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What a difference a few years can make (Anonymous)

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Age: 27

Wow. Just wow.
I was scrolling through my bookmarks and stumbled across a post I made on this site that I haven’t thought about for years – titled ‘I can’t stand to look in the mirror.’ (July 2010)
The title alone was like a slap in the face.
I actually cannot believe that the sad, lonely person who wrote that 8 years ago was ME.

How much has changed in those few short years!?

My 18 month old and newborn are now 8 and 6, I have kicked my lousy husband to the curb and am no longer suffering from depression. I got a great new job, moved cities – and am seizing LIFE at every opportunity.

Am I now 100% happy with my body? Of course not. I still dislike my hips, I still have wobbly bits – but the difference is now my focus is on fitness, and trying to better myself rather than on ‘getting my pre baby body back.’ I train about 5 times a week and eat clean (well most of the time!)

I am writing this post today, to tell every one of you GORGEOUS mumma’s out there that you CAN do it. Whatever your goal is!

Want to wear a bikini this summer? Buy one, get a spray tan and ROCK it! Want to be able to run 5k? Start with daily walks and then increase over time.

Happiness is a choice, and our children DESERVE to see their mums happy and confident!
If you are feeling like I was feeling 7 years ago, remember – things can only go UP from this point.

First photo is from my previous post – 3 months pp. unhappy, hating my body. Other 2 pics are today, much more comfortable with myself both physically and mentally.

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  • Christina Friday, April 14, 2017, 10:58 pm

    It’s so wonderfull to read this post! I’m scrolling through a story on this site a couple of times a week as I’m 8 months post partum and it’s really helping me realise that there’s a A LOT of moms out there who looks and feels just like me.
    But your post, that is fantastic – Helping me remember that chaning your body TAKES TIME, only very few women look the same as they did before getting pregnant and for most of us, it is a process. Thank you for your update!!

  • Anon Monday, April 17, 2017, 2:47 pm

    Hi Christina, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad my post could help you! I feel that as women we are so hard on ourselves, we compare ourselves to celebrities who ‘bounce back’ after babies (umm hello Heidi Klum, on the Vic Secret runway 5 weeks later!) or to women who haven’t even had children yet. What we should be doing, is taking pride in our own small successes! Maybe at a birthday party you only had one piece of cake rather than 2. Maybe you decided to walk to the shop instead of drive, or perhaps you even decided to wear a singlet rather than a long sleeve even if you aren’t 100% confident with your arms ect. Mothers are truely the most powerful creatures on earth, and I believe it’s time we start owning that power! Xx

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