Hyperpigmentation (1st Time Mother)

This is my first pregnancy and I wasn’t aware of how much your body would change when you become pregnant. I was expecting a lot of stretchmarks and was terrified of both those and extra skin. Come to find out my biggest challenge is hyperpigmentation. During my second trimester I started noticing freckles on my face and chest. After a week more would appear and they started to connect. I ended up having the pregnancy mask, my belly become seriously dark and my nipples seemed to stretch all the way down to my ribcage. My nipples seem had it the worst. Since the dark marks are so significant I don’t ever plan on putting on another bathing suit or wearing any shirts that remotely show the top of my chest. I loved my body prior to pregnancy; I was 104 lbs at 5’4. By the time my pregnancy ended I was 160lbs. I have SUPER dark stretchmarks on my bum and hips oh and upper thighs but that seems to be all for right now. They are very noticeable but my husband doesn’t mind and I don either. I had a natural birth and my little one is everything I could hope for. I seriously dislike my chest but im glad that he’s here and healthy. The pic I took in my bra is 4 weeks before I became pregnant. The pic in the tub is the day before I had my son. The pic with my belly is 1 day postpoartum.

Age: 26
Number of pregnancies: 1st
Age of children: 5 days old (in picks I was 1 day postpartum)