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Of Mothers and Beauty (Michelle L)

Your age: 30 Number of pregnancies and births: 4 ————– “I hate using maps,” I said to him. Amongst sculptures and artifacts, oil canvases and mixed media, we wandered aimlessly and tirelessly. Hours passed like seconds. Nothing mattered to me but the air that he was breathing. The walls melted in the winter rain falling [...]

Categories: Four or More Pregnancies, Mom over 30, No Photos (Story Only), Prose, Reader’s Favorite, Submissions

“Look at those ugly stretch marks!” the mirror sneers as I hurriedly change my clothes. No matter how hard I try, my eyes always seem to wander to my disappointing reflection staring back at me, “You’re disfigured and they’ll never go away you know. Never.” Tears pool in my eyes as I try to shut [...]

Categories: Positive Body Image/Words of Enouragement, Postpartum, Prose, Reader’s Favorite, Submissions, Third Pregnancy, Update


I took a bath by candlelight and my belly was a beach illuminated by the flame as though by the last dim rays of the setting sun. And I walked my fingers down the sloping dune of my breast and onto that beach. There were stretch marks there, but they were as sand beneath my [...]

Categories: Belly, Postpartum, Prose, Submissions