I just found this site and spend an hour pouring over the images and stories. Wow.

I was once a lean, thin size 1. I wore tight jeans, bathing suits with no shame, and didn’t think twice about buying a half shirt. I think back to the bare bellied, pierced naval, wild one I once was and just shake my head.

With my first son I gained a lot of weight, a lot. After having him my stomach stayed full with the extra weight that I was still carrying. Two years later and I had my second son, and this time the weight just melted off afterwards. While I was excited to see the numbers on the scale moving back to where they once were (30lbs to go!) the effects on my stomach and thighs were devistating. Loose wrinkled skin, dark blotches and stretch marks, and a perminant dark line rolling down my abdomen meant that I was never going to have that body again. Never.

The moms on TV, the ones that are supposed to show me what to be don’t ahve stretch marks, or saggy skin, or lopsided breasts. I love my boys with every ounce of my being but the battle scars from having them have cut off a part of my past, and of who I was. It’s a tough battle, learning to love your body again after going through such enormous changes.


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  • Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    You look great!!!

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