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Mid Drift Movement

Mid Drift Documentary Update

I posted this in the FF Roundup yesterday, but wanted to give it extra mention here because it’s so exciting! The good folks over at Mid Drift have a Kickstarter going right now to buy film equipment to get this project going. As thank-you gifts they have a ton of cool stuff, but my favorite [...]

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Deep Breath (Angie)

Reposted here from the Mid Drift Movement Facebook page with Angie’s permission. Photo posted with Jade’s permission. Deep Breath. Here it is. As many of you may have followed along we recently brought the mindblowingly talented Jade Beall here from Jade Beall Photography. She did mini shoots of mamas and I had the joy of [...]

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The Mid Drift Trailer is Here!

YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. YOU. GUYS. This is gonna be so awesome. I wrote a little about it here, but the trailer was just released (in time for labor day! har!) so go check it out. A few months ago, the mama in the picture above, contacted me and asked if I wanted to collaborate [...]

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Exciting News!

A few months ago I was contacted by a woman named Angie Sonrode about a documentary she is working to create all about body image after motherhood. I was thrilled to be asked to join them in whatever small capacity I can. After talking with Angie on the phone I was not only excited to [...]

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