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love your site. My name is Bonnie and I have 3 wonderful Children. My daughter Stacey was born on 11/10/01 making her 4.5 yrs old. She was born at 40.4 weeks and weighted 9lbs 1oz. My Son Garrett was born on 8/19/03 making he just shy of 3 yrs old. He was born at 38.5 weeks and weighted 8lbs 6.5ozs. My last child a son name Patrick was born 2/22/06. He was born at 39.5 weeks and weighted 8lbs 13ozs. I gained 39 pounds with my first, 43 pounds with my first and 36 pounds with my last pregnancy. It took me a while to loss most of the weight after each pregnancy but some pounds still hung around. The weight gain don’t bother me as much as all the stretch marks did. I got enough my first pregnancy for 3 woman. You know its bad when you OB says wow you sure did get a lot of stretch marks. This did make me feel better because at least I knew it wasn’t just in my head. I got then with my first all over my belly, thighs, half way down my legs, breasts, back and butt. The ones that I hated the most were the ones on my thighs and legs. They were the most noticeable and were bright red till my daughter was about 1 yrs old. The finally faded just in time for me to get pregnant with by second. I didn’t get any new stretch marks with my second and with my third I got a couple of new ones on my belly. At that point I didn’t really care anymore. While these days I may not be getting into a mini skit its ok with me. I like to loss some weight but that will come in time. I loved bring pregnant for the most part and my kids were worth every stretch mark and pound gained.

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  • Anonymous Saturday, July 22, 2006, 6:51 pm

    you are such a beautiful woman!!!!

  • R Monday, July 24, 2006, 5:29 am

    You are beautiful! Thank You for sharing your courageous pictures.

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