The Steve Harvey Show is Looking for Moms

I’ve been contacted by the Steve Harvey Show about a show they want to do on self-esteem and the postpartum body. I’m unfamiliar with this show, but they assure me the intentions are good and that they care about mothers and want to help them learn to love themselves again. Here is their message to you:

New Moms!!

We are looking for a new 1st time mom that is having a really hard time dealing with your new postpartum body! Feelings of despair or even disgust. The feeling we have all had after we realize that our figures are seemingly gone forever! Having a hard time looking at your self OR you can’t stop obsessing in the mirror. Not wanting to go outside anymore and its affecting your relationship.

Please tell me about it! We want to help you out of this place and hopefully help others too! Send me an email, photo and contact information and lets see what we can do to help!!

Tyree McLyn
Steve Harvey TV

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