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Terrible self image, despite healing well. 1st baby. (Anonymous)

1 child, 5 months PP I am 23 and gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl 5 months ago. I love her more than life itself but have struggled with the effect on my body- softer stomach and saggier boobs :( I was lucky to only get very small stretchmarks underneath my belly button and […]

Young but no longer youthful. (Brianna)

Pregnancies: 1 ( 7 months pp) Height: 5’3 Weight: 134 I had just turned 18 and graduated high school in 2013 when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified to give birth because it was one of my biggest fears in life ( yay I did it! Lol) but nothing scared me more […]

Past Possible Miscarriage (Anonymous)

My last “Normal” period was October 19, 2014 and I took a test around where I would approximately 4 weeks pregnant and it was negative but then my period was extremely late so I took a test and it was clearly positive then a week later I bleed for 2 days then my symptoms started […]

Am I Still Beautiful? (Anonymous)

I am 39 years old, wanting to accept my changing body, 3 pregnancies (3P/2B), both birth were vaginal, My “normal size”, 160cm, 55 kg (110lbs). Breast 32B, I was 37 at the time I was pregnant with my second baby, I did gain a lot of weight and when I was 39 weeks I weighted […]

Fascinated by the Changes (Anonymous)

Age: 39 years old First child. I am fascinated by the changes to my body (especially my boobs) that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are making. I took these photos as a record for myself but also to share with a young friend of mine who told me ” Oh, you can exercise and get your […]

Getting There (Anonymous)

I am a 26 y/o mother of one beautiful girl. I have always been small, but have been self confident of my belly as it had a little flab to it. When I got pregnant, I was 105lbs. I delivered my baby at 37 weeks and 147 lbs. I got stretch marks on my breasts, […]

Feeling Better About My Breasts (Sha)

Hello my name is Sha. I am a 23 year old, 5’6, 132 pound mama with one, perfect, healthy child. I had an “normal” vaginal delivery (helped along with a little Pitocin) with no complications or baby drama. My little girl was a healthy 7.12 lbs, 20 inches long! She was so beautiful (and still […]

The Camera Adds 15 Pounds (Colleen)

Previous post here. My age: 30 I have two children, aged 5 years, and 22 months. “The camera adds 15 pounds, you know.” “What a stupid thing to say,” I always thought. “You look exactly the same in a picture as you do in person. So do I. It must just be something insecure people […]

One Year Later (Deanna)

~Age: 31 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 1 year My whole life I have been thin. I’m 5’5 and I was always around 110 pounds. During my pregnancy I did my best to eat healthy, however I ate a lot and ended up […]

Breastless, disgusting and inadequate. (Anonymous)

Recently I’ve been feeling more and more self conscious about my breasts. I’ve tried hard to feel better about myself after large weight gains with my 2 pregnancies (4stone+) during each pregnancy. I lost it all after my second and went down to a size I was happy with. It’s slowly creeping back on. Weight […]

The Aftermath of 3 Kids (Anonymous)

I am a 33 year old mother of a 10 year old boy, a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old daughter. I am including 2 front view pics and 1 side view pic. I feel that this is the best my body will ever be again. I have saggy breasts from breastfeeding. […]

Breast Issues (Anonymous)

I am a 24 year old mother of 1 loving boy who is now 10 months old and has been breastfeeding since he was born. I have became really worried about my breast probably about the time my son was 7 months old. My boobs look like the right is larger than the left. My […]

Lost and Gaining Weight (Anonymous)

Recently left my ex I think he was disgusted by me im trying really hard, could use some support.

Fourth Pregnancy (Anonymous)

Hi, I’m a 25 year old, 5 foot 4, 10 stone 11 pounds mom of 3 beautiful children. I had 4 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage. They are 5, 2 and six months old. They were all delivered vaginally. First two children were bottle fed and third is breastfed. Breastfeeding is making it really hard to loose […]

This is Me (Anonymous)

Age: 25 Number of pregnancies/births: 1 Child’s age: 5 I’ve been debating a submission to SOAM for a long time. What vulnerability! I’m no longer a new mother, but the message of this site is very deeply important to me. I got pregnant at 19- our heads in the clouds, neither of us having anything […]

One Month After Weaning My Toddler (Anonymous)

30 years old Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of children: 1 2.5 years post partum I admire all the women on this site and I have read many of your stories over the past year. I recently stopped breast feeding (very proud to have breastfed for more than 2 years). And now my breasts have […]

Mommy of 2 Cesarean-Born Girls (Anonymous)

Age: 25 2 pregnancies/ 2 births 4 years and 3 years My two beautiful little toddlers were born 14 1/2 months apart. I had lost all but the last ten pounds of my pregnancy weight when i became pregnant again. I was happy with my weight, as I was very petite prior to becoming pregnant […]

Journey To Loving Myself (Anonymous)

What beautiful, brave women you all are for opening up and bearing your hearts, minds and bodies here on this site! I have been reading stories on here to learn and prepare for some of the physical and emotional changes I may experience after I’ve given birth since I have no previous experience to draw […]

Disgusted With Myself (Anonymous)

Im not sure what all to put in my submission… i just found this site today and i cant tell you how thankful i am to not be the only one with body image issues after having kids.. Well, i guess i should start off by saying i will be 26 in a few weeks. […]

Time Has Healed Me (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Age: 29 4 pregnancies, 2 births Children’s ages: 3 1/2 and 2 years old I first posted to this site a year and a half ago. At the time I had a 6 month old baby and was struggling with what two pregnancies, in 18 months, had done to my body, as […]

Struggling More Than Ever (Lee-Ann)

I’m really struggling with my body image, I always struggled but it’s worse than ever. I have never felt so horrible about the way I look. In my mind, I have the worst and ugliest body ever, to the point of tears, incredible sadness and depression. I just had my third and last baby almost […]

Still Struggling (Anonymous)

This will be my 3rd submission and I’m sad to say things have not gotten better. I had my daughter in 2008 after a 50lb weight gain. The stretch marks do not bother me, I could care less if anyone sees them. It’s my stomach I hate. I was skinny when my husband and I […]

Mother of Four (Anonymous)

I am a 33 year old Mother to four boys. Twins who are 9 1/2, 6 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old. I am posting my pictures of my body as it is now after 4 kids and 3 pregnancies. I am 5′ 7″ and 170 pounds. I would say I am […]

My today after two children and significant weight loss. (Anonymous)

Age: 36 Number of pregnancies/births: 5/2 (both c-sections) Children aged 5 years and 14 months I’m 36 years old and fascinated by your website! What a great idea to show realistic photos of women who have given birth. Here’s my story: My first child was born in 2008. It was my first pregnancy and, being […]

Trying to Accept My New Breasts (Maya)

First I need to excuse my bad english, which is not my mother language. I am a 34 years old german mother of two wonderful children. The first, my daughter, was a c-section, my son was born vaginally. My daughter ist 3.5, my son 1.3 years old. I love this website, it gives me so […]

17 Days Post-Cesarean (Anonymous)

Second pregnancy, one m/c at 16 weeks, one birth by cesarean 17 days ago, age 27, yes to media use, please post from anonymous and do not include email address. Today I am 17 days post c section and feeling good physically. I have the sweetest, most adorable baby and couldn’t be happier as a […]

7 children: A Body to Remember (Stacy)

Age: 33 Children: 15, 10, 8, 7, 6, 4, 18 months Births: 5 C-Sections followed by 2 unassisted births (UBAC) Previous post here. Even though I have 5 previous entries here, over the past five and a half years, I feel inclined to submit again. I love this site because it is the only place […]

20 Years Old, 2 Babies (Anonymous)

I’m 21 in February, I’ve had two boys very close together my eldest is 16 months my youngest is 4 months old. I feel like ill never be pretty again my body is wrecked. I have stretch marks I have a bigger stomach I don’t feel good about being me anymore. I wanted to post […]


Number of pregnancies 3 births 1 age 25 So it’s been almost 2 years since I last posted on here. My son is 2 years old and a few months. Im sure no one will remember me from back then so I will just start from the beginning! I had my son at 23 c […]

3 Months PP Mother of 5 (Ellen)

Hi! My name is Ellen. I’m 28 years old and 3 months post c-section. I have had 5 kids in 6 years and had a tubal ligation done with the last one, which was my only c-section. I’m 5’6 and used to be an athletic 160 lbs and right now I’m stuck at 200. I […]

Changes (Anonymous)

My body is a blessing. Before now I wasn’t so sure. Ironically, though I had given birth 4 times vaginally (twice without meds) it took my emergency c-section to show me just how wonderful my body is. I’m not skinny, I haven’t been since my first pregnancy in high school, I have stretch marks and […]

4 Months After 5 Kids (Momma of 5)

I am soon to be 26 yrs old. I have had five pregnancies and five happy babies born in the last six years. I would never have changed having my kids so close together but having a baby every year didn’t give me a chance to lose much weight and tone up again between each […]

My Breasts (Anonymous)

I am 40 years old. I have two children, 12 and 15 years old. This is my body, these are my breast. As you can see, they are big, they have strecht marks, they are different between them, one is longer than the other. Sometimes I think about having a surgery to make them smaller, […]

Mom of 3 (Mist)

Almost 32 years old Children: almost 13, 9,7 My weight has fluctuated over the years but I’ve always been slim. I am proud of what my body has done. And I believe all women can love their bodies after pregnancy. Hard work and a good attitude mixed with the right support system are very important. […]

I Want to Be Me Again (Desiree)

my name is desiree im 22 a mother of one amazing boy who is 14 months before baby I was 125 pounds which is curvy for my height a tiny 5 ft tall at full term I was 172 a year later im still bouncing between 140 and 145. my husband is the kindest most […]

Talk me out of plastic surgery. (Anonymous)

Age- 25 Number of Children-1, aged 3 I have a son that I love more than life itself. I always had body issues, despite being petite. I fluctuated between 100-110 lbs all through out high school. I was very self conscious of my boobs. The right one was (and still is) smaller than the left […]

Not Happy With My Breasts (K)

Age:25 Number of pregnancies: 4 Live births: One 5.5 year old (and one on the way!) 22 Weeks Pregnant in photos Breastfed for 19 months I had my daughter when I was 20-before that I had nice perky and full breasts, a nice stomach and a butt I was happy with. I always had cellulite, […]

25 And I Hate My Body (Anonymous)

I have been feeling so depressed. I’m 25 and I hate my body. I’ve had one child. She just turned 4. I just thought after 4 years I would look better and I don’t. I have exercised and watched what I eat and I’m down to 139 lbs but I don’t look it. All of […]

After Two Babies Under 22 (Anonymous)

Two births have taken a toll on my body. My breasts have sagged and the skin on my abdomen has stretched. I plan to have these things fixed as soon as I have my last child (3 to 5 years from now) but for now, I feel hideous. I can’t have comfortable sex with my […]

Update (Adria)

Number of pregnancies:1 Number of births:1 21 years old Previous post here. I’ve posted here before. I was disgusted with my breasts and body. I did not think I could be fixed. My family and friends I told me to wait at least one year post partum before I started to judge myself too harshly. […]

Getting Happier With Time (Apryl)

Age : 33 5 pregnancies, 3 births, children’s ages : 14, 10, 3 This is my 3rd submission to SOAM. First post here. Second here. I’ve been working more on not only improving my body and physical health, but trying to improve my mental well being as well. For the most part, it has gone […]

Fair to Middling (Shanelle)

Age:31 Pregnancies:3 Children: 3 (8 y.o,5 y.o & 6 m.o) Almost 7 months Post-Partum. Hi all, I am a Single Mum of 3 from Australia. I’ve been raising my children on and off (mostly on) by myself as the father of my children suffers from mental illness. We seperated for good while I was 4 […]

From Loving My Body to Loathing It (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at 17. It was unplanned and unexpected. I was scared, but a little excited too. My boyfriend was supportive and so were his family. I loved being pregnant.. I so enjoyed watching my belly grow each month. For the first time in my life, I felt womanly and sexy. Pre-pregnancy I was […]

Inverted Nipples (Anonymous)

Age: 26 ys pregnancy 31 week Hi, this e’my first pregnancy and my breast nipples hey were always Inverted. We know that many women leave to breastfeed their babies by reason of not having breast nipples! I was always ashamed by tua inverted nipples I hate them I feel ashamed and so ugly. There is […]


3 pregnancies. 2 Children. A 7 year old girl and a 5 years old boy. I am 33 years old. I’m not sure where to start. I love this web site and it has helped me a little to know there are other women who feel the same way I do. I am completely ashamed […]

Gaining Confidence (Anonymous)

I recently discovered SOAM and was happy to see a forum for discussing the changes women go through after childbirth. There seem to be a lot of younger women (20s) with beautiful bodies who post on this site, I wanted to share my story and pictures too. I’m 35 and have given birth to three […]

Wrecked (Anonymous)

Hello I have enjoyed and found support in reading many of these entries for quite some time and finally felt like I should share my story. I have two beautiful children, a son who is now 5 and a 17 month old baby girl. With my first pregnancy it was quite a shock. I was […]

My Story (Marie)

Hi, I’m Marie. I have a 5 year old daughter. I’m a single mom since my husband left me, and I’ve been single and celibate for 5 years now. I would love to remarry and have a companion, a lover, and a father-figure for my daughter. But I am so insecure and ashamed of my […]

My Body After Two Kids (Anonymous)

I’m 37, and my girls are aged 5 and 2. I was worried with each of my pregnancies that I would find it hard to get back in shape; or that my body would be radically changed. You go through so many changes when you’re pregnant that it’s hard to see how you will ever […]

Crazy Boobs (Anonymous)

My breasts were always a bit different, one was a tiny bit bigger than the other, you’d have to be real close or touch them to feel the difference, but since I gave birth a year ago, it completely changed. I tried breastfeeding my daugther but it never really worked. I breastfed her for a […]

Here We Go Again (Anonymous)

Round 2…. as the bell dings in my head im prepared to fight, unfortunately, my inner self on what most of us on here know as that little voice that says, ” your body is ruined now…look at all those stretch marks…do my boobs really hang that low…how is that even possible?” yes that dreaded […]

I Feel Like They Can’t Be Fixed (Adria)

20 (age) Pregnancies (1) 8 months post partum by cesarean. When i first became pregnant, during my first trimester i lost 20 pounds. Than the rest of my pregnancy i only gained 10 pounds. After i delivered i then lost 25 more. This is what alot of people would call “bouncing back” and yes in […]

Hyperpigmentation (1st Time Mother)

This is my first pregnancy and I wasn’t aware of how much your body would change when you become pregnant. I was expecting a lot of stretchmarks and was terrified of both those and extra skin. Come to find out my biggest challenge is hyperpigmentation. During my second trimester I started noticing freckles on my […]


Been working on my weight feeling like im not gaining could realy use some support thank u

25 Year Old Mother of 3 (Anonymous)

at 20 yrs my first girl, who is turning six in a couple weeks second daughter is 2 yrs old, she is turning 3 soon. my third lovely boy is 4 months old now. ~~~simply put 3 babies in 5 yrs~~~ I have become super busy lately, but i wanted to take some time and […]

1 Year PP and I Still Disgust Myself (Brittani)

I married my husband on my 18th birthday. A little over a month after our first anniversary, we found out about our oops baby. We had been using condoms, and I guess one failed. We were scared, since we were so young, but excited. I knew my body would change, but I was fairly confident […]

Ambivalent Body Image – Struggling (Alanna)

Age: 24 1 pregnancy & 1 child 3 year old child I want to start this off by saying that I have been following SOAM for a couple years now and never felt confident enough to submit my photos. I was in a very unhealthy relationship for 9 yrs with the father of my child. […]

Does it Make Me a Failure? (Jamie)

Age:19 Pregnancies and births: 1 10 weeks postpartum I became pregnant when I was 18. I was told by doctors when I was younger that it would be difficult for me to conceive, and of I were to conceive, it would be a high risk pregnancy. I was so happy to find out i was […]

This is Me… And That is Okay (Stacie)

I am a 28 year old mother of three children, all born vaginally. I have never been skinny or in shape. I will never be a size 4. And you know what? That is okay, this is ME. It has taken me a long time to be okay with my body. Sure, I use self […]

Depressed Over Saggy Breasts (Anonymous)

Age-22 Kids-2 one is 4 one is a year After my first son they went back to a more perkier state after a year and a half, I was 21. Now with my second baby, I’m still breastfeeding and hoping that’s what’s weighing down and sagging my breasts. I feel so ugly and unattractive and […]

First Pregnancy and Postpartum Body Changes (Jamie)

I was one of those women who “knew” the moment they were pregnant.. I was more than ecstatic. It sounds crazy, but I think I felt the moment the baby implanted. I used a pregnancy test that day, waited the 5 or so minutes, saw one line and threw it in a drawer. When I […]

Hating My Body Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. So its been almost 2 years and I STILL hate my body. Especially my breasts. I know your body is supposed to change after kids, I get that your tummy gets loose and you breasts droop a little. What I did NOT expect was my breasts to have crater size stretch marks, […]

Unapologetic (Darah)

I love me with the sags. I love me with the stretch marks. I love me with dark circles. I love me with frizzy hair. I love me with pale skin. I love me with stretch marks. I love me with love handles. I love me with back rolls. I love me when I’m menstruating. […]

Mother of 7 (Stacy)

How can I teach my daughters, and my sons, things I haven’t quite figured out yet? How can I be confident in my own skin when the world, both inside and outside of myself, tells me I should hide? How did women lose their power to just “be”in their role as mother, satisfied with happy […]

Mother of 3 Kids (Anonymous)

I am 28 and cant lose the baby fat and i am very self conscious about my body could use sum support thank u all Updated here.

Is my vagina ruined? (Anonymous)

It took me awhile to conceive my 1st child, so when I found out I was pregnant I was thrilled. It didn’t take long though for my anxiety to set in and for my body issues to only be exasperated by my growing and changing physique. I gained 60 pounds during those 9 months. For […]

Trapped in Someone Else’s Body (Anonymous)

Age: 24 I just had my first (and last) child on September. I had a scheduled c-section. He was 10lbs and 2oz when he was born. I am only 5’1” and before I got pregnant I was only 95lbs. The day I went into the hospital I was 149lbs!!!! Mostly, water and one giant baby, […]

Uncomfortable in My Skin (Kel)

Age: 34 Pregnancies/Births: 5/3 Time PP: 25months Ages of Children: 5 1/2 years, 4 years and 25motnhs I am an Aussie stay at home mum of three beautiful bright, perfect and healthy children. They light up my life and I adore them all. I also have an amazing husband. We have been with each other […]

Never felt more like a woman. (Jordan)

23 years old 3 pregnancies/2 births 14 months pp Previous post here. As mothers, our bodies may not look like they used to, but that’s OK. My body gave me my children and for that, I will be eternally grateful. It is a beautiful thing. Sure, Alot of woman may see their stretch marks, and […]

My Battle With Guilt (Anonymous)

I met my boyfriend in high school, freshman year. We were officially a couple a little over three years ago. I think we may have used a condom for the first couple months and gradually I started to let him not wear one, being stupid, young, and in love. Well miraculously, it took me years […]

Still on my way to accepting myself. (Melanie)

Age: 28 2 pregnancies, 1 birth my son is 16 month old When I met the father of my child I was 26 and we both knew instantly that THIS IS IT! We were what we’re always looking for and one month after we became a couple I became pregnant. It was no accident, but […]

Smokin’ Hot (Katie)

Smokin’ Hot! (Katie) Age: 36 Pregnancies/births: 11/3 (8 miscarriages) Ages of children: 4.5, 2, 2 weeks My son is two weeks old today, and as I was about to get in the shower (yay, shower!), I saw myself in the mirror and thought, I am smokin’ hot! I should submit pics to SOAM! So I […]

So Depressed About My Postpartum Body (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at 20 years old/ After a string of terrible luck i began working at a bikini bar. I hated every second of it. Hated the way people acted and hated getting judged all day, and treated like a piece of meat. I felt like at the time, i had no choice, the […]

Mom of 7 – It’s Time to Find Me Again (Jennifer)

I am a mother of 7. I had my first child when I was just 16. His twin sisters followed 22 months later. My next child a beautiful baby girl was born 2 years after the twins. Then we had another girl just shy of 3 years later. When she was 3.5 months old we […]

Second Birth, Second Chance (Colleen)

Previous post here. My Age: 28 I have two children, aged 3 years 3 months, and 7 weeks. Seven weeks ago I gave birth to my second daughter. She was my triumphant VBAC, and her birth healed the wound that my cesarean had left in my heart. My body is amazing; we knew what we […]

Healing Scars (Brandi)

Brandi, 25, 2 pregnancies, 2 births, 3yo and 2mo In 2005 I got married. It was a whirlwind romance and being 18 I was certain I was in love. He was kind, affectionate, everything you expect to find in your prince charming. We met in Febuary and were married in December. Less than 6 months […]

Love/Hate Relationship With My Body (Anonymous)

I was 18 when I got pregnant so being that young and still kind of dealing with the insecurities I had then didn’t help what was going to come along with pregnancy. I hadn’t started really gaining weight till about 5/6 months then I shot up in weight. My pre-pregnancy weight started at 150/155 I […]

Update (Anonymous)

Previous post here. age: 23 pregnancies:2 births: 2 age of children: 2 and 3 It has been a little over a year since I have posted on TSOAM and it had been one heck of a year. After I posted my first entry and reading some inspiring stories on here, I have decided that I […]

Stretch Marks for Life! (Anonymous)

I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant. It was definitely the scariest but also the happiest moment of my life. I had an easy pregnancy for the most part. Aside from a little sciatica and heart burn, I was loving life. I couldn’t wait to be a mom, and I found myself […]

Only my partner could love this… before, during and after. (Terri)

20 years of age 1 pregnancy, 1 birth to a beautiful baby girl Baby’s aged 7 weeks. Whilst I was pregnant I always thought that after the baby was born I could just do a couple of sit ups and i’d get my body back the way it was before. I was applying baby oil […]

Mid-Thirties Mom of Two (Anonymous)

2 pregnancies, 2 births 3 years post-partum Pregnancy was harder on my mind than on my body. I hated that my body was no longer my own to do with as I pleased. Post-partum, I hated that breastfeeding completely changed the look of my breasts, leaving me lopsided. I was resentful every time I looked […]

It’s a Fair Trade (Anonymous)

~ Age: 27 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 3 pregnancies, 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 year old and 6 month old I love my life! I have an amazing, supportive husband and two adorable little boys who I get to spend everyday with as a stay-at-home-mom. […]

Coming to terms with the new me! (Krystal)

Tomorrow is the 36th week of my pregnancy. It seems like overnight my body has changed – some changes are beautiful others are a little harder to accept. I’ve waited 29 years to have a baby. In fact, I never thought I would get the chance to be pregnant or carry a baby but somehow, […]

Young Mother of One (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at 19, after being with my Husband for 2 months (this was before we got married). I was very depressed my first tri because I wasn’t ready to have a child, especially with someone I hardly knew. I came around in my second tri, after feeling a fetus move inside of you […]

Finally happy with myself; it wasn’t easy, though! (Susan)

age 26 I have always had issues with my weight, so I didn’t think pregnancy would have a huge effect on my body. I gave birth to my son via emergency cesarean in September 2005. I quickly realized my stomach was sagging, even at my highest weight my stomach never hung, and my stretch marks […]

Uphill Battle (Jade)

-Age- 18 -Pregnancy’s- 1 and -Birth’s- 1 -Children Age- almost 2yrs I was only 15 when i concieved my little boy, zander. I had him June 1st of 2010 at 12.51pm. he weighed 8lb 14 oz and 21 1/2inches long. I have had a hard time dealing with the way i look. i know it […]

155 (Colleen)

Previous submission here. My age: 28 I have had one birth so far, and am 22 weeks pregnant with my second. My daughter is 2 years and 9 months old. I was 155 pounds when I posted my first entry, 3 weeks after my daughter was born. I was optimistic about losing 15 pounds. I […]

The Before, During, and After of My Belly (Anonymous)

age 28 number pregnancies: 1 pregnant 25 weeks with next I have always been pretty active and fit, I was 26 when I got pregnant with my son, it was unexpected and my husband and I had only been together for 6 months at the time. I tried and tried to avoid the stretch marks […]

Am I Really the “National Average?” (Misty)

Am I really the “National Average?” Height: 5’8” Weight: 205lb I just found out that the new U.S. National Average for women’s sizes is 14-16 (up from 10-12). That puts me right in the national average at a size 14 jeans/dress. But, what does that really mean? At almost fifteen months postpartum I feel like […]

The Road Map of California (Miss Jones)

I got pregnant young; I guess not as young as some mothers I know, but 18 is still a child in my mind. I was ready though. I had been forced to grow up quickly because of home-life circumstances. When I got pregnant I was a nice 120 pounds. I had a nice taught and […]

Everyone Tells Me I Look Fine… NOT (Christina)

Age:23 Pregnancies/Births: 1 pregnancy 1 birth Childs Age: 14 months Ok so I was 196lbs in March of 2010. I went on weight watchers and got down to 160lbs. June 8th,2010 I stopped weight watchers and my doctor said I had gotten pregnant that first week of June. So long story short, nine months later, […]

Learning Acceptance (Anonymous)

Pregnancies/Children: 1 7 weeks Postpartum Growing up I had self esteem issues and I struggled with an eating disorder up until I found out I was pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant everything changed, I knew I needed to care for myself for my child. My mother didn’t do a very good job […]

No bikini for me… (MotherOfOne)

This site is so wonderful! A big thanks to the creator.. These stories have made me feel a lot better about my situation.. Knowing I’m not alone. These photos are 11 months postpartum. I got pregnant with my first, a beautiful baby boy, at age 21. Being young, I assumed my body would bounce right […]

Proud Mother of Four (Anonymous)

Growing up I was always the “skinny pretty” girl and was this without having to try. I ate what I wanted and never exercised a day in my life! Although I was involved in extra curricular activities, none of those were sports! I became pregnant at 17 and had my first son at 18. He […]

The Stranger in the Mirror (Miserable)

Before my first pregnancy in 2008 I was relatively slim: 9 stone 7 lbs ( 133 pounds in American money!) although I don’t think I carried it well as I’m short: 5′ 3″, and I’ve always had a big bottom and wide hips, but even so I was in fairly good shape. I was a […]

13 Years and Still Have Body Issues (Anonymous)

I am 39 going to 40 in 3 weeks. I have been pregnant 5 times and have 3 wonderful children, son 18, daughter 14, and daughter 13. I was in the Army for 8 years. (I got out when pregnant with my 3rd child). I joined the army at 18. I was 22 when my […]

Overcoming PPD & Learning to Accept My Body (Anonymous)

Number of pregnancies: 4, number of live births: 2, age of children: 9 & 18 months I would like to start out by saying thank you for your website. What an absolute blessing it was for me to happen across it. I am 28 years old and a proud mom to a 9 year old […]

Does Your Boob Hang Low? (Amanda)

I had my beautiful baby boy in October 2010, ventouse delivery on his due date! I became absolutely massive as my pregnancy progressed with swelling in every part of my body. I think I was 52 inches around the waist the last time I measured my stomach when pregnant. I gained around 30 kg’s with […]

My Body is Sexy to Me (MJ)

I’m 25 years young! My kids are 5, 3, and 11 months old! I was 18 when I got pg with my DD delivered her at 41 weeks when I was 19! Got pg again at 21 with DS! He was born on his EDD with a clubbed foot and has some learning delays I […]

7 Month Update (Shantel)

7 months post 1 pregnancy age 24. So I made a post about 3 months ago it can be found here. It has been tough but I am finally beginning to have hope for my body. My skin is still sagging badly but the abs are coming back together and my tummy is flattening out […]

5 Months PP and struggling with PPD and body image (MB)

Age: 25 Number of births: 1 Months PP: 5 I am 25 years old and a stay at home mom and wife. I had Hyperemesis during the entirety of my pregnancy and only gained 5 lbs, but seeing as I was already “obese” at 196 lbs when I found out I was expecting my OB […]

21 With 2 Babies (Anonymous)

I’m 21 years old with 2 beautiful little boys. My oldest is 2 and my youngest is 5 months. That makes me 5 months postpartum. I breastfed my oldest for 9 months and am currently still breast feeding my 5 month old. I am still adjusting to my body there are somedays when I feel […]

Update: A Year Later and Making Progress (Luisa)

Age-25 2 children 2, 4 After searching ‘bodies after baby’ I came across this site and posted photos of my body (left photos) a month shy of a year ago. Even though I still felt huge, unlike myself and down about my body…the comments that were posted made me feel so much better. Throughout this […]

Update (Dee)

Original post here. Age: 18 # of Pregnancies/Births: 1 Age of Child: 17 months It’s been 1 year since my first post and I’m now 17 months postpartum. My body hasn’t changed drastically in that time, but there has been some progress. My once pink stretch marks on my stomach, butt, and hips are now […]

A Low Point (Anonymous)

Age: 38 Number of Pregnancies: 3 pregnancies, 3 births Children: 5, 3 and 13 months 13 months post-partum I’ve been reading this website for quite some time and am just gathering the courage to post now. I have always been a fit person- I never had issues with my weight, although I’ve always felt unattractive. […]

Breastfeeding Breasts and Mommy Belly (Anonymous)

My name is Susan I am 32, and have two babies. My daughter is 2 and my son is 10 months. I nursed my daughter for 12 months and I am currently nursing my 10 month old. They were both full term and healthy natural births. Ive always been thin. Iam petite, just 115lbs and […]

Inverted Nipples? (Kelly)

Hello, i would like to know If some more pregnant has inverted nipples? I would like to know if they breastfeed?

Trying to Accept My Body (Candy)

I am 20 years old, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant. I was really excited, and my baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am a single mom and it TERRIFIES me to look for a relationship because of the stretch marks the pregnancy left on […]

Pregnancy I of III (Sam)

I’m now pregnant with my third child, but I thought I would better start with the first…. so here we go…. I was always curvy, so I didn’t really experience any more stretch marks than the one I already had…. And I must say that the body just got more mature…. from a chubby teen […]

Hello Again, Friends (Anonymous)

Previous post here. This is my new entry :) I made a previous entry approximately a year ago describing my issues with body image and trying to love my body. Am I there yet? I wish I could say that I am but it is a long process. I have had my struggles and to […]

The Clothes Hide the Ugly (Anonymous)

Age: 19 One child who is 2 years old. Hi, I love this site and love to see real bodies. I just wanted to confess that I have a mommy body. My stomach hangs like a W, I have stretch marks so large and small that cover my breasts, butt, stomach, hips, thighs, and behind […]

Turning Trauma into Triumph (Raashida)

Age: 26 Pregnancies/births: 1/1 1 year post partum I am so glad I found this website! Here is my story: I had a petty easy and uneventful pregnancy. I had few to no pregnancy symptoms. Food craving, a little emotional and hypersensitive sense of smell but that’s about it. I was active duty military when […]

4 Babies in 3 Years (Anonymous)

Hi, I’m 35, mother of 4 beautiful children. My PP weight was in 110-120 range. My first – twin pregnancy my weight went up to 198 lb, I went back to 115 lb 9 month after. 18 after the twins I’ve had my third beautiful baby and my weight was up to 170 lb. Again […]

Something I Cannot Fix (Marissa)

Age:19 One daughter (Lily), one birth/pregnancy. I gave birth at the age of 16. Big life change after that moment. I have done great as a mother and as a student. I tried to be perfect in every way and love my daughter to the fullest! She makes my day. =) But many obstacles have […]

Miscarriage after giving my son up for adoption 20 years ago. (Anonymous)

I am a 37 year old mother I have a son whom I gave up for adoption at the age of 16 giving him a better life. Struggling with the thought of if I did the right thing all those years fighting suicide and many heartaches including cancer I managed to happily become pregnant last […]

30 Years in the Making (Anonymous)

My journey from hating myself to, well, not hating myself as much. Age: 30 Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 via C-Section on 4/26/2011 Stay at home mom I am almost 8 months PP and think I am finally becoming more comfortable with myself after being insecure for most of my life. I gave birth to a […]

Growth (Anonymous)

Previous post here. Age: 32 Number of pregnancies and births: Three pregnancies. Two births. Number of Children: Two children. Ages 4.5 and 1.5 All photos have been taken 16 months after the birth of my second child. I feel compelled to post here again because of how the site has grown. Because of how I […]

Finally Coming to Terms with My Body (TMB)

Growing up, I was always the skinny girl. As a teenager, I was 5’7″ and weighed 114 lbs. I never worked for it, I was just always skinny. I was a late bloomer so when I finally got curves and boobs, I loved wearing tight clothes and nothing made me happier than being able to […]

Trapped in a Vicious Cycle (Rachel)

Growing up I was always a skinny kid. I could eat the fattiest, greasy or sugar laden food in excessive quantities and not gain a pound. When puberty hit, I was blessed even more with the genes from my father’s side of the family, and grew big full breasts. Of course with puberty, comes a […]

Sad Moments (Anon)

Previous post here. Hello SOAM I nvr thought id be writing soi soon, but I’ve been having some real sad moments the past few weeks, where I’ve come real close to giving up hope, with thoughts of me never regaining the confidence I once had. I’m 2 months post partum and felt better when I […]

Proud Mother of 3 (Ash)

age 24 3 pregnancies 3 births ages 3,1,and 4 months 4 months pp I was married at 19 to my husband who was 17 a year later we had our first then a year after that my second child, then 3 months after giving birth to her I got pregnant with my third who I […]

Update – Uterine Prolapse (Tosha)

Previous post here. 23 years old 2 pregnancies 2 births (boys 2 &4) 2 years postpartum I have finally learned to accept my body as it is. It has brought 2 healthy happy little boys into my life & I wouldn’t trade them for the best body in the world. I’m tired of wasting my […]

Bulimic and Breastfeeding (Linda)

First off I want to say that I am overjoyed that I found this website, it has already helped me to start the healing process. Secondly, please forgive me as I have a lot to say and this post may be all over the place, hopefully at the end I can tie it all together. […]

Update (Amber)

Previous post here. My third child is now 18 months old and is finally weaned and my breasts have shrunk down to their new size from here on out. Before my pregnancies, my weight was 155 lbs, after my 2nd child weaned my weight was 135 lbs, after the 3rd child weaned, my weight is […]

Really trying to be positive about my body. (Mia)

Im 5ft 7 and have always been a very slim girls to the point where other girls were unkind at school with regards to my weight. My pre-pregnancy weight was under 8 stone. I fell in love at 17 and we moved in together, got engaged at 18 at was married at 19. Shortly to […]

Defeat and Angels (Anonymous)

Age: 22 Pregnancies/Births: 1/1 Age of child/how far pp: 3 months I was 21 when I found out I was pregnant, and though it was not planned we could not have been happier. I had always wanted a baby, and now I was going to be a mother! The pregnancy was very easy and I […]

Sad But Not Giving Up Hope (Anon)

I’m writing to you all the from Jamaica. I’m 23 years old and 3 weeks 1 day postpartum. Maybe its too early for me to submit my story since I’ve not yet healed properly, but I just wna share my story. Also, I must say that I read the stories of other strong beautiful mothers […]

Comfortable in a new body? (Anonymous)

I never thought I’d be posting on a website like this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that in a bad way I just assumed I would be one of those lucky few women who bounced right back after having a baby. You know no stretchmarks, toned and taut tummy less than 6 months […]

Pride and Struggle with Self Image (Heather)

Age: 22 Hello. My name is Heather. I am a very proud mommy of 3 beautiful kids. My children are 2 1/2, 17 months and 6 months. I have been pregnant 5 times in the past three years, but have lost 3 angel babies. One pregnancy was twins. I first got pregnant at 19..on my […]

Jealous of Your Breast Complaints, Terrified of Post-Pregnancy Body (Wren)

pictures: -4.5 months pregnant (closest I have to pre-pregnancy) -6 months -last three are me at 7 months Age: 20 Number of pregnancies: 1 (8 months along) I couldn’t wait until after birth to post something because every time I come to this website I ache to share my own story. I’m not generally an […]

4 Years Later and Still Insecure (Amanda)

I have always been thin. I know this now. I can look back at pictures of of me and see it but at the time (and even now sometimes) I forget and all the anxiety comes back. I have always had self image issues to the point of crazy water diets and just plain not […]

38 Weeks and Growing (Katie)

Hi all! I love this website as I have always been so curious to see what other pregnant bellies look like. It is so fascinating to see the many different ways we grow as women during our pregnancy journeys. I agree with the philosophy of the woman who created this site, that the changes motherhood […]

Suddenly Androgynous! (Jan)

1 Pregnancy 1 Child, eight months old My name is Jan. I am 25 years old and I am currently eight months postpartum. Before my husband and I even started trying to get pregnant, I was concerned about what might happen to my body. I had always been slim, my tummy flat, and my breasts […]

My Amazing Weird Body (Anonymous)

Hi! Your website is so wonderful- thank you for encouraging moms to appreciate and accept the bodies God gave them and their amazing ability to give birth to His precious children! I am the proud mommy to four beautiful boys! I’m posting today becasue I’ve not yet seen anyone on the site that has my […]

Loving My Mommy Marks (Izzy)

Age-20 1 birth baby will be 2 in September Hello beautiful moms!! its been well over a year since I last posted. But I have been a daily visitor for the past 3 years. In my last submission I was 6 weeks pp with my little man, he will be two in September time sure […]

Site Newbie, 2 Years PP (Lisa J)

My Age: 38 Number of pregnancies and births: 3 Pregnancies, 3 Births The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 8, 5, and 2. Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to the site. After reading many of your amazing stories, I feel compelled to introduce myself and share my story. My name is […]

Same Weight, Different Body (Anonymous)

-Age 24, 1 child -5 months PP My pregnancy was awful. Since college, I’ve been a pretty healthy person at 5’1 and 145 but I’ve slowly crept up in weight from 120-145 but I feel comfortable at 135. Well, when I graduated from college last year, I discovered that I was pregnant–my boyfriend whom had […]

My Body (Stephanie)

I have a love hate relationship with my body. I was obese or morbidly obese pretty much all my life, since the time I was 11. At least my mother kept telling me I was fat from that point on. I just lived up to her expectations I guess. I took surgical measures to finally […]

Base Kennedy (Jessica)

I was always very skinny pre-pregnancy, now I’m thicker but the same weight. Just padded everywhere. ~Age: 18 years old. ~Number of pregnancies and births: One. ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 7 months and almost 3 weeks postpartum

Hating My Body (Anonymous)

2 Births 6 weeks Postpartum Hey everyone. First of all let me just say I LOVE this website. It helps to see everyone else is struggling with their body image and acceptance just like I am. I have had 2 awesome kids. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and now a 6 week […]

(Un)expected Miracle (Proudmama)

Previous entries here and here. Age: 31 Number of pregnancy and birth: 1 Age of child/months postpartum: 20 months I’ve been meaning to post an update for a while. I realized the other day that the reason I hadn’t was because I was waiting for a miracle. I kept waiting for that day where I […]

It’s the Journey (Anonymous)

“It’s the journey” is what I tell myself. I’m 27 years old and feel so…old. I have a four year old and a 15 month old and have been breastfeeding for a total of four years now. When I was a young girl, middle school age, I remember women telling me (lots of women) to […]

Taking Control (Anonymous)

I wish I was writing because I had finally lost all my baby weight and then some! That I was in the greatest shape ever and wanted to spread motivation to all. Well, that’s not the case. I’m still the exact same weight as when I first wrote in to SOAM. I am incredibly upset […]

I Feel Hideous (Anonymous)

age: 22 pregnancies:2 births: 2 age of children: 2 and 1 (on june 29th) I’ve been reading stories here on TSOAM for awhile now. And I have finally gotten the courage to write the self-image struggle I am going through right now. I was raised by a materialistic mother where looks, glamour, and fashion were […]

I was supposed to be happy… (Anonymous)

~Age: 23 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 3 Pregnancies, 2 births ~Children: Two sons, 3.5 and 10 Weeks My oldest son is three and a half years old. I got pregnant and married right off the bat at 18, and he was born when I was 19. He was an 8 Pound 10 oz miracle, […]

Will Anyone Love this Body Again? (Rebecca)

In December of 2007 I got pregnant with my son, I was 23 years old. My then husband deployed when I was 17 weeks pregnant and I went back to live with my parents for 4 months. I didn’t have a job, I was sad because my husband was gone, I was lonely and completely […]

Gaining More Confidence (Apryl)

Previous entry here. Pregnancies – 4 or 5 Births – 3 18 months post-partum Even in my original post, I tried to make myself sound a lot more confident than I really am. But I am gaining a lot more. As of right now, I am about 90 pounds lighter than I was prior to […]

I want myself back. (Anonymous)

I have a gorgeous 16 month old son. I am 21, myself. I feel terrible about my body. I don’t feel like the same person, I literally look at pictures of myself before giving birth and think to myself how I miss that very faraway strange person. it never leaves my mind. If I am […]

27 Weeks Pregnant With My Fourth Baby, My First Son (Apryl)

With my first pregnancy in 1996 I was 20 years old and have hardly a handful of photos to remind myself of that first beautiful 9 months of my life when I was becoming a mother. With my second and third daughters I took more pictures, I had a digital camera by then and taking […]

I Finally Feel Sexy Again (Babs)

Original entries here, here, here and here. This was my fourth pregnancy and birth, and both were extremely difficult. I suffered with moderate hyperemesis gravaridum throughout (, lost a significant amount of weight, muscle and nutrients and was on the edge of hospitalization and IV feeds throughout (even with extensive medicating). I also suffer with […]

Mother of 3 (Misty)

Age: 31 3 pregnancies. 3 live births. Children ages: 14, 12, 10 (All girls) I am 10yrs postpartum I am 31yrs old, and the mother of three girls, ages 14, 12, and 10. My first two daughters were born natural, and my last daughter was born by cesarean. I had my first daughter when I […]

My Twin Skin (Anonymous)

I’m trying to come to terms with my twin skin. Before I got pregnant I was a little over my prefered weight at about 125 lbs. I gained almost 70 lbs during the pregancy, but most of it was swelling and of course two babies weight a lot too. After my boys were born I […]

The Thoughts that Plague (Elizabeth Ashby)

age 22 2 pregnancies and children aged 3 1/2 and 10mnths I had split up with my boyfriend 2 weeks before I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first daughter. Before the pregnancy I had never been over 50kg in my life (I am 5ft 1in). I smoked 50cigarrettes a day, smoked […]

The Ups and Downs (Anonymous)

Pregnancies:6 Births: 4 PP: 130 Full Term: 196 Postpardum: 130 Divorce: 164 Well, I am a proud mom of four kids. I have one girl 11, and three boys 9,7,3. I was able to lose the weight with each kid and after my fourth I was able to get back to my PP weight. However, […]

Tired of Feeling Ashamed (Elizabeth)

Previous post here. I have submitted entries to shape of a mother from my 3rd and 4th pregnancies. Today I felt I need to do this again. I feel horrible about my body today. Yesterday I got into an argument with my youngest child’s father. this is part of an e-mail he sent me; “Did […]

What I feel on the inside doesn’t match the outside… (Anonymous)

I am 16 months pp and have slowly lost a few pounds here and there. It’s not the weight that gets me down, but how my body has become so misshapen. My breasts are so saggy and the one is double the size of the other. My back side is just a blob of fat. […]

Just Me (Anonymous)

I’ve been pregnant twice and have a fantastic “5 and 3/4 year old” daughter. I’m 38, 5’2″, and 140 pounds, which puts me right at the beginning of the overweight BMI category [per World Health Organization]. With my ribcage measuring at 30″ and bust at 39″, my bra size is a preposterous 30-I, or 32-H, […]

3 Years Later (Anonymous)

I’m coming up on my daughter’s third birthday and it was sort of a shock to realize that this was also (obviously) the three-year anniversary of my c-section. I hadn’t planned on a c-section and was pretty upset that I ended up having one. I had figured that my body would be different after pregnancy […]

I Love My Body…With Clothes ON! (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant with my first child when I was 19 years old. I was extremely excited but of course I was scared about what was to come. I was actually anxious to start to show…that didn’t happen until I was 6 months. Then I exploded like a hot air balloon. In […]

My Story (Anonymous)

At 19 I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were scared and shocked but we knew we wanted our little Angel. I worked for the first 7 months of my pregnancy as a Driver at a plumbing company. This kept my body in great shape and know one could even […]

Five Years Later and Still 20lbs Heavier and Loving It – Confessions of a Skinny Girl (Anonymous)

I love what pregnancy has done to my body, beforehand I was skinny as a rail and super self-conscious of my body. People used to say that they were afraid to hug me because they thought I would break. I wore long sleeve shirts and pants my entire life to hide my “chicken arms and […]

After But Before (Colleen)

My previous submissions are here: (oh no I’m becoming a serial poster!) One Year After a Cesarean Ode to my Scar Coming to Grips With a Cesarean My age: 27 One pregnancy, one birth My daughter is 21 months old. I have to apologize; I like to take a few days to tweak my entries […]

Will I Ever Feel Comfortable in My Body Again? (Anonymous)

I have two beautiful children who I love with ALL of my heart, but I hate the way my body has changed since having them. I often hear people say, “I love my stretch marks because when I look at them I am reminded of my children” I don’t look at it that way at […]

Widowed, But Never Alone (Anonymous)

Age: 22 Number of births: 2 Ages: 4 years and 2 years I had my first son when I was seventeen. It took almost two years before I decided to change anything about myself as I weighed almost fifty pounds more then I had before pregnancy. Shortly after getting my body back I lost my […]

My Body is a Battlefield (Anonymous)

18 months post partum 1 pregnancy 1 birth by C-Section Age:24 First I have to say – THANK YOU so much to the creator of this site and everyone who has participated. You have all made me feel sane and normal when I thought for sure I was losing my mind. Women are real, strong, […]

Miracles Happen (SCS)

Previous post here. age 30 number of pregnancies 4 and births 2 age of children 3 ½ and 5 weeks how far pp 5 weeks First I wanna apologize for the long post, I wanted to say a lot. As everyone says, I love this site. I think I’ve read every entry on it. I […]

The Rewards of Patience (Amanda)

My husband and I have been together for almost nine years, and married for nearly seven. Having children was one of the first things that we talked about when we first met. I naively assumed that it would be easy, being that both sides of my family are very prolific. How wrong I was. Our […]

6 Months Postpartum and Still Healing (Jillyn)

I am posting my postpartum pictures here of my body after my second pregnancy. My previous post is here. This pregnancy came a bit unexpected for my husband and I. After the birth and death of our first daughter we planned to wait a year before TTC again. But just 6 months postpartum we found […]

2 Kids and Body Afterwards (Heather)

I had my first son at age 19. I was 115 pounds and a size three. In my pregnancy I went up to 198 pounds. My body never went to normal. For while i stayed at 165 pounds. Stretch marks on my inner legs ouuter upper legs vigina, boobs love handles belly almost every where […]

Winter Update (Vi’s Mama)

Hi everyone. I posted an entry here over the summer, but a lot has changed since then. I’ve been continuing to struggle with my body image. I constantly obsess over it, and i don’t want it to rub off on my daughter. Recently i got my belly button pierced and a tattoo designed by my […]

Really Very Bad Timing (Ann)

1 pregnancy, 2 children 14 months postpartum, twins My twin boys were perfect timing. Our fertility doctor had just finished telling us we would never conceive naturally. I had just told him that through the grace of God I believed that we would. 3 weeks later some routine tests came back to tell me I […]

Loving Myself (Jessica)

Having my son was the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed me in a million ways, but unfortunately it changed my body too. I was slightly overweight when I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t happy with my body to begin with. I’ve always struggled with my self esteem and […]

Wondering if I’ll ever be able to wear a bikini again (Anonymous)

I’m 20 years old, almost 21 and I use to be 110 pounds and very confident. I gave birth 10 months ago and I feel quite depressed about my body. I don’t fit into any of my old clothes, I am 20 pounds heavier than what I use to be. I want to enjoy this […]

Finding beauty in every imperfection (Jordan)

21 years old 2 pregnancies, 1 birth 13 months pp I want to start off by saying this site is amazing, I love reading all of the posts on here. However, i don’t like seeing that it is such a struggle for some women to love the bodies that their children gave them. I know […]

25 Year Old Mom of 2 (Emma)

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can ever experience. I never felt more feminine as I did when I was pregnant and expecting. and, nurturing my child after-wards by breastfeeding, I’m curvier than I was pre-pregnancy (with both) – I had a home birth with my second, and it was […]

6 Babies, 5 C-Sections, 4 Daughters, 3 TOL’s, 2 Son’s, 1 Love (Stacy)

Previous entries here, here and here. My last posting this past summer was very freeing for me. I loved the photos, and for the first time really saw beauty in my imperfect body. I feel strong, and continue to grow in inner and outer strength. These photos were taken at our local hot springs & […]

11 Weeks Postpartum (Anonymous)

Previous entries here, here and here. 23 years old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 11wks postpartum and -30lbs I decided it was time to finally write my postpartum update. I ended up carrying to 41 weeks and giving birth completely naturally on November 28, 2010. And before anyone congratulates me on that, I did not want […]

I Like Myself (Rosie)

I see a ton of ladies hating on their post-baby bodies, and some very genetically blessed ladies who are rockin’ it. I’m right here in the middle. I gained some weight, and I lost it. I started my pregnancy around 170 lbs. I struggled with hyperemesis in my first trimester and dropped to 145 lbs. […]

Believing My Husband’s Words (Nikki)

Age: 24 7 pregnancies, 2 births Children age: 4 yrs & 15 months I enjoy coming to Bonnie’s website because I know, if anything, it gives women a place to be open and honest with themselves. Whether or not a woman takes anything constructive from it is individual. I have seen bodies of women who […]

The Perfect Food, Not Quite the Perfect Packaging (Anonymous)

Age: 30 # of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 2 births Ages of children: 3 and 9 months When my first daughter was born she showed a clear preference for my right breast to nurse from. When she began biting ‘lefty’ terribly to the point of bleeding I decided to nurse her exclusively from my […]

5 Weeks PP, Almost There – Update (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. Ahhh where can I begin? Its been 16 weeks since I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world. I feel very happy about the place I’m at. So far since my last update I lost more weight and I’m back into my pre pregnancy jeans once again. My tummy is completely […]

5 yrs Fibro and Autism (Anonymous)

age: 27 number of pregnancies/births : 1/1 age of child: 5.5 I am a plus size mom and wanted to represent more of us bigger moms since it is a little lacking. I am 324lbs at 5yrs postpartum. I am comfortable with my body, I deal with the constant pain of fibromyalgia every day and […]

Progress, Not Perfection (Anonymous)

First of all, I would just like to say that I love this website, and I have visited it nearly everyday since I found it. It is truly amazing the giant gap between the body images we are fed in the media and the REALITY of what healthy women really look like. But of course, […]

Not Myself Anymore (Morgan)

Age:18 No. Of Pregnancies and Births: 1 8 Months PP No one realises how hard it is to be a mom. I’ve had so many friends say to me, “I want a baby so bad, you must be so happy!” But it’s not like that. I got pregnant to my ex after one week of […]

Has it been 4 years already? (Amanda)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage, 1 birth Child’s Age: 4 years I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already. My body has done some amazing things! When I got pregnant, I was only 17. Like most 17 year olds, I had a nice cute little perfect body. (Of course […]

Pregnancy and postpartum with twin girls (Shelly)

Age: 35 6 pregnancies that included 5 live births, including full term twins. Would be 15.5 yrs old (Passed away sadly), 14 year old, 5 year old, and ten month old twin girls. 10 months postpartum In the pregnancy pic I’m almost 33 wks with twins. (I grew MUCH MORE by 37 wks. when I […]

Update (Kat)

Original entry here. I switched up my workout (flirty girl and carmen electra got too easy) so now I’m doing hip hop abs. Once I’m done with the 4 week plan for that, I’m going to start p90x. I have started doing modeling jobs(I have a model mayhem account now! under the user girl08er). I […]

Beauty = Found! (Anonymous)

Age: 21 # of pregnancies: 1 Weight pre-pregnancy: 110 lbs. Weight gained during pregnancy: 50 lbs. Weight 3 years post partum: don’t know! I stumbled on this website quite by accident but I am SO glad I did! It is so important for women to see images of REAL bodies, especially mothers. My relationship with […]

Fire Marks Almost Four Years Later (Cheri)

In two weeks my moon face girl will four years old. I remember being madly in love with her father and asking the Goddess to let us have a child if it were meant to be. 9 months later there she was. I don’t recall the birth much due to a sedative they gave me […]

Trying to Accept My Body (MJ)

hello my name is MJ i am 23 years old have a beautiful daughter who is 4 and a handsome son who is 2 and i am currently 25 weeks pg with baby #3!! i have looked at this site on and off for over a year and it has helped my self asteem and […]

My Fiancee Loves My Womanly Body – Update (Anonymous)

Original post here. It has been almost 4 weeks. I am doing much better about tracking my foods and being realistic on what I want vs what I need. It is difficult but empowering when I say no to eating at 10 pm with my fiancé. He has been very supportive though and says he […]

Five Babies in Eight Years (Anonymous)

Age – 28 Pregnancies – 13 Births – 5 Children’s ages – 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 15 months postpartum I had my first four babies in the hospital with varying degrees of intervention. I was fortunate to avoid a c-section, even though I begged for one when the contractions were right on top of […]

Breast Envy (Kerry)

1 pregnancy/birth 20 months pp Age 20 34b to 42 D to 34b So I posted at 1 year postpartum and was pretty sure I would not post again until I was pregnant or pp with my second child, (we are going to start trying in the fall!) but I’ve been having some insecurities with […]

Almost 3 years pp update (Natalia)

Previous entry here. Age: 21 Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, one birth This is just a quick update from a previous post. I can’t stop visiting this site. It has opened my eyes just as much as my son has. I’m now almost 3 years post partum. I actually gained a little weight […]

One Year and 60 Pounds Down (Jess)

Original entry here. 20 Years Old 1 Year PP Pre Pregnancy 124 End Of Pregnancy 194 Currnetly 135 This has been the fastest year of my life… I’ll be honest… I thought i would be in better shape by now… Some days I think I’m looking pretty good and with a little toning maybe even […]

Fourth Baby, Mixed Feelings (Elizabeth)

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my forth child, I never thought I would have a forth child. I met a man a year ago who I really fell for after being alone for 2 and a half years after a bad relationship.I was even going to marry him last September. A few weeks after […]

Already Shaped Like a Mother (Anonymous)

First off let me say that my story is quite unusual. I’m 22 and I have never been pregnant, and I don’t plan on trying any time soon. However, I’ve always had body issues, and for some strange reason I found this site and got hooked. Many of you women are complaining about your saggy […]

My Fiancee Loves My Womanly Body (Anonymous)

Some days I feel like a beautiful Greek statue. I am 5’2″ and 190 lbs. I am afraid to lose wt bc I like being soft but I need to get down to 145 for my health and confidence. I am the mother of Irish twins and they are 10 mos apart. I got stretch […]

6 Weeks Postppartum, 6 Kids Later (Anonymous)

Age 24 years old Number of pregnancies: 6 I’m 6 weeks postpartum and this is how my body look like 6 kids later prepregnancy weight was 147 now I’m 171 pounds I’m very slowly losing the weight and I’m hoping i can go back to use my prepregnancy jeans and feel better about my body, […]

5 Weeks Postpartum and I No Longer Believe in Genetic Destiny (Kat)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies/births: 2 pregnancies/1 birth Age of baby/how far postpartum: 5 weeks I was born short and fat, and stayed that way for my entire childhood and teen years. I started middle school at 4’10” and 160lbs. Both of my parents, as well as most of my family in general, are overweight, […]


AGE:25 1 CHILD, 1 BIRTH, 14 MONTHS when i first became pregnant the first thing i worried about was the fetus, as the pregnancy went on i worried about the high dose of vitamin A i was taking, then I worried about the low dose of folic acid i was consuming, then i worried about […]

The Evolution of a Body (Anonymous)

~Age: 26 ~Weight & Height: 5’2″-ish and 120-ish pounds (I hover) ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 years Previous submissions: 5 months postpartum, 1 year postpartum, 2 years postpartum I thought it was important to update my story for a number of reasons. […]

16 Weeks Later (Anonymous)

age: 19 1 child this is my first entry. its been 16 weeks since i gave birth and my body hasnt gone back the way i thought it would. my baby was 8lbs and 6 ounces. during my pregnancy i gained about 50 lbs and have almost lost it all but my body is just […]

How my life has changed (Anonymous)

Age: 27 Children: 1 I found this site about 3 years ago while having a hard time with my postpartum body. I had always been thin and weighed about 103 lbs before pregnancy. During my pregnancy I gained about 50 lbs and also developed gestational diabetes. At 33 weeks I developed a rash referred to […]

Will I Ever Be Happy? (Renee)

Original entry here. 25 17 1/2 weeks postpartum 1 pregnancy, 1 birth I am now almost 18 weeks postpartum, and have 7lbs of the 65lbs I gained left to lose. It seem I am stuck. But, I look absolutely nothing like I used to and it makes so depressed. No matter what I’m doing, it […]

Admitting It (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving Day 2009. I just kind of knew, and I took a pregnancy test early that morning. I then ran to the store and took several more — all positive. My emotions were all over the place, as the father was someone I was only casually dating and […]

One Day at a Time (Lu Ella)

The hardest part of dealing with my postpartum body? For me is the bipolar-ness of it all. I gained 52 pounds while pregnant with my daughter, and about half the time I am comparing the body I have now to the one I most recently inhabited: one that was 9 months pregnant. During this half […]

Five Years Postpartum (Stephanie)

age 33 1 pregnancy I really loved this website when I came across it. It is great to see what real moms look like not what the media makes up feel like we should look like. I gained 40 pounds with my son but have since lost all the extra weight but my body will […]

11 Months Postpartum/ Mother of Two (Irie Mama)

I got pregnant when I was sixteen and had my first child at the age of 17. I was so unprepared for what pregnancy was going to do to my body! I ended up gaining 50 pounds in a short period of time and I have stretch marks EVERYWHERE! On my stomach, Big ones on […]

My body has been destroyed, and I’ll have nothing to show for it. (Michelle)

Age – 18 Number of pregnancies – 1 I’ve been on this site countless times, reading other women’s stories because I am trying to cope with how much my body is changing, and have been debating for months now on whether to post my story or not. Well, it’s a bit long, but here goes! […]

Was it All Worth it? (Emily)

Age-20 Number of pregnancies-2, One birth, One abortion Post Partum 4 years My story starts at the age of 15. I met my first love at my sophomore Homecoming Dance. I was dancing with a guy friend of his when he came up and starting talking to us. I immediately thought he was cute. He […]

Your First Home (Proudmama)

Previous entry here. I didn’t intend on updating so soon, but something happened that I wanted to share. First of all I come here regularly because I feel like I’m a part of something when I read your stories. Some of your stories I relate to more than others, some stories make me want to […]

Tied to the Past (Anonymous)

~Age: 25 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 years I’ve only had one child,only one, she may be the most amazing little girl I’ve ever seen but where did I go? I gained 40 lb.s with her birth and then kept gaining after […]

The Nonexistant Dating and Sex Life of a Single Mom (Anonymous)

Age: 23 Pregnancies: 1 Births:1 My Daughters Age: 3 I had my daughter at the age of 19 a month away from my 20th so I guess I should say I had her as a “Teen” Her dad and my relationship was a rocky one but I stuck it out because I didn’t want my […]

Final Update (Jeanne)

Previous entries here and here. My daughter is now 18 months and I never thought I would feel the way I do about my body as I do now. I love my body now more than before I had a child. I love the way my hips have widened…I just feel more feminine and like […]

Finding a Body that I Love (Quila)

I was very excited when I ran into this website while surfing the web at work! I’m having a very bad experience with my post baby body. I’m 21 years of age, a full-time student, and I work a full-time job(life). I was never a “skinny girl”, but I have also never been at the […]

4 Weeks PP (Heather)

Pregnancies and births: 1 1 month old son Gabriel Hello SOAM. This is my first entry. My name is Heather and I am 4 weeks pp. All in all I had a very smooth ride with my pregnancy and labor and delivery. I was in early labor for 3 days.The night before I had my […]

It’s Not the Same Body, But it’s Fine By Me (Anonymous)

Pre-pregnancy weight: 107 Labor weight: 160 Post-pregnancy weight: 104 I am posting because this site helped me so much. I came here mourning the body I used to have and wondering if I’d ever get it back. The answer is: it’s not the same body, but in some ways it’s better. I first came here […]

Upset With My Body at 21 (Anonymous)

Hello everyone!! Im so glad I found this site where I can post pictures of my body and no one will be negative about it. After 9 long months I reached 38 weeks and nothing…No contractions, Cervix was closed, So on my 40th week appoiment My doctor gave me and iduction date. However a few […]

Lost and sad (Anonymous)

Age: 20 Number of children: one I am 13 months post postpartum. Hello, currently i am struggling with body image. I had my child 13 months ago, and my body has slightly improved since then. I am 5 ft 4 and weigh 130 lbs. I gained 96 lbs during my pregnancy and had pre-clampsia. I […]

Mother of 6: Story and Photos UPDATE (Stacy)

Previous entries here and here. ~Age: 29 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 6 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 11, 7, 5, 4, 2, 18 months I have come along way in my acceptance of myself as a vibrant, powerful human with a purpose. I have discovered that purpose is […]


im a 29 old mother of 2 first one is 4 years and second is 12 weeks.first pregnancy started at 63 kg,i put on 30 kg and by the time my son was 1 year old i lost all the weight(brestefeeding for 6 months and cambridge diet after that) skin on my tummy remain […]

I love my children, I hate my body. (Anonymous)

I had my first child, the day before I turned 15. I didn’t have my mom around, so had never known about stretch marks before. I still remember being 6 months pregnant, walking past the mirror on my way to the shower in the bathroom & seeing this great wide purple scar under my belly. […]

The Sacrifice of a Mom (Cat)

~Number of pregnancies and births: Four Pregnancies, Two Births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: My oldest turned 3 on Aug 27 and my youngest turned 10 months on Aug 29. So, 10 months. When I was 18 years old, I found myself pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy […]

I Think I’ve Always Wanted to Pose Nude (K. Marie)

When most little girls were dreaming of marrying prince charming, or planning their weddings and the names of their future children, I had one goal in mind: I wanted to be physically supernatural, beautiful and virtually unbreakable. I didn’t play school or dress-up or house. I pretended I was a cartoon character: Cheetara, from the […]

Learning to Love it Again (Anonymous)

I used to love me body, I loved it pre-pregnancy and throughout the entire nine months I was pregnant I felt beautiful. I have never felt more sexy than I did while I was pregnant. (Blame it on the hormones, I guess) Because I was only in my mid-twenties when I delivered (via c-section) I […]

Learning to Love the Body I’ve Gained (Gwen)

Pregnancies: 1 Births: 1 beautiful boy! Postpartum: 19 months I submitted an entry a number of months ago but never saved the link to it, so my pics from around 12 months PP are lost somewhere. The pictures I submitted were before I gave up pumping through my work day, which I did at 12 […]

Six Children (Erika)

I am 43, 5′ 4-1/2″, 200 lbs., size 12, and I’ve had six pregnancies, six births. My first child was born 26 years ago and my last, 6 years ago. The last child really seemed to zonk my thyroid and I’ve had a hard time losing weight since his birth. I used to feel very […]

Getting Used to Me (Ashley)

2 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage long ago, 1 C-section birth 10 months PP, still breastfeeding Age: 26 I always wanted to be a mother. I never expected to be a single mother. I had been dating my child’s father for only about a month when I found out I was pregnant. I considered abortion and adoption, […]

Bittersweet (Anonymous)

Age: 31 3 Pregnancies and 3 Csections Ages of Children: 7, 4, and almost 3 years. I call my story “Bittersweet” because my journey has often felt that way. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I was very active when I was younger and didn’t really gain a lot until college and marriage. […]

I Still Can’t Believe It (Lucia)

20 yrs old 1 pregnancy 1 birth 8 weeks pp My story is short, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend noticed before I did. I had a rather easy pregnancy, no nausea but lots of heartburn, I started swelling after week 31 and for some reason I had a […]

A Few Years On, Another Long Post (Jo)

~Age: 40 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies and 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Age 4 and 2 (almost 2 years post-partum) It has taken me a while to come up with the courage to post this, but it marks the beginning of the new me […]

7 1/2 Months Later and Still Struggling (Jess)

I met my sons father when i was 17 years old. We met at a small little party and were together pretty much nonstop afterwards. Within 2 months we already had an apartment together. One night he had had a few drinks and we were just sitting around having a somewhat deep converstaion about how […]

Not sure if I’ll ever be satisfied with my body (Anonymous)

Age: 22 1 pregnancy/1 birth almost 4 months postpartum I had always been thin and I took pride in being in shape and attractive. My weight was fluctuating in 2009- from 112 lbs in January to about 130 lbs in July (the heaviest I had ever been). I saw the “+” on a pregnancy test […]

Finally, Confidence! (Autumn)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: He’s 4, will be 5 years on September 22nd I’ve posted here numerous times, my previous entries: Autumn Stretch Marked Legs Happy With My Body Breasts, Acceptance This update is to show how my body has […]

Finding beauty in every imperfection (Jordan)

Age: 20 Number of pregnancies and births: 2,1 6.5 months pp I’m going to start off by saying, this site is amazing, i absolutely love it and visit at least twice a week. I’ve posted once before at four months pp and here i go again. I am now six and a half months pp […]

It is what it is! (Nina)

I am 31, and I have two babies. The first one was born in August 2005, the second born in July 2007, so I’m 3 years pp since my last baby. I’ve been pregnant two more times, on top of that, but they both left my body before the 3 month mark. Two years before […]


I am 33 years old, these pictures are taken 5 years post-partum. I’ve had 2 pregnancies (first one at 13), and given birth once. My body has changed. My butt has flattned, my waist windned. Due to a number of reasons, my weight has fluctuated greatly. From 170 at pre-pregnacny, to 163 one month post […]

Continued Hatred of a “Beautiful Thing” (Anonymous)

Age: 19 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Number of Births: 1 amazing baby boy (Almost) 6 months Postpartum Let me start out by saying that I am so thankful to have found this website. I no longer feel completely alone in the way I look. Although I do still have my self-confidence issue, I know that […]

3 weeks PP and in the Navy (Anonymous)

Age: 21 Number of pregnancies/births: 1/1 Age of children: 3 week old baby boy I joined the Navy when I was 18. Went to bootcamp in Great Lakes Illinois two weeks after I graduated from High School on July 3, 2007 and graduated August 31, 2007. I ended up being stationed at NAS Oceana in […]

Trying to come to terms with my new body. (Vi’s Mama)

I had my daughter when i was sixteen. Before my pregnancy i was a mere 95 Ibs. I wore a size 32 B. I didn’t appreciate my body at all. During my pregnancy i used lotion, vitamin E oil, Shea Butter…I bought pretty much every “stretch mark” cream available, but none of it seemed to […]

My Story is Long (Anonymous)

38 years old 5 pregnancies/4 live births/2 miscarriages 7.5 year old daughter, 6 year old son, 2.5 year old boy/girl twins 30 months postpartum My story is long. It spans more than a decade. When my husband and I got married we didn’t mind if we got pregnant right away. Well, 5 months into our […]

From Girl to Woman (Anonymous)

28 ten months post body i posted just only today also talking about my belli and my job . i wanted to share this amazing transformation with you mummas i am absoluty amazed at how the body grows and changes , i mean really the pic speak for them selfs !!!!! i am learning to […]

I Can’t Stand to Look in the Mirror (Anonymous)

~Age: 20 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 22 months and 3 months I had my first baby at 18 and my second at 20. Before I fell pregnant I had a fantastic body – although I never appreciated it. Now, […]

She Changed My Life (Anonymous)

28 years old/ 1 pregnancy/1 birth/12 months postpartum First off, I would like to say that I appreciate this site and the support that it offers to mothers. I have been visiting it ever since I was about 7 months pregnant, and it has been cathartic to me and my struggle with my body. Here […]

5 week PP, hating my body (Anonymous)

Pre-pregnancy weight: 169 Labor Weight: 210 Weight now: 200 I have been struggling with my weight since I was a kid. I was 240 in my sophmore year of high school and just last year I got down to my weight of 157. I wasn’t too happy there, but I was content and felt like […]

My Story – I Have a Long Way to Go (Anonymous)

Age: 30 2 Pregnancies, 2 Births Children 9yrs & 7.5yrs When I was a kid I was skinny/average, like most kids were back then. When I hit 10 or so I started to gain some weight. I lived on a farm so I had to do hard work and because of that my weight fluctuated […]

Proud Momma (Van)

When I got pregnant at 19 I was 140lbs and happy with how I looked for the most part (who doesn’t have little qualms about how they look.?) Now at 2 years post partum I am 195lbs, which is more than I was fully pregnant with my little girl. I feel mixed emotions about my […]

New Mummy, New body to accept (Kelly)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Kara is 4 weeks old My partner Matt and I are both young, I’m 22, he is 20. We had Kara 4 weeks ago, I had to have an emergency c-section as I […]

A letter to my body 1 yr PP (Emily)

Age: 23 1 pregnancy, son is 12 months old, 1 yr PP Dear body, Thank you for all that you have given me and others. I am sorry for what I used to think of you, I was wrong you are beautiful. I promise to never be ashamed of my body anymore. I promise to […]

This one’s for my daughters! (Sarah)

After years of believing that my belly had to be flat and washboard perfect, I finally came to terms with the fact that washboard isn’t normal. It’s not normal for women to look like that, especially after they’ve had children. Bodies during and after pregnancy are beautiful! Embracing the Goddess Within has been a long […]


~Your Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 3 weeks pp I am a 22 year old mother of 2 girls. The oldest is turning 2 in June and the younger is 3 weeks old. My body changed a lot with both pregnancies. […]

Plus Sized Mummu

2pregnancies, 2 births, 2 boys. 13 months pp. 22 yrs old. I was told from about 16 that I would never fall pregnant, due to scarring on my uterus and falopian tubes from PCOS. Id had my period since I was 13, and was producing 3-4 eggs per month, but none of them would implant, […]

Awesome Husband (Halley)

My husband is currently working on an Art degree and for one of his assignments he had to draw a live person, and that person was me. At the time he drew these it was my first pregnancy and I was probably about 8 or 9 months pregnant. These really helped me boost my self […]

The Curves of My Road (Anonymous)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births 1/1 ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are 11 months postpartum Ever since I can remember the shape of my body has been on my mind. Memories from childhood echo with self-consciousness, fear of being different, and separation. From the outside I grew up […]

15 hours from birth (Anonymous)

Pregnancy #2 We took these photos just a few hours before heading to the hospital for the birth of our second baby. I was about 21 months postpartum from baby #1 and still nursing him as well.

19 years old, 5 months post partum (Ashley)

Before I got pregnant I was a slim 135 pounds, at 5’7″. I felt my greatest and was so happy that I could shop and wear just about anything, all the way down to a bikini in the summer. I got pregnant in March and gained a total for 55 pounds! I got so many […]

Confidence?.. what’s that? (Suzanne)

I became pregnant with my eldest when i was 19, before i had her i had a great figure (i couldn’t see it at the time but now i do!) i was slim but had curves, my breasts were always small but they were perfect, round, firm and wonderful. Since having my second daughter 8 […]

5 weeks post-partum after second child (Anonymous)

Previous entries here and here. For the first time in my life I feel no need or desire to malign or discredit my body, or to qualify it with any explanation for why it is the way it is. I am five weeks post-partum with my second child. He was 11 lbs, which was quite […]

Mom of 3 boys -1 set of twins (Anonymous)

I wanted to submit this picture as a way of affirming to myself that my body is fine and I don’t need to listen to what others think. I have been going through a difficult time with my husband (soon to be ex) and one of the things he told me as a reason for […]

Stretched, Marked, & Saggy at 18! (Kelsey)

Hi, My Name is Kelsey.. I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant.. This came as a big shock to my boyfriend and I. At The time we hadn’t been dating long, and we we’re just in high school after all! We decided to carry on with the pregnancy and Keep our son..Now […]

Take 2 – Still haven’t accepted my new body! (Anonymous)

I originally posted here when I was 6 weeks post-partum! I’m now 21 weeks postpartum and my feelings are still pretty simillar! I have better days than others, very rarely, but they do occur! I just can’t accept that this is the body that I have to live with for the rest of my life! […]

This is me now! (Dadama)

I got married to the perfect man when i was 19 (young I know) soon after I got pregnant . my son was 6 months when I started working and he spend a lot of hours in a daycare luckily my husband got a better job and I stopped working when my son was almost […]

6 years after…I still feel a bit unconfident (Anonymous)

Age: 36 Number of pregnancies and births: 3 (sons) Age of my children: 12 1/2 , almost 11 and 6 As you can read above I´m a mother of three. I received my first child at the age of 23, the second one at 25 and the little one when I was 30 years old. […]

Bliss: 4 Children in 4 Years (Ami)

Age: 28 Pregnancies: 4 Births: 4 Kids: 7, 6, 5, 3 My husband and I were in the military when we met on a hot summer day during a training exercise and we were both filthy, exhausted, sunburned and peeling; it was love at first sight. I was 19, not quite 20, when I went […]

My Mommy Body – Update (Anonymous)

This is an update to my March 2007 post. I am 25 years old. I got pregnant with my daughter just 2 months after my previous post. My little girl is now 2, and my son is 3. I lost all of the weight from her. I am just 10lbs heavier than before we conceived […]

Living For So Much (Natalia)

Age: 20 Pregnancies/births: 3 pregnancies/ 1 birth Number of children: 1 son, Ronin, age 2 I found out I was pregnant when I was 17, which truly caught me by suprise. I know I wasn’t on birth control, but we used a condom every time. Could it be possible I was the 1% that the […]

Loving What Is (Anonymous)

I am a sexual abuse victim. I lost a baby at 16 weeks when I was only 16 years old. I have had many years of self loathing. I can still here the ridiculing comments that were made about my body. I was ugly,dirty,the defect. When I saw what other women looked like I drew […]

I wish I wasn’t so ashamed of my body (Anonymous)

Age:31 # of pregnancies and birth: 2 pregnancies and 1 birth My child is now 4 years old. I became pregnant and gave birth to a handsome boy at the age of 26. As much as I adore and cherish my son, the scars left on my body haunt me till this day. I’ve always […]

3 years and 3 months later… (Anonymous)

I had my first son in October 2007 by emergency cesarian and my daughter 17 months later by elective cesairan. I have now given up breastfeeding for one month and although I miss it I am pleased to have my body to myself. I fed each baby for over a year and had been continually […]

Worth Every Pound and Every Mark (Apryl)

First of all, I would like to applaud this site. It is wonderful to see you celebrating the real beauty n a mother instead of criticizing the perceived flaws that so many of us think we have because we don’t match the air-brushed photos of the celebrity moms that have a personal trainer, personal chef, […]

The aftermath of sexual violence + the beginning of healing, part 2 (Anonymous)

About a year ago, six weeks after giving birth to my son, I posted my first entry. It’s been a tough and fun year and yet again my body has changed a lot. I am still breastfeeding and that has helped me lose all my pregnancy weight, without any effort on my part. That was […]

Uneven Breasts (Proud Mom)

My baby boy is 7 months tomorrow, and I’m a 23 year old all proud battle scared mom… I’ve been 1 of the lucky ladies to not develop strech marks, but a single one right on top of my belly button, the problem I’ve had is that at least 4 months ago my baby won’t […]

Third Child, 3 Months PP (Anonymous)

I am 29 years old and had baby number three, three months ago. I gained 40-45 lbs. with each pregnancy, a lot of it going on my stomach. People always asked me if I was sure I wasn’t having twins. But I loved my big pregnant belly. I felt so full of life, even though […]

Update (Jeanne)

Original entry here. Since my initial submission I feel like I’ve been able to focus on the important thing- finished college, got a job, spend my time with my daughter and have dated here and there. I’ve accepted my body and while I don’t love it- I like it for it’s flaws and have been […]

Self hate? Why not celebrate! (Brittany)

4 months post-partum with second child, first child is 3yrs My name is Brittany and I am a 24 year old mother of two. I have a 3 year old son and a 4month old baby girl. Like many women, I have struggled with body issues for a majority of my life. I have hated […]

Due in 12 days! (First Time Mother)

I’m very close to giving birth to my firstborn, a girl. I was about 180 lbs at conception. That’s about 20 lbs heavier than my normal weight, and in a little bout of irony, I was dedicating my summer to exercise in an attempt to get back down to 160, when bam, I got pregnant […]

2 1/2 Years Later- Anonymous

Age: 21 A couple months after I turned 18 I found out I was pregnant. Since my boyfriend lived in California and I was so young, I was very nervous. Having my daughter changed my entire life around. I become responsible, mature and learned how to put my daughter’s needs in front of my own. […]

My thoughts, fears, and joys of being a mother (Stacy)

Age: 26 # of pregnancies and births: 5 pregnancies (currently pregnant), 2 births My children are 6 and 2, and I am 10 weeks pregnant with my third child I became pregnant for the first time at 19 years old. It seemed like the MOST horrible time for it to happen. I was not in […]

I want to look better. (Sue)

~Age: 22 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your children: 16 months First of all I want to apologize for mistakes, English is not my language, I’m from Poland. I’m just 22 and I’m not happy about new look of my body… I’m not hating it only because of my boyfriend who […]

First Time Mama (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant in April of last year. My husband and I were very, very surprised but excited none the less! I delivered my baby on Thanksgiving day. We had planned a birth center natural birth but when our sweet little one was a face presentation all plans changed. This was the […]

Blessing and A Curse (Paige)

My whole life I was in sports. I started gymnastics at 3 years old and didnt stop until I went away to college. I started running track and playing football in the 7th grade and continued until college. While in college I modeled. I was 20 when I became pregnant with my first child by […]

Different Body, Same Girl (Leah)

22 years old 3 pregnancies, 2 births. Justin 4, Tanner 2 I am in love. I love my body. I love my babies. I love my life. This body is NOT the body I am familiar with, but I am grateful. I have too much to be thankful for to focus on my exterior. In […]

You’re really lovely, underneath it all (Amber)

Being an only child, the first things I was told by my mother when I told her I was first pregnant were the horror stories of how her pregnancy was so horrible and that is why she only had one. When I developed stretch marks, she blamed me for not using enough lotion because she […]

When happily ever after comes crashing down… (Anonymous)

Age: 21 Pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 boy, now two years old. Well, the past year has been a year of serious soul searching for me. I went from being a stay at home mom to being a full time college student AND working on top of it. We have been trying to get pregnant for […]

Pregnant with #2! (Kylie)

I got pregnant by accident with my first child, perfect pregnancy, nothing went wrong. Was in labor for 14 hours, pushed for two. Had a beautiful baby boy, all NATURAL…NOT ONE drug on January 25th, 2009. :) Up until about 6 months postpartum I didn’t loose but 20 pounds after giving birth, and that was […]

5 months PP and doing ok (Amy)

Age: 21 Number of Pregnancies: 1 Number of Children: 1 PP: 5 months Hi my name is Amy and I am 21 years old. Here’s my story. I have been married to my husband for about a year and a half now and we are very happy together. He shops and does the cooking, he […]

Feeling Confident (Jill)

Age: 32 2 pregnancies Children aged 5 years & 8 years I had my first child at 24. Before becoming pregnant I weighed about 140 lbs. I gained 67 lbs. during that pregnancy. Before my second birth (27 years old) I had lost all of the weight plus some and got down to 136 lbs. […]

28, and still coming to grips with my new body (M)

My pre-birth weight was about 140, and I am 5′ 9″. I am a former athlete that was used to a typical body weight of 160-165, so the loss of almost 20 lbs in muscle mass was a huge loss in dress sizes as well as curves. I was pretty used to be a little […]

My Body Take 3 (Emma)

I don’t think I have much to say, I am 22 years old and have three gorgeous sons, Jacob age 5 years, Benjamin age 3 years and Arthur who is 8 days old :-) Here I am with the youngest at 8 days post-partum. I felt incredibly empowered and attractive when I took these photos, […]

Starting to Accept My New Body (Anonymous)

~Age: 24 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 3 pregnancies, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 4 months post partum After two miscarriages I finally have my beautiful baby! Throughout pregnancy I loved my new body and was amazed watching it grow. I was lucky, I didn’t have stretch […]

My Twin Mom Body @ 1 Year Postpartum (Anonymous)

I delivered twin boys via c-section in January ’09 at age 38. Now I am 39 (40 later this year). For many years pre-pregnancy, I worked out frequently and intensely. I am 5’5″ tall, and at the time I got pregnant (my first and only pregnancy), I was very fit and weighed about 120 pounds. […]

My Submission (Jeanne)

I had an unplanned pregnancy at 21. I was scared, I was doing it alone without my daughter’s father in the picture. Throughout my pregnancy I was afraid of what changes might happen to my body. I used to love my body and now I am still learning to accept the changes. I hit my […]

Belly (Kelley)

My name is Kelley and I have a 7 month old son. He is my only child. I was around 135 lbs when I got pregnant at the age of 21. I was a bellydancer with an amazing stomach. During my pregnancy I ate all the wrong things and I am paying for it now. […]

My Body 6 Weeks Postpartum (Angela)

23 years old 6 weeks postpartum, 1st baby 225lbs My name is Angela. Ive been a yoyo dieter all my life. Ive had plus sized years, and normal weight years… (about 130-160 lbs) Ive struggled all my life with it though. My mother would always criticize me about my weight starting from about 12 years […]

Mom to 10 month old twins (Ariel)

I have been engaged to my fiance for 2 years when we moved out of the dorms and into our first apartment together, less than a month later I was pregnant, about a month later I found out ‘it’ was ‘them.’ I found out I was pregnant with twins at an abortion clinic. I wanted […]

New Body – Courtesy of Two Miracles (Danni)

Both of my pregnancies were an up and down battle. My pre-pregnancy weight before my first daughter was a beautiful 140 pounds that I was very proud of being only 5’5″. I thought I was beautiful and had curves in all of the right places. A little younger than 18 when I found out I […]

Healing Takes Time But I’m On My Way (F)

1 pregnancy, 1 birth. 5 months postpartum. I finally am ready to share my story and photos. I have been reading other women’s stories on Shape of a Mother since I was 6 months pregnant or so. They really helped to change my views of my own and other women’s bodies. I now believe that […]

Almost 2 ½ years later and still unhappy (Anonymous)

I got pregnant at the age of eighteen and gave birth by nineteen, I am now twenty one. My beautiful baby girl is two and three months old. I love my baby girl but I hate my body. I’ve always had problems with my weight, one minute I would be overweight and the next I […]

C-Section (Sara)

Hello, my name is Sara. I am currently two weeks PP as I was blessed with the best Christmas Gift ever in 2009: our first child (a daughter!). I was originally due January 20th, 2010 but ran into some complications with my pregnancy and was put on bedrest. I went in on Christmas Eve 2009 […]

Need to Learn to See Beauty in Myself (Anonymous)

I am 33 years old. I have been pregnant six times, and I’ve given birth to four fantastic children, ages 8, 5, 2, and 7 months. I married my best friend straight out of college and got pregnant with our first child about two years later, the second month we tried. We were both in […]

Update (Bryana)

This is my other post. The last time I posted, I was only 2 ½ months post partum. I had already lost all of my pregnancy weight, and was happy about that. Since my last post, I have continued to lose weight. I weigh less now than I did when I was 11 years old. […]

30 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

Had my first child 30 months ago. My plan was to stay in great shape during my pregnancy and then work out after to get my body back to what it was. Well, single mom and working full time leaves very little extra of anything to accomplish this goal. But now priorities are very different. […]

Mom shocked by diagnosis (Penelope)

Age 30 Hello Well my name is Penelope and I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. My oldest daughter is 7 with a normal pregnancy and birth my second daughter is 3 with a normal 40 week pregnancy and birth. But after She had not passed the meconium and the doctors noticed her belly […]

3 Months Postpartum – 2nd Pregnancy (Rachel)

Original entries here and here. Since I already have belly pics from both my first and second pregnancy on this site, these are all postpartum. As always, I welcome emails at I’d also like to give a special thanks to Bonnie for blessing us with this site. ~Age: 29 ~Number of pregnancies and births: […]

My Dream Came True (SCS)

Age: 29 Number of pregnancies: 2 Births: 1 Childs age: 2yrs First I want to say I love this site. I just wish this site had more true plus size women. So I am posting my pics. I have always wanted children but was told I would probably have trouble getting pregnant due to an […]

It’s not easy the third time around, when your 38 years old! (Anonymous)

When I found out I was pregnant in May of 2008 I was thrilled! I was 37 years old, and by husband was 49. We both have children from previous marriages. I had a 15 year old son, and a 12 year old son, and my stepson was 9 years old. We had just celebrated […]

The new body that my son gave me (“Anonymous”)

Age: 18 1 pregnancy, 1 birth 6 weeks postpartum Teen mom Me and my sons father were together for 8 months when I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with, despite our age difference (I was 16 he was 21) we were madly in love with each other. He never […]

Acceptance Achieved (Anonymous)

As a teen I hated my body Too thin, so ugly No breasts, no hips, no butt I longed for curves I cried As a first time mother I hated my body Still too thin But now with stretch marks I longed for smooth skin I cried As a second time mother I hated my […]

Loving who I am now (Hannah)

Age: 29 years old 1 Pregnancy, 1 Child Photos: 1,2,3 are 18months PP and 4 is a before pregger and 8mo pregger photo I have a son named Ellis. Ellis was born last May by an unplanned C-section. He is now 18 months old. I had a pretty rough pregnancy. I was in school full-time […]

Rejected, but not vulnerable anymore (Anonymous)

This was my first pregnancy and my son turned a year old last month. Thanks! :) I was dating a man on and off for two years. He’s about ten years older than me (I’m in my 20s and he’s in his 30s) but he can be rather immature. We broke up and got back […]

This is me (anonymous)

I am 22 years old this is me 4 months postpartum. Before I was pregnant I was Small and petite 5”1″ and was 95lbs. I gained over 50 pounds during this pregnancy even though I worked out just about every day. I am now around 125lbs I feel fat and just really unattractive with this […]

Proud to be a mother at last (Alex)

Age: 35 No of pregnancies and births: 4 and 1 live birth Post partum: 9 weeks Having lost 3 babies I never thought I would become a mother. In may heart I blamed myself and after my last miscarriage in 2006 I spent 2 years trying for another baby so by the end of 2008 […]

Baby got bigger, I got smaller -update from previous entry (Anonymous)

Facts: 3 pregnancies, 2 children, 1 cesarean. 2 1/2 years postpartum. Age 27. Story: I first posted to The Shape of a Mother in an entry in April 2008 entitled “Never Been More Proud“. I wanted to update because I talked about in that entry how proud I was of my body for the 2 […]

PCOS and Me (Brittany)

I found out a year ago now that I have PCOS. Since kindergarten I have been “mothering” everyone. I have always dreamed about being a mom and I feel that is what I was born to do. But with the PCOS and being addicted to junk food I just dont know how Im going to […]

Mummy of one and one to come with major self esteem issues (Anonymous)

Im 19, i had my child on the 5th novemer 2008 she is now almost 12 months old I am currently pregnant im 21 weeks Iv always had self esteem issues mainly because i had to try match up to me perfect sister! she is skinny beautiful and very talented and i was just the […]

4 months postpartum & 2 under 2yrs (Proudmommy0709)

Well I’m still getting used to this mommy belly, and saggy breasts… The past 2 years my body has gone through a lot, I know that. I AM very proud, but at the same time I am not satisfied with the way my body looks. When I had my son Nov 27th 2007 I did […]

My Body, My Story (Anonymous)

i am 24 and have been blessed with two gorgoeus boys, with my first pregnancy i got very big very quick! i was being asked at 20 weeks when i was due by people thinking it must be any day now. Of course the problem is when you get big quick you get loads of […]

Finally feel like a woman! (Erin)

I always felt like I wasn’t very feminine looking – my breasts were small, my body thin… I didn’t feel like a woman at all – until I had my children (2 daughters, now aged 3 and 16 months)… I actually wound up thinner, and with smaller breasts than before children, but I have now […]

Hating My Post-Baby Body (Anonymous)

I was always in great shape. I used to have visible abs, perky boobs, and a pretty shape. I got pregnant at 18 by my high school sweetheart, and had my daughter at 19. I put on 85 lbs with my first pregnancy. I suffered from terrible ppd and for a long time was depressed […]

Update – 20 months postpartum and I want another baby (Anonymous)

Your Age: 22 Number of pregnancies and births: 3 pregnancies, 1 birth The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 20 months pp Original entry here. It has been 9 months since my previous post, and some things have happened. At 15 months we stopped breastfeeding. I’m still a little sad, I […]

Stretch marks and deflated boobs, but I’m doing great! (Anonymous)

I am 26 years old and this was my first pregnancy. I am 4 months post partum at the time of these photographs. My prepregnacy weight was 110 and I am now at 119. At full term I was 149. My butt and thighs got so many stretch marks. I still can not get any […]

Wishing to be confident again (Anonymous)

My age 23. Two children ages 3 and 1 I became pregnant at the age of 19 with my first son. I was scared for about half a second, then thrilled. I was worried about what would happen to my body, I was always very fit. But I knew a lot of girls who had […]

22 years old on my second pregnancy I’m at 23 weeks (Lissete)

Hi im Lissete. I am on my second pregnancy at 23 weeks now , my first child i gained 75 lbs , i have always dealt with poor body image since i grew to a d cup at age 10. i was 17 years old when i had my daughter my pre-pregnancy weight was 127 […]

10 months PP (Anonymous)

I had a wonderful and fairly easy pregnancy, but a very hard, long delivery. I wanted an all natural, waterbirth at the birthing center with my midwife. My water broke 2:00am Friday morning and contractions started 45 min. later. By 10:am they were 10 min. apart and my midwife wanted me to come to the […]

From size 0 to 5 (Nancy)

Age : 26 Pregnancy : 1 Children : A daughter, Chloé I learned about this website from a close friend to which I confided my body changes during and after pregnancy. I was relieved to see others with the same problems as me but I figured I’d be back in shape in no time so […]

Missing my darling daughter, 15.5 weeks postpartum (Jillyn)

I have been meaning to take pictures and post on here for quite a while now, but with so much going on, i just haven’t found the inner strength or time. When i was 20 weeks pregnant with our first child we had our first ultrasound and they found that i didn’t have any amniotic […]

Finally Learning to Love Me (Anonymous)

I am 20 years old and gave birth to my beautiful daughter on August 9th, 2009. I loved being pregnant but was so afraid of how I would feel about my postpartum body…in the past I have suffered from body image issues and bulimia which I was slowly recovering from when I discovered that I […]

Plus-Sized, Proud and a mommy to a monkey! (Monkey’s Mommy)

Let me start of by saying I am very proud of who I am. I don’t let the numbers on the scale dictate my happiness. With that being said, here is my story. I am 24 years old and i am a plus sized mommy. I have been plus size since 4th grade and so […]

23 year old mum with 2 kids. 7 months PP (Anonymous)

Hi, I am a 23 year old mum with 2 boys. Aged 2.5 and 7 months. I love my children and think they are the most wonderful gift that has been given to me. I wish I could think the same about my body. I don’t think I look to bad for someone that has […]

Finally Brave Enough to Face an Unwanted Reality (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Age: 26 Pregnancy and births: 1 Age of children: 3 years I’ve been avoiding writing this letter. I think it’s because writing it means I will have to face a reality I don’t want. For almost three years I have been telling myself “it’s got to get better – maybe just another […]

First Time Mom && Emergency C-Section (Heather)

I’m Heather. I’m 20 years old & found out I was pregnant when I was 17 years old. I had my child at 18 & he will be turning three in February. I was in premature labor labor (3 weeks early)for 2 days && ended up having a c-section. Before I got pregnant, I was […]

Destination : Self Acceptance (Tee)

Age: 26 2 pregnancies 2 children ages 10 and 18 months I’ve posted here before under “Almost a year later“. Its now a little over a year and a half since the birth of my youngest. And I gotta say I am still striving to love the body that has become me. Despite my best […]

This is me – sagging boobs and all (Astrid)

Hi everyone, First of all I just want to say thank you to all the women that have posted on this page, I have learned a lot from reading your stories and looking at your pictures. I think this webpage is so important. My story goes like this: I became pregnant for the first time […]

Coming to grips with a cesarean (Colleen)

I found this website before I ever even got pregnant, and I have checked back on an almost daily basis ever since, to read new posts. I think the concept is fantastic, and have been waiting for months until I could do my own post. Now, at three weeks postpartum, I think I’ve waited long […]

Three Babies in Four Years (Natalie)

I am 27 years old, and just had my third baby, a little girl, May 11th. That makes me about three months post-partum, give or take a couple of days. I also have a little boy that was born November 14, 2005, and another little girl that was born January 9, 2007. I absolutely loved […]

a bit saggy and unproportunal (MommyB)

I am 23 years old, and I got married November of 2007. I had my son in May 2008…it was very very stressful, and i wanted my husband to enjoy my body…the only time my husband has seen my body is either filled with milk or like show below…I am not sure whether or not […]

Breasts, Acceptance (Autumn)

My name is Autumn, I’m 21 (22 in September), and almost 4 years postpartum. I’ve posted here 3 or 4 times before, mainly with updates. This time I wanted to share my postpartum breasts (my belly is included, too!). (Previous entries here, here and here.) I’ve always been extremely insecure about my breasts, when I […]

Struggling to Accept My Body’s Changes (Anonymous)

My Age: 29 1 Pregnancy, 1 Birth 7 Months Postpartum I was 27 years old when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was 28 when I delivered him. My husband was 28 as well. I had separated from the military, married my husband, and gotten pregnant all within 8 months […]

16 Months Update (Anonymous)

16 Months Update Age: 27 Number of pregnancies: 1 Number of children: 1, 16 months old See my first post, from 4 weeks pp, here. And my second post, from 8 months pp, here. And now here we are, 16 months pp. Whoa. Where did that time go? I had a tiny newborn and now […]

I Finally Love Myself (Anonymous)

I got pregnant the summer before my senior year of high school. I walked the halls with a huge belly got stares from students and teachers. When I went to the outside world people poked and prodded. Why complete strangers think they have the right to know how old I am I have no idea. […]

Self Love is the Most Important Love of All (Anonymous)

I just came across this website and I think it is the most beautiful, helpful website that a mother could possibly visit. It is hard these days to be happy with our bodies. The media hype and hollywood has portrayed a very distorted image of what motherhood does to ones body. It has taken me […]

Mother of a Princess (MommaMykah)

Mother of a Princess I’m 27 years old and a proud mother of an eight month old princess. She is my first and only child. I’ve never been self-conscious about by body (in fact I loved my body) until after I had my baby and my breast went from pointy and perky to sagging and […]

Mommy-ware (Anonymous)

At 23 I became pregnant. I had never wanted children and enjoyed being just an aunt. Quickly I grew excited for the new baby growing inside me. I reveled in the joys of nesting and planning. I did tell myself though that I would not wear traditional maternity clothes and manage to go most of […]

I’m not so sure I hate my body anymore (Nicole)

~Your Age: 26 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 pregnancy, 1 birth ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: Currently 15 1/2 weeks PP (photos taken at 13 weeks PP) I have struggled with my body image ever since I was a child. I remember, when I was in primary school, […]

I brought 6 amazing people into the world, if you don’t like my body, don’t look! (Anonymous)

28 yrs old, 5 pregnancies, 6 children (twins), 3 weeks postpartum I am a 28 year old mom of 6 beautiful children. I have 10 year old twin girls, 8 and 6 year old boys, a 4 year olds and just gave birth to our 4th girl 3 weeks ago. I am always told that […]

2 Years, Nearly 3 Months Postpartum (Katelyn)

Age: 18 Pregnancies & births: 1 2 years, nearly 3 months postpartum I got pregnant two months before i turned 16. My daughter’s father and I didn’t know each other well, weren’t together, and we weren’t for a very long time. I spent my 41 week pregnancy and 19 months of her life as a […]

Fighting the Fear (Jessica)

21 2 pregnancies, 1 birth 5 wks post partum I found out I was pregnant when I was twenty years old, a week before my husband was set to deploy for iraq. I was pretty upset that he was going to be gone, and I would be alone. But i was partially pleased because he […]

A Work in Progress! (Anonymous)

I’m finally starting to love my body again. I guess I shouldn’t say I’m starting to love my body “again” because this really is the first time. My daughter (now three years old) was born when I was 19. Prior to getting pregnant, I was at the lowest weight I’d ever been, had relatively perky […]

Rebuilding the Body (Annie)

Age-21 Children-1 (a 2 year old) C Section birth I want to thank you for making this site. It is so wonderful to know I am not alone, because here in person I really am. And I thought I was. And I am so excited to read everything on here and see that I am […]

Learning to Love My Body After a Loss (Lissa)

I’m mom of 2 living Children and 1 child who died shortly after birth. My youngest and last child was born at 30 weeks. She was a preemie. And I spent many weeks in the hospital prior to giving birth. I felt like my body failed her for the longest time. I was so uncomfortable […]

Thanks SOAM – 6 Months PP (Anonymous)

My Age: 31 Number of Pregnancies and Births: 1 Age of child: 6 months Pics I attached: The henna belly picture is at 38 weeks, the two naked ones and one of my daughter are 6 months post-partum. I started lurking here before my husband and I were even trying to have kids. I have […]

Embracing the New Me (Anonymous)

I am a 36 year-old mom to 3 kids, each 2 years apart. Had my babies at 29, 31, 33 years of age. Before kinder, I weighed 130 lbs, and was very slim, due to genetics and regular exercise. Now, after 8 years, 3 kids, 4 pregancies (lost one in between) and a full time […]

21 Year Old Who Feels Inadequate in Her New Body (Anonymous)

When I got pregnant, we definitely were not planning it. I had got pregnant several months before our planned wedding date and as a result we pushed the wedding date way up and I was 3 months pregnant on my wedding day. I am still so ashamed that it happened that way. As a result, […]


Age: 27 First Pregnancy Before I developed chronic pain I didn’t struggle much with body image issues. I was surrounded by strong friends who were super body-positive. I was also very athletic and that fostered a lot of love and trust between me and my body. I developed chronic pain 2 1/2 years ago after […]

2 Years Postpartum and Still Can’t Come to Terms (Anonymous)

Number of Pregnancies: 2 and 1 live birth Children :1 child, almost 2 1/2 years post partum Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this website that allows me not to feel so alone and to understand that I am not the only woman struggling to cope with the changes brought after […]

32 Year Old Mom of 2 Boys (Anonymous)

~Your Age: 32 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 2 pregnancies, 2 births ~The age of your children, or how far postpartum you are: 2 boys ages 20 months and 5 months At 5’7″, I weighed 145 lbs all through high school. I was all muscle, and on the cheerleading squad, and I thought I was […]

Really Having a Hard Time With This (Kali)

Age: 38 # of pregnancies:3 total, 2 miscarriages before 12 weeks, 1 full term Postpartum: 4 weeks postpartum, C-Section At my age and given that I lost 2 pregnancies before this I should really not be so vain, but I am horrified and floored at what I look like now. I don’t think that time […]

Postpartum 21 and 25 years later – 3rd post (Anonymous)

Original entries here and here. I have posted recent photos of me twice before, but now I have a beautiful drawing a friend did, from the only photo I have of me pregnant, almost 26 years ago, 2 days before my son was born. I am going to display this in my lounge – my […]

6 Months After First Child (Amanda)

Title: 6 months after first child Name: Amanda 21 years old, 1 pregnancy Story: I got pregnant at 2 years old and gave birth shortly after turning 21. Its been 6 months since I gave birth to my 9lb son naturally, in water. I’m still striving to make peace with my body. I know I […]

9 Years Ago (Elle)

9 years ago I was 18 years old. I had just finished high school and was happy. My plan never included children. I met him on a warm night in August. I became pregnant a few weeks later. I lost my child at 22 weeks gestation. It was depressing and sad. I was a mess. […]

Trying to Cope With My Shape as a New Mother (Revae)

Trying to cope with my shape as a new mother!!!!!Please help!!! My name is Revae and Im 22 yrs old first time mom. I am currently 14 weeks postpartum, and Im having a really hard time coming to terms with my new body. I had my beautiful little angel Jan 18 2009 and I love […]

Still Trying to Adjust (Emily)

Age 19- Mother of One Beautiful13 month old boy Aleckzander I was 17 When I found out I was pregnant. My fiance now my husband and I had decided that we were ready to start our lives regardless of what anyone thought even though a lot of people thought we were crazy we were just […]

18 Months Postpartum, Update (Anonymous)

I submitted here when my daughter was 12 months old. I’d like to say that I’ve reached my weight loss goal over the last six months, but the truth is that the scale has barely budged a pound. I’ve been running three times a week, though, and have started to really enjoy it. I’m noticing […]

What Happened to my Body (Texas)

i am 35 and have a 2 almost 3 yr old.i gained about 70 lbs with her.i was always a sexy full woman.i was a 10-12 now12-14.i hate my ugly body so much my wonderful hubby never gets to see me naked.i feel like Norbits wife(in the movie Norbit).when she goes to the pool and […]

2nd Pregnancy and still loving it – 21 weeks preggo (Rachel)

Previous entry can be seen here. Here I am at 21 weeks with our second child. I would be happy to keep you guys posted on this pregnancy with progression pic submissions from this point out but I just don’t want to steal space from others. I’d like to invite all to shoot me an […]

The Beautiful Body My Little Ones Gave Me! (Krysti Renee)

Pictures – – First, 2 months after having my 2nd Baby Second and Third, 1 year after having my 2nd Baby Fourth, my Breasts 6 months after I quit breastfeeding my Son (they’re mine again! =) Fifth, My Daughter & I in March 2009 Sixth, My Son in March 2009 My Story – – I’m […]

Wondering How My Postpartum Body Will Look? (Colorado Mama To Be)

First off, this site is truly amazing. What incredible women you all are! My situation: I am 27 and just found out I am pregnant. It was a total accident, but I love my boyfriend and am not entirely opposed to having a baby. But we are both currently unemployed, which makes for a VERY […]

9 Months PP (Rochelle)

When I was 14 I was raped by my father (who is now in jail for it) and life just seemed to have left me after that. One night I went for a walk to clear my head like almost every night and ran into someone who changed everything. I was only 15 when I […]

When did it ever feel like my body? (Anonymous)

Thinking about it today, I never felt my body was mine. I have kept losing weight and putting it back on ever since I can remember. 2 years after postpartum I am about 75 kilos, and that’s much less than I was before. It feels more like my body today than it used to before […]

The Liberation of my Breasts (Amy)

When I was young I noticed breasts, mostly those that were perky and well-rounded. I had already been swayed by the world into thinking that there’s a sort of standard for the parts of a woman’s body that feed her young. As I grew into my teens and looked at my own mother’s breasts I […]

Love/Hate Relationship (Anonymous)

I’m now 25 and have always had huge body issues…even when I was thin. I always just hated my shape….my squarish hips and the fact that all my weight sits in my tummy/face while my arms and legs sta skinny. I didn’t like trying to be super thin, but if I wasn’t I just looked […]

Lopsided Breasts and Hernia (Jay-Jay)

In the first pictures I was 31 years old and 10 months postpartum. My breasts are anyways uneven but they looked particularly funny after a one-sided breastfeeding. You can see my deformed bellybutton in the background. I didn’t know what the large lump under the skin an inch above my bellybutton was, but thanks to […]

Never Happier With Myself (Anonymous)

i’m a twenty one year old first time mom. before i got pregnant i dieted constantly and went to gym every single day afetr work in order to achieve the body that i thought i was supposed to have. and it worked, if you want to think of it that way. i was a size […]

Update after 3 Months of Pilates (Tamara)

Previous entries here and here. Hi! Its me again…im sure you have seen my previous posts and i promised i would keep up to date with the results of pilates and running to at least “try” and get my belly back to what it once was…anyhow the first two pics you can really see the […]

12 Weeks Postpartum, Third Pregnancy (Anonymous)

I had my third little girl twelve weeks ago. I am 27. My first daughter is seven (weighing 6lb 1oz at birth), my second daughter is three, (weighing 4lb 12 oz at birth) and my third daughter weighed 4lb 14oz. When I was younger I had anorexia and issues with self harm, and body image […]


Name: Cloey Age: 28 Pregnancies: 2 (one live birth) Age of child: 6 months People keep telling me how lucky I am to have snapped back so quickly. I was around 120 when I got pregnant at 27. The last time I weighed myself about a week before I gave birth at 28 I was […]

Trying Hard to Love my New Body (Anonymous)

Firstly I must say how amazing all the women are who have had the courage to reveal themselves proudly and honestly on this site. Also how much I admire women who are proud of their bodies, stretch marks and all, for bringing their babies into the world. Before getting pregnant I had already started putting […]

Starving to Blooming (Eve)

Having spent the last 14 years suffering from Anorexia Nervosa before becoming pregnant I worried about how my changing body may bring back the thoughts, feelings and negativity I had experienced for so long. I had only been in recovery for a number of months before getting pregnant I didn’t feel I was prepared for […]

I Want to See it as Beautiful (Anonymous)

Prior to pregnancy I suffered an eating disorder that led me to live with an unhealthy weight of around 105 and lower. I am 5’5. Just prior to pregnancy I had gained enough to get my period back and sure enough, here I am today. I knew that I had to gain a “normal persons […]


I and 24 and have had three children in the past 5 years. I fought with anorexia (although I was never diagnosed) when I was 17 and 18 before I got pregnant with my first child. I have always had a negative body image. I almost feel like if I’m not thin, people won’t appreciate […]

6.5 Weeks PP (Misho)

I’m a 21 year old first time mum. I’ve never been skinny but mostly I accepted my body….I had more up days than down. I can’t say that I loved being pregnant, at this point I don’t want to do it again but I didn’t hate it either. I do hate what it did to […]

Nothing Wrong Here (Punkin)

I just love reading the stories on this website. I’ve been mourning the perky 19 year boobs (I looove my belly stretch marks!) I left behind when I got pregnant since giving birth 5 months ago, but seeing all these women has made me realize that the “ugly” I see in myself is just in […]

The aftermath of sexual violence + the beginning of healing (Anonymous)

As a young teen, just as my body – to my great excitement – was starting to change, I was gang raped. The excitement of becoming a woman was taken away from me and the relationship I had with my body turned from love to pure hatred. They say that the body is a temple […]

13 Months Postpartum and 5 Kids Later (Anonymous)

I’m 22 years old I’m 5’2 and I weight 147 now, this is me 5 kids later 13 months postpartum I don’t feel good with my body cause my skin is too lose but I’m ok as long as I look good with clothes lol.

After 10 Years I’m Still Not Comfortable (Kay)

I’m 30 years old and had my son when I was 20. I was tiny before I was pregnant (5’2″ and 105lbs) and my belly was pretty small up until I was 7 months pregnant, then I don’t know what happened…maybe the baby turned? My belly POPPED out and I developed horrible stretch marks on […]

Learning to Love My Body Again (Anonymous)

I am 33 years old. I have 2 children, that today are ages 6 and 8 years old. I nursed both of them. Before pregnancy, I was no super model, but was healthy, around 140 lbs, with perky nice little B cups. With my first pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs. I quickly lost all that […]

Making Peace, Finally (Anonymous)

Having finally embraced that my waistline is not nearly as much of an “attribute” as it once was, I find myself, now at 28 with a 7 and 3 year old, truly loving my curves! I actually enjoy wearing flowing, comfortable, empire waist tops that don’t cling to my now ooooh so soft fleshy tummy […]

7 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

I was very unhappy with my body before and rather depressed about it, i never thought i’d look any better and i didn’t like taking showers because i had to see myself naked. Now i am ok with my body i am eating right and working at getting closer to my old body though i […]

21 Years Old, 38 Weeks Pregnant, 1st Baby Boy (Anonymous)

I am 21 years old and pregnant with my first (unplanned) baby. A precious little boy, due any day now. I am currently 38 weeks along and still haven’t accepted the pregnant “mommy body” that everyone speaks so fondly of. I have had a healthy pregnancy and surprising still no stretch marks. (Believe me, I […]

16 Weeks Postpartum… Ugh! (Anonymous)

I love this site. Thank you all for your submissions! I come here all the time for encouragement and I thought it was time to submit my own pictures, so here goes nothing… The day I found out I was pregnant I weighed 129 pounds. At my last doctors appt (2 days before I went […]

Mum to 3 boys and 1 girl (Anonymous)

Original entry here. I had my little girl 7 weeks ago today. She was born 1 day after her due date. I let the Dr. induce me after he said “she’s going to be big, over 8lbs” so he broke my water and put me on a pit drip and after 4hrs of labor our […]

18 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

8.5 Months into Motherhood (Anonymous)

I found out I was pregnant just days before my 18th birthday. A senior in high school, I was 5’7″, 125 lbs. and comfortable in my body. My now-husband was just starting his first year of college, 5 hours away. Despite his frequent visits, my pregnancy was a long and lonely one. I was able […]

Postpartum Beauty (Anonymous)

From the time I was 13 years old, and experienced my first stretch mark on my suddenly grown breasts, I have been ashamed of my body. I was a chubby teenager who would hide my body under large sweatshirts and jeans even in the dead of summer so that no one could see my rolls […]

PS – Postpartum 21 & 25 Years Later (Anonymous)

Previous entry here. The wonderful comments from all the young mums have really boosted me. I felt good about my body after my babies were born. But hit my later years and now I hate what I see nude in the mirror. I don’t have stretch marks, nor cellulite, so I am lucky, but all […]

Unexpected C-Section (Anonymous)

I am 34 yrs old, my son, my first and only and here are some pics of mine 40 weeks pregnant and 8 days post partum…. This was my first pregnancy. I was planning for a vaginal birth from the beginning but by week 40 the doc realized that it wont be possible due to […]

9 Months Pregnant With 3rd Baby (Anonymous)

This is me today, i am 37 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I do have quite a few stretch marks and bulges in places that i hate. I have battled with eating disorders and gaining weight with this pregnancy has been a mental struggle with me. I think the only thing i like about […]

I may not be beautiful anymore, but my son is (Anonymous)

I’ll admit, it’s hard to look in the mirror these days. I use to be beautiful. I was vain too… I liked the way people treated me because of it. These days, I feel frumpy. I feel like an alien in my own body. Sex with my husband is not what it use to be. […]

Comfortable in my skin (Southern Mama)

Im a 29 yr old mother of a 2 yr old and a 10 month old. I gained 50 lbs with my first baby who was 9 lbs. With my second baby I gained 70 lbs, geez, she was 8lbs 4oz. Both c-sections. I ate anything and everything in sight when I was pregnant with […]

Pregnant with #6 (Anonymous)

This is me 8 months pregnant with baby number 6, who was born at home weighing 10#’s. I love being pregnant, I think the pregnant form is so beautiful. I gained 35 lbs. during my pregnancy but have only lost 10 lbs. since giving birth to her one year ago. I hope that when she […]

11 Months Postpartum and Very Happy With My Body (Anonymous)

I had my first baby, a little girl, at 21 years old. I had a really great pregnancy, I gained about 35 pounds and didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly, I have a few now on my boobs, but they are white and don’t bother me very much. I loved being pregnant and […]

10+ Years Later (V)

I am 28 years old, and had my child when I was 17. When I got pregnant I was 5’6″ and 101 lbs. and barely an A cup. I was never happy with my weight and wanted to weigh more, and wished my breasts were bigger. Well, I got my wish! I had a beautiful […]


I’m a 20 year old single mum. I’ve been trying to give myself the courage to put photos of myself on here as I’ve been really depressed about my body. I’m working on my body slowly and trying to build up my confidence. My daughter was born on 4th of July 2008. Im nearly 7 […]

Mother Trying to Learn to Accept Her New Body (Anonymous)

I’m a 19 year old mother to a 5 month old daughter. As a young mum I feel as though I never truely got to enjoy my teenage body. Before I became pregnant I would nit pick at the smallest imperfections of my body and never really appreciated how good it was. 5 months post […]


I’ve procrastinated writing this for a long time now. I found this website when I was pregnant with my son. He’s turning 2 years old now and I think it’s time to settle things with myself. Let me first say thank you for hosting such an amazing website. Now, I have a long history of […]

Working With What I’ve Got (Anonymous)

okay, i’m a 3rd time participant here on SOAM. here is my last submission i don’t know about you, but i am tired of hearing about how some moms don’t jiggle when they run down the street, “motivational” exercise tips & being told that i’m a failure if i don’t make time to work out […]

I never thought a size 12 could be sexy before… (Anonymous)

I have a 9 month old and weighed 150 before pregnancy(size 8) and am average height (26 y.o.). I was very unhappy at the time with my size, I’ve felt too fat my entire life because there are always those girls that are skinnier and more perfect. I don’t think I could ever be completely […]

Here Goes Nothing! (Anonymous)

I’m trying to learn to be happy in the moment. Before I got pregnant(when I was 17), I let others (a super tan, three time Hooters girl, best friend) make me believe my body wasn’t good enough. So even though deep down I LOVED my body and was VERY happy with what I had, I […]

So Here I Am! (Anonymous)

Great work on this site! When I was pregnant I started to hate the way my body was developing and I hated myself even more for worrying about something so trivial. After my baby was born (two years ago now) I hated it even more. Pregnancy hadn’t agreed with me and I’d actually lost a […]

16 Weeks PP, 2nd Baby, 38 Years Old (Anonymous)

This site has made me feel so much better about my post-baby body. I haven’t struggled as much with body issues after baby #2 although I still have 15 pounds to go and haven’t lost any weight since my 1 week checkup despite breastfeeding-baby is now 4 months old. I don’t personally experience much in […]

1st Pregnancy, 1st C-Section, Six Years Later (Anonymous)

I never planned on having a c-section. I was hoping for a natural birth, but my daughter had other ideas. At 32 weeks we found out she was breech, and despite our best efforts, wouldn’t turn. I went 8 days overdue, and finally my OB/GYN decided to schedule me for a c-section when it became […]

Postpartum – 21 and 25 Years Later (Anonymous)

My babies are now 21 and 25, weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs and 8lb 3ozs. I so wish we had professional nude photos done then, but we would never have thought of it. Pregnancy is such a beautiful state that it should be recorded. I have one nude profile photo of me 2 days before […]

My Story (Anonymous)

I admit that I am at constant odds with my body. I have yet to learn to accept that body may always look this way. I was 150 when I became pregnant with my now 2 year old son. I had a very difficult pregnancy and ended up on bedrest for the last four months […]

After Two Kids (Anonymous)

My name is Jennifer and I am a mother of 2 of the greatest kids ever! I have a 9 month old son and a 2 year old daughter. I had both of my children at a really young age. As of now, I am only 18 years old. It was hard for me to […]

Almost a Year Later (Tee)

Almost a year later after baby no. 2 and I still have yet to lose another 12 lbs before I am back to my old self. Motherhood can really take a toll on some peoples bodies, like myself and some escape with the faintest trace that they ever even carried a baby in their bellies. […]

Long Hard Road (Anonymous)

I’ve never been perfect. I know this. But for most of my life I’ve been satisfied with my body. As a teenager I had a wonderful body in my opinion. No, I never fit into those size 0 jeans, but I was curvy, had a pretty flat stomach, and all of this was done with […]

In Love With Myself (Anonymous)

I posted here nine months ago thinking that I would return loathing my post pregnancy body. Superficially thinking that “recovering” from my pregnancy would be important. On April 30th ten days late I birthed a 7lb .5oz baby girl gently into my own arms. Not only was I blessed with a healthy child but I […]

36 and Concerned (Anonymous)

I came to this site for two reasons. One is to offer hope. I had my first child at 27 and bounced back well. I lead an unusually active lifestyle at my most sedentary because I have horses, goats, and a bunch of dogs and other animals. I can’t keep still for very long. As […]

The REAL Beauty (Anonymous)

This is my body 11 weeks after the birth of my beautiful baby girl. She saved my life and lifted my soul out of the darkness. I have never seen anything more beautiful than my daughter and every time her tiny hand grasps mine, I see the reason why I am alive. There is no […]

Getting Used to the New Me (Anonymous)

Before I got pregnant, I had a pretty decent body — not great, just average. Since giving birth to my son 6 weeks ago, I am struggling to adjust to my new, “mom’s” body. I guess I got away luckier than some — while I have tons and tons of stretchmarks on my chest, some […]

God’s Gifts (Anonymous)

I’m 23 now. I currently weigh 165 lbs. I hated my body 5 years ago when I weighed a whopping … ready for it … 115 pounds and stood 5’9″ tall. Yeah. A lot has happened in 5 years. Three babies, one marriage, and tons of God’s AMAZING grace later I am stronger and happier […]

7wks PP, 2nd child, 1st C-sec, 29yrs old (Anonymous)

I started this pregnancy at 120 lbs and delivered at 150. I lost 20 lbs right away and have 10 more to go. My 1st pregnancy was 10 years ago and I weighed 90 lbs (underweight). I gained 40 lbs and snapped right back into shape (a healthier weight of 105ish). This time I am […]

5 Weeks Postpartum with First Pregnancy (Anonymous)

On Nov 6, 2008, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter. She is amazing to me because it is the first person in my life I can look at and see some resemblance of myself. I was adopted as a newborn, and always stuck out like a sore thumb with my light brown hair, blue […]

Update! 8 Months Post-Partum (Anonymous)

View my original entry here. When my son was born 5 weeks early, with severe IUGR and weighing only 3lbs, I was angry. It was all my body’s fault. I learned not long after submitting my original entry that my heart was struggling with the pregnancy and I had developed pregnancy induced hypertension. My placenta […]

I Need Encouragement (Anonymous)

My beautiful, rewarding, amazing son was born ten months ago. I wanted him, but had no idea how much my life, including my body would change. Most of the changes are awesome. Sometimes I wonder if I suffer from post part em depression. I see this site and think I am being heartless and selfish […]

First Bub @ 16, Second @ 18 (Anonymous)

I had my first baby when i was 16. fell pregnant with my second when i was 17 and had him when i was 18. still with the father and hopefully will be for a while yet. Although i did come looking for a site like this because of the self esteem issues i have […]

18 Months After CS and a Beautiful Girl… (Anonymous)

This is my body now. I hate it. After my CS i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Polycystic ovarie syndrom. Because of the Polyblabla its hard to lose weight, since everything you eat gains on the stomach. I was a size 36(european sizes.. small/medium) the day i had my girl, and the day after i […]

One Mental Year Later (Anonymous)

Hi everyone! :) I found this site at the beginning of my pregnancy and thought that now, just past my daughter’s first birthday, would be a fairly apt moment to reflect on this mental year and nine months and make a post myself. I’m 5ft2 ish and I started my pregnancy at 9st (see before […]

My Body 8 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

As everyone on this website I have lots of body issues and this is how I found this website. I am 5’5″ and before I got pregnant weighed 145 lbs. I gained about 36lbs during the pregnancy, had sever pre-eclampsia and fluid retention. I felt so bad about my pregnant body that I didnt want […]

Changing Shape at 21 (Anonymous)

Getting here was a tough road, in more ways than one. Although I am a young mother, my boyfriend and I planned for this baby. We had previously lost two little angels, the first was an early miscarriage while the second loss was discovered at 17 weeks. We were devastated, but it helped us to […]

Happy with her body (Anonymous)

I am now 4.5 months pp. I breastfed my son, and it is the best thing that I have done. I have strech marks on my brests, stomach, and hips…also a few on my legs. I am learning how to accept my body…and after reading everyone elses blogs on here…I love my body. Thank you […]

Twins – The Aftermath – Update (Anonymous)

Original entry here. Hi, I wrote my thoughts and feeling back in May 2008 in my original posting “Twins- The Aftermath”. Almost 6 months later, I have tried to loose weight. I Finally compared the pictures and I can see a difference in which makes me PROUD! i have never been proud of my weightloss. […]

Mum to 3 boys and a girl on the way (Anonymous)

I’ve been a mum since I was 19. I’m only 5’4″ and I’ve never been thin, always struggled with my weight and body image. With my 1st pregnancy I gained over 45lbs. 19 months later I had my 2nd son at home after gaining over 55lbs. I went from a size 10 before babies to […]

Young Mom! (Anonymous)

Hi! This is my story: I got pregnant when I was 17 and 99 pounds, 5 days before having the baby I was 132 pounds and I was only 38 weeks, imagine at week 40!! My son is 2 years and 8 months old. Now my weight is about 103 pounds. I hate my stretch […]

11 months postpartum 20 years old (Anonymous)

I am a 20 yr old mother. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be able to do this well as a mother before I had my son, but I always knew I’d do my best. I doubted that my best would be good enough, but I never knew at the time that it would come […]

Feeling Depressed About Breasts (Anonymous)

A lot of you women on here come on here being proud of your bodies and what they have done..which I am.. BUT I can’t help being depressed about my breasts. They seem to sag so much more and I’m afraid of what they will look like after I wean. In these pictures I have […]

Two boys and trying for one more baby (Anonymous)

I have had two boys that are sixteen months apart. My oldest is three and the baby is almost two. I workout several days a week plus I try to eat as healthy as possible. I am disgusted with my body but I also realize that this body brought two beautiful lives into this world. […]

Accepting the “mom” figure (Anonymous)

Before my pregnancy I was 115 lbs and stood at 5’8. When I found out I was pregnant I was scared. I was 17 at the time and my boyfriend and I were having problems. When I saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy test I knew my life would never be the same. […]

2 years pp and finally… (Anonymous)

2 years pp and finally at a “healthy” weight… I was overweight before my first pregnancy. I all the pregnancy weight plus 20 pounds after that delivery. TWO YEARS after my second delivery I am finally at what is considered “normal” weight for my height. What I should have weighed before conceiving #1. I am […]

3rd pregnancy of a plus-sized 20-something (Anonymous)

I’ve never been very skinny. The only point I can remember being so was when I was 13 and 5’6″ and maybe 90-100lbs. After that I plumed big time. At the age of 15 almost 16 I started having really bad pains that made it hard to walk, it was found that I had ovarian […]

When he smiles (Anonymous)

I want to lie and say that I am comfortable with my body. I want to say that I don’t give it a second thought. The truth though… The truth is that I think about it often. I can be honest and say I think about it less now than I ever have. This website […]

12 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

Well, my daughter is going to be a year next week, so this feels like a good time to celebrate what an amazing year of changes it has been. It’s been the most profound year of my life, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Having said that, it hasn’t been an […]

I’m So Soft (Anonymous)

I have always been thin, and I still am. Everywhere except my belly. I can dress in such a way that my proof of parenthood is quite well disguised, but I’m still chubby enough that every once in a while I get asked if I’m pregnant. I’m okay with that. I’m also surprised at how […]

Changes 10.5 Months Postpartum (Kashi)

Pre-pregnancy I weighed 180 lbs, I walked out of the hospital weighing 145 lbs… (10 lbs more than I had weighed a week before) After all the water weight came off, I sat at 225lbs for a few months. Slowly came down to 210, and now I’m 197 lbs, FINALLY back down into the 100s!! […]

My Journey to Accepting My Body (Anonymous)

Before and During Pregnancy I have always been rather slender. I am very petite; the heaviest I have been is 113 pounds and I am 4’11.” I should also note that I have never had an eating disorder and have never been on a diet. Sure, there were times I was out of shape and […]

Emotional Teen Mom Part 2 (Erin)

Original entry here. Well since my last post a lot of things have changed *except my stretch marks.They don’t bother me as bad I don’t really care to be in a bikini and being a size 4 instead of 2 doesn’t bother me that bad either. I have a new meaning in life. I have […]

This is Me (Angela)

My name is Angela and I’ve never been a slender girl. I’ve always fought with my weight and have had a poor body image since before puberty (Thanks Mom) It wasn’t until after the birth of my first son Azriel that was I was able to gain some sort of acceptance towards my body. Even […]

eighteen months postpartum with baby #2 and 100 pounds lighter (Anonymous)

My entire life I have hated my body. And because of that hatred, I had no desire to take care of myself. I gained weight, lots of weight, and teetered on the edge of 300lbs. Then in my quest to become a surrogate mother, I started reading about beautiful women who hate their bodies because […]

Bringing Sexy Back with a New Body (Anonymous)

In high school, I was always a slender and athletic girl. At 6 feet tall, it was easy to put on 5 or 10 pounds without anyone noticing. I played a sport every season and enjoyed food. When I went to college, I was the cliché: about 15 pounds, but lost it quickly, before my […]

25 After 2 Kids (Anonymous)

I love this website. I felt like I was the only person in the world that had stretch marks! Seems like all my friends and family lucked out with pregnancy. I have stretch marks from the tops of my breasts all the way down to the backs of my knees. I’ve never been too self […]

Irrational Jealousy and Blame (Jessica)

I started back at work 5 weeks postpartum and let me tell you…nursing (the profession) and nursing (breastfeeding) don’t go well together! In a 14 hr day I had the chance to pump one (maybe 2) times. It’s not really the “chance” to. I have to make myself stop what I am doing and go. […]

My Body Before and After HBAC (Anonymous)

Previous post here. I had my first child via C-section after a long traumatic labor when I was 21. I was told that my pelvis was misshapen, very small, and that I wouldn’t be able to birth a baby bigger than 6 lbs. Four years later, I birthed my second child into my own hands […]

Lillian Grace (Anonymous)

i am a 21 year old mother & wife of a United States Marine, who is currently deployed to Iraq. for deployment number two!! Our Little blessing, Lillian Grace, was born three months into our first deployment together, and because i don’t have a constant (or – let’s be serious, ANY.) means of a man […]

Ripened by Pregnancy (Anonymous)

Before I got pregnant I was a very petite person. I used to worry about whether I’d manage to “stay pretty” during pregnancy, keep my weight gain reasonable, avoid stretch marks, etc. But the first time I became pregnant, unfortunately, it was an ectopic and the diagnosis was missed. The pregnancy in my left fallopian […]

3 Months After 10lb 10oz Baby (Berni)

I’m 18,I live in London England with boyfriend of 2.5 years. I recently had my first baby, a boy I named Caden. I had a traumatic labour, I had an emergeny c section, after my baby became distressed. He had opened his bowels whilst still in the womb and swallowed the poo. He didn’t breath […]

007, A New Blog

The wonderful Maria who runs the 007 Breasts website has started a blog all about breasts: breastfeeding, shapes and sizes of breasts, surgery and anything else that women should be aware of. I’m adding it to my blogroll right now!

22 year old mother of triplets (Kelley)

Hi, my name is Kelley and I had triplets at age 20. Yes, they were natural, and No, they do not run in my family. Anyway, that was a year and a half ago, I am now 22, and I struggle everyday to accept my body the way it is. I love my sons, but […]


These photos are of me 13 days postpartum. I had a 8 lb. 3 oz. girl via C section. This was my first pregnancy. I also included a photo of me with my beautiful new baby girl.

Carrying a Piece of Art (Anonymous)

I’m 20 years old, 36 weeks pregnant, and pretty content with most parts of my body. I’ve sported stretch marks on my stomach since about 13. I wasn’t “fat” by any means, but nature decided I’d be growing a little early. I was of course mortified by them for a long time, until I became […]

Fifth Pregnancy (Rachel)

I am 27 years old, and recently gave birth to my fifth child 3 months ago. With each pregnancy I have gained between 50 and 60 lbs and have managed to lose the weight every time. Usually this takes me about 9 months, but with this past pregnancy i worked out during and after birth […]

Body by Lizzy (Anonymous)

Well, I’m 37 week pg with no.2. My lil girl Elizabeth. I just wanted to share. Growing babies is hard work both inside and out. My first time around was alot harder, this time I’m alot more accepting. I love my roundness, and knowing that I’m making a healthy lil big person. I tend to […]

Trying to love my new breasts (Anonymous)

Giving birth was the best thing I’ve ever done. I love being a mom more than anything in the whole wide world. Even enough I can accept the little changes to my body. I’ve always been a curvier girl, but never had stretch marks before I was pregnant. Now I have what I call tiger […]

2 Beautiful Boys and Lots of Stretchmarks (Anonymous)

After delivering my first son I was so upset by all the stretchmarks. In time they did fade but the indentations remained. With my second pregnancy I carried 3 weeks longer and did get a few new ones but it was far less devistating this time around. I am back to my prepregnant weight and […]

Third Time Mum (Anonymous)

I met my husband when I was 17yrs and he was 21yrs. This September we have been together 18yrs, and married 12yrs We had our first child when I was 23yrs. We were the only ones in our peer group to have a child that young, even though in reality, it isn’t that young! Our […]

You think you sag… ppppllzzz. (Anonymous)

this is me bending down…I am only 21 years old…my body was very beautiful before… i’ve lost 110 lbs..i have no fat in my body just lots of hanging skin that tortures me every time i look in teh mirror. I’m almost numb from it becuase i don’t beleive i really look like that… I […]

Body Image, Bulimia, and a Beautiful Baby Boy (Katie)

I struggled with my weight all my life. I struggled with a viscous eating disorder that ruled my every moment, and nearly killed me. I was 106 pounds, and had no menstrual cycle to speak of, fainting spells, seizures, ulcers, and heart problems. Eventually I got more confident, thanks to my (now) husband, and started […]

Bed Rest After Childbirth / 8 to 14 in a Year (Anonymous)

I had a diffcult pregnancy to begin with where I gained 45 lbs. The birth was worse. 23 hours in labor pushing for 32 minutes before they realized he was stuck. Tried to move him manually (oh by the way the epidural didnt take all the way) causing me to jump and slam my back […]

first baby girl (Anonymous)

I had my baby girl June 2nd, 2008. We named her Autumn Elizabeth. She was very much wanted and I was so excited to become a mom. I gained more weight than I had wanted/expected to (I wanted to gain just the 25-35 that is written about…) but i ended up gaining 55 lbs. I […]

Coping With Body Changes at 18 (Anonymous)

I am an 18 year old mommy of a beautiful baby girl. I got pregnant when I was 17 and weighed about 140 pounds. I didn’t really gain any weight until right at the end and gained a total of 35 pounds. I always thought that it would be easy for me to get back […]

emotional teen mom (Erin)

My name is Erin im 17 years old and have a beautiful baby girl jade star she is four months old i have had many problems though out my life to start growing up my parents were drug addicts they arent anymore but it was a hard time in my life my grandma passed away […]

4 weeks pp – angry at my body (Anonymous)

Four weeks ago I delivered my son prematurely by c-section. The fear, stress, and worry were undescribable. Jack was born at 35 weeks weighing only 3lbs. He spent 17 days in the NICU and had surgery to repair bilateral inguinal hernias, then came home with us. I am furious with my body for causing problems […]

1st Pregnancy and I loved it (Rachel)

I am a long time visitor but have yet to get the guts up to contribute. First let me say I loved being pregnant and I can’t stop bothering my husband about getting started with the second. While I am generally happy about my body post partum, I do complain about random stretch marks on […]

Never been more proud (Anonymous)

I have always had self-esteem issues. But now after having had two babies, ironically I am more proud of my body now than I have ever been. Not because of the way it looks on the outside (my babies definitely left their mark!) but because it has nurtured and given life to my two beautiful […]

A well rounded mother (Anonymous)

I am now over 40 with two teenage children. My few stretch marks are silvery line, my tummy is rounded and my breast sag from months of breastfeeding. I love the changes pregnancy has made to my body and am so happy I was lucky enough to experience the joy of motherhood. I loved being […]

My mommy body (Anonymous)

Here I am 4months pp. I love this site. I actually stripped myself & my son down & ran into the bedroom to take pics to add. I didn’t gain a pound until 6months. Then I gained 40. I had too much fluid around my son, adding to my stretched belly & a very short […]

Women are magic – Photo of the Week, February 12, 2007

Women are magic Originally uploaded by Tampen. This photo (or, rather, these photos) are striking. Shows the beauty of a woman’s body both with and without child. I also like it because this site has been accused or never showing the women who do “bounce back”. Which simply isn’t true. In any case, the submission […]

I, Mother (Anonymous)

My son came to us after years of suspecting I may be unble to conceive. I had tried to conceive before, always to my disapointment when my period came, month after month. It was sad, but I came to accept my infertility. I figured if I wasn’t meant to bear children, then why tamper with […]


This is me in my 40’s after giving birth to 4 children. My first 3 were born when I was very young and the last was over a decade ago. I got stretch marks with the very first one and gained a few more along the way. I’m happy with my body now but was […]


All my childhood I wanted to do nothing more than to be a Mom. I dreamed about pregnancy and childbirth. At career day, I didn’t want a career other than to be a Mother. Before becoming a Mother, people always commented about how tiny I was, how thin I was. Now, 4 pregnancies and 2 […]


I am a 29 year old mother of 4 beautiful girls (14 months, 3, 8 and 9). I want to teach my girls when they are older that real women don’t look like the ads in magazines, and that they should be proud of the body Nature gave them and be proud that they are […]


It was really nice to see that my body is not alone feeling the way it does. And that I am not alone feeling the way I do about myself. So it made me want to share…a picture of me at 37 weeks, two pics, 20 months(to the day) after the birth of my, thank […]


I have posted a pic on here before, but it was only of my stomach, no boobs and no bum…that is the last picture incase nobody can figure out what the hell it is!! I put on 30kg while pregnant and have worked my butt off loosing 20kg of it to help prepare for the […]


This is a picture of me at 25 weeks. You can’t really see the stretch marks on the bottom of my tummy and my breasts(which used to be A’s). The farther along I am the happier I seem to feel. I love to watch my belly grow and don’t mind the scars so much. Thanks […]


When I first found Shape of a mother, I was moved to tears. I was inspired. I was proud. I wanted to be a part. Finally, many months later, I was able to find the time to shoot these pictures of my marks. Marks of Motherhood. Marks of Fertility. Marks of Nurturing. Marks of Pride. […]


I’ve been meaning to submit to Shape of A Mother – what a fantastic project! I’ve done some writing about body image for mothers through my work as a henna artist and several people have recommended this project to me. I would be honored to participate. Three children – pregnant from April 2003 to June […]


This is my body 2.5 years after I gave birth to my first (and so far only) child. Although pregnancy was kind to me and I lost all my “baby weight” shortly after giving birth, nevertheless, my body is not the same. Breasts that were once perky and full are now limp and floppy from […]


8.5 months PP, and still breastfeeding our daughter. I started getting stretch marks at 6 weeks of pregnancy, and I gained about 40 pounds. They are still bright red and deep. I also had a C-Section, and I have a lovely apron of skin that I’m told will never go away on its own.

Small scars for a triplemom

What a wonderful site (or sight) to see all real mothers and their tummies. These are the small scars I got from two pregnancies resulting in three kids. First we had a girl which actually didn´t scar the tummy at all. The second pregnancy was a twin pregnancy adn the stripes didn´t show until the […]


13 weeks approx. (pregnesia kicking in, can’t remember poop) YAY round. Thanks, Red, for sharing an update! (Her original entry can be found here.)


I’m starting to learn that it’s ok not to be ashamed of my body. My stretch marks are long red and wide but they helped to create the beautiful 2 year old boy that sleeps in the next room. My breasts sag but they nourished him. My hips are uneven but it doesn’t matter. My […]

Belly Cast

38 weeks belly cast Originally uploaded by Wannabe Hippie

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