i would like to know If some more pregnant has inverted nipples? I would like to know if they breastfeed?

Trying to Accept My Body (Candy)

I am 20 years old, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant. I was really excited, and my baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am a single mom and it TERRIFIES me to look for a relationship because of the stretch marks the pregnancy left on […]

I Feel So Insecure (Rebecca)

age: 20 pregnancies: 2 births: 2 children: 2 girls aged 4 and 10 weeks PP: 10 weeks Keywords: second pregnancy, belly, normal delivery, stretch marks,breastfeeding. “My body has changed so much”. Thats the first thing that crosses my mind when i look at my body in the mirror. Nothing will ever make my body the […]

More Than a Shape (Melissa)

Age – 20 # of Births – 1 P.P – 1 week I had the greatest love of my life ask me to marry him last year. Of course I said yes and wedding plans were in the air when I found out I was pregnant. Side note – I told him at 3 in […]

Learning to be Proud of My Body (Rach)

age 21 1 pregnancy\1 birth I am now 21, i have always been over weight i am 5’2 and i am 240, i have always found it hard to love myself but i wear my weight well. (most ppl dont know how much i really weight) when i was 19 i fell in love with […]

Tigers are tough, so that’s why I have stripes (Megan)

Age-21 Height-5’2 # of pregnancies- 1 miscarriage.. 1 full term Weight gained during pregnancy- 45lbs I am 37 weeks pregnant today. And when I look in the mirror I see warrior. My story is unfair, but I love that it happened to me. It has given me the strength that I have needed for each […]

Pregnancy I of III (Sam)

I’m now pregnant with my third child, but I thought I would better start with the first…. so here we go…. I was always curvy, so I didn’t really experience any more stretch marks than the one I already had…. And I must say that the body just got more mature…. from a chubby teen […]

Hello Again, Friends (Anonymous)

Previous post here. This is my new entry I made a previous entry approximately a year ago describing my issues with body image and trying to love my body. Am I there yet? I wish I could say that I am but it is a long process. I have had my struggles and to be […]

I Feel Like a Woman! (Dessy)

Hi! Thank all you beautiful mommies for helping me feel so much better about my body! I am 23, and 18 weeks into my first pregnancy. The body changes have been hard for me to accept. I suffered from an eating disorder in my teens, so much so that I didn’t start having my period […]

Trying to Find Beauty Among the Stretch Marks (Dani)

Pregnancies/Births: 1/1 Age: 21 My sons age : 1 month I had a beautiful son January 8th, 2012, and on that day, I felt like a new person. All of a sudden, life had a meaning. I look into his eyes and I see his crazy, but amazing personality. And I cannot believe that I […]

C-Section, Droopy Tummy, & the Bright Side (Anonymous)

Photo 1: PUPPS rash and stretch marks at 7 months pregnant Photo 2: 38 weeks pregnant. 1 week before my delivery Photo 3: 4 months PP boobs and stomach (front view) Photo 4: 4 months PP stomach (side view) Photo 5: Close up of stretch marks Photo 6: Close up of C-Section scar Photo 7: […]

So Much Stronger (Hannah)

Age: 19 Number of pregnancies/births: 1 Age of child: 4 1/2 months My story of motherhood begins on New Year’s Day of 2011, when, only eight weeks after our wedding, I handed my new husband a pregnancy test with a big blue “+” on it. We had been hoping to have children soon, so we […]

The Clothes Hide the Ugly (Anonymous)

Age: 19 One child who is 2 years old. Hi, I love this site and love to see real bodies. I just wanted to confess that I have a mommy body. My stomach hangs like a W, I have stretch marks so large and small that cover my breasts, butt, stomach, hips, thighs, and behind […]

Adjusting to the Changes (mommy2m)

Age: 19 # of pregnancies and births: 1 7 days Postpartum Prepregnancy weight: 155 lbs End of pregnancy weight: 197.8 lbs Current weight: 178 lbs Height: 5’1″ My husband and I have been together since I was 13 and he was 15. We moved in with each other when I was 17 and planned to […]

Turning Trauma into Triumph (Raashida)

Age: 26 Pregnancies/births: 1/1 1 year post partum I am so glad I found this website! Here is my story: I had a petty easy and uneventful pregnancy. I had few to no pregnancy symptoms. Food craving, a little emotional and hypersensitive sense of smell but that’s about it. I was active duty military when […]

My struggles with weight obsession, addiction, depression and an unplanned troubled pregnancy (Lauren Elaine)

~Age: 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, due march 21st 2012 It started after the winter of 2009 when I was 18, I had made some very poor choices that year, endured physically abusive relationships. I was very depressed and self loathing. Then I weighed 190, at 5’ 4” I was considered overweight. […]

4 Months PP, Breastfeeding, and Struggling with Eating Right (Anonymous)

I was 19 and in my sophomore year of college 1000 miles away from home when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. My boyfriend was in school 800 miles away, and I had gotten pregnant while we were both home for Christmas Break. I was shocked, scared, etc. We moved back […]

3 Years PP, Just Accepting Myself (Anonymous)

Hello ladies! First of all thanks for reading this, and thank god for this site! I am now 3 yrs pp, and I absolutely have to say time DOES heal! At least for me, and I hope it does for you too. I had a very good pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight but […]

Frustration (Anonymous)

My story is LONG and exhausting, but I like to tell it. I hope that I can be inspiration to other females that find themselves where I was, and where I am now. Previous to my night of conception, I was a vibrant young 20 year old female. I was nearing the end of my […]

Is She an Angel (Anonymous)

I’m 22 years old and I’ve had a rough couple of years with love, I started dating this guy and he wasn’t exactly treating me the best, I knew I deserved better but didn’t have the self respect to care. After four months of dating him, we found out we were pregnant, when I told […]

Struggling (Nicola)

Nicola, age 26 1 Pregnancy, 1 Birth 1 Year PP When I was pregnant, I really believed that I was going to enjoy motherhood. I was sure that I had prepared myself as much as one can. When my baby was born, of course it was difficult from the start. Not only was I recovering […]

The Shadow Fear Casts is Often Bigger Than the Fear Itself (Anonymous)

My husband told me that I was beautiful every day of my pregnancy, including while I was in the hospital in labor. From day one, I was deathly afraid of the changes that my body would undergo. My mind was filled with all of the horror stories that I had heard about pregnancy and the […]

Hating My Body (Shantel)

age 23 1 pregnancy 3.5 post partum. I have always loved my body for the most part, I’ve always been attractive and confident. It is very difficult to see myself the way I look after I had my son because this isn’t the me that I see when I think about myself. I honestly think […]

I Love My Body (Gwen)

I have been so thankful to have found this site; it helped me through a period in my life where the physical changes of my body were difficult to keep up with. My self-image and esteem were in a young, and unstable place when I got pregnant. As much as I have always been thankful […]

Something I Cannot Fix (Marissa)

Age:19 One daughter (Lily), one birth/pregnancy. I gave birth at the age of 16. Big life change after that moment. I have done great as a mother and as a student. I tried to be perfect in every way and love my daughter to the fullest! She makes my day. =) But many obstacles have […]

Amazing Stretching Skin (Ann)

When I found out I was pregnant, post-baby changes were one of the more minor things on my mind. That said, I was very careful to eat extremely healthy during my entire pregnancy and ended up gaining about 30 pounds. My daughter was a waterbirth with a midwife, born at 39 weeks. She weighed 6lbs. […]

Almost 7 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

~Age: 27 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1/1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 7 months ~pre-pregnancy weight: 160. Final pregnancy weight: 230 ~gave birth to 9 lb baby girl I have a ridiculously beautiful baby girl. I had a lot of support from moms on an online message board […]

The Before, During, and After of My Belly (Anonymous)

age 28 number pregnancies: 1 pregnant 25 weeks with next I have always been pretty active and fit, I was 26 when I got pregnant with my son, it was unexpected and my husband and I had only been together for 6 months at the time. I tried and tried to avoid the stretch marks […]

30 Years in the Making (Anonymous)

My journey from hating myself to, well, not hating myself as much. Age: 30 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 via C-Section on 4/26/2011 Stay at home mom I am almost 8 months PP and think I am finally becoming more comfortable with myself after being insecure for most of my life. I gave birth to a […]

Postpartum Psychosis Survivor (Pinay Mom NYC)

Hearing things that weren’t there was bad; keeping silent about it was worse. For months after my daughter was born via C-section, I felt miserable and pathetic. I had been so independent prior to giving birth at 31; then I saw myself as this needy, ugly thing, financially dependent on a husband who was suffering […]

No Comparison (Anonymous)

We hear so often that celebrities aren’t comparable to real people because they have things we regular mortals can only dream of: trainers, laser treatments, personal chefs, plastic surgeons on site, maternity fashion stylists, spa treatments, etc. And I guess all of that’s true. And I guess I can accept that and not compare myself […]

Postpartum Hair Loss (Samantha)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: one ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 13 months I spent most of my childhood battling alopecia. I went to some of the top doctors, including Johns Hopkins, and they still couldn’t figure out a reason for my hair loss. By the time […]

Not Even Halfway (Anonymous)

19 years old. 1st pregnancy. 17 weeks. I’m only seventeen weeks and I have been struggling with my weight gain. My doctors and family say its completely normal, I know I haven’t a lot to be so upset about I’m not gaining more weight than I’m supposed too. But I’m very stressed, I was in […]

Update (Elivert)

Original post here. PP: 9 MONTHS AGE: 21 After my first post I have had many changes in my life, I have a beautiful baby I love and a wonderful husband that every day brings more smiles and joy in my life and supports me unconditionally with my new body and outlook on life , […]

Feel alone, but trying to stay positive. (Sophia)

Its been 4 months since i had my baby boy , hes my everything my whole world, But i cant help feeling so upset about my body now and could really use somone to talk to, Im 18 years old and had my boy by c section its left me whole body in a state […]

What Makes Me Valuable? (Ginni)

I’m much more superficial than I care to admit, even to myself. I’ve always talked a lot about how looks don’t matter, but it’s easy to say that when you’re skinny without even trying to be. When my husband and I started trying to have a baby, I was thrilled, but I secretly freaked out. […]

Moving On (Anonymous)

Previous post here. 1 Vaginal Birth 1 Pregnancy 20 months PP Age 22 After my first post, I wasn’t going to post again until after having a second child, to see where I was and how I felt about my body after having 2 children. But I feel like I need to share what has […]

4 Years Later… I Am Still Afraid of Showing My Body (Natalie G)

Age 26 Number of pregnancies : 2 preg. 1 birth Child: 4 years old. 48 months 1 week PP Four years and 1 week ago (as of 11/08/11) I gave birth to the most amazing kid in the world. My son Jacob, who is the sweetest little boy ever, weighed in at 9lbs 11 oz […]

Sad Moments (Anon)

Previous post here. Hello SOAM I nvr thought id be writing soi soon, but I’ve been having some real sad moments the past few weeks, where I’ve come real close to giving up hope, with thoughts of me never regaining the confidence I once had. I’m 2 months post partum and felt better when I […]

Getting There Finally! (Heidi)

Previous post here. 19 years old 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 9.5 months PP When I first wrote back in May, I was really in a rough spot with my weight and self-esteem issues. I still don’t feel I’m at my “ideal” weight, but I do feel a lot better about myself. My Stats as of […]

Learning (Trying Really Hard) to Accept and Love Myself (Rebecca)

i am 21 and i have had 2 pregnancies and one birth. this is my body 1 year post pregnancy/c section. i was a self harmer before baby, so i have some scars mainly to my thighs, i had almost come to accept them when i got pregnant. the babys father left when i was […]

Surprise Pregnancy & 3 Weeks Post Partum (Anonymous)

Age: 21 Pregnancies and Births: 1 Child: 3 weeks old January 2011 Plans are moving along, Just ordered my wedding dress and invites, had a wonderful weekend away with my fiance. Next week, got confimation that everything was ordered. End of the week I didnt feel right. (Let the fun start) I took a pregnancy […]

An Everyday Battle (Grace)

Age: 21 Postpartum: 21 months Number of pregnancies: 1 Everyday my mind changes about my body. One day I will be fine and the next day I’m angry. I have a beautiful baby girl whose 21 months old. Shes happy, healthy, and she knows her momma loves her. I gave birth Jan 4th 2010, via […]

My Body After Twins (Anonymous)

Everyone told me when I was pregnant that I would never be able to wear a bikini again because being pregnant with twins destroys your stomach. I want to tell you that that is not always the case. People also said that if your mom has stretch marks you will too. My Mom has stretch […]

Defeat and Angels (Anonymous)

Age: 22 Pregnancies/Births: 1/1 Age of child/how far pp: 3 months I was 21 when I found out I was pregnant, and though it was not planned we could not have been happier. I had always wanted a baby, and now I was going to be a mother! The pregnancy was very easy and I […]

My Story (Anonymous)

Pregnancies : 1 Age:19. I had a beautiful baby girl almost three months ago and I am so happy with my life besides one thing…my body. P re-pregnancy I weighed 130 pounds but it looked more like 120 and I am 5’3 I had very toned abs smaller hips and a 34 C bra size. […]

Tanner’s Mommy (Chelsi)

Age- 20 Number of pregnancies and births- 1 Age of of your children- 2years I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant. I was so terrified, I didnt know what to do. My boyfriend, tanners dad… Was there for me threw everything and still is. When i was 3 months pregnant I told […]

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful (Sia)

Most recent post here. age: 18 months pp: 15 months (WOW time sure does fly!) weight: 96 pounds Hello again lovely ladies! This is my last update on SOAM, again I would like to say how much this website has helped me through my struggles with my pp body! All of you woman are amazing […]

Sad But Not Giving Up Hope (Anon)

I’m writing to you all the from Jamaica. I’m 23 years old and 3 weeks 1 day postpartum. Maybe its too early for me to submit my story since I’ve not yet healed properly, but I just wna share my story. Also, I must say that I read the stories of other strong beautiful mothers […]

The beauty of my twin shaped body. (Stephanie M)

This was my first pregnancy and I was 19. I had complication after complication. First I ended up in the hospital at 8 weeks because they thought I was miscarrying, only to find out I had been blessed with not one baby, but two! Now before 19, I was a runner and in shape. I […]

Learning to Love My Pregnant Body (Anonymous)

Age: 24 1st pregnancy; 25 weeks along I’ve always been naturally skinny. I guess you could blame good genetics. I’m almost 5’9″ and have always weighed anywhere from 124-128. As of right now I am 25 weeks pregnant and I’ve already gained 22 pounds! (150 lbs) I am having such a hard time loving this […]

I Feel Like a Woman Now, 20lbs Heavier (Ashley)

I have always been a rather thin girl. Perhaps bordering pre-pubescent. I was never one to be hit on or even complimented. Instead I got the, “omg do you need help. Lets get her to a clinic right away.” Standing 5’7″, I was 130 lbs pre-pregnancy and wore a size 7. I had a fairly […]

The Best Thing About My Pregnancy is That it’s Over (I.L.)

Age: 30 Pregnancies and births: 1/1, my toddler is now 22 months old. I got pregnant a few weeks before my 28th birthday. Pregnancy and birth have not changed my body that much on the outside. I have a hypertrophic-but-fading lower segment cesarean scar on my belly right above the pubic bone, a few stretch […]

Body Image Issues, Husband Not Helping (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Number of births: 1 Age of Child: 2 months Currently 2 months post par tum My story goes back all the way to elementary school when I started struggling with body image issues. I had precocious puberty which is basically going through puberty way too early. I started my period at age 8 […]

Obsessed with this jelly belly (B.J.)

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 9.At one point in time I even became anorexic. I’ve always been one to exercise and diet to stay in shape. In high school I had a really nice body, and for once I was kind of proud of it. But at the age of 16 I […]

How can I love my new body? (Anonymous)

~Age:17 ~Number of pregnancies and births:1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 monnths PP I got pregnant at 16 with a beautiful baby boy. hes my world.. before getting pregnant I weighed 115 pounds and I am 5″6. wasnt fat looking just normal size. After i had my son […]

Comfortable in a new body? (Anonymous)

I never thought I’d be posting on a website like this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that in a bad way I just assumed I would be one of those lucky few women who bounced right back after having a baby. You know no stretchmarks, toned and taut tummy less than 6 months […]

The Real Teen Mother (Katelyn)

I’m tired of only seeing the prom queen that just happens to have a baby, pop a bottle in their mouth, and go out to party in their size 0 miniskirt a week later… it’s like I’m supposed to be like that. but I’m not… I was 15 years old (2wks shy of my 16th […]

If only I loved myself as much as I love my life… (Miss Meliss)

I really do have a wonderful life. I have a beautiful son, a loving husband, a supportive mother, a best friend of almost 30 years. I am a student-nurse. I live in a nice, modern home. I drive a decent car. I have a dog, 2 cats and some fish. I laugh often, I love […]

They Say it Takes Nine Months (Anonymous)

Previous posts start here. 23 years old one pregnancy, one birth (an adorable son) I’m now 9 months postpartum. I have a few dresses: size 6, size 8, size 9. I have several jeans: size 8, size 9, size 10, size 13. I have shirts: S, M, L. I am between an A cup and […]

Jealous of Your Breast Complaints, Terrified of Post-Pregnancy Body (Wren)

pictures: -4.5 months pregnant (closest I have to pre-pregnancy) -6 months -last three are me at 7 months Age: 20 Number of pregnancies: 1 (8 months along) I couldn’t wait until after birth to post something because every time I come to this website I ache to share my own story. I’m not generally an […]

My body has changed, but I feel better with myself. (Silvia)

Age: 27 Nr. of pregnancies and births: 1-1 Age of my baby girl: 3 months When I learned I was pregnant, I tried a mix of emotions, fear, happiness, surprise … I thought it was a miracle, because I thought I could not get pregnant due to some problems. I was frightened by the thought […]

Genetics is Everything (Anonymous)

I am 31 years old, my little one was born about 15 month ago, in May, 2010. Before my pregnancy my belly was absolutely flat, I was so proud of it. Although we needed c-section, because my baby’s head did not find its way out and my doctor did not want to risk anything after […]

Update, 15 Year Old Mother (Terressa)

Previous entry here. This is an update from my first submission here on SOAM. When I first typed this I had this whole long story about what I’ve been through the past year, but I realized it would be a VERY long story. So here’s a summary of my first year of motherhood (although it’s […]

Worth it All (Anonymous)

24 years old, first baby, 4 months old at the time of this picture. Took 20 months and a miscarriage to get to where we are now. These are what I jokingly refer to as my “tiger stripes”. They do make me sad sometimes, but I try to think of them as a natural form […]

Suddenly Androgynous! (Jan)

1 Pregnancy 1 Child, eight months old My name is Jan. I am 25 years old and I am currently eight months postpartum. Before my husband and I even started trying to get pregnant, I was concerned about what might happen to my body. I had always been slim, my tummy flat, and my breasts […]

45 pounds up, 40 pounds down. learning to love my new body… saggy skin and all! (Ruth)

25 years old, first (and only) pregnancy, cesarean, baby boy Pre-pregnancy weight: 110 lbs. (best shape of my life!) Weight gained in pregnancy: 45 lbs. Current Weight at one year postpartum: 115 lbs (5 lbs to go!) Before baby, I was working out sometimes 2 hours a day (don’t worry, I ate a lot to […]

Learning to Surrender (Anonymous)

30 years old, two pregnancies one birth. Currently 8 months pregnant. 15 month old daughter. I used to be a dancer and circus performer and suffered with eating disorders, self harmed and abused alcohol for many many years. By the time I reached 25 I had recovered and was able to maintain a normal and […]

Loving My Mommy Marks (Izzy)

Age-20 1 birth baby will be 2 in September Hello beautiful moms!! its been well over a year since I last posted. But I have been a daily visitor for the past 3 years. In my last submission I was 6 weeks pp with my little man, he will be two in September time sure […]

Same Weight, Different Body (Anonymous)

-Age 24, 1 child -5 months PP My pregnancy was awful. Since college, I’ve been a pretty healthy person at 5’1 and 145 but I’ve slowly crept up in weight from 120-145 but I feel comfortable at 135. Well, when I graduated from college last year, I discovered that I was pregnant–my boyfriend whom had […]

Perfectly Imperfect (Blondiebroken)

I am a teen mother, I got pregnant my first time having sex at the age of 17. I am now 19 years old and my son is 19 months old. When I was pregnant I had gained around 70-80 pounds and now that I am 19 months P.P. I still have 20 or 25 […]

Follow Up, A Year After Childbirth (Ann)

Previous post here. When I read over my previous submission from a year ago, my stomach clenches and my chest feels tight. I sounded so sad and hopeless, like pregnancy was an entry into a beauty contest that I had already lost. I have almost zero pictures of me and my baby when she was […]

Base Kennedy (Jessica)

I was always very skinny pre-pregnancy, now I’m thicker but the same weight. Just padded everywhere. ~Age: 18 years old. ~Number of pregnancies and births: One. ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 7 months and almost 3 weeks postpartum

(Un)expected Miracle (Proudmama)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 31 Number of pregnancy and birth: 1 Age of child/months postpartum: 20 months I’ve been meaning to post an update for a while. I realized the other day that the reason I hadn’t was because I was waiting for a miracle. I kept waiting for that day where I […]

Momma of Twin Girls (Danica)

First off I’d like to state that the first picture posted is of me at 37 weeks & 2 days pregnant… it is also the day right before I gave birth to my twins so it gives you a nice glimpse as to how large my belly was. The second picture is of myself 7 […]

1 Pregnancy, 1 Birth (Anonymous)

I was 16 when I got pregnant. I was just starting to live out my life after years of being shy and to myself. I had met the father of the baby about a year before I got pregnant. Luckily the father of my daughter is really good to me, loves our daughter and where […]

Hard to Feel Good (Chelsea)

Hey there, I’m a 22 year old first time mother of a 7 month old beautiful little girl. While pregnant with my daughter I gained 80Lbs making my weight a whopping 220. At my age I feel like being a mom has certain expectations, one of them being that you shoudn’t look like you just […]

Mommy Belly (Sarah)

I’m 26 with 3 pregnancies, 2 births. I have a 4 year old son and 5 months and 2 week old daughter. I was 21 when I had my first child and I weighed 150 pre pregnancy, I wasn’t the skinniest I have ever been but I liked the way my body looked. I wore […]

Why Me? (Rachel)

Age~18 (17 when pregnant) Number of pregnancies/births~1 Age of children/PP~8 weeks I was 17 and had just started my senior year when I first found out I was pregnant. As you would have guessed I was very scared and cried lots over the subject. Loads of thoughts soared through my head, but instantly I knew […]

Summer Lovin’ (Kayla)

Previous posts here and here. My daughter will be 3 months old on the 4th of July. That is coming way too fast for me. I really thought 6 weeks after birth I would be back to pre-pregnancy…Seems like every girl I know bounces right back. I lost 35 pounds in the hospital after I […]

I Control My Body, My Body Does Not Control Me! (Danielle)

My age: 35 Number of children: 2 – Daughter 3yrs, Son 5 months No one ever told me anything about what happens after pregnancy – the fatigue, depression, mood swings, bleeding for weeks, body changes – the list goes on. I was prepared for my baby, but not prepared for what pregnancy did to me. […]

Closure and Acceptance (Melissa)

Previous post here. Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Number of Births: 1 PP: 8 months today I have been keeping up with the readings here, and honestly I do not know what I would have done without this website. Reading your stories, seeing real pictures, have been an eye opener, and an equalizer in […]

I want myself back. (Anonymous)

I have a gorgeous 16 month old son. I am 21, myself. I feel terrible about my body. I don’t feel like the same person, I literally look at pictures of myself before giving birth and think to myself how I miss that very faraway strange person. it never leaves my mind. If I am […]

Goodbye beautiful body, hello beautiful daughter. (Elivert)

I have 21 years old. For a long time my body had taken care of no gain, of stretch marks,always look my beautiful belly. Until I met my lovely husband, who has supported me and always wanted, we wanted very much a baby in our lives. Until a year ago gave us the news of […]

For Ava (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Number of pregnancies: 1, Births 1 4 Weeks postpartum I am 23 years old and had my beautiful daughter 4 weeks ago. When I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 126 pounds, the day I delivered my daughter Ava, I weighed 186. I gained 60 pounds!! I am 5’7 and have always […]

Picture Me (Lady Tea)

Age: 34 1 pregnancy, 1 child (5 years old) Originally posted at Lady Tea’s blog. This photo is quintessential me: sunglasses on my head, always a sweater handy (layers, you see, are a very important defense against schizophrenic Delaware weather), sandals (not quite as good as barefoot, but close), hanging out in nature with my […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. im 24 in july – my amazing son will be 4. I have posted 2 times previous to this… i still have my days where i get down on myself, but overall i know im beautiful as well as my shape of a mother I started using trilastin stretch mark […]

My Twin Skin (Anonymous)

I’m trying to come to terms with my twin skin. Before I got pregnant I was a little over my prefered weight at about 125 lbs. I gained almost 70 lbs during the pregancy, but most of it was swelling and of course two babies weight a lot too. After my boys were born I […]

Finny and the ‘Broids (Mel)

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little vain. It’s definitely not a quality I embrace, but still, it’s there. As long as I can remember I have had body issues. Even when I was a scrawny, adolescent little girl, I remember wearing sweats or shorts over my leotard to my gymnastics classes. I […]

Save the Mom Jeans (Jenna Moffit)

Age 24; Pregnancies 2; Births 1; 8 months post partum There are too many days I wake up to my 8 month old daughter talking to herself in her pack and play at 5 am. When I look in, she sees me and her face lights up with joy; I can’t help but pick her […]

Want What You Don’t Have; Hate What You Do (Amanda Romero)

Age: 26 Number of Pregnancies and Births: One Pregnancy, One Birth Postpartum: Three and a Half Months I have been through the entire gambit of physical appearance. I was born a healthy baby. I was in the 90’s as far as my percentile was concerned both in weight and height. By age four I became […]

First Child, Deployed Husband (Jessi)

I’m Jessi. I will soon be turning 21 and my baby girl is 3 months 1 week and 2 days old. She is my pride and joy and I thank God for her every day for allowing me to have her while my husband is off serving our country. When we first found out I […]

What I feel on the inside doesn’t match the outside… (Anonymous)

I am 16 months pp and have slowly lost a few pounds here and there. It’s not the weight that gets me down, but how my body has become so misshapen. My breasts are so saggy and the one is double the size of the other. My back side is just a blob of fat. […]

For Chanel (Dalena)

~ Age: 25 ~ 1 pregnancy 1 birth ~ 5 weeks postpartum I stopped taking my birth control pills at the end of May 2010. I found out I was pregnant on July 17th, 2010. I would say my pregnancy was normal. There weren’t any complications. I gained a total of 45lbs. I was 185lbs […]

We create beauty. We are beauty. (Kayla)

Original entry here. I put a post on here not too long ago. I have come so far the passed few weeks that I thought I would go ahead and post again. I have been thinking a lot about my body and the bodies of women on this site and I am wondering…how in the […]

Living it Up (Meredith)

Dear SOAM, Oh man. This site has helped me so so much! I read it daily. No joke, after I had my little man (almost 2 years ago now, crazy) I was shocked/ticked with what happened to my body. No one told me what was gonna happen. No one ever talked about the droopy, saggy, […]

3 Years Later (Anonymous)

I’m coming up on my daughter’s third birthday and it was sort of a shock to realize that this was also (obviously) the three-year anniversary of my c-section. I hadn’t planned on a c-section and was pretty upset that I ended up having one. I had figured that my body would be different after pregnancy […]

My New Self (Dee)

~Age: 17 ~Number of Pregnancies and Births: 1 ~Age of Child/Postpartum: Almost 6 months I tried to make this short, but failed miserably. I saw this website when looking for something to help with my stretch marks. I think this site is absolutely wonderful and I am very excited to post. If you’re a mom […]

Underneath it All (Heidi)

19 years old 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 3 1/2 months PP In March of 2010, I met the man who would give me our beautiful son. I was the epitome of the typical (stereotyped) 18 year old, I stopped going to school to party all night and sleep all day. All I cared for was […]

My Belly Has Stripes Like a Zebra’s (Stephanie)

Every day I see in the magazines, and on TV all of these women/mothers that are perfect 6 weeks after having a baby (if not sooner) and after reading this site, and everyone’s stories it made me realize, we are taught to think so badly of our stretch marks and our pooches because we don’t […]

My Story (Anonymous)

At 19 I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were scared and shocked but we knew we wanted our little Angel. I worked for the first 7 months of my pregnancy as a Driver at a plumbing company. This kept my body in great shape and know one could even […]

Five Years Later and Still 20lbs Heavier and Loving It – Confessions of a Skinny Girl (Anonymous)

I love what pregnancy has done to my body, beforehand I was skinny as a rail and super self-conscious of my body. People used to say that they were afraid to hug me because they thought I would break. I wore long sleeve shirts and pants my entire life to hide my “chicken arms and […]

After But Before (Colleen)

My previous submissions are here: (oh no I’m becoming a serial poster!) One Year After a Cesarean Ode to my Scar Coming to Grips With a Cesarean My age: 27 One pregnancy, one birth My daughter is 21 months old. I have to apologize; I like to take a few days to tweak my entries […]

Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now (Kayla)

Number of pregnancies and births: 1 3 weeks pp- 2 weeks pp in photos. I am 21 years old and had a baby 3 weeks ago today. I have always had issues with my body. I was anorexic in middle school and part of high school. Now looking back…I can’t figure out why! How crazy […]

Almost a Year Post C-Section (Anonymous)

Pregnancies/Births:1/1 11 and 1/2 months pp I have posted a couple times on here, and each time has shown a more positive outlook and attitude! Partly,, thanks to this site!! I encourage every mother to FIND/MAKE at least 2 hours a week to do something active that you really enjoy! Doesn’t have to be all […]

Pouch Tummy and Tons of Stretch Marks (Melissa)

Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Births 1 PP: 6 months So I stumbled across this website by chance looking up different support groups for weight loss and cesarean sections. I have been reading the stories and have found them so compelling and inspiring that I thought I might share mine. I did not really […]

Beautifully Destroyed (Sia)

Previous entries here and here. age 17 months pp 9 The other day I ran into a girl who I went to school with. She is a little younger than me and has always been kind of rude. She was telling me how she saw pictures of me before I had my daughter and how […]

Appendix Removal Update (Fiona)

Original entry here. I had my appendix removed when I was fairly far on in pregnancy, and it was a fairly traumatic experience. I have enclosed some photos of how my scar is looking now, and also a little update on me. Some negatives which have come from my experience – 1. Only one big […]

A New Outlook on Life (Kayla)

Before I was pregnant, I was actually 100% happy with my body. If someone would tell me that I’m fat (mean people) or could lose a few pounds before I get too old and can’t lose the weight (my parents), I would let it roll of my back for the most part. I liked my […]

Young and Blessed (Cara J.)

I got pregnant at the age of 18 and I remember everything so vividly. It was November 29th (my birthday) and my bestfriend and I went to go get piercings. I already had the top of my belly pierced so I wanted to get something different and get the bottom done. I remember on the […]

Forever Hiding Behind My Clothes (Amanda)

Pregnancies:1 Age: 19 Hello my name is Amanda I am ONE WEEK postpartum from having my beautiful daughter. I had a great pregnancy with no complications up untill I was due I went 4 days over my due date and then I had false labor when I got to the hospital they checked my amniotic […]

How do you forgive yourself? (Anonymous)

2 pregnancies 1 birth Age 6 boy 4 years postpartum I am 24 years old I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. More excited then ever, I told the father right away but knew deep down my parents would not be happy so I hid it from them. […]

I am just starting to like myself ever. (Alice)

24 years old. 2 pregnancies 1 live birth 1 abortion My daughter is 5 years old in 2 months. I am almost 5 years pp. I got pregnant with my daughter a week before my 19th birthday. I was in love with a boy who was “out of my league” but it seemed he was […]

My Body is a Battlefield (Anonymous)

18 months post partum 1 pregnancy 1 birth by C-Section Age:24 First I have to say – THANK YOU so much to the creator of this site and everyone who has participated. You have all made me feel sane and normal when I thought for sure I was losing my mind. Women are real, strong, […]

Teen Mom (Jessica)

In January of 2010, I had just turned 18 and was just starting to feel really secure with my looks. I had started to loose weight and was very happy with the way things were going. Then I met a boy. One thing led to another and I got pregnant. Before my pregnancy, I weighed […]

My World Changed When He Entered It (Samantha)

21 years old, 2 1/2 year old son As a teenager I was always very self conscious of my body. I was constantly striving to maintain that “perfect” look. I was modeling and working hard to break into that extremely difficult world. I never had to work out or diet to stay in shape, I […]

Young Mom to Two Gifts (Kathryn)

I had my sons close together my oldest will be 2 in June 6/16/09 3:16pm 6 pounds 6 ounces 21 inches long! My pregnancy with him was horrible I was nauseous from 6 weeks up until I delivered at 39w 2d I threw up frequently but really didn’t loose much weight oddly. I had him […]

Almost 5 Years Later (Anonymous)

I became pregnant at 19 and gave birth 2 months after I turned 20 to a little girl. Didn’t know till I was over 3 months along that I was even pregnant. Had NO symptoms at all. Peeing a lot and vanishing period were normal for me haha, so thought nothing of it, till I […]

The Beauty of Natural Childbirth to a First Time Mother (Anonymous)

Age: 22 Number of Births: 1 Age of my child: 8 months The first time I found out I was pregnant I was scared but excited and looking forward to bringing a new addition into the household. Unfortunately, I miscarried in the first trimester. I was completely devastated and for months it was the only […]

Did you know? (Jill)

Previous posts here, here and here. My baby is 20 months old. My body is 20 months postpartum. We had a natural birth. We breastfed for 13 months. I’m 23. ……………………………………………………………………………………… I didn’t know you could “give it 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, etc” and still not be where you want to be. I […]

Winter Update (Vi’s Mama)

Hi everyone. I posted an entry here over the summer, but a lot has changed since then. I’ve been continuing to struggle with my body image. I constantly obsess over it, and i don’t want it to rub off on my daughter. Recently i got my belly button pierced and a tattoo designed by my […]

27 with 2 kids, 1 c-section and dealing with the scar left behind (Marie P.)

I am currently 27 and 3 months and 1 week post c-section. I have 2 children a 5 year old and now a 3 month old. My son was a c-section and needless to say I, like other women have had struggles with my new body and scarring. Our bodies not only change but they […]

Really Very Bad Timing (Ann)

1 pregnancy, 2 children 14 months postpartum, twins My twin boys were perfect timing. Our fertility doctor had just finished telling us we would never conceive naturally. I had just told him that through the grace of God I believed that we would. 3 weeks later some routine tests came back to tell me I […]

My Journey to Motherhood (Carmel)

These photos were taken by my supportive and amazing husband Nathan. The photos are at 34 weeks, 39 weeks and the day of Arthur’s Birth. I had a wonderful pregnancy. Even though I am a large woman I felt amazing when I was pregnant. The fact I had a life, our little miracle, growing inside […]

My Story (Anonymous)

I have always been worried about the day I would find out I was pregnant. Not because I didn’t want a baby or a joy in my life but I had always felt insecure about my weight. I come from a family where weight was a big issue and both me and my brother were […]

Whose Body is this Anyway? (Lisa)

I posted this on my blog about a year and a half ago. It was my way to make amends with my body. I didn’t take any photos of myself during that time. I actually hid from the camera by always being the photographer. I was 34 years old when I wrote this (now almost […]

Disgusting Stomach, But I Was Blessed with a Beautiful Daughter (Jen)

I’m 27, 1 Pregnancy (so far) and 1 Birth, Daughter will be 3 in May I am working on being happy with my body. It was extremely hard for me at first. Pre-pregnancy I was a bikini model and I never had to work on my stomach very hard and I could eat what I […]

8 Months PP (Renee)

Previous post here. Age 24 ~1 baby boy, 8 months old Pre pregnancy 135lbs, @ Pregnancy 192lbs, After birth 162lbs, 8months PP 150-154lbs. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone for all there comments and support. It has been about 5 months since I have posted last. I still am not […]

Loving Myself (Jessica)

Having my son was the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed me in a million ways, but unfortunately it changed my body too. I was slightly overweight when I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t happy with my body to begin with. I’ve always struggled with my self esteem and […]

Wondering if I’ll ever be able to wear a bikini again (Anonymous)

I’m 20 years old, almost 21 and I use to be 110 pounds and very confident. I gave birth 10 months ago and I feel quite depressed about my body. I don’t fit into any of my old clothes, I am 20 pounds heavier than what I use to be. I want to enjoy this […]

On My Way (Ashley)

Will I ever be 100% comfortable with my body? When I was a child I had nicknames like stick. As I got older my woman body started to develop. I got breast and a nice, round bum. I was always so self-conscious about it. It became what I was known for, my bum and I […]

Hard Work Pays Off (Georgia)

Previous entries here, here and here. Hello there ladies. I wanted to share my update. I have a few others on here. Although I said I wasnt going to have another post until 1 year postpartum, I thought it was time. I am 10 months PP. Total I have lost 50 pounds. I work out […]

Finding beauty in every imperfection (Jordan)

21 years old 2 pregnancies, 1 birth 13 months pp I want to start off by saying this site is amazing, I love reading all of the posts on here. However, i don’t like seeing that it is such a struggle for some women to love the bodies that their children gave them. I know […]

Blessed and Tortured – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. I am re posting new pictures, i got alot of compliments on the previous ones, thank you. But i felt they didnt portray the way i see my body acuratly. 4 year old son current weight 136. Updated here.

11 Weeks Postpartum (Anonymous)

Previous entries here, here and here. 23 years old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 11wks postpartum and -30lbs I decided it was time to finally write my postpartum update. I ended up carrying to 41 weeks and giving birth completely naturally on November 28, 2010. And before anyone congratulates me on that, I did not want […]

15 Year Old Mother (Anonymous)

I just wanted to start off by saying that I have a lot of respect for all of the women who have posted on here. All of you have made me realize that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my new motherly body, even if I’m the only 15 year old I know who has a […]

I Like Myself (Rosie)

I see a ton of ladies hating on their post-baby bodies, and some very genetically blessed ladies who are rockin’ it. I’m right here in the middle. I gained some weight, and I lost it. I started my pregnancy around 170 lbs. I struggled with hyperemesis in my first trimester and dropped to 145 lbs. […]

5 Weeks PP, Almost There – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Ahhh where can I begin? Its been 16 weeks since I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world. I feel very happy about the place I’m at. So far since my last update I lost more weight and I’m back into my pre pregnancy jeans once again. My tummy is completely […]

Sometimes I like it sometimes I hate it (Anonymous)

~Age: 27 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 6 month This is my first pregnancy and I should admit I was not quite ready emotional to things happened to me. I love my little girl who is 6 month old now but there are […]

5 yrs Fibro and Autism (Anonymous)

age: 27 number of pregnancies/births : 1/1 age of child: 5.5 I am a plus size mom and wanted to represent more of us bigger moms since it is a little lacking. I am 324lbs at 5yrs postpartum. I am comfortable with my body, I deal with the constant pain of fibromyalgia every day and […]

Getting used to the new me (Anonymous)

Age-23 Number of pregnancy’s,births- 1 ,1 4 1/2 months Postpartum c-section I have been having a pretty hard time dealing with my new body after having my baby 4 months ago. I am just now starting to be some what ok with how I look. I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy and have lost […]

Without my belly, I wouldn’t have hers. (Anonymous)

age-17 7 months pp I posted on this site about two months ago. I have lost a little more weight since then, but all together I am feeling great. I was 93 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter. 156 when I gave birth. I am now down to 128 […]

Not Myself Anymore (Morgan)

Age:18 No. Of Pregnancies and Births: 1 8 Months PP No one realises how hard it is to be a mom. I’ve had so many friends say to me, “I want a baby so bad, you must be so happy!” But it’s not like that. I got pregnant to my ex after one week of […]

Update (Kat)

Original entry here. I switched up my workout (flirty girl and carmen electra got too easy) so now I’m doing hip hop abs. Once I’m done with the 4 week plan for that, I’m going to start p90x. I have started doing modeling jobs(I have a model mayhem account now! under the user girl08er). I […]

I Hope to Someday Love My Body (Anonymous)

~Age: 16. ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth. ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 months. Like most teen girls, I obsessed over the way my body looked. My stomach was never flat enough, and my boobs never seemed to be the shape of those in the […]

Ode to My Boobs (Miff)

I was directed to this site by a friend of mine after I emailed this “Ode to my boobs” to my closest girlfriends who are also mothers. Before I was pregnant I was a 34 B or C, during my pregnancy I was a 34 DD, and once I started breastfeeding I got up to […]

My Striped Tiger Body (Ashley)

~Age: 21 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1st pregnancy and 1 birth Im 21 years old and i feel as tho my body is completely ruined and ill never fit into my old clothes or be happy with my body again. Let me start by saying that i love my daughter with all my heart […]

Skinny, fat and somewhere in between! (Bex)

I have always struggled with weight, going from Anorexia to Bulimia or having both at the same time. Since I can remember I have hated my body, it has completely consumed my life and thoughts, it’s always been the wrong shape, too fat, my legs too bulky and muscly, my arms too flabby and fat, […]

8 Months Post C-Section (Anonymous)

I LOVE this website,, and all you wonderful mothers out there! This is my third submission. I had my first child May 2010 via unplanned C section. A wonderful, beautiful, healthy little girl! She brings so much joy to all that she comes into contact with,, ready with a huge grin for everyone! She makes […]

The Name’s Ashley (Ashley)

im 21 years old 5 months post partum with my first child when I found out I was pregnant I was so extremely happy. being only 21 I was really nervous at first but I had a lot of positive people around me, and my boyfriend is one of them. he was definitely more ready […]

Beauty = Found! (Anonymous)

Age: 21 # of pregnancies: 1 Weight pre-pregnancy: 110 lbs. Weight gained during pregnancy: 50 lbs. Weight 3 years post partum: don’t know! I stumbled on this website quite by accident but I am SO glad I did! It is so important for women to see images of REAL bodies, especially mothers. My relationship with […]

My Story (Erin)

I am a 23 year old mother to 5 month old Claire. My journey began with the heartaching realization that at this young age, I have fertility problems. Fighting not only with doctors who would help diagnose and treat a young woman with PCOS (polycystic ovaries) but also fighting with myself, with my body- for […]

Fire Marks Almost Four Years Later (Cheri)

In two weeks my moon face girl will four years old. I remember being madly in love with her father and asking the Goddess to let us have a child if it were meant to be. 9 months later there she was. I don’t recall the birth much due to a sedative they gave me […]

My Body the Hand Grenade (Suzi)

Age: 28 Number of pregnancies and births : 1 Age of my child : 14 months Height and weight before pregnancy 1.60 cm tall & 49 kilos. Weight after pregnancy: 45 kilos I found out that I was pregnant in the beginning of Febuary in 2009. It came as a suprise to both me and […]

16 Months Postpartum (Tessa)

Previous entry here. It is over 6 months later, and since my previous entry I’ve only been able to lose 10 lbs. My husband has had surgeries, I picked up a second job and am working 45 or so hours, 6 days a week. I cannot afford a gym membership, and wouldn’t have the time […]

9 months up, 9 months down (Anonymous)

When I gave birth I weighed 224lbs, nine months postpartum I weigh 244lbs. ~Age:27 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1, 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 9 months

Scared Mother 25 Weeks (Mini)

~Age: 19 ~Number of Pregnancies: 1st One This is my first pregnancy and I have always been a little bit self concious. I do everthing I can to make sure after birth I have my good body again far as jogging and applying lotion on my stomach. I kind of scared. All that matters is […]

Breast Envy (Kerry)

1 pregnancy/birth 20 months pp Age 20 34b to 42 D to 34b So I posted at 1 year postpartum and was pretty sure I would not post again until I was pregnant or pp with my second child, (we are going to start trying in the fall!) but I’ve been having some insecurities with […]

My Mother Shape is Beautiful (Melissa Ann)

My life has been so enriched by my identical twin daughters, but my body… for a long time I thought it had fallen to shreds. Yesterday I challenged myself to find the beauty in the way I’ve been stretched. This photo is my result. ~Age: 26 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 Pregnancy 2 Births […]

My body has been destroyed, and I’ll have nothing to show for it: Update (Michelle)

Pregnancies/Births: 1 pregnancy/birth Age: 18 7 weeks postpartum If you haven’t read my previous post, please do so, otherwise this one might not make too much sense. I thought after I was no longer pregnant I would be devastated with how my body looked, but now I’m finding that I just don’t flat out care. […]

22 and 2 Kids Later (Jenny)

My children are definately the best things to ever happen to me. I first got pregnant right before my 19th birthday and had a beautiful 8 lb baby boy. Before i got pregnant i only weighed 97 lbs and ended up 139 lbs when i gave birth. After i had him it didnt take too […]

One Year and 60 Pounds Down (Jess)

Original entry here. 20 Years Old 1 Year PP Pre Pregnancy 124 End Of Pregnancy 194 Currnetly 135 This has been the fastest year of my life… I’ll be honest… I thought i would be in better shape by now… Some days I think I’m looking pretty good and with a little toning maybe even […]

Blessed and Tortured (Anonymous)

Im 23 years old. I have a 3 year old son. I was 165 before pregnancy. 135 now. I am blessed with an amazingly handsome 3 year old son and an equally amazing husband who I struggle with myself everyday. and hate that my stomach looks like a road map. Since finding this website, i’ve […]

Trying Not To Be Sad, But I Just Can’t Help It (Anonymous)

Age:22 1pregnancy/1birth 4 weeks PP I was 21 when I found out I was pregnant. The father & I had only been serious for about 6 months at the time, but he being 6 years older than me was ready to settle down & took the news better than I did. I never had a […]

Why can’t I see myself through his eyes? (Anonymous)

age:17 number of pregnancies and births: 1 postpartum: 5 months I honestly have no idea where to even begin this post. I was always the “skinny girl” growing up. I got alot comments on my weight, and they were not always postitive ones, but I loved my body and who I was. I started dating […]

5 Weeks Postpartum and I No Longer Believe in Genetic Destiny (Kat)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies/births: 2 pregnancies/1 birth Age of baby/how far postpartum: 5 weeks I was born short and fat, and stayed that way for my entire childhood and teen years. I started middle school at 4’10” and 160lbs. Both of my parents, as well as most of my family in general, are overweight, […]


AGE:25 1 CHILD, 1 BIRTH, 14 MONTHS when i first became pregnant the first thing i worried about was the fetus, as the pregnancy went on i worried about the high dose of vitamin A i was taking, then I worried about the low dose of folic acid i was consuming, then i worried about […]

The Evolution of a Body (Anonymous)

~Age: 26 ~Weight & Height: 5’2″-ish and 120-ish pounds (I hover) ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 years Previous submissions: 5 months postpartum, 1 year postpartum, 2 years postpartum I thought it was important to update my story for a number of reasons. […]

So Many Scars (Audrey)

I’m finally healing on the inside as well as out. I am 18.5 months postpartum. My daughter Shannon was born via cesarean after 46 hours of labor and it was quite the blow for me. She also had an unknown birth defect (omphalocele) that required surgery the day after her birth. I didn’t hold my […]

The Guilt of Hating a Body That Birthed an Angel (Amanda)

It has only been three and a half weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I should be applauding myself and my body for being able to create such a perfect angel, and yet I am not. Instead I find myself hating the mirror because the mirror shows what I look like now. […]

16 Weeks Later (Anonymous)

age: 19 1 child this is my first entry. its been 16 weeks since i gave birth and my body hasnt gone back the way i thought it would. my baby was 8lbs and 6 ounces. during my pregnancy i gained about 50 lbs and have almost lost it all but my body is just […]

Will it ever get better? (Anonymous)

My biggest body-related fear once I became pregnant was stretch marks. I oiled and lotioned my belly as often as I could. I was hopeful that I’d escape stretch marks altogether because my mother never got one throughout her six pregnancies. And I almost made it. Around 37 weeks they started to appear. A few […]

Cognitive Dissonance (Eden)

age 33 one birth, 32 months ago I love this photo because it’s a hot girl in a bikini and also shows my loose belly skin. I’m surprised by how unselfconscious I feel about that part of me – I’m more inclined to touch it absentmindedly and enjoy how soft it is than to lament […]

How my life has changed (Anonymous)

Age: 27 Children: 1 I found this site about 3 years ago while having a hard time with my postpartum body. I had always been thin and weighed about 103 lbs before pregnancy. During my pregnancy I gained about 50 lbs and also developed gestational diabetes. At 33 weeks I developed a rash referred to […]

I have all the battle scars of carrying a child for 9 months, yet I am a childless mother. (Anonymous)

Age: 22 7 1/2 months postpartum 1 pregnancy I found out i was pregnant on Aug. 5th 2009. I was 20 years old and my husband and I couldnt be anymore excited. Most of my life i had mange to stay skinny even though it was very much a struggle for me. Im 5′ 1″ […]

Will I Ever Be Happy? (Renee)

Original entry here. 25 17 1/2 weeks postpartum 1 pregnancy, 1 birth I am now almost 18 weeks postpartum, and have 7lbs of the 65lbs I gained left to lose. It seem I am stuck. But, I look absolutely nothing like I used to and it makes so depressed. No matter what I’m doing, it […]

My Story (Anonymous)

My 1st child I am 26 yrs old I had a c section due to my baby heart rate dropping. I am not proud of my body at all. I had a really good doctor deliver my daughter. You cant see my incision. I am 2 1/2 months postpartum but my daughter will be 3 […]

Admitting It (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving Day 2009. I just kind of knew, and I took a pregnancy test early that morning. I then ran to the store and took several more — all positive. My emotions were all over the place, as the father was someone I was only casually dating and […]

5 Weeks PP, Almost There (Anonymous)

I’m a 24 yr old women who just had a beautiful baby boy on october 1st of this year via emergency c section due to fetal distress. My c section was very painful I never been in so much pain and I was a little sad I didn’t deliever vaginal. I’m five weeks pp and […]

One Day at a Time (Lu Ella)

The hardest part of dealing with my postpartum body? For me is the bipolar-ness of it all. I gained 52 pounds while pregnant with my daughter, and about half the time I am comparing the body I have now to the one I most recently inhabited: one that was 9 months pregnant. During this half […]

I Wish I Would Have Known (Khanna)

~Your Age: 23 ~Number of pregnancies and births:1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 7 months ~Pre-pregancy weight- 113 pds ~Weight gained during pregnancy- 35 pds ~Post- pregnancy weight- 106 pds I had my twin boys at 38 weeks they were 6 lb 7 oz and 6 lb 2 oz, […]

Five Years Postpartum (Stephanie)

age 33 1 pregnancy I really loved this website when I came across it. It is great to see what real moms look like not what the media makes up feel like we should look like. I gained 40 pounds with my son but have since lost all the extra weight but my body will […]

Shape of a Loss (Nicole)

First entry here. In a parallel universe, I am just weeks away from the birth of my second child. I am more confident about the impending labour than the first time around, but a bit nervous too. I am even more nervous about managing life with two kids under two! I am unpacking, washing and […]

Closing in on D-Day (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 23 Pregnancies/births: currently pregnant with first Hello again. This is gonna be a long one… I’ve been checking this site nearly every day since I first found out I was pregnant. I thought it was great, especially since I had so many fears and hangups about what I would […]

My Story (Anonymous)

Age:23 Number of Births:1 Post Partum: 2 months On August 23rd I delivered a beautiful baby girl. My husband and I had gotten pregnant accidentally, but decided that we would start our family a little earlier than originally planned. I was pregnant during the summer and was absolutely miserable. I hated seeing all the other […]

My body has been destroyed, and I’ll have nothing to show for it. (Michelle)

Age – 18 Number of pregnancies – 1 I’ve been on this site countless times, reading other women’s stories because I am trying to cope with how much my body is changing, and have been debating for months now on whether to post my story or not. Well, it’s a bit long, but here goes! […]

11 Weeks PP (Melissa)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 11 weeks PP Emergency cesarean So I am 11 weeks PP and like most women am finding it hard to get used to what I see in the mirror. I don’t hate my body but I’m far from loving it. I had a pretty […]

I CAN Love Me, Finally (E)

This is a story about love,loss,,discovery and my young body’s journey through motherhood. I guess you can say my journey to motherhood has not been the easiest, but I wouldnt trade the expeirences I’ve had at my young age for anything. I found out I was pregnant with my first child a week before my […]

8 Months Postpartum (Pamela)

8 months postpartum. 20 years old 1 pregnancy and 1 birth. My daughter is eight months one week and one day. I’ve been having a lot of issues with my body. I still have dark pink stretch marks all over my stomach, hips, lower back, inner thighs and breasts. they’ve lightened some since delivery. but […]

My Doctor Makes Me Feel Bad (Anonymous)

Age: 27 # pregnancies and births: 1/1 34 weeks pregnant I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first child, a boy. Ive struggled with my weight throughout my entire life except for a brief time in college. Before I got pregnant I was 5’7″ and 200lbs. I had recently had to switch OB/GYN providers because […]

Your First Home (Proudmama)

Previous entry here. I didn’t intend on updating so soon, but something happened that I wanted to share. First of all I come here regularly because I feel like I’m a part of something when I read your stories. Some of your stories I relate to more than others, some stories make me want to […]

Stretch Marks 101 (Anonymous)

Number of pregnancies – 1 Pre preg weight – 118 Height – 5 7 Ending weight – 160 post preg – one year and a month I have payed soooo much money to get rid of the hideous stretchmarks. Im talking thousands. no FRACTIONAL laser has worked for me…. trust me im living proof ive […]

My Husband Kissed My Stretch Marks (Anonymous)

20 yrs old 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant I have been looking at this site for a few months now, and I am so thankful for it. I keep seeing these women who look like models (probably because they are models), celebrities, or just everyday women who don’t have physical changes from pregnancy and […]

Tied to the Past (Anonymous)

~Age: 25 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 years I’ve only had one child,only one, she may be the most amazing little girl I’ve ever seen but where did I go? I gained 40 lb.s with her birth and then kept gaining after […]

The Nonexistant Dating and Sex Life of a Single Mom (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Pregnancies: 1 Births:1 My Daughters Age: 3 I had my daughter at the age of 19 a month away from my 20th so I guess I should say I had her as a “Teen” Her dad and my relationship was a rocky one but I stuck it out because I didn’t want my […]

Final Update (Jeanne)

Previous entries here and here. My daughter is now 18 months and I never thought I would feel the way I do about my body as I do now. I love my body now more than before I had a child. I love the way my hips have widened…I just feel more feminine and like […]

Finding a Body that I Love (Quila)

I was very excited when I ran into this website while surfing the web at work! I’m having a very bad experience with my post baby body. I’m 21 years of age, a full-time student, and I work a full-time job(life). I was never a “skinny girl”, but I have also never been at the […]

Post C-Section Belly at 7 Months (Shaunna)

I am a 25 year old woman, who had her first baby delivered back in March via c-section. After 12 hours in labor and a dropping fetal heart rate, the doctors decided c-section was the way to go. Since the c-section, I have had the hardest time trying to get my stomach back to where […]

Unsatisfied (Renee)

#1 pregnancy 3 months Postpartum First of I am glued to this site. I love this site. I am so happy to have a baby boy. He is the cutest baby ever. I got pregnant when I was 23 and Had my baby when I was 24 on July 4, 2010. He was a healthy […]

My entire story…hoping it will give somebody hope or simply put a smile on somebody’s face. (Anonymous)

~Age: 17, almost 18 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 incredible birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 23 weeks I was 16 years old when I found out I was 2 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend, who was/still is my best friend, was 18 at the time and […]

4 Weeks PP (Heather)

Pregnancies and births: 1 1 month old son Gabriel Hello SOAM. This is my first entry. My name is Heather and I am 4 weeks pp. All in all I had a very smooth ride with my pregnancy and labor and delivery. I was in early labor for 3 days.The night before I had my […]

Getting Back the Old Me (Victoria)

I was terrified of what could happen to my body when I was pregnant. I was put on bedrest at 27 weeks and was not kind to my body gaining 50 pounds. I have finally lost most of my pregnancy weight now at almost 2 years postpartum and am so thankful that I have relatively […]

I Love My Son, But I HATE My Body (Anonymous)

Age: 20 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 8 months postpartum I was so glad i found this site, and see that there are many other women like me out there. Well to start off i’ll start my story in the few months pre-pregnancy… i was 18 turning 19 in a few weeks, my boyfriend (husband now) […]

It’s Hard Not to Notice the Changes (Mary, Mother of Samson)

age: 22 Pregnancies:1 Births :1 My Son Samson is 7 months old Delivered C-Section First of all I love being a mother and would not change it for the world! My son is a blessing and I take these scars with pride…most days. Samson was 9lbs 5 oz when delivered, and I am 5 2′. […]

It’s Not the Same Body, But it’s Fine By Me (Anonymous)

Pre-pregnancy weight: 107 Labor weight: 160 Post-pregnancy weight: 104 I am posting because this site helped me so much. I came here mourning the body I used to have and wondering if I’d ever get it back. The answer is: it’s not the same body, but in some ways it’s better. I first came here […]

Update: 7 Weeks Postpartum, 7 Pounds to Go (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Well I am now 7 months postpartum and have managed to get ride of the last 7 pounds. I am now realizing that I am lucky to have lost all of my pregnancy weight so quickly and to have gotten most of my old body back. Breastfeeding has certainly taken a toll […]

In Better Shape – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Age :31 1 pregnancy/1birth a Baby girl,, 4 mo pp I posted on here for the first time a month ago,, grateful for this site,, but a mite obsessed with getting back into shape as quickly as possible. And even though im still not where i want to be physically,, the condition […]

Upset With My Body at 21 (Anonymous)

Hello everyone!! Im so glad I found this site where I can post pictures of my body and no one will be negative about it. After 9 long months I reached 38 weeks and nothing…No contractions, Cervix was closed, So on my 40th week appoiment My doctor gave me and iduction date. However a few […]

Lost and sad (Anonymous)

Age: 20 Number of children: one I am 13 months post postpartum. Hello, currently i am struggling with body image. I had my child 13 months ago, and my body has slightly improved since then. I am 5 ft 4 and weigh 130 lbs. I gained 96 lbs during my pregnancy and had pre-clampsia. I […]

Take 3: Getting There (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. 1 Pregancy & 1 birth 9 months postpartum I’ve purposely left it till today to do this post; I’m exactly 9 months post-partum. Don’t they all tell you, it takes you 9 months to put it on and 9 months to lose it??!!! Well I’ve lost it all, in fact […]

Trying to Deal With This New Body (Nicole)

I have known my childs father for as long as i can remember it seems. Ive never been a person that loved kids. I was the one in the family people knew not to call me because of how i was with children. I was 20 when i found out i was pregnant so i […]

New Found Respect for My Body (Proudmama)

Age: 31 Number of pregnancies and birth: 1 Age of my child: 10 months old Cesarean birth Almost 10 months ago I finally realized my biggest dream: to be a mom. Most kids grow up wanting to be rock stars or doctors, I wanted to be a mother. From the moment I met my husband […]

Learning to Love it Again (Anonymous)

I used to love me body, I loved it pre-pregnancy and throughout the entire nine months I was pregnant I felt beautiful. I have never felt more sexy than I did while I was pregnant. (Blame it on the hormones, I guess) Because I was only in my mid-twenties when I delivered (via c-section) I […]

My Self-Esteem is Shattered (Ann)

Age: 26 1 Pregnancy, 1 Birth 4 weeks postpartum (post partum pictures taken at 2 weeks) I have always been a thin girl without trying, my weight was a complete non-issue and I have always been very confident. When I found out I was pregnant I wasn’t worried about gaining weight, I thought it would […]

I Hate Myself, My Body (Anonymous)

Age:22 Number of pregnancies:1 It has been a year now..since I had my little one…he is so cute and I love him to death :)..but behind this smile is an unhappy person…I’m so unhappy with my body…I never weigh myself because I’m scared of what I will see…I work right..but it just won’t help..I […]

Can I Get a Do-Over? (Megan)

One pregnancy, one baby, 13 months old. I’m currently 22, 13 months postpartum. If I could go back and do my pregnancy over, KNOWING WHAT I KNOW NOW, I’d do so much differently: * I’d keep working out daily, just like I had been doing up until the moment I peed on the stick. * […]

Is there hope or am I going to be in these shoes forever? (Emily)

I am 19 years old/ 18 when pregnant/ 19 when i gave birth. number of children:1 born july 8th 2010. birth: c sec. pre pregnancy weight:105 Wheight right before birth: 175 Wheight now: 144 Weeks pp: 7 Hello. I started this entry knowing exactly what I wanted to say but suddenly…I dont know where I […]

Learning to Love It (Anonymous)

Age-21 Pregnancies and Births- 1 Months PP- 5 months postpartum I have ALWAYS wanted to have kids. So when I married my husband, I knew someday they would follow. We figured 4 or 5 years, so I was on birth control. 4 months after we got married, I felt pregnant, took a HPT and all […]

Learning to Love the Body I’ve Gained (Gwen)

Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 beautiful boy! Postpartum: 19 months I submitted an entry a number of months ago but never saved the link to it, so my pics from around 12 months PP are lost somewhere. The pictures I submitted were before I gave up pumping through my work day, which I did at 12 […]

Update (Anonymous)

Your Age: 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births:1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 boy, 2 years and 2 months. ? Hello again shape of a mother! Its been 19 months since my last entry. You can find it here. I’ve meant to do some updates here and there […]

Second Update (Anonymous)

age: 25 pregnancies: 1 births: 1 age of child: 2 1/2 Previous entries here and here. My daughter will be three in December, which I cannot believe lol. I am finally almost back to my pre-baby weight. I now weight 168 (158) before baby. I am so happy to getting close to my old self. […]

Fanny Pack (Anonymous)

Im 21 and had 3 childern in 2 years.After having my son I got stretchmarks below my belly button and there was slight sagging. I dieted and exercised for a year untill someone said how far along are you. I went bulimic and got down to 98 lbs then recovered and went to my pre […]

I Still Can’t Believe It (Lucia)

20 yrs old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 8 weeks pp My story is short, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend noticed before I did. I had a rather easy pregnancy, no nausea but lots of heartburn, I started swelling after week 31 and for some reason I had a […]

Happier Now (K’s Mom)

I used to be self conscious. I always thought that being skinny was the most important thing in the world. When I was younger, I only weight between 114 to 120 pounds. I was even asked to model before because I was tall and skinny. As I got older, I found it harder and harder […]

First Time Mom at 31 (Anonymous)

I have NEVER found myself attractive. I always thought,, once i accept the fact that I’m an unattractive person,,I would feel much better about myself and not worry about it so much. For some reason though, I got a decent amount of attention from boys,, I was the funny girl, but was too shy to […]

Almost Satisfied (Shahida)

I first got pregnant at 18 and I weighed about 135 lbs. I guess I gained around 30lbs but was lucky enough to lose the weight pretty fast. When I was 21 I got pregnant with my son I was about 155-160 because of the Mirena IUD =(. I gained about 38-43lb and was 198 […]

A Crushing Journey (Amy)

Age: 26 2 Pregnancies 1 Birth Baby Girl lived to be 2 ½ days old I am currently 5 months PP I come on this website often. Just to look at all you wonderful ladies and listen of the journeys that you have had. My journey has been a hard one of recent. Losing a […]

One Year After a Cesarean–Update (Colleen)

Previous posts here and here. ~Age: 26 ~Number of pregnancies and births:one pregnancy, one birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 year post-partum When I did my first post at 3 weeks postpartum, I figured I’d wait to do another when my daughter was a year old and I […]

7 1/2 Months Later and Still Struggling (Jess)

I met my sons father when i was 17 years old. We met at a small little party and were together pretty much nonstop afterwards. Within 2 months we already had an apartment together. One night he had had a few drinks and we were just sitting around having a somewhat deep converstaion about how […]

Wow, Our Bodies Go Through a Lot! (Rhianna)

age:23 Births: 1 daughter now age 3 via c-section I went through alot before I was pregnant. I was using drugs, drinking,smoking, and had 8 years of history dealing with Anorexia/Bulemia to a very full extent. When I got pregnant I quit them all cold turkey. Started out 110lbs give or take… and on teh […]

This body made one gorgeous little boy.. (Anonymous)

I am 21 years old, and married to my wonderful husband who is in the Navy. We have known each other since I was a little girl, and we started dating when I was about 17. When I was 19 I moved down to Virginia Beach with him where he was stationed. A few months […]

Not sure if I’ll ever be satisfied with my body (Anonymous)

Age: 22 1 pregnancy/1 birth almost 4 months postpartum I had always been thin and I took pride in being in shape and attractive. My weight was fluctuating in 2009- from 112 lbs in January to about 130 lbs in July (the heaviest I had ever been). I saw the “+” on a pregnancy test […]

Finding the strength to keep moving forward (Brittany)

Brittany, 23 1 pregancy, 1 birth 12 weeks postpartum I have always been a plus sized girl and struggled with my weight. Finally i felt like I had my weight problem under control for the first time in my life i lost 70 lbs and felt great about my life and the direction it was […]

Finally, Confidence! (Autumn)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: He’s 4, will be 5 years on September 22nd I’ve posted here numerous times, my previous entries: Autumn Stretch Marked Legs Happy With My Body Breasts, Acceptance This update is to show how my body has […]

Blessing In Disguise (Tiffany)

Age: 28 1 pregnancy, 3 births The babies are currently 18 months. My husband and I had been trying for a year when we decided to seek help. Several tests later I’m fertile and his hormones suggest a pituitary tumor. A MRI concluded that he indeed had the tumor. Luckily we caught it early enough […]

Finding beauty in every imperfection (Jordan)

Age: 20 Number of pregnancies and births: 2,1 6.5 months pp I’m going to start off by saying, this site is amazing, i absolutely love it and visit at least twice a week. I’ve posted once before at four months pp and here i go again. I am now six and a half months pp […]

Getting Used to My New Body (Katie)

I was 20 years old when I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were very excited because the month before I find out was the month we decided to start TTC so we were excited and shocked that it happened so quick! Well i started noticing my stretch marks when I was […]

Why Can’t I See What He Sees? (GG)

26 years old 1 pregnancy 2 babies (twins) boy and girl. My husband is such a wonderful man. He sees in me the most beautiful and sexy woman alive. Why can’t I see that?? All I see is fat here and there and everywhere! I see imperfections and that is it. My stomach is ugly […]

A Healthier Lifestyle (Georgia)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 25 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 Weeks PP – 13 I thought I would give another update on how things are going. Im 13 weeks post partum. Loving every minute of being a mommy. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight, plus 8 pounds more. I have been doing, […]

My Story of Childbirth (Anonymous)

i had just left school,starting college when i found out i was pregnant, at the start i didnt know what to do. i was so scared and alone. i was in a relationship with a man i loved for 6months but knew for a long time before,but the last thing i thought of was being […]

Not happy with the new me. (B’s Mommy)

Age: 22 1 Pregnancy, 1 Birth Via C-section 6 months PP Six months ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. I was in labor for nearly 30 hrs, I pushed for 3 and then had to have a c-section. My little man weighed 9 lbs 7 oz! This was my first pregnancy and […]

My husband calls me beautiful (Alyssa)

Age: 20 Pregnancies and Births: 1 pregnancy and 1 birth The age of your child: A terrible two year old I was married at 16, pregnant at 17 and gave birth to my handsome little 9lb 10oz baby boy when I was 18. Here I am now 20 years old, still happily married to the […]

It is what it is! (Nina)

I am 31, and I have two babies. The first one was born in August 2005, the second born in July 2007, so I’m 3 years pp since my last baby. I’ve been pregnant two more times, on top of that, but they both left my body before the 3 month mark. Two years before […]

Only 9 days postpartum, but discouraged… (Renee)

I gained 65 pounds with my son. It’s not that I was overeating; quite the opposite was true. I started uncontrollably gaining weight (sometimes 7-9 lbs a week) and finally the doctor caught on. I had pre-eclampsia. Needless to say, all that extra water stretch my skin out something bad. On July 12, I gave […]

It’s Gonna Take Time (Jessy)

Age: 20 Number or Pregnancies and births: 1 How far postpartum: 5 1/2 months I am 5’10” and was 159 lbs when I found out I was pregnant. I was already unhappy with how much I weighed. During those 41 weeks i had gained a whopping 50 pounds. I had my daugher Jocee Grace Feb. […]

22 Weeks, Second Post (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age: 22 First Pregnancy My last post was at 16 weeks. I’ve been reading the other stories on here and decided to post again. For those who read my last post, I’ve been battling an eating disorder since I was 10; my issue with weight gain has followed me throughout this pregnancy. […]

No Longer Hiding (vsmama)

Age: 27 Previous entries here and here. 1 pregnancy; 1 birth 3 years 1.5 months postpartum I made it a goal to feel sexier when my son reached 3 years of age and I wore a dress! A short dress at that! lol Everyone commented on how beautiful I looked and oddly, for awhile there […]

Getting Back (Selena)

Age: 24 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 Age of children and how far postpartum: 9 month old daughter and 9 months postpartum When the thought came into my head that I wanted to start a family I, like many women, did not think about what my body would look like afterwards. I had not […]

Continued Hatred of a “Beautiful Thing” (Anonymous)

Age: 19 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Number of Births: 1 amazing baby boy (Almost) 6 months Postpartum Let me start out by saying that I am so thankful to have found this website. I no longer feel completely alone in the way I look. Although I do still have my self-confidence issue, I know that […]

3 weeks PP and in the Navy (Anonymous)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies/births: 1/1 Age of children: 3 week old baby boy I joined the Navy when I was 18. Went to bootcamp in Great Lakes Illinois two weeks after I graduated from High School on July 3, 2007 and graduated August 31, 2007. I ended up being stationed at NAS Oceana in […]

Trying to come to terms with my new body. (Vi’s Mama)

I had my daughter when i was sixteen. Before my pregnancy i was a mere 95 Ibs. I wore a size 32 B. I didn’t appreciate my body at all. During my pregnancy i used lotion, vitamin E oil, Shea Butter…I bought pretty much every “stretch mark” cream available, but none of it seemed to […]

From Girl to Woman (Anonymous)

28 ten months post body i posted just only today also talking about my belli and my job . i wanted to share this amazing transformation with you mummas i am absoluty amazed at how the body grows and changes , i mean really the pic speak for them selfs !!!!! i am learning to […]

I Can’t Stand to Look in the Mirror (Anonymous)

~Age: 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 22 months and 3 months I had my first baby at 18 and my second at 20. Before I fell pregnant I had a fantastic body – although I never appreciated it. Now, […]

Mother of One Little Girl (Sade)

I had my daughter Harmony six months ago. It was a scary experience because I was only 21 when I found out and it was a one night stand. The father lived in another state. I was going to abort my child but I decided to keep her and get in contact with the father. […]

Australian Ex-Professional Dancer Battles with Post Baby Body (Anonymous)

28 one child ten months post body 65-kg before pregnancy 95 peak pregnancy 75-kg to date, i use to dance professionally in burlesque and cabaret-bars , having my whole job revolve around my body and my own sense of sexuality i was always great shape , having to keep toned by having a active and […]

Mommy to a Flower (Meghan)

Age: 18 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 6 months pp, 6 months old I was 180lbs when I found out I was pregnant . I was trying to lose weight, but having a hard time . Throughout my pregnancy I gained 40lbs and […]

Almost There! (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Hi again everyone, at the time of my first submission I was about 146 lbs and just hating life altogether. I am now 130 lbs and a bit happier but still have a long way to go. I am still having trouble facing myself in the mirror and it sometimes prevents me […]

Will I ever feel beautiful? (Catherine’s Mommy)

Age: 21 # Pregnancies/ Births: 1/1 Catherine is 2 1/2 months old. I’ve read some wonderful stories about finding yourself beautiful AGAIN. But what do you do if you’ve never felt beautiful. I started feeling terrible about the way I looked at age 5. My father who was very mentally and physically abusive always said, […]

7 weeks postpartum with twin boys (Ash)

Age: 25 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy 2 births The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 7 weeks I had my twin boys at 38 weeks 1 day they were 6 lb 2 oz and 5 lb 5 oz, and perfectly healthy. I gained about 35 lbs with the […]

Labor Story and Accepting My New Body (Anonymous)

This is my story, just to get it out there for others to share. My EDD was October 29th 2009 October 29th came along, and passed. I was miserable, I felt huge, and I was tired of having my sciatic nerve pinched to the point I couldn’t move. I can’t count the number of times […]

Coming To Terms With Being Pregnant (Anon)

Age: 22 Pregnancies and births: currently pregnant (4 months) I found out I was pregnant March 24, 2010. It was a shock for both me and my husband, and I cried when I called to tell him. I wish I could be noble and say that they were tears of joy, but I was shocked, […]

She Changed My Life (Anonymous)

28 years old/ 1 pregnancy/1 birth/12 months postpartum First off, I would like to say that I appreciate this site and the support that it offers to mothers. I have been visiting it ever since I was about 7 months pregnant, and it has been cathartic to me and my struggle with my body. Here […]

This is Your Fault (Anonymous)

I am 22 years old and I have been pregnant once. I have one child,a 16month old son. The day I found out for sure I was pregnant was one of the hardest days of my life. I was in a bad relationship with a man who was a lot older than me. We had […]

One of the “lucky ones” (Lxnn)

age 28 one pregnancy one birth my son is now 2 ½ years old I say “lucky” because in reality I do not have many stretch marks and the ones I do have are light. I have returned to my pre-pregnacy weight but that does not mean I am at my pre-pregnacy shape. I gained […]

The Day After (Maddy)

This is a photo of the day after I had my daughter, Abby. My husband took the photo to show me how much my belly had shrunken so quickly, and at the time, I was so pleased that I was so much smaller than I was before. A few months later, I looked at this […]

Young Mom of 2 (Anonymous)

i am 22. my husband an i were blessed with two amazing little men. i went into labor naturally at midnight on both of their due dates. my first was born at 1:48 pm. 7 pounds 10 ounces 19 and a half inches long perfectly healthy. he surprised us pretty good. they told me at […]

5 week PP, hating my body (Anonymous)

Pre-pregnancy weight: 169 Labor Weight: 210 Weight now: 200 I have been struggling with my weight since I was a kid. I was 240 in my sophmore year of high school and just last year I got down to my weight of 157. I wasn’t too happy there, but I was content and felt like […]

Behind Enemy Lines (SMS)

Age 30 1st pregnancy, 1 year postpartum My body has always been the enemy. This shape which outlines the whole of who I am, encapsulating the parts of me both seen and unseen. Somehow, with time and age, it had come to represent me, a personal definition of who I am, carefully crafted for the […]

Still Working At It – Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age 21 1 child, 10 months postpartum It feels like forever since I posted my last entry here, even though it has only been nine months! I must admit that I’m not feeling nearly as confident now as I did at a month postpartum, I guess because the adrenaline of giving birth […]

Belly Flop (Jill)

Previous entries here and here. Back for round three! I figured I’d submit one each postpartum “trimester.” Well, my little man will be one way too soon, this has been the fastest year of my life. We’re planning a birthday party, gearing up for summer, and enjoying every minute of it. Here are my most […]

A Stomach Like a Deflated Balloon (Sarah)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 6 months post partum Up until 4years ago I had never had body issues. I’d always been slim and fit, but after one termitated pregnancy at 19 I had implanon inserted as a […]

Proud Momma (Van)

When I got pregnant at 19 I was 140lbs and happy with how I looked for the most part (who doesn’t have little qualms about how they look.?) Now at 2 years post partum I am 195lbs, which is more than I was fully pregnant with my little girl. I feel mixed emotions about my […]

New Mummy, New body to accept (Kelly)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Kara is 4 weeks old My partner Matt and I are both young, I’m 22, he is 20. We had Kara 4 weeks ago, I had to have an emergency c-section as I […]

Accepting my NEW “mother” body (Lizz)

This is my Labor Story and I would like to share it. My EDD was Nov. 23rd, 2009 Nov 24th, 2009 I went in at 8AM for a regular check up. Dr. Wong stripped my membranes and 5 minutes later I started cramping. I told her about how I have been itchy for a few […]

A letter to my body 1 yr PP (Emily)

Age: 23 1 pregnancy, son is 12 months old, 1 yr PP Dear body, Thank you for all that you have given me and others. I am sorry for what I used to think of you, I was wrong you are beautiful. I promise to never be ashamed of my body anymore. I promise to […]

Skinny, But Strong… My Way (Skye)

So, here I am again, this is my second post, my first is here. Now that I’m 13 months post partum I feel the need to share with you all something that has been amazing for my body… I didn’t say too much about my body in my first most so I will give you […]


~Your Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 weeks pp I am a 22 year old mother of 2 girls. The oldest is turning 2 in June and the younger is 3 weeks old. My body changed a lot with both pregnancies. […]

Hard Work 14 Months PP (Elissa)

Original entries here and here. 24 years old 1 Child-14 months old C-Section Gained-61 Pounds Weight before pregnancy-137 Weight at the end of pregnancy-198 Weight 14 months PP-139 Clothing size before pregnancy Pants size 9 Shirts-Medium Bra size 36 C…Sometimes D After pregnancy Pants size 3 and 5’s Shirts medium Bra size 36 D… I […]

Awesome Husband (Halley)

My husband is currently working on an Art degree and for one of his assignments he had to draw a live person, and that person was me. At the time he drew these it was my first pregnancy and I was probably about 8 or 9 months pregnant. These really helped me boost my self […]

The Curves of My Road (Anonymous)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births 1/1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are 11 months postpartum Ever since I can remember the shape of my body has been on my mind. Memories from childhood echo with self-consciousness, fear of being different, and separation. From the outside I grew up […]

19 years old, 5 months post partum (Ashley)

Before I got pregnant I was a slim 135 pounds, at 5’7″. I felt my greatest and was so happy that I could shop and wear just about anything, all the way down to a bikini in the summer. I got pregnant in March and gained a total for 55 pounds! I got so many […]

My 20 Week Photo (Ellie)

this is me at 19 weeks. this is my first baby and im so excited. it took me 2 years to get pregnant and i am more grateful than ever. being big its hard to except the looks people give me when i tell them im pregnant, cause to them i just look fat. but […]

Working to reverse 8 years of negative body image (Anonymous)

age-23 births 1, children 1 beautiful girl 4 months PP I’ve always been athletic and worked hard to stay in shape. In highschool I took it to the next level and restricted myself to 1000, then 900, then 600, then 500 calories a day, this started a slippery slope of anorexia, bulimia, exercise purging that […]

Struggling with PCOS (Nicole)

Age: 25 Pregnancies: 3 Births: 2 Ages: Son = 5 years old, Daughter = 3 months old Post-Partum: 3 months I have always struggled with my weight. I’ve been on diets, exercise regimes, and even pills. When I was 17, I was so disgusted with my weight that I turned to anorexia. I refused to […]

Loving My Mommy Body (Georgia)

Original entry here. So here is my update, I am 12 days postpartum. I had my son on his due date which was really great! He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches long. I had a few hours of tough back labor then had the epidural. Best experience of my life. So […]

I Remember… (Mary)

~Age: 27 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth by c-section ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 5 months I remember being 4 and 5 years old and looking down at myself in the bathtub and thinking I was fat. I remember being in 2nd grade and looking […]

Struggling to accept this new body and dealing w/ hypothyroidism (Anonymous)

Age: 29 Number of pregnancies: 2 Number of births: 1 Age of baby: 18 months My story is a very familiar one. My baby was born 18 months ago via C-section due to “maternal exhaustion.” I was pushing for going on 3 hours when, after hours of nothing to eat or sleeping, I just couldn’t […]

Stretched, Marked, & Saggy at 18! (Kelsey)

Hi, My Name is Kelsey.. I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant.. This came as a big shock to my boyfriend and I. At The time we hadn’t been dating long, and we we’re just in high school after all! We decided to carry on with the pregnancy and Keep our son..Now […]

Take 2 – Still haven’t accepted my new body! (Anonymous)

I originally posted here when I was 6 weeks post-partum! I’m now 21 weeks postpartum and my feelings are still pretty simillar! I have better days than others, very rarely, but they do occur! I just can’t accept that this is the body that I have to live with for the rest of my life! […]

Update (vsmama)

Original entry here. Hi! I have a goal to feel my sexiest before my son reaches three! And he does in a little over three weeks but I’m already in such a positive state of mind. I’m very confident and excited for my continuing progress. I have such a supportive partner who is putting all […]

Skinny Moms, I have a Problem with You (Amanda)

Okay, let me get more specific here. Skinny moms that tell other women that you have a flat belly a month or two after giving birth to your second child because you have to chase child number 1 around. I have a problem with you. Big time. Can you please just be honest with the […]

My Journey to Motherhood (Amelia’s Momma)

19 1 pregnancy 1 birth 4 1/2 months Motherhood has changed me in so many ways, I start my journey as a young carefree 18 year old kid, and end as a mature young woman. I met my baby’s father when I was eighteen years old. I thought he was cute but of course love […]

It looks like a frowny face (Kerry)

Previous submissions here and here. Age: 19 First pregnancy/birth: 1 year pp Thats what my 5 year old nephew says about my belly button. It bothered me immensely the first time he said it, then the more I thought of it a little chuckle escaped.. how many people can say it looks like their button […]

Trouble Accepting My New Body (Aarica)

Age~ 23 Pregnancy/births ~ 1 Pregnancy,1 birth Postpartum- 7 months I had just started dating my little guys dad six months before we found out we were expecting. It was a great moment for me and I’m sure him as well. Before I met his dad I was in a long term relationship for 5 […]

My Body After Baby (Tessa)

I became pregnant and the age of 19 years old. Before I was pregnant, I was quite thin. I always had body image insecurities either way. Looking back at those photos, I find myself asking how I could have ever been displeased with my body pre-pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant, I was […]

You don’t realize what you have, until it’s gone.. so old but so true (Anonymous)

Age : 21 Number of Pregnancies : 1 Births : 1 Time Since giving birth : almost 11 months I have been with my husband for over four years now. I got pregnant while we were still dating in 2009 when I was 20, and we got married shortly me after giving birth. Before I […]

7 weeks postpartum…7 pounds to go (Anonymous)

23 years old, first birth and first pregnancy baby is now 7 weeks old When I first found out I was pregnant I never thought of the impact a pregnancy could have on my body. I just could not imagine that I would have stretch marks and spider veins at my age…my mom has those […]

My Story With Lily – Update (Marissa)

Original entry here. I have lost 76 pounds, 10 more to go. im right now a 140 lbs, but the new pics are when i was a 144 lbs. I have finally started my period and the weight is coming off quickly. Plus, i eat right and jog. so its been helping alot. i hope […]

I’m done doing nothing when I could work at being at my best! (vsmama)

Hi! I am a 27 year old mother to a beautiful 2.5 year old boy! I’ve been with my husband since I was 19 and we only found out we were pregnant 2 months short of me turning 25. I never had to exercise and always wore ‘sexy’ but classy outfits. I was about 144 […]

Living For So Much (Natalia)

Age: 20 Pregnancies/births: 3 pregnancies/ 1 birth Number of children: 1 son, Ronin, age 2 I found out I was pregnant when I was 17, which truly caught me by suprise. I know I wasn’t on birth control, but we used a condom every time. Could it be possible I was the 1% that the […]

My 4th belly!! (Iraiosc)

Hi again!! I wrote here twice before, you can see here and here. I need to explain my feelings about what i’ve just did. I’ve finally repaired my hernia and diastasis only 20 days ago!! Family are contradicted, they wanted of course I get well quikly (sorry my mistakes please ) but I know they […]

My son played a few tricks on me (J.D.)

My story starts in March 2007 when i decided to move to another country and start a new life. I was bored of my life, my job, my city and i felt very lonely and depressed. It was a great choice as i started on a new path with lots of joy and happiness. I […]

38 Weeks Pregnant, Not Sure What to Expect (Georgia)

24 years old, First pregnancy I have been coming to this site for a few weeks now, and everyones stories have been very encouraging. When I got pregnant, I was 5’5” and 158 pounds. I am currently at 180 pounds. So only gained 22 pounds. But I have always really like my body, especially my […]

It Has Taken Time (Anonymous)

This is such a wonderful place for mothers to come! I recently stumbled upon this place while I was searching on facebook for different groups, and I am so so glad I did! I have honestly always had body issues… I don’t know if it was learned from my mother, or from the society we […]

This is Me (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Numbers of pregnancies and births: 1 Children: 1 awesome daughter, 3 years old This is who I am and unfortunately I’m not too happy with myself. No matter how much weight I lose, my stomach doesn’t seem to shrink. I’m currently 175 pounds and I plan on getting down to 140. I really […]

The roads that led to motherhood – A stretch mark love story! (Rachael)

Age now: 22 18 months pp. I became a mother at age 21. My son was born at 7lbs 11 ounces and I absolutely do not regret anything I went through in order to bring him into the world safely. Before pregnancy, I loved my body. I loved my complexion, my height, my weight… everything. […]

Twin Tummy After Two Years (Anonymous)

Age: 34 1 pregnancy, 2 children I have recently discovered this website and am so glad I did as the stories have inspired me and helped me accept my post pregnancy body. I generally keep my thoughts on my body to myself as I don’t like drawing attention to it and I never imagined I […]

My Journey Into Motherhood (Anonymous)

I’ve struggled with food for a few years now. My struggle was mostly a secret and began two and a half years ago when I decided I wanted to lose weight for my wedding. I wasn’t overweight, but I wanted to look good. Long story short, I became obsessed, gained the weight back and then […]

Life of a Cheated Mom (Anonymous)

So here is my story, I became pregnant after a 7 year relationship with my high school sweet heart, he had been faithful all those years, after a couple of days o finding out about my pregnancy my boyfriend started an affair with a coworker of his, that been january last year, in february i […]

The Ever-Elusive Belly Button (Lulu)

When me and my husband first got married, everyone incessantly pestered us about when we were going to have kids. We told them, quite firmly, that we were going to wait at least five years… by then we’d be good and ready. My mother would always laugh at this, and told us bluntly that she’d […]

Big Tee & Little Tee (Tee)

Age: 26 Pregnancies/births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth Age of child: 5 I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and I was scared to death. I was a junior in college, my boyfriend (now husband) was stationed in another state and neither of us knew anything about babies. We had tons of support […]

Update (Kayla)

Previous entries here, here and here. 21 years old 1 pregnancy, 1 birth son is 16 months old current weight: 165lbs I am now 16 months pp as of yesterday (March 22, 2010). I have GAINED weight in the past month or so and it is so frustrating. I have to say, alot of it […]

The aftermath of sexual violence + the beginning of healing, part 2 (Anonymous)

About a year ago, six weeks after giving birth to my son, I posted my first entry. It’s been a tough and fun year and yet again my body has changed a lot. I am still breastfeeding and that has helped me lose all my pregnancy weight, without any effort on my part. That was […]

Uneven Breasts (Proud Mom)

My baby boy is 7 months tomorrow, and I’m a 23 year old all proud battle scared mom… I’ve been 1 of the lucky ladies to not develop strech marks, but a single one right on top of my belly button, the problem I’ve had is that at least 4 months ago my baby won’t […]

Update (Jeanne)

Original entry here. Since my initial submission I feel like I’ve been able to focus on the important thing- finished college, got a job, spend my time with my daughter and have dated here and there. I’ve accepted my body and while I don’t love it- I like it for it’s flaws and have been […]

I Hate My Stomach (Emma)

I never liked my body before I got pregnant at 18, but after going through a very rough pregnancy, I wish I had appreciated it more when I could. My pregnancy was unplanned, and I spent much of it wondering if I was making the right decision. It was also rough on me physically – […]

A Deeper Beauty (Jessica)

Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies and Births: 1/1 How far postpartum : 7 months I have been reading the stories of these lovely ladies since I stumbled upon it at a few weeks post partum. Looking for other women who looked like myself that I could relate to not only physically but emotionally. I was […]

Positive Pregnancy (Marta)

Pregnancy #1 Weeks Pregnant- 30 Age:27 I have been fascinated by pregnancy and mothers from a very young age. Before my husband and I began trying we had spent years educating ourselves on pregnancy and what we wanted for our first born. I’ve always been a naturalist at heart and so we have chosen a […]


Hello, My Name is Rachael. I am 22, I live in Bunbury, Western Australia. I had my baby boy “Traye” on the 21st of February 2010… so that makes me 3 and a half weeks “PP”. I knew i was going to have a bad stomach because of how quickly my stretch marks came up.. […]

Teen Mum of One (Anonymous)

I’m 19 years old. Found out I was pregnant when I was 18 and turned 19 during my pregnancy. I felt really terrible about myself from 6 months pregnant on. I felt I looked so huge and disgusting and cried about it alot. My body after having my baby turned out not to be much […]

Update 3 years PP..Bio Oil made a difference! (Anonymous)

Age: 26 Age of child :3 years old This is an update from my previous submission. I haven’t really changed my eating habits, I eat as best I can and I still cant motivate myself to exercise on a regular basis..actually I gained some weight since the last entry. When the entry was written I […]

Due in 12 days! (First Time Mother)

I’m very close to giving birth to my firstborn, a girl. I was about 180 lbs at conception. That’s about 20 lbs heavier than my normal weight, and in a little bout of irony, I was dedicating my summer to exercise in an attempt to get back down to 160, when bam, I got pregnant […]

You’ll Never Be Beautiful Again (Anonymous)

Age:23 Number of Pregnancies:1 Child: 1 unbelievably beautiful son, 8 months I would love to share the name of my son or a before photo of myself or even a full picture of myself, but I can not bare the thought of someone I know reading this. I have this fear that must come from […]


Irelynd Age: 22 Number of Pregnancies’ Age of Irelynd: 5 weeks 2 days I was 21 when I got pregnant with Irelynd, at first I cried I was told I couldn’t get pregnant since I have some genetic diseases that made it near impossible to carry a child. My mom wanted me to get an […]

2 1/2 Years Later- Anonymous

Age: 21 A couple months after I turned 18 I found out I was pregnant. Since my boyfriend lived in California and I was so young, I was very nervous. Having my daughter changed my entire life around. I become responsible, mature and learned how to put my daughter’s needs in front of my own. […]

Saggy Baggy Mama (Anonymous)

I never expected to want to be a mother. I never expected to enjoy being a mother. I never expected that I could love anyone so much. I never expected to describe myself as uncooked dough that had been mauled by a bear. I did want to be a mother, I do enjoy being a […]

My body has definitely changed for the worse but my little girl was worth it! (Sienna)

Age: 22 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 Pregnancy, 1 Birth I am 8 weeks postpartum I became pregnant when I was 21 after only 1 month of trying and was absolutely delighted! I loved my body just before getting pregnant – I had just lost a bit of weight and was feeling very confident! […]

Pregnancy and Firefighting (Heather)

24 years old 1 pregnancy & 1 birth 6 weeks PP I am 24 years old and am very short and not proportional. I have always had large thighs, large boobs (36DD), and wide hips for only being 5 foot tall (size 9). I have never really had any big problems with my body. My […]

Ugly is irrelevant (Alicia)

Age: 21 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 Children: One beautiful girl that will be three April 13th 2010. About two years ago, when I would step out of the shower and see my naked body standing there I would cringe. I would try to get out of there as fast as I could so I wouldn’t […]

I want to look better. (Sue)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children: 16 months First of all I want to apologize for mistakes, English is not my language, I’m from Poland. I’m just 22 and I’m not happy about new look of my body… I’m not hating it only because of my boyfriend who […]

First Time Mama (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant in April of last year. My husband and I were very, very surprised but excited none the less! I delivered my baby on Thanksgiving day. We had planned a birth center natural birth but when our sweet little one was a face presentation all plans changed. This was the […]

Learning to Love My New Body (Anonymous)

I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and had my first baby. I wasn’t too happy when I found out because it was unplanned. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he is a great father. I have such a hard time accepting my new body. It is basically […]

My Story (Holly)

My name is Holly. I am 25 years old and have one daughter, a two year old named Lillian. She was an unplanned pregnancy, conceived at what I used to think was the peak of my physical beauty. I was 23, single, and a dancer with perfect abs, lol. My whole life I have been […]

I’m a Bowl of Mixed Nuts! (April)

~Age: 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births: currently preggo Hi mommies & soon to be mommies! My name is April, I am at 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant at this moment. Im posting on this site to share my thoughts and feelings and hopefully get some good feed backs thatll help cheer me up. […]

Mother of a precious 18mth old boy, learning to appreciate my battle scars!!! (Jessica)

This site is such an amazing inspiration. I have battled with issues with my weight since I was very young and the present is no exception. I have one child who is turning 18mths old this week. He is my world and brings such a joy to my life, but I can’t help feeling a […]

Needing Guidance- Finally reaching out (Anonymous)

It will be a year next week that my son was born. I have kept these feelings inside for far too long. A year that I have been living in this body that I now call my own. My belly button still looks the same, saggy and loose. I still have “love” handles and flub […]

Update (Anonymous)

Age: 25 Number of Pregnancies and births: 1 Age of child: 2 Hello, I absolutely love this site and have been a fan of it for years! I am doing this as a update post, here is my older post from last July. I really don’t look that different. I have tried everything this past […]

The Shape of A Birthmother (Anonymous)

20 yrs. old 1st Pregnancy, 8 months pregnant I woke up one morning in July expecting to start my period. When I went to the bathroom and hadn’t started, I didn’t think anything of it because I am not typically regular. As the day went on with no signs of it starting, I began to […]

When happily ever after comes crashing down… (Anonymous)

Age: 21 Pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 boy, now two years old. Well, the past year has been a year of serious soul searching for me. I went from being a stay at home mom to being a full time college student AND working on top of it. We have been trying to get pregnant for […]

Pregnant with #2! (Kylie)

I got pregnant by accident with my first child, perfect pregnancy, nothing went wrong. Was in labor for 14 hours, pushed for two. Had a beautiful baby boy, all NATURAL…NOT ONE drug on January 25th, 2009. Up until about 6 months postpartum I didn’t loose but 20 pounds after giving birth, and that was from […]

My Story with Lily (Marissa)

my age is 17 and my name is Marissa one pregnancy, one birth my daughter, Lily, is 7 months Hi, my name is Marissa and i am 7 months pp with my first child, Lily. I am a teen mother and the past year has been a life changing experience! I met her dad during […]

Overcoming (Brittany)

Age: 20 Number of births and pregnancies: 1 birth and pregnancy 4 months postpartum My name is Brittany. I am a proud mother to a 4 month old little girl and wife to a wonderful and patient husband. I have been struggling to accept the way my new body looks since I was pregnant. I […]

My Horizontal Bellybutton (A.C.)

Motherhood has drastically changed me in every conceivable way. I think, sleep, eat and shower differently, and I also have a body that is incomparable to the one I used to inhabit. My baby was born two weeks later than expected, and, during that time, my skin developed deep stretch marks. I will always vividly […]

In The Home Stretch 235 lbs to 160 lbs (Anonymous)

Age: 25 Number of Pregnancies and births: 1 Age of child/PP: 29 months Pre-Pregnancy I was 235 lbs (I’m 5’7) I was considered Obese my BMI was over 35!!! When I got pregnant I had really bad morning sickness for the first 20 weeks. I was on Phenergan and Zofran. I lost 10 lbs my […]


Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies/Births: 1 Almost 13 weeks postpartum Keywords: postpartum, pregnancy, 1st time mom, vaginal birth After trying for months to conceive unsuccessfully, my husband and I visited a new OB who prescribed clomid. I believed that I was not ovulating, however he thought everything was fine. I got pregnant on the first […]

5 months PP and doing ok (Amy)

Age: 21 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Number of Children: 1 PP: 5 months Hi my name is Amy and I am 21 years old. Here’s my story. I have been married to my husband for about a year and a half now and we are very happy together. He shops and does the cooking, he […]

Hating my new body, but loving my daughter. Teen mom. (Lindsey)

Age- 17 First pregnancy and first birth to my daughter. Cesarean (couldn’t dialate past a 6) Hey everyone, my name is Lindsey. First off I want to say I love this website, and everyone on it who shared their stories… I had to debate if I wanted to post my story on here because I […]

28, and still coming to grips with my new body (M)

My pre-birth weight was about 140, and I am 5′ 9″. I am a former athlete that was used to a typical body weight of 160-165, so the loss of almost 20 lbs in muscle mass was a huge loss in dress sizes as well as curves. I was pretty used to be a little […]

Starting to Accept My New Body (Anonymous)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 3 pregnancies, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 months post partum After two miscarriages I finally have my beautiful baby! Throughout pregnancy I loved my new body and was amazed watching it grow. I was lucky, I didn’t have stretch […]

New Baby, Same Body (Kyra)

Age: 27 Months Postpartum: 5 I’ve been planning on this post for over a year. I visited this site frequently, before, during and after my pregnancy. I love reading all your stories. There is something I can relate to in each one. I think us women should remember that we are more alike than we […]

My Twin Mom Body @ 1 Year Postpartum (Anonymous)

I delivered twin boys via c-section in January ’09 at age 38. Now I am 39 (40 later this year). For many years pre-pregnancy, I worked out frequently and intensely. I am 5’5″ tall, and at the time I got pregnant (my first and only pregnancy), I was very fit and weighed about 120 pounds. […]

Loose Skin, Severe Stretch Marks and Optimistic! (Nicole)

Age: 24 Number of Pregnancies: 1 9 months Postpartum I never in a million years ever thought my beautiful belly would be tarnished the way that it is now. Maybe it was naive of me, but I didn’t realize it was even possible to look like this just from having a baby. I found this […]

A Belly I Don’t Know (Shaunda)

Age: 27 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth Age of my child: 17 weeks (4 months, 1 week) I have always wanted to post something on this amazing site, but just never had the courage. I looked at this site religiously throughout my entire pregnancy, knowing that I would have a hard […]

My Submission (Jeanne)

I had an unplanned pregnancy at 21. I was scared, I was doing it alone without my daughter’s father in the picture. Throughout my pregnancy I was afraid of what changes might happen to my body. I used to love my body and now I am still learning to accept the changes. I hit my […]

Ce la Vie (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Number of Births and Pregnancies: 1 Age of Baby and Months Postpartum: 6 months My story begins in March of 2008 when I had an abdominal myomectomy to remove a 3 1/2 lb fibroid leaving me with an scar that was much larger than a c-section scar. Then six short months later I […]

Belly (Kelley)

My name is Kelley and I have a 7 month old son. He is my only child. I was around 135 lbs when I got pregnant at the age of 21. I was a bellydancer with an amazing stomach. During my pregnancy I ate all the wrong things and I am paying for it now. […]

My Body 6 Weeks Postpartum (Angela)

23 years old 6 weeks postpartum, 1st baby 225lbs My name is Angela. Ive been a yoyo dieter all my life. Ive had plus sized years, and normal weight years… (about 130-160 lbs) Ive struggled all my life with it though. My mother would always criticize me about my weight starting from about 12 years […]

Mom to 10 month old twins (Ariel)

I have been engaged to my fiance for 2 years when we moved out of the dorms and into our first apartment together, less than a month later I was pregnant, about a month later I found out ‘it’ was ‘them.’ I found out I was pregnant with twins at an abortion clinic. I wanted […]

Healing Takes Time But I’m On My Way (F)

1 pregnancy, 1 birth. 5 months postpartum. I finally am ready to share my story and photos. I have been reading other women’s stories on Shape of a Mother since I was 6 months pregnant or so. They really helped to change my views of my own and other women’s bodies. I now believe that […]

Almost 2 ½ years later and still unhappy (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at the age of eighteen and gave birth by nineteen, I am now twenty one. My beautiful baby girl is two and three months old. I love my baby girl but I hate my body. I’ve always had problems with my weight, one minute I would be overweight and the next I […]

3 years later and 1 beautiful little boy (Chi’s Mommy)

Its been 3 years since I gave birth to my amazing little boy , Malachi. He is a blessing and I thank God for him daily. My husband & I plan to have another baby soon , so I’ve been working extra hard to lose my baby weight from my 1st child. I started out […]

From Hot to Not – Update (Anonymous)

Your Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 Original entry here. I posted a few months ago when I was 11 weeks PP. My son is now 7 months (32 weeks PP). I still look the same which is incredibly depressing, I did drop from 150 to 145 but I’m kind of stuck there. […]

C-Section (Sara)

Hello, my name is Sara. I am currently two weeks PP as I was blessed with the best Christmas Gift ever in 2009: our first child (a daughter!). I was originally due January 20th, 2010 but ran into some complications with my pregnancy and was put on bedrest. I went in on Christmas Eve 2009 […]

Will I ever love this skin? (Anonymous)

I’m a 31 year old mother of one beautiful tween girl whose now 11. I really miss the baby days. I had her at 20 and I had gained 85 pounds. I have stretch marks in every conceivable place a woman can have them. I have them on my flanks, my buttocks, my hips, my […]

Healthy Eating and Workouts Kept Pregnancy Weight Gain to a Minimum (Holly)

Age: 33 Weeks PP: 5 Number of Pregnancies: 2 Number of Children: 1 Current Weight: 132 Pre-Pregancy Weight: 126 I was very worried about how my body would look post partum. I worked out prior to pregnancy and continued to do so through my entire pregnancy, up to 2 weeks prior to delivery. I would […]

Daily Struggle (Katie)

~Age: 25 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your child: 4 yrs I have wanted to contribute here for a while but didn’t know if I could contain all my thoughts on my body image/pregnancy to a few paragraphs. Always needing to do things either perfectly or not at all I have […]

18 months postpartum (kimq33)

It took me a long time to accept that my body isn’t going to look the way it did when I got pregnant. I was 18, and 110 lbs at the time, and my stomach was flat. When I was pregnant, I loved my body. I thought it was adorable. I only got a few […]

Learning to accept my new body and hopefully one day love! (Anonymous)

- 22 years old – 1st pregnancy – 4 weeks postpartum Firstly I would like to say that I think this website is absolutely fantastic! During and following my pregnancy, this site has made me realise that I’m not the only person struggling to come to terms with my new body and anyone who posts […]

My right to choose (Lucia)

age 19 1st pregnancy, 15 weeks along I´m pro-choice, I´ve always been, I think a woman has the right to decide when on whether to become a mother, I think a woman should have some saying over what goes on in her body and her life and that should start with having access to sexual […]

Worth it – Update (Regina)

Previous entries here and here. I have posted here several times now. This website keeps me going. Reminds me that there is nothing wrong with my body. There is something wrong with other’s expectations of me. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am 21 and I have carried 2 babies 8 days overdue each. […]

Belly still swollen 4 and a half months postpartum (Jill)

Age 34 Hi. My name is Jill and I am so glad I found this website. I gave birth July 24th to a 9 lb. 22 inch healthy baby boy via c-section. It was so hard that I am totally afraid to have another. I probably wont because of my age and because Im terrified […]

New Mommy to 10 day old twins!!!! (Katie)

I started reading this website when I first started getting stretch marks about 30 weeks into my pregnancy with my boy/girl twin pregnancy. I felt AWFUL about them. It consumed me so much I couldn’t even be excited about the pregnancy because every morning I woke up with more and more lines across my belly. […]

30 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

Had my first child 30 months ago. My plan was to stay in great shape during my pregnancy and then work out after to get my body back to what it was. Well, single mom and working full time leaves very little extra of anything to accomplish this goal. But now priorities are very different. […]

Long Journey (Sarah)

Age: 25 # of pregnancies:1 #of births:1 6 mo. PP. I had my son 6 months ago after gaining an astonishing 65 lbs while pregnant with him. I’ve struggled all of my life to keep weight off, and stay “attractive” so I was blown away at how hormones and the miracle of pregnancy can really […]

Ode To My Scar (Colleen)

I posted when I was 3 weeks postpartum about my feelings following a cesarean, and I wasn’t planning on posting again until I’d made some progress on my body, but I have had some thoughts that I would like to share (especially considering I’ve read several dissatisfied Cesarean mommy posts lately). As much as I […]

I did it! 9 Months PP Minus 60 Pounds! (Elissa)

Anonymous Age of pregnancy: 22 Age now: 24 Previous entry here. I just posted at 8 Months PP I had 5 pounds to go. Well, I made my goal 9 months pp! For all you ladies with those annoying women in your life that tell you what you need to do to lose your weight […]

Not What I Expected! (Roo)

Age: 22 Number of Preg. and Births: 1 4 months postpartum I’m going to try and make this as short as possible. I became pregnant in November of 08. Whoo was I surprised!!! I was so scared and happy at the same time. I had a very hard pregnancy, not because of health…but because my […]

7 Months PP (Anonymous)

20 yrs old 1 pregnancy/birth 7 months post-partum I started my pregnancy at 160lbs. im 5’8″ so it was an average size, i wore a size 9. i didn’t gain any weight until i was 20 weeks pregnant. then i ballooned up to 215 when i gave birth. i gave birth at 35 weeks because […]

My Dream Came True (SCS)

Age: 29 Number of pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 Childs age: 2yrs First I want to say I love this site. I just wish this site had more true plus size women. So I am posting my pics. I have always wanted children but was told I would probably have trouble getting pregnant due to an […]

Fitter than I was pre-pregnancy (Anonymous)

I was very active pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. I started at 108 lbs. and only gained 28 lbs. I even skied at 37 weeks, in hopes of inducing labor (it didn’t work)! I went back to the gym at 8 days post-partum, more for my sanity than any athletic endeavor, since I had third degree […]

The new body that my son gave me (“Anonymous”)

Age: 18 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 6 weeks postpartum Teen mom Me and my sons father were together for 8 months when I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with, despite our age difference (I was 16 he was 21) we were madly in love with each other. He never […]

BabyFire (Judith)

These entries are from my blog. The first was written shortly after realising I was (unexpectedly) pregnant. The second right at the end of the pregnancy, that heavy and huge phase. The third a few weeks after birth. The photographs were taken by Colleen Sevitz, and are used with permission. I was 34 weeks pregnant […]

There is Hope, I am Proof (Jessica)

Original entries here and here. This is my 3rd post. I am currently pregnant with #2 (25 weeks) I want to show you that there is hope and I am proof. I am including some previous pictures and some current pictures of my stretchmarks, because so many people tell you “they will fade”, “give it […]

I don’t hate my body! (Anonymous)

I am proud of what I’ve done. My son Marcus is six months old and like all of you I went through some shit bringing him into this world. I was a fitness lunatic before I got pregnant so I was a little down on myself for a while. It’s easy to feel that way […]

Update (Victoria)

That was my first post 6months ago. I am now 20 and 28months Postpartum. I was in such I hate my body mood when I first posted now I’m much better. The past weekend I brought my first swimmers that are full piece but with bits missing and I actually feel so confindent wearing it […]

Loving who I am now (Hannah)

Age: 29 years old 1 Pregnancy, 1 Child Photos: 1,2,3 are 18months PP and 4 is a before pregger and 8mo pregger photo I have a son named Ellis. Ellis was born last May by an unplanned C-section. He is now 18 months old. I had a pretty rough pregnancy. I was in school full-time […]

Rejected, but not vulnerable anymore (Anonymous)

This was my first pregnancy and my son turned a year old last month. Thanks! I was dating a man on and off for two years. He’s about ten years older than me (I’m in my 20s and he’s in his 30s) but he can be rather immature. We broke up and got back together […]

This is me (anonymous)

I am 22 years old this is me 4 months postpartum. Before I was pregnant I was Small and petite 5”1″ and was 95lbs. I gained over 50 pounds during this pregnancy even though I worked out just about every day. I am now around 125lbs I feel fat and just really unattractive with this […]

Laproscopic surgery, 6 weeks postpartum (R.)

I am 27 years old. I had a baby girl at full term. At 6 weeks postpartum, I had laproscopic surgery to remove my gall bladder after several gallstone attacks. This is what I looked like 5 days after surgery. Updated here.

Worked hard while pregnant to stay fit, postpartum still stinks! (Jill)

after almost a year of trying to get pregnant my husband and i were thrilled to see those two lines. it was so fun to finally be on my way to becoming a mother! i was excited to buy maternity clothes and thought the weight gain and changes wouldn’t be bad. i quickly figured out […]

6 weeks PP and struggling to look in the mirror (Anonymous)

Age 31, 1 beautiful daughter I became pregnant last Christmas with my first child, a surprise to both my husband and I…our little Christmas present :-). Before becoming pregnant, I struggled with body image issues and had gained about 30 pounds over the previous 2 years. Going into my first pregnancy already overweight really bothered […]

Stuck at 156 (Kayla)

Previous entries here and here. I am 11 months pp tomorrow and cant see any changes since my last update! I have been running 4-5 times a week and trying to get to the gym on a regular basis and just cant get past my weight – 156lbs. Running after a crazy 11 month old […]

8 Months PP and love my new body! (Elissa)

My story starts off with trying for 3 years to have a child with my husband and when I finally gave up I had concieved, YAY! I started my weight at 5’6″ 136 pounds. I was a 36-C and had a beautiful body… I had morning sickness until I was 7 months pregnant, EVERY SINGLE […]

Needing an Ego Stroke (Sarah)

Age:20 Age at birth:19 1 pregnacy 1 birth by c section postpartum: 12 weeks I met my husband at a fatal car accident. I was first on scene as a forensic photographer and he showed up as a firefighter. We became pregnant 3 weeks after by surprise. Our son was a first night encounter baby. […]

Twins and one on the way … my body’s journey! (Nicole)

At last I found a person whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and our engagement was made even more special a week later when we found out I was pregnant, then special again when I found out it was twins My twin pregnancy went beautifully, the girls had to come […]

Engaged, Lost and Saggy… (Autumn)

Hi My name is autumn I am 19 and a mom of a 8 month old son, I also among those of you is a teen mom, I found out I was 2 months Pregnant on my 18th birthday and Had my son a couple months shy of my 19th birthday, I am engaged to […]

Wrinkled, saggy strechmarked tummy 4 years after giving birth!! (Anonymous)

I’m 31 years old my daughter is now 4 years old and was born by emergency c section after a 36 hour labour. I put on 42lbs whilst pregnant and lost most of it over a year after giving birth. I’m so glad to have found this site, as for 4 years I have been […]

Will It Get Better….. (Anonymous)

Age:28 Number of Pregnancies:1 10 months postpartum I just had another “talk” with my boyfriend about my self-esteem. Of course I start to cry about how bad I look now overall. Up until my 6th month of pregnancy, I was working out up to 2 hours a day lifting weights. I was in the best […]

7 Mo. PP Twin Mommy (Anonymous)

21 years old I found out I was pregnant with twins at 9 weeks. I found this website while I was still pregnant, and the stories helped me so much. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to submit some pictures! I am currently 7 months post partum, and my body has underwent some […]

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone… (Kimberly)

Age: 21 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 3 1/2 Months PP I became pregnant with my daughter less than a month and a half into my relationship with my, now, husband. As much of a shock as it was, it by all means was a position we put ourselves in. We were careless with our intimacy. […]

A young mommy of 1, 10 months later (Anonymous)

Coming across this website has given me reassurance that I’m not the only one out there struggling with my post-partum belly. Seeing pictures and reading inspirational stories only motivates me more than ever! I realize that acheiving my ideal body is possible. I have to admit that I have always thought down upon my body. […]

Young Mommy (Anonymous)

I’m a young mother. I got pregnant when I was 18, and gave birth to my beautiful son when I was 19. Despite everyone’s negativity, my husband and I got through it and he’s wonderful. I was 120 before I got pregnant. I am 5’0 so you can only imagine when I was 8 months, […]

Stretch marks and deflated boobs, but I’m doing great! (Anonymous)

I am 26 years old and this was my first pregnancy. I am 4 months post partum at the time of these photographs. My prepregnacy weight was 110 and I am now at 119. At full term I was 149. My butt and thighs got so many stretch marks. I still can not get any […]

Twin Momma of Two Boys (Emily)

My name is Emily, i’m on the verge of being 18. I got pregnant in mid- December 2008! I found out the of January that i was pregnant with twins. I remember crying in the ultrasound room in the er. When i was wheeled back into my room, I told my mom. She didn’t believe […]

Mother of two miracles (Mikayla)

AGE: 20 NUMBER OF PREGNANCIES: 2 NUMBER OF BIRTHS: 2 both vaginal, 1 with no pain meds. Wow, where to start. First of all I love this site. I feel like I am the only mother who got stretch marks or who is not in her pre pregnancy clothes a few months after birth. I […]

So it doesn’t really matter after All (Deineria)

First, I love this site. I think it provides immeasurable comfort to moms from all walks of life, and I also feel it is a reality check for those who initially believe what they see in magazines represents a fair picture of most women. I had my first son when I was 19. I was […]

Stretched to the limit, but worth it (ChelandBaby)

22 years old First pregnancy and baby 11 weeks postpartum Unplanned Cesarean July 2, 2009 Pictures: 41 weeks pregnant, 11 weeks postpartum, Baby boy 11 weeks My husband and I were married 2 years ago. After a year of marriage we decided that we were ready for a baby. I had gained some weight before […]

10 months PP (Anonymous)

I had a wonderful and fairly easy pregnancy, but a very hard, long delivery. I wanted an all natural, waterbirth at the birthing center with my midwife. My water broke 2:00am Friday morning and contractions started 45 min. later. By 10:am they were 10 min. apart and my midwife wanted me to come to the […]

From size 0 to 5 (Nancy)

Age : 26 Pregnancy : 1 Children : A daughter, Chloé I learned about this website from a close friend to which I confided my body changes during and after pregnancy. I was relieved to see others with the same problems as me but I figured I’d be back in shape in no time so […]

Game Day (Deb)

When she’s out, she can make her own choices. When to eat, when to cry, peas or carrots, Dr. Seuss or Mercer Mayer… which bands to like, which instruments to play, what college to attend, who to marry (or not marry). And yes. One day, the time will come, and she will have to choose […]

This is Me (Anonymous)

I am 26 and I had my son when I was 23. He si almost 3 now and I can;t believe hwo ast time has flown by. H e is the most amazing little person I have have ever known! My ebtire pregnancy was a huge shock and surprise to both me and my now […]

A Mother’s Body at a Young Age (Anonymous)

I was 17 when i found out i was pregnant. I was overwhelmed, scared, and excited. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but i didn’t see me becoming one till i was around 23. But i take it as god gave me a gift of a child because he knew that it would help […]

Missing my darling daughter, 15.5 weeks postpartum (Jillyn)

I have been meaning to take pictures and post on here for quite a while now, but with so much going on, i just haven’t found the inner strength or time. When i was 20 weeks pregnant with our first child we had our first ultrasound and they found that i didn’t have any amniotic […]

Postpartum (Anonymous)

For the longest time I was told I was not able to have children. My husband and I just put the thought away. Shortly after we were married I found out I was expecting. I was shock. It took awhile for it to set in. I have always been an active person but due to […]

Confidence took a blow! (Lizzy)

Age:23 Number of pregnancies:1 7 months post partum Im from South africa,im 5″2 and pre pregnancy weight was 110lbs. I loved my body. Then April 2008 i fell pregnant with my first baby,a girl.My body changed but i didnt get stretchmarks,which im very gratefull for,i grew alot,my tummy was huge. I gained 33 lbs and […]

New Shape, New Life… (Anonymous)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 live birth Age of Child/postpartum: 25 months I had only been graduated from high school for 6 months when I became pregnant with my son at age 18. I was a dancer for 13 years and never was a “stick” per say. I started high school in […]

Finally Learning to Love Me (Anonymous)

I am 20 years old and gave birth to my beautiful daughter on August 9th, 2009. I loved being pregnant but was so afraid of how I would feel about my postpartum body…in the past I have suffered from body image issues and bulimia which I was slowly recovering from when I discovered that I […]

22 years old, three beautiful kids (Andree)

My story starts about four years ago, when I met the man of my life. Shortly after dating we decided to get married, and start a family of our own. We were wed in August 2006, and then in November 2006 found out that we were expecting a baby! I didn’t gain much weight up […]

Plus-Sized, Proud and a mommy to a monkey! (Monkey’s Mommy)

Let me start of by saying I am very proud of who I am. I don’t let the numbers on the scale dictate my happiness. With that being said, here is my story. I am 24 years old and i am a plus sized mommy. I have been plus size since 4th grade and so […]

Wanting accept my body changes (Ashley)

August 26, 2008 was the day i found out i was pregnant, this day was also my boyfriend’s birthday (what a birthday gift I gave him…hahaha). So I woke up that morning and for some reason I thought maybe I’d take a home pregnancy test because the day before I was worrying since we weren’t […]

My Story (Chrissy)

~Age: 19 almost 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 1/2 months postpartum After nine months of trying, starting almost imediately after our honeymoon ended, my husband and I became pregnant for the first time. It was very shortly after […]

Finally Brave Enough to Face an Unwanted Reality (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age: 26 Pregnancy and births: 1 Age of children: 3 years I’ve been avoiding writing this letter. I think it’s because writing it means I will have to face a reality I don’t want. For almost three years I have been telling myself “it’s got to get better – maybe just another […]

Wedding Night Baby (Achtung)

Your Age: 24 Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy 1 birth The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 5 months now, 2 months in the photos My son was a surprise pregnancy. He was even more of a surprise as he was apparently conceived on our wedding night. After making […]